The Official How List For Aquiring Federal and State Money When Children Taken By the State Are Adopted Out

This is the official how to on how to aquire money when a family adopts a child who was taken by the state. As you can see the dollars go up as the needs go up.
You can go to the link below and see more of the atrocities the State of Georgia does.

“finding adoptive homes for children”
Financial Assistance

The Adoption Assistance program provides financial aid to all adopted children with Special Needs to help meet the needs of the child. As defined by the State of Georgia for the purpose of adoption, children with Special Needs include those who meet one of the following criteria at the time of placement:

•African-American children older than one year of age
•Three or more siblings placed together at the same time
•Children age eight and older
•Children with documented physical, emotional or mental disabilities
•Two siblings placed together and one child has a special need The Adoption Assistance agreement must occur prior to finalization of the adoption. If a child is not in the permanent custody of the state, assistance might be obtained when a child meets specific title IV-E and special needs criteria. In ALL cases, it must be documented that the adoption would not be possible without assistance.

Types of Assistance

1. Monthly Adoption Assistance Benefits – help to assist adoptive parent(s) in meeting the special needs of the child.

2. Special Services Adoption Assistance – provides a time-limited or one-time special service assistance and must relate to the special needs of the child (e.g., orthodontics, special medical equipment, or respite). There must be documentation that no other resources (community, family or otherwise) are available to meet the needs of the other child. Special Services benefits are reserved for children age 18 and under in the permanent custody of DHR.

3. Non-Recurring Adoption Assistance – covers reasonable and necessary adoption fees, court costs, attorney fees and other expenses directly related to the finalization of the adoption of a child with Special Needs.

4. Medicaid – available to any child who is eligible for monthly Adoption Assistance benefits.

Length of Eligibility

Under the following conditions a child may continue to receive State Funded Adoption Assistance beyond age 18:

Prior to the adoption, the child was in permanent custody of DHR or a child who was placed in the permanent custody of individuals for the purpose of adoption, child is attending high school on a full time basis and child remains financially dependent on his/her parents. Benefits may continue to age 21 or when the child finishes high school, whichever comes first.

Any child who was adopted at age 13 or older or who was placed for adoption prior to July 1998, may continue to receive adoption assistance benefits after age 18 if they are enrolled in high school, technical school or college on a full time basis. Adoption assistance payments will terminate at age 21, when the child finishes school/college or drops out of the educational program whichever comes first. School/College attendance will be verified on a quarterly/semester basis by the DFCS Case Manager.

Medicaid is available for a child until age 18 or until adoption assistance benefits terminate.

Applying for Assistance

Adoption Assistance is made available by the Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR) through the county Department of Family and Children Services where the adoptive family resides. In the event a family from another state adopts a child in the permanent custody of DHR, the county of legal responsibility would be responsible for completing the application.

5 Responses to The Official How List For Aquiring Federal and State Money When Children Taken By the State Are Adopted Out

  1. antinette says:

    I need to filed a lawsuit on cps who forced me in signing over my rights, they said if you do not sign over your rights the judge was going to filed child support on me to pay. cps said they will take your next baby you have and adopt them off. cps have taken my children and adopt them


    • Shy says:

      What state do you live in? My son was forced by CPS in West Virginia to give up his rights as a father. It was either that or be forced to have all future children if any taken by the state. My son was the victim of a witch hunt by CPS after a angry neighbor told another neighbor that she thought he was molesting his 3 yr old daughter. The family court judge found him not guilty before his trial in criminal court. My son was facing the rest of his life in prison if found guilty for that one little statement from the neighbor. CPS had no proof…..nothing because it never happened. For two years my son fought in the family court and criminal court at the same time. If I were you, I would look more into the GAL because the one for my grand kids’ GAL was caught trying to sell my grand kids to their foster parents.This was brought to our attention by the family court Judge, yet we were not allowed to ask for another one. Thank God my daughter in law got her children back! She was arrested along with my son because of something her mentally retarded 6 year old son had said…which was later dropped because the GAL chose not to believe that part of his testimony. All of these charges were trumped up so these workers of CPS could gain more money in their pockets
      .I am sorry you had to go through this, but don’t stop fighting now! If you did nothing wrong take it to the news, take it to the Today Show. Write to the president…whatever you do, don’t write to the Governor. He will just forward your letter to CPS and they will send you threatening letters like they did me. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.


    • Wrongful Interference with Contract is when parties are involved with deceptive practice to interfere with services that are under contract and avoiding to provide said services, so far every I do mean Children service case that terminated parental rights is wrongful interference. What I find so odd these state workers make recommendation for services such as supervised visitations ,and then those workers stall on providing services they recommend , why recommend if they have no intention of providing services , proof of Breach of contract if services are not provided for in a timely manor
      then a judge must receive complaint from parents or attorney for contempt of court, so the judge has now entered into this binding contract by the judges order for the state to arrange services that the state had made recommendation for , so both parties now are involved in the issue of Wrongful Interference with Breach of Contract every CPS case is participant in Wrongful Interference with Contract, after all Department of human services children service is a State agency is meant to provide services to families instead this Federally subsidized agency takes children to avoid providing services. When state worker starts the case for investigation they are officially under contract to the family to provide services, the action of a case worker to recommend termination of parents’ rights is clear example of wrongful interference with this contract they are placed in, Breach of contract by not only the courts for not enforcing court orders or making the state agency follow and fulfil their own recommendations , but breach of contract both oral and written by the state agency that is under contract to provide services to families not destroy families for profit, when Children services comes in and takes children that is the beginning of Breach of contract through their actions of interfering with the process of the family ability to obtain program services and the action of Wrongful Interference with Contract after all these State agencies are under contract to provide services to families so two laws broken by this action done by said agency, read up on contract law


  2. Pseevers says:

    how do we stop this cycle?


    • salikulhaqq says:

      We need to form a NATIONAL coalition. It’s purpose to repeal ASFA. Second we have to get more media coverage ie the banned Simpson’s episode Bart Flanders when the children were taken. It was a start, however, if anyone of us who has felt the claws and teeth of this beast, told or story in the form of a motion picture, then a dialogue could begin. As for now, they have so much propaganda (Law & Order, Judging Amy, etc.)to colour the perspective of those who have not felt our pain….
      As for now, I pray and do my best to prove them wrong about me, and my children know how much I love them and how hard their mama & I work to bring them home…..
      And God is with those who endure in His cause.


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