There are No Secrets and People Can’t Hide- Truth Always Wins

The Saga of Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Sara Louvele Texanna and Karly Nocole Wilfawn continues. As most of you remember the now adoptive female adult told Samantha that she could not have any contact with her children after the courts told her she could if she gave them up voluntarily. Well, Donna Webb the woman who started the adoption process for these children way before they were taken stopped Samantha from having any contact with her children.

But, a few things have come to light. One Their grandmother on their father’s side has visiting privileges. That is not the best part. The best part came to my attention just a few minutes ago. Apparently the girls were told that they could not talk about their mother or father  when they were with their grandmother. They could not ask about her, talk about her or mention her name.

Seriously?! This woman is so paranoid that the girls will find out that they were stolen and sold for a new house and money that she will not allow them to ask about their mother – their real mother who fought for  three years to get them back. That is a small person indeed. The question begs to be asked what is she really afraid of? The answer is simple- the truth.

Every one who has followed this case knows that the Webb family built a brand new home on Dan Williams Rd in Jackson County with the money they make off the backs of the three girls plus other children they have through the foster care system.

Every one who has followed this case knows these girls were brainwashed before the final hearing through bribes and promises of who knows what to state that they wanted to be adopted.

Donna has threatened Samantha with TRO’s (Temporary Restraining Orders) if she tries to contact her girls. And yes they are her girls and will always be her girls. She told Sam that she was not the right influence for them. Really? And who made her a professional?

The bottom line is Donna is afraid that one day the bribes of trips to Myrtle Beach, the big house and all the other things like softball,etc will no longer be enough to hold the girls to her. She is afraid that one day (and this will happen) they will want to find their mother- their only mother.

Now, the funny thing is that they all live in the same county. Jackson County and one day they will run into each other. It is a given. What will Donna do then? She can’t hide them forever.

She once told me that one day the girls would know the truth and they would know that we ie their mother and real family didn’t want  them. That is a lie. Their uncle and aunt in Texas tried to get them and DCF refused to let them go to Texas because the money would follow them and Donna would lose her monthly check. Samantha fought for three years completed her three case plans with the exception of  housing which DCF was supposed to help her with under ASA (Adoption and Safe Families Act) which they did not do and Judge Guidry didn’t force them to do. That was the only reason they were able to  steal them.

Thirty days later they had been signed – sealed and delivered  to their “Forever” family. Seriously that is the best they could do? They have a forever family and it not under the name of WEBB!


Greed is a jealous master!  And this is what it is all about Greed! Greed on the part of Judge Guidry’s court, DCF in Jackson County, the Caseworker and last but not least Donna and Vince Webb. They have an income of over 150,000.00 per year. Currently they have eight children in that big house three adopted and five foster. That is how they pay for the house.

When these girls turn 18 and the money stops they will be kicked to the curb. Their usefulness will have run out. They will no longer be an asset they will be a liability. They will cost more than they will bring in because  they will not be bringing in any money. The Webbs will have to buy their clothes, pay for their doctor’s visits, etc. That will cost them – so out the door the girls will go. Shawna will go first she is the oldest. Then Sara a couple of year later and finally Karly.  Shawana will soon be 12 years old only six more years before she will be shown the door. They will go by very fast. In the mean time they will bleed the girls for all they can bring in.

These are years that Samantha will never get back, years she will be missing firsts, first date, first prom, first dance, all the first that real moms need to be a part of. But she will not miss the first of when her daughter knocks on her door to say, “I missed you, Mom, can I come home?”

Shawana, Karly, Sara at a hotel with the New Adoptive Father and three foster kids

This is one of the bribes trips to parts unkown.

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2 Responses to There are No Secrets and People Can’t Hide- Truth Always Wins

  1. Dig says:

    Just breaks my heart. I am in a similar situation here in southwest Georgia. I pray that God will hear this mother’s prayers and give her children back to her real soon! ❤


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