Information About the Child Protective Services Program of the Department of Human Services

Provided by the
Maine Child Welfare Ombudsman Program

The following information has been obtained from Pine Tree Legal Assistance and DHHS.

You Do Have Rights!

The Department of Human Services (DHHS) may intervene in families when it believes that a child is in danger of being harmed. As a parent, however, you also have rights. Your best protection is the right to be heard by a judge on a continuing basis. In deciding any protective custody case, the judge must follow these principles in the order listed:

1. Protect the child from jeopardy,

2. Give custody to a parent or relative if appropriate conditions can be applied,

3. Make sure the decision is in the best interest of the child, and

4. End DHHS custody at the earliest possible time.

Also, DHHS must try to work things out with you. That usually means a plan made with you to end the danger to your child or children. Sometimes that means that the Department will provide services to help you take the steps necessary to keep your child or children safe.

In July 1998, the Maine legislature made some changes in the court procedures with the objective of speeding up the process and having DHHS and the court make early decisions about what should happen after your child has been removed from your home. Those decisions may include the goal of reunification with the family, placement with another family member, short-term or long-term foster care, termination of parental rights leading to adoption, or some other plan.

Who Told The State About My Kids And Me?

Often DHHS becomes involved when someone has reported a problem of child abuse or neglect in the household. Doctors, counselors, teachers, social workers, and many other professionals are required by law to report suspected abuse or neglect. Sometimes a parent will call DHHS because he or she needs help working out a particular situation, needs services from DHHS, or believes a child has been hurt in some way by another person or family member. The Department does not have to tell you who made the complaint, if telling you might put that person or agency in danger.

What Happens Once DHHS Decides There Is A Problem In My Household?

A. Worker Comes to Your Home

If DHHS believes there is an abuse/neglect problem in your household, a “protective services case worker” will visit you to investigate. If you and the caseworker can agree, DHHS will open a file and develop a “case plan” with you. This means that you and the caseworker have agreed that abuse/neglect is a problem in your family and that you and DHHS together will work to correct the situation. Often, DHHS will then provide services to meet needs that have been identified. No court is involved. Your family situation will probably be reviewed every three months to make sure that things are going as planned. The file will be closed when the problem is resolved and no child is deemed to be at further risk, or if the family decides they no longer want services.

If you and the caseworker cannot agree, and the caseworker believes that more must be done to protect the child, legal action is an option and the case may go before a judge. The caseworker will file a Child Protection Petition asking a judge to approve or set up a plan to protect your child.

In a small number of cases, the Department¡|s caseworker may not do an initial visit. The information given to the Department may be enough to convince the Department that it must act immediately to protect your child or children. The caseworker may see your child or children without your knowledge. They may also petition the Court for custody of your child or children without telling you they are going to do it. They must show that your child or children would have been placed in greater danger if they followed the usual procedure of seeing you first.

B. Preliminary Protection Order (P.P.O.)

When your caseworker files the Child Protection Petition, a judge may be asked for a Preliminary Protection Order (PPO). The worker will ask for a PPO if it is believed that there is an “immediate risk of serious harm” to your child. DHHS can ask for a PPO without telling you if the caseworker believes:

that the child will suffer serious harm before proper notice can be sent, or

that telling you would increase the risk of serious harm to the child.

If the judge signs a PPO, you will get a copy of the Petition and Order. If the Order allows your child to be physically taken from your home, you will be given the name and work telephone number of the case worker and your child’s location. However, DHHS doesn’t have to give you this information if the caseworker believes that this would cause a threat of serious harm to the child or another person.

With a PPO, a judge can protect your child in a number of different ways. This includes allowing DHHS to remove your child from the home and place him with a relative, in a treatment center, or in a licensed foster home. Your child will be cared for until the judge or DHHS decides that the problem has been resolved and your child can go home. In order to get a PPO, DHHS must convince the judge that there is, in fact, an immediate risk of serious harm.

C. Summary Preliminary Hearing (C-1 Hearing)

If a judge has granted a Preliminary Protection Order, you should get a hearing within
7-14 days of the PPO being signed or within ten days of the time the order is served upon you. However, court schedules often get backed up, so the hearing may not be scheduled within the 7-14 day period. The Order signed by the judge will tell you the date of your hearing. Be sure to go to the hearing. This hearing is sometimes called a C-1 hearing.

The summary hearing is now relatively streamlined. The court can limit testimony at this stage to the DHHS caseworker, parents, custodian, Guardian ad Litem, or foster parent. Reports and records, which could not be used in normal court hearings, may be reviewed by the court at the summary hearing. At this hearing, DHHS must present:

its preliminary plan to reunify your child with you (if the child has been removed),

its efforts to avoid removing your child from the home (if the child has not been removed), or

its decision not to provide reunification services to your family at all.

At the summary hearing, DHHS must prove to the judge that your child is in “immediate risk of serious harm”. If the judge does not believe that there is such a risk, the PPO will end and your child must be returned to you. Your case is not over, however, until the judge rules on the original Child Protection Petition.

D. Right To An Attorney

Even if you cannot afford a lawyer, you still have the right to have a lawyer appointed to help you in this type of case. Be sure to ask the judge to appoint a lawyer for you. Later on, you will need to fill out and sign an affidavit showing the court that you do not have enough money to hire a lawyer. The lawyer will represent you during all of the court proceedings.

Talk to your lawyer as soon as possible to prepare for your hearing. Your lawyer will help you present your side. You should talk to him or her about witnesses. Service providers who can testify to your ability to keep your children safe are often effective. If DHHS has asked you to see a mental health professional to help to determine if you can keep your children safe, you should talk to your attorney about that request.

A state lawyer from the Attorney General’s office will represent DHHS in court. The judge will appoint someone else to represent the interests of your child. This person is called a “Guardian ad Litem.” In some counties in Maine, the Guardian will be a volunteer with a group called CASA (“Court Appointed Special Assistants”). If CASA volunteers are not available, the court may appoint a lawyer to be the Guardian. The Guardian will investigate the situation, interview parents and others, such as teachers or counselors, and tell the court what he/she believes is best for the child. You should work closely with DHHS and the Guardian to fix any problems at home.

E. Right to Have My Child or Children Placed with a Relative

When a child must leave his own home in order to be safe, federal law now requires that the State child welfare agency (Department of Human Services) consider placing the child with relatives , first. The law does not require DHHS to place with relatives. It just requires DHHS to consider relatives who are willing to care for the child.

If you have relatives who can safely care for your child, you can ask them to come forward and tell DHHS (and the Court if necessary) that they want to care for your children. They will need to be licensed as a foster home. If they have problems with substance abuse, a criminal history or serious mental illness, DHHS will probably not approve them to care for your children. DHHS will do a background check on your relatives, so it is important to tell DHHS the truth about any history they may have.

You should also discuss this with your lawyer.

F. Jeopardy hearing (C-2 Hearing)

The next step in the hearing process is the jeopardy hearing, which is sometimes called a C-2 Hearing. This hearing is held to decide the original Child Protection Petition. The jeopardy hearing will be held after the judge has ruled on the PPO. If DHHS has not asked for a PPO, then the jeopardy hearing will be your first court hearing. At this stage, the judge decides the case based on whether DHHS has shown that your child would be “in circumstances of jeopardy to his/her health or welfare” if returned to you. If the judge decides that the child is in jeopardy, a Jeopardy Order will be made that says what must be done to protect your child. As with a PPO, these protective steps can range from DHHS supervision of your family to removing your child from the home.

The law requires the court to issue the Jeopardy Order within 120 days of the time the original petition was filed. That deadline may be extended if there is a good reason to do so. However, court scheduling problems do not qualify as a good reason for delay under the law.

What Happens After The Jeopardy Hearing Is Over? How Can I Get My Kids Back?

Once there has been a decision or agreement after the jeopardy hearing, the protective services case worker will no longer be involved in your case. If your child has been placed in DHHS custody, a “children¡|s services caseworker¡¨ will be assigned to your case. The children¡|s services caseworker will work with you to fix whatever must be changed before you can regain custody. The children¡|s services caseworker also makes sure your child’s needs are being met while your child is in DHHS custody.

Most often, the worker will be providing services to try to “reunify” you with your children. Often, you and the children¡|s services caseworker will write a “family service plan”, which spells out everything that DHHS must do for you and your child and everything you must do in return. This agreement may require such things as evaluations by a psychologist or social worker, counseling, a substance abuse evaluation, or anything else that addresses the problems in your home.

You should have some say in how this plan is developed. You cannot say no to it if you want to get your child or children back. You can, however, have a say in who provides services. For example, you may already to working with a counselor. You may have a mental health case manager. You can insist that these people be involved.

If the caseworker refuses to consider your ideas about who should provide services, you can call the Ombudsman.

Will There Be Any Other Hearings?

Yes. You can ask for a court review of the Jeopardy Order at any time. Under Maine law, when a court has made a Jeopardy Order, the court must review the order at least once every six months until the child turns 18 or is adopted. Judicial reviews are not required, however, when custody is granted to someone other than DHHS or the non-custodial parent.

Even though regular judicial reviews are not required in this situation, a review still must be held if a party requests it or if the judge orders it.

At a judicial review, the judge may order one of the following:

that your child be returned to you,

that you and the caseworker continue to work on reunification, or

that DHHS stop its reunification efforts and make permanent plans for the child’s custody.

If your child is placed in foster care, the court must also hold a hearing called “permanency planning hearing” within 12 months of the placement and at least once every 12 months after that. The “permanency plan” will state whether your child will be returned to you. If your child will not be returned, the plan must state what other permanency plans–such as adoption or placement with a relative–are being considered. The court must hold a “permanency planning hearing” within 30 days of giving a Jeopardy Order that allows DHHS to stop providing reunification services.

What Happens If DHHS Decides Not To Return My Kids To Me? Petition to Terminate Parental Rights.

If DHHS believes that you have not worked to correct the problems which put your child in jeopardy, DHHS can cease reunification efforts between you and your child. This means that DHHS is no longer required to try to reunify you and your child. DHHS must tell you in writing when it decides to “cease reunification.” DHHS must ask the court to approve its decision and must ask for this court approval either before stopping services or within 10 days of the time it stops services.

Reunification services may be stopped for a number of reasons. Examples of reasons used by DHHS to stop services include:

A parent has abused the specific child or another child since services were started.

A parent has refused to take part in treatment or has made so little progress that
reunification could not take place within a reasonable time.

If DHHS determines that reunification efforts have not been successful or are unlikely to be, it must decide whether to file a Petition To Terminate Parental Rights (TPR). This Petition asks the court to end any rights you have as the parent of your child. The law requires DHHS to file a petition for TPR if your child has been in foster care for 15 out of the previous 22 months or if the court finds an “aggravating factor” and approves DHHS’s decision to “cease reunification”. At this point, DHHS may avoid filing a petition for TPR only by convincing the court that there are compelling reasons why the petition would not be in your child’s best interest. If DHHS decides not to ask for a TPR, you may still be able to visit your child. DHHS must also come up with permanency plans for your child. These plans may include a long term foster care placement, which means that your child will live with a foster family until age 18.

You have an absolute right to a hearing on DHHS’s Termination Petition. At this hearing, DHHS must prove, by “clear and convincing evidence,” that it is in the best interests of your child to end your parental rights. The “clear and convincing” test is very high. The court will heavily weigh the parent’s rights before making the extreme decision to end your parental rights.

If a judge decides to end your parental rights, he/she must decide that is in the best interest of your child. The judge must also find that you:

are unwilling or unable to protect your child, or take responsibility for your child,

have abandoned your child, or

have failed to make a good faith effort to rehabilitate yourself or reunify with your

The judge must consider your child’s age and attachments, as well as your child’s physical or emotional needs. As in the jeopardy hearings, you may testify and present evidence and witnesses. Your lawyer may question the DHHS witnesses.
If your parental rights are ended, you will not have the right to visit your child or be involved in your child’s life. You may, however, “appeal” this decision directly to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. The Maine Supreme Court will decide whether the judge who decided your case had enough reason to end your parental rights. During the appeal process, you will continue to be represented by a lawyer.

Remember: You have many chances to be heard by a judge. You will also get many services from DHHS to help you address the problems in your home. If you cooperate with DHHS, every effort must be taken to return your child to your home.

MCA Ombudsman Program provides this information as a public service. It is not legal advice. Sometimes the laws change. While every effort is made to ensure that this information is up-to-date and correct, we cannot guarantee that. We are not acting as your lawyer. Always consult a lawyer, if you can, before taking legal action.

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    • Jessica Caudill says:

      I need help im in lexington, ky. and i just had my children removed from my home in mid november 2013 and i tested positive for methadone and thc i was in the clinic while i was pregnant with my youngest and i chose to leave the clinic and stay on methadone but buying it from a friend instead of staying in the clinic they removed my kids for the positive urine test i am now going back to the methadone clinic but my lawyer says the courts look down on this but i feel this is whats best for me to stay off heroine and perc 30s can the cabinet keep me from getting my kids back because i am in a methadone clinic? it is considered a treatment and it would b a monitored dose i am curious if they can make it harder to get my kids back! if you have any answers please feel free to call me at 8593387393


      • jennifer sealover says:

        Is it a good sign that my case is in review after my children been removed in 2013. they returned my daughter in April of 2014. it is going back to court for my boys this April. I wantmy children back. I have completed my caseplan. last October it was said to me by the caseworker’s supervisor “we don’t feel you abused or neglected your kids that is not why we pulled them. we just felt you had too much on your plate that is why we took them. is that even right or legal?


      • says:

        C did u get kids back what happend


      • Cassie Cumberland says:

        Oh hun I’m going thru the same thing! I started going to the methadone clinic then found out I was pregnant, the dose was never enough from baby taking most.. So I used opiates a couple times during my pregnancy. The whole time I was in day treatment thru the clinic and my social worker was aware of everything. I also have a 6 month old and 7yr old at that time. The didn’t remove the children from the home until 3 days before my newborn was to be discharged from the NICU. Nor had they told me that was something that would happen. My newborn baby didn’t get to come home with me and they came to my home while I was in the hospital with newborn, and took my 2 boys from their dad who by the way has NO substance abuse issues but they said he shld been protecting the kids by making me stay clean. That was 6 months ago, I’ve been thru 4 social workers , still have 3 weekly SUPERVISED visits at my home and now they are saying I looked too sleepy at the last visit so they can’t be at the home nemore. That’s not even a part of the shit and rights they are violating. I am extremely knowledgeable in pregnancy/methadone/legal terms/chips orders. Email me I’d love to help you out..and ud be helpinh me as well…


  2. SETH CROY says:



    • SETH CROY says:



    • julie says:

      I know how you feel my daughters 18 months and she’s been in CPS since last january all because I left her with a friend that decided she was going to go shop lifting with my daughter and she got caught I came home from work to find a note on my door saying that they tried to look for me but couldn’t find me and my daughter was now going to be placed in CPS so because of my babysitters mistake I’ve been fighting for my kid FOR A year TASC,counseling ,NAprograms And now the foster mom then my daughters with wants to adopt my daughter I’ve been busting my ass and they want to take her anyways Just trust in believe the you’re not alone in your fight There are others out there like you with the same exact struggles they haven’t done anything wrong


      • Kathleen says:

        Yes my three grandchildren my daughter and my family have been going through this too for a year now even though shes done everything they have asked they are moving to severe rights and she is a good mom something needs to be changed in the system and with the law cps has too much power and they abuse it wrongfully, the children are traumatized with separation anxiety among other things and judges in az listen only to cps and not the parent side of the story nor do the children have a vocie, we need to ban together and do something about this.Our case began when my daughter went to the kids father’s house to pick them up after a weekend visit and she brought a friend with her, the father shot and killed her friend in front of the kids, and the kids were removed from her care and given to the father’s family!!!!!!!!Its been a nightmare ever since and alls I can do is keep praying and believing that somehow the truth and the love that created this family will somehow find a way to reunite this family. we have no means of hiring an attorney and court appointed attorney’ has done nothing to help the case in fact the judge doesn’t even listen to her when she does speak up. So my heart goes out to all the parents, family members and the children and my prayers to find a way to end this abuse by government agencies, especially when children are taken from loving homes, it is so wrong and needs to be stopped and changed..


      • Jules says:

        Yes. I am fighting in the state of Alabama. I had done everything that they asked. They still tell me that I am not doing enough and they are on the verge of taking my parental rights and taking my 7 year old son from me. I am a single working mother most of the time (except for around the holidays, which cause me grief). I am not on drugs, not strung out. They are getting me on neglect simply because I asked the wrong person to babysit for me. She was not a relative. Her family works in DHR. This woman did it for financial gain. No one listens to me. My child… Yes… DHHS is “extreme” and the system needs to change.

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    • amor says:

      They cannot do that call ur legal aid ASAP!!”!! I know because I am extremely experienced in youth courts


      • Sandy says:

        Help! My daughter has been in the child protective system for 9 years. She just turned 18 and hasn’t been adopted yet..there is a family selected. I want to go get her to see if she wants to come home. An attorney just told me that DFAC probably wont tell me where she is due to confidentiality because of her age. Im waiting to here from DFAC now but i have a feeling that they wont tell me. She is in Atlanta, GA the last I heard but I have no idea where. An investor told me that since she just turned 18, putting her social out there probably wont do any good either. She hasn’t worked but she is in the p ublic school system. Can anyone tell me what I need to do?


      • yvonnemason says:

        If she is already 18 she is an adult and no longer a ward of the state she can do what she pleases. start posting on social networks she will find you


      • Danyelle says:

        Can i sign over ten guardianship of my child to a family m ed mber or friend if they are still in temp custody through cps

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      • nancy says:

        I need help getting my 18 year old come and live with me. She was never taken from my home. She has been in foster care since 11 days short of her 17 b day. Now she turned 18 in sept and social worker has apply for Ab12 extended foster care. They have thought her to say she does not want to see me so they can use her for this new thing. She suppose to go to college or work. She was honor student before police took her no other relative and then social services was called. Stupid car rental called police and said i was stealing car when i was paying weekly
        They have caused my daughter taken. Her lawyer did not let me come to court hearing and asked me to leave. My daughter and social worker said you can come. They said there will be 6 month hearing meanwhile middle class child exposed to bad stuff. How do i get her to opt out of volunteer an12 and live with me? They have pressured her to not talk to me. This is a very unusual case in history of social services. Please help me the lawyer assigned by court is very stupid and said she will not reptesent me. If my daughter does not come back i will go to media.


      • joycie says:

        Please call me I need info about my children and wat to do 1631 969 6148


    • Amanda says:

      I saw your post and it reMinds me of my situation. .. I hope you came out with yOur child.


    • Briana says:

      R u married if not get married they will have to give your daughter back if not fire your lawyer and make sure you have another one to replace him or her because keeping that lawyer will make you loose your kids


    • elena says:

      omg I have dat problem were lawyer don’t try to hear me or care of my say , if Im the victim od dv why take my kids n leave me don’t I have the right to have getting options ?


    • Delisse Jones says:

      i am dealing with this problem and they have 4 of my kids 3 my rights have been taken and now my 18 month old they have stolen because of completely false reports. Judge flat out said he didn’t care what evidence he was granting the cps request and i don’t even live in the county that took my youngest daughter, my attorney has done and is doing nothing to help me. I’m dying inside someone please i’m begging help me what can i do. in 2005 one daughter was 3 i was pregnant and yes got myself into trouble however when my oldest daughter was taken they (cps) told the foster family they placed my daughter with that her and her unborn sister both were adoptable. That i was told by the foster parents which I developed a very healthy strong bond with. does anyone see the problem here? I live in California and its Humboldt county that is and has been now without fail trying to take my kids from me. I have jumped thru their hoops and done all their stuff and they have still taken my babies and I’ve been told now by 2 different judges it didn’t matter what was presented in court no matter what was said and what evidence/proof was given that the courts go with the departments recommendations.


    • tealeah says:

      There doing the same with me omg im glad im not alone !


    • Lisa ingram says:

      Who do you go to or what can u do if someone tells defacs lies on you . I feels so sorry for these poor children being drug threw hell for nothing just because someone wants to make your life miserable


    • Aug.1,2016
      Hi my name is Latrice Bowie i am filing a lawsuit on child protective services.
      because in June 5,2011 they took my daughter from me because i made a big mistake in
      get on the chatline and look for love in all the wrong places and the person that told me
      to come down here had hit my daughter i did not know what i was get myself into at that .time anyway my daughter was only 5 years old at that time i was put into jail for something that i did not to my child i live with only (PTSD) and (Racing Thoughts) and (Stressing) but now i have more troubles with my (Heart) with leak vale now i am having a lot of (Seziure) they lie in court they never looked for my family and the case worker did only talked to my aunt and told about the but did not ask or tell her to come to i have done everything that both court ask of me to do anyway the judge took my parental rights away on Sept.23,2013 and that was the last time that i seen and hear from my daughter the case worker that was on the case at that time has not reported that my daughter had lay in the street and that she ran away from the foster care home .and she was also hit over and over why in there care she has being moved 6 to 7 times and they keep lied and cover up the truth of what they are doing wrong if it was not for all of there lies in court for 5 years me and my daughter that is 11 years old now and going to be 12 years old on Oct. 16,2016 i am so tried of Columbus,GA and there lies please help me all i want is a new court hearing and to get my parental rights back and go home with my daughter we have family if their are anymore questions please call me at (414)975-0056
      Thank You,
      Latrice Bowie
      time; 9;51am P.S. I miss my daughter and her name is Trazariya C. Bowie
      and she is in a adoption foster care home were they are.
      telling my daughter lies about me they will not let her call anyone in her family and i need someone to help me to put a stop to this .


  3. Mel says:

    I have had my kids out of my house, for 8 months , I haven’t had a hearing or even looked at a judge, my kids are caught in the system, I. Just got a attorney he has been helpful . But I had to pay for him myself, I trying to find out if I still have custody of my kids since dhr hadn’t took me to court and I haven’t been notified. And I haven’t sign my custody to any one. Do I still have full custody of my kids? If so why can’t I go get them? I need some good advise


    • Cassie Cumberland says:

      Um by law you have to have been in front of a judge on 72 hrs in my state. I find it hard to believe what your saying. Are they sending you letters and court hearings to an address ur no longer at? Do they have ur number? And why haven’t you called social services to ask what’s going pn


  4. diana mountain says:

    I lost my baby girl this year.The social worker tricked me to terminate my parental rights and now she was adopted and i have no way to know where she is.I know i will be forever lost without her. Its a messy game when your dealing with the state who has your child.I have 3 other children I need to get back in my custody.My son is in custody with a native american tribe and I know nothing about there laws.I now that i need to show stability for work and a home and that will take time . I be sure to keep in contact with my children every month through letters or cards.Maintain sobriaty and stay focused on my goals.Its been really hard to deal with. until that time comes when i can go to court and get him backThen I can get my other children that are with their aunt for tempary custody.A family matter that has nothing to do with CPS. I know I never had an attorny through all of this its been real hard and i will keep fighting to get them back. I know they are in safe hands while I get things together for myself.All good will come to me ive went through alot of strugglles with out them, and now i got a clear understanding of what needs to be done.I wish all whos without there children the best of luck and not to give up.


    • Brandy says:

      Go to: Judicial Review: U.S. Constitution: Article 111 to find out about native Americans this site should tell you what you want to know. Go down to the bottom. I am really thinking about getting my back ground and going down this road. I have been fighting for my boys 3 years and they just denied my appeal( further review) I am trying to figure out how to file federal. I know it is a long shot but I will never give up on my boys they want to come home. The reason they took my parental rights is they said I did not have the ability to take care of my children even tho I had a doctor say I can. These cps people need to be no more. I hope this helps.


    • Thats somthing tuff im lost thats not cool because we want are kids thers other mothers how dont care im berly finding out what sevrencedy rights mean im looking for help even if i could talk to the president and announce over radio what im going throu every second with neil and aj


    • Thats somthing tuff im lost thats not cool because we want are kids thers other mothers how dont care im berly finding out what sevrencedy rights mean im looking for help even if i could talk to the president and announce over radio what im going throevery second with out neil and aj i cant think about eneything else i hope they have a heart to just give me my boys back i never thougt that this would ever happen to me thats something. i dont deserve but in the end i will be eith them couse god nos im a good person


  5. Lynn Ray says:

    my daughter moved up to ga. from fla. and dfacs came out to check the welfare of the kids, my daughter admitted she was on drugs, they told her to go down to hospital to get drug test, she failed to do that but i did take her to gainesville hospital to get her checked into lauralwood for help, they would not take her. then dfacs takes the kids out of the home places them with a reletive, the court aponted the relative tem. gardainship. well since then thats been about 2 months, i took my daughter down to dfacs and they were like well theres nothing we can do, they didnt tell her any thing about what she needed to do to get her kids back, she offerd to take a drug test and they said no. u would think they would want to help her to get the kids back in the home, plus my daughter has been clean also doing really good. please tell me what we need to do..


  6. Cynthia Chavez says:

    Iam truly scared,CPS called me yesterday to let me know that they recieved a report saying I live my kidds alone for periods time I told them that was not true,that I am pregnet and I dont work.


    • yvonnemason says:

      Don’t say anything else to them if they come to your door do not let them in. It sounds like a grudge call- in other words someone is mad at you and is trying to get you in trouble


  7. Dana says:

    My husband called cops on me & said i kicked my son!! Hes 3 & we wrestle all the time!! Im scared of whats gonna happen!! Thats what he does when he cant get his way! Calls cops on me bc he knows only way he can get to me is thru our son


  8. FAITHRAVEE11 says:

    I lost my daughter over six months ago when she was only almost a year old…to CPS. I STILL have not gotten her back!!!!! I have been to court so many times and nothing comes of it, my little girl needs me, we have only two supervised visits a week and each time i leave her she screams :”momma MOMMA ” it is heart wrenching and i can barely take it. I was told by my so called awesome lawyers i would have my baby girl back by june or august at the very latest!!! this all happened because i took my baby girl to go see my sister, her aunt who doesn’t get to see my daughter much, due to her past drug abuse. Well, i chose to go over and hang out with my sis and her nasty hurtful and very HARMFUL, so i found out this weekend i speak of, boyfriend. They surely WERE NOT SOBER as they had promised me they were, ,and when i jumped into the shower real fast they took off with my daughter, but they called me to re assure me that all was well and they were just accross the street getting my little girl an outfit, well before you know it hour, then two hours have gone by and i began to get frantic. RIGHT THEN, I SHOULD”VE CALLED 911 but it was my kid sis, she d never hurt my little baby girl, whom is so precious.
    THey finally showed back up, HIGH AS A KITE BOTH OF THEM, and without my little girl. My sisters man put a gun to my head and said if i want to ever know where my daughter is again, i should just sit down and shut up, he stole my phone, and held me there until finally my fiance came and got me, thank god for him, HOWEVER it was to late, faith, my daughter was now in the custody of my crazy bi polar schizo mother, of whom came to the first hearing with fake pics of needles etc drugs and such making them out to be mine, when THEY WERE NOT MINE WHATSOEVER, there s much more to this story that i won’t get into but i hv my “”supposedly last court date monday” i have passed all my tascs and gone to my counseling appt s as asked, however i refuse to go to my outpatient “shady” totally pointless three hour a day three days a week class, and i hear that is going to get my little love bug taken from me, oh you guys if you only knew the crap i have beeen through as you all have as well, i have remained composed but damn it s been hard come monday i may not b able to hold that composer. . i cannot go another minute without my baby girl, there is NO REASON she should be away from me at all!!! CPS IS SICK


    • tb4lyf says:

      WOW, SO ALL USTHE RECGULAR FOLKS GO TO JAIL, IF We lEAVE OUR KID AT HOME WHILE We RUN right DOWNSTAIRS, (EXACTLY UNDERNEATH YOUR APARTMENT)TO CHAT WITH A FRIEND..but, IF YOURE A JUDGE YOU GET TO GO ALL THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT, leave your 4 Year old home alone, THEN WHEN SOME STRANGER SPOTS Your 4 year old wondering the streets late at night, THE COPS WONT ARREST YOU, nope, THEY RETURN YOUR BABY SAFEly. And the only punishment you get is that you can ‘nouse longer judge CHILD NEGLECT cases… !


  9. Jeanette says:

    My daughter lost her kids to cps because she went shoplifting for Easter clothes I know not a good choice! the kids have been with cps for 7 months, cps keeps coming up with new things for her to do like physic evaluation ