Doesn’t Know it Doesn’t Know #OpExposeCPS

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The general population doesn’t know what is happening with CPS and  Foster Care and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.

(The above statement is derived from the concept of Trans-Formative Thinking.)

Society’s general view of CPS is if they are involved then the family must have done something to get them involved. They are under the impression that CPS comes in offers all kinds of services and then leave. Sadly they could not be much farther from the truth.

Very often CPS becomes involved as the result of an anonymous phone call. Often this call is made by a former spouse or significant other. Or maybe that neighbor that you had a disagreement last week. The school teacher you disagreed with. A doctor when you chose to get a second opinion. Along with numerous other possible sources of intake report. While within most states there are criminal penalties for filing a false report, most still allow anonymous reporting instead of confidential. Therefore it is hard to prosecute. But this is but only one example of something few people know.

Here are a few others:

  • Most states do not require Child welfare workers to take an oath to uphold the Constitution nor the laws.
  • Most states do not define the conditions under which their immunity is void in order to bring criminal or civil actions against them.
  • Most states’ accountability is over seen from within. Basically “The fox watching the hen house.”
  • Federal funding for foster care is uncapped and states are reimbursed 75¢ on the $1.
  • Preventative and Reunification services are capped and less than 10% of Federal funding actually goes toward helping the families.
  • Child removal often creates a need for child support when none was needed before. Opening a revenue stream through Social Security Title IV-D funding to the courts that did not exist had they not intervened.
  • Attorneys, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, child placement agencies and many other entities have created a $40 Billion industry which collects various Federal grants to operate.
  • Many companies that have child placement divisions also engage in the private prison system.
  • Approximately 80% of former foster children will ultimately end up incarcerated at some point in their lives.
  • Within a year of aging out about 50% of Foster children are homeless.
  • Parents of Foster children suffer PTSD at about 4 times the rate of combat veterans. Children’s rates are much higher but not documented.
  • A medicated child draws more funding than one not on psychotropic drugs.
  • The child protection system is thought to be the number one abuser of Medicaid.
  • Undocumented minors increases caseloads preventing American families from getting proper investigations.
  • A wrongfully removed child is automatically an abused child because they will never be emotionally the same again. Within hours PTSD and Parental Separation Disorder sets in.
  • In TEXAS, in 2013 a child was 10.8 times more likely to die in foster care than if they stayed in the home.
TX AB Fatalities

Chart showing Child Abuse Fatalities between FY2003-FY2014 Compiled by Angel Eyes over Texas * Gathered from DFPS Databooks

TX Fatality

Derived by dividing the Gen and Foster Care Populations into their respective fatalities, then multiplying by 100,000 to set a standard Rate/100k. Ratio was calculated by dividing Foster Care by General Pop. Please not that while both fatality rates are trending downward the ratio is trending upward.

AMERICA, we need to wake up. We need to start paying attention to the damage this upside down system is doing to the future of our nation. #OpExposeCPS

About Jim Black

Jim Black is the founder of Angel Eyes over Texas (AEovrT). Jim is a former Manufacturing Engineer turned CPS Watchdog. Jim spent more than 32 years studying manufacturing companies, their procedures and the proper application of their resources with heavy emphasis on Quality Control, Automated Systems and Resource Management. Now those same skills are applied toward analyzing Texas DFPS and it's functions; breaking down the mechanics of how the agency fails to follow the policies, statutes and rules set forth by the State of Texas. Jim tracks all changes to the Texas CPS Handbook on Jim often consults with CPS defense attorneys on handbook research.
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10 Responses to Doesn’t Know it Doesn’t Know #OpExposeCPS

  1. My family members have been victimized by Georgia Social Workers. I do agree that the system needs an drastic overhaul regarding this organization which significantly profits from children without any real form of accountability. Being that I have first hand experience of how the system truely operates,, I am willing assist as an advocate and/or speaker to help educate the public. The children’s voices need to be heard for their protection and well being.

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  2. Michelle Hernandez says:

