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Trial Day 2: Abilene CPS worker accused tampering with evidence

It is hard to believe it has already been two years since I last wrote about the Klapheke case. Harder still to believe that it has taken five and a half years for this case to come to trial. You … Continue reading

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Child abuse death rate up 71 percent (A 1999 report)

AUSTIN – Child abuse and neglect in Texas led to 176 deaths last year, up some 71 percent from the year before, according to a report released Wednesday. Source: Child abuse death rate up 71 percent | | Amarillo … Continue reading

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Abilene Klapheke Case Continues To Haunt DFPS

*** I resently found out some of the links in this article are now broken. I appoligize. Trying to relocate them. — Jim *** After more than 3 years after Klapheke, arrests of DFPS employees continue. Texas CPS watchdog groups … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Know it Doesn’t Know #OpExposeCPS

The general population doesn’t know what is happening with CPS and  Foster Care and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know. (The above statement is derived from the concept of Trans-Formative Thinking.) Society’s general view of CPS is if … Continue reading

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Hundreds of “Child Care Workers” Background Checks Falsified

This happened in 2007 but it is so true today! Over 100 child care centers in Florida are involved. Rather than order the tests, workers forged signatures on documents stating the checks had been performed.An investigation with the Department of … Continue reading

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Central Florida DCF worker arrested on cocaine charges

This story broke on the news last night and I had to write the name down and double check this morning to make sure it was really true. It was. This woman was responsible for making sure children were not … Continue reading

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