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The Lies Continue in Jackson County Georgia

As most of you know my daughter Samantha lost her three children to one Donna Webb last year, she was the foster care provider who began adoption proceedings even before Sam’s rights were terminated. This so called upstanding pillow of … Continue reading

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When Will People Learn if They Want their Fifteen Minutes of Fame All They Have to Do is Ask

This morning I received to comments on this site once again telling me how ignorant and stupid I was and asking the age old question of why I didn’t take my granddaughters. Once again the stupidity falls in the laps … Continue reading

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Another Foolish Person Who Is Drinking the Kool Aid

I received this insane comment today on this site and it was attached to the blog that talks about Foster Care Providers and the fact that they do not have to pay taxes on the money they get from stolen children each … Continue reading

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If Child Protective Services Think We are Not Being Taken Seriously – Then They Need to Think Again!

For to long Child Protective Services have stolen children for profit. The parents are not allowed due process, not allowed to question witnesses or face their accuser.  They are railroaded, lied about and their children are bought and sold like  a … Continue reading

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One Should Never Try to Out Talk A Wordsmith- They Lose Every Time

“Yvonne your unreal you must have no life at all to keep on with this I have all the documents rat the girls will have one day o make there own minds up as to how things are I have … Continue reading

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There are No Secrets and People Can’t Hide- Truth Always Wins

The Saga of Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Sara Louvele Texanna and Karly Nocole Wilfawn continues. As most of you remember the now adoptive female adult told Samantha that she could not have any contact with her children after the courts … Continue reading

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If You Think History is Not Repeating Itself Think Again- Children Are Still being Stolen for Profit

If you don’t believe that the Government is not repeating itself by stealing children read article below. American Indian children were stolen under the pretense of “Kill the Indian Save the Man” Just a rough draft of “Best Interest of … Continue reading

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The Cruelty and Inhumaness of Foster Care and The Broken System it is a Part of

Last night I finished reading a true story of a woman who along with several of her siblings were stolen by the system in Canada several years ago. The book is titled “The Stovepipe”.  Bonnie E Virag was much kinder … Continue reading

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The Stovepipe A Review by Best Selling Florida Author Yvonne Mason

Corruption in Child Protective Services is as much a part of the system as the money they earn off the backs of the children they steal for profit. This is one woman’s story of how she and her siblings, at … Continue reading

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If You Believe that CPS Does Not Rush To Judgement Think Again!!!!!!!

The story below is just one example of what happens when CPS rushes to judgement with the help of the medical field. They destroy entire families in ways that can never be recovered. And yet they go home at night … Continue reading

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