    My children, grandson and my family are victims to this as we are speaking right now. We need help ASAP. I have paid the best lawyer’s for them to not do their jobs. Pasco County Florida, Pasco Sheriff Department, Judge William Webb, CPI’s, Eckerd Youth And Families and all government people are nothing but Corrupt Liars. I have been an advocate all my life for abused children and women. I am the enemy because I wanted my grandson after him being born addicted to methodone and street drug’s. My oldest son and I fought to have rights to see him and get custody but instead of that happening they raised my home using brutal force and took my 3 younger children and my step son to exclude me from the picture. On Tuesday 29, 2015 they will be trying to adopt my grandson who is 16 months old to foster family instead of my mother or other family members. My 3 children are in foster care. These workers never gave me a case plan till July. This happened on Nov 26th, 2014. Meaning in November they can try to terminate my parental rights. I was told once I receive my evaluations and no services were needed my case could be heard and my kid’s returned. Now I find out that not only did I have a case plan but Metholgy as well. So now I jave have to finish Metholgy 12 sessions of counseling. Crazy. We just got our case plan and color code in August which makes us look bad. But again department didn’t give us any of this information even when we kept asking for him till July and Color code info August 13, 2015. Complete Nightmare. My elderly parents were in my home on that morning for Thanksgiving and were also man handled with excessive brutal force along with our teenage son’s who were sleeping at 5:30 am when they kicked in front door to my home and Never said Sheriff’s Department. Never told us why they were in my house and all of us brutally handcuffed and threatenedto have a bullet in our head’s if we didn’t listen. They kickedin all 5 bedroom door’s and took my 2 younger kids and the rest of us were handcuffed very tightly and put in my garage and threatened. Cpi showed up and took my younger daughter and threatened her in front of other kids that if she didn’t say what she told her to she would Not Ever see is again. My other children started yelling telling my daughter to not listen to her Always tell the truth. They were liars. Dirty test were put on my mom and I for marijuana. Cpi’s were in such a hurry taken my kid’s they left the test showing negative for both of us. No Drug’s where found in my house. My son’s girlfriend who was 28 had tramadol and empty space bags in her purse in a locked bedroom downstairs. City commission and Sherif himself was here and that’s when they turned thing’s around knowing they were wrong. No Drug’s, no stolen property or whatever they were looking for so they took my kid’s, my children’s borth certificates, my locked up ahotgun and Ar-15 and all my ammo. Called news to come out and broadcast as if we were drug dealers. But not once have they ever been able to give us video of them entering my house or any of the evidence or any photos or even proof that there was any drugs in my house. My oldest son is still sitting in jail on a $520,000 bond with no way to get out an FTA when he was in court but he had no legal representation to handle his case because regional and the Public Defender is already defending his girlfriend so all of this is BS and he got charged with her charges and she got charged with his and was let out of jail in July. My poor kids have been abused by workers, government people, Judge Webb and foster family. They threatened my son that if he didn’t sign his rights away on his 16 month old son then they would take ever child after him as well. Twins will be born in October. Praying they won’t be addicted to drug’s like their brother’ were. Completely sad that they would do this all to cover up all their mistakes and lies. Search warrant was steal meaning illegal. It was expired. It’s sad the day’s we live in now. If your a Christian, home schooling parent and own gun’s they will come after you too. They used all that against me saying my children weren’t being schooled but took all my records to prove I was. My children are going really well in public schools. So that there proves them liars. Except for the fact they took my 8 year old daughter and placed her in 1st grade last school year. She was humiliated. This school year she is in 2nd grade when she should be in four. If anyone can help us please reach out to me. News wants nothing to do with this and this Judge is pure evil. Along with all these government people.


  3. Tony C. Graham says:

    I would like to know just how to get the media in plus an attorney to file a lawsuit on them. No attorney in San Bernardino County will take this case so I need one outside of this county to do it.


  4. Cynthia says:

    I have a couple living with me who had their five children, ages newborn to 9 stolen by the Rhode Island DCYF. The charge? Neglect, unsubstantiated, so they tried mental illness, psychologists said no problem there, so they keep digging for other reasons to hold the children hostage. Two months ago the couple gave birth to twins, in my home in a neighboring state, because DCYF said they wanted to take them too! Now they are living with me and continuing to fight for their other children. In the mean time they have been bankrupted as attorneys who can fight the system don’t come cheap! It is outrageous, and they are only one of hundreds of families destroyed by the current system. Something has to change!


  5. Scott Boswell says:

    I agree with everything about DCS or CPS, I am currently dealing with charges against my son. 4 tests were performed all while the DCS worker swore she was 100% positive there would be evidence, not 1, not 2 nor 3 or 4 came back showing any damage that would have happened. Yet this was never brought up in court, my sons bedding was never checked even after another 100% positive dna evidence would be found by the same worker. The system is broken. Family means nothing to them. Even the counselers where my son was placed dont buy the story DCS is selling. I will end by saying God be with any family dealing with this service.


  6. kathlene tuengel says:

    My husband and I decided to get our foster license as his cousin’s children were in the WA States foster care system. We had one of the boys placed with us when he was 3. There are 10 children in all. Then we received a 7yr old brother who was horribly abused in another foster home, which they did not shut down. Then a baby girl was born and we received her from the hospital. A year later we received a sister from another abusive foster home who was 6. We wanted a 2yr old sister and a 9yr old brother, but was told we could not have them as they were being adopted by the families they lived with. We were told we could adopt the four we had as soon as the termination was done. The little one was permanently placed with us and then DSHS decided to take her from us and place her with another family. She was 16months old at the time, was bonded to her siblings and to us. We are her mom and dad, it was sad when they came and took her as she left screaming her head off and we could do nothing to stop them. She is native American baby, as all the children are my husband is enrolled member of the tribe, and the state took over the case as the parents lived off the reservation. We hired an attorney but he was afraid to go against them, we cannot find anyone to go against the state even though ICWA is what has to be followed by the state, but they have a way of getting around this system also. Why is it when family is trying to take the children out of the system so there will be no more government money going to other foster families for the care of our family members, they won’t let us have them. We are adopting the three but we want the baby back and would like all the younger ones. The three other are older, and just about out of high school, and come visit a lot. I hate the way our government system can just take children without keeping the siblings together. I am closing my home after the adoption. The parents even went to court and stated they would like it if their children were raised by us, because the children are safe and more secure then they have ever been. Where do family members turn to shake up the system and get more people aware. They even let rhea social worker go who started this mess. What does that tell you?????


  7. Aubrey says:

    I have been fighting dhs my whole life! As a child and now as a mother! I have made many mistakes! I don’t feel those mistakes, should have gotten the punishment I have endured!y child is ultimately paying consequences for things in life he can’t control! Why do they get to lie, cheat, and trick us! Abuse us and our children? Nothing is ever done to stop this, especially if you have had a history involving the government, and or addiction, or maybe even mental health issues! Just being a flaud human being should not give them the right, to abuse us and our children!!


  8. Jewels says:

    Jim, thank you for your post. I read about so much heartache and injustice with this system. The good news is we can now bring bad social workers up on charges. Please let’s all work together to change this. The key is mass demonstrations and news coverage! We must all connect. Please contact me. I also put down my website for those interested. We have got to start to unite!
    Jewels Stein


  9. Kikyo says:

    They get away with murder and take no conscious to what they cause they’re pure evil will even go after mixed kids


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