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The Darkness Always Comes To the Light

Ten years ago my youngest daughter Samantha lost her three children to the lawlessness and corruption of Jackson Co. Georgia CPS. Her oldest was 8 years old and the baby was three years old with the middle child being only … Continue reading

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Texas Fatalities Trend Developing

Over the years, Angel Eyes Over Texas has tracked various types of data dealing with child abuse, one of which is abuse fatalities. Look at the charts below. The chart below shows Texas Child Abuse Fatalities from FY2003 til FY2018. … Continue reading

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Smokers Could Soon Lose Custody Of Their Children – The Free Patriot

Parents who smoke around their kids should be challenged for custody, according to the country’s leading anti-tobacco lawyer. John F. Banzhaf, a law professor at George Washington University Law Sc… Source: Smokers Could Soon Lose Custody Of Their Children – … Continue reading

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Unity… we are more powerful than you think

In general society does not understand the power of Unity and We the People.   There will come a time when team work will mean everything. Remember We the People

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Texas’ 84th Interim Session: Child Protection

While interim charges are sent out near the end of ODD numbered years, the hearings generally don’t start until about April of EVEN numbered years. Testifying at Interim hearings is slightly different than regular legislative hearings. During the regular session … Continue reading

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The Constitutional 2-Step

Often I get into heated debates over Constitutional rights. Most people only look toward the U.S. Constitution, but I contend that you can only know your true rights by first looking at the Federal and then looking up the same … Continue reading

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Abilene Klapheke Case Continues To Haunt DFPS

*** I resently found out some of the links in this article are now broken. I appoligize. Trying to relocate them. — Jim *** After more than 3 years after Klapheke, arrests of DFPS employees continue. Texas CPS watchdog groups … Continue reading

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I was Asked to Share This North Carolina Child Medically Kidnapped Starving to Death in Foster Care Join the Discussion(3) UPDATE 12/5/2015 From the Help Save Malakai Facebook page: GOOD NEWS I JUST GOT A LETTER FROM JOHNSTON COUNTY CPS. THEY SAID THAT MY CONCERNS … Continue reading

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Gates v. the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) In July 2008, the United States Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit published a decision in the case of Gates v. the Texas Department of Family and Protective … Continue reading

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Via Brenda Hosman Is where most people live. People who think we must have done something to deserve this. People who do not believe the children when the children say they are being abused where they are at. DENIAL is … Continue reading

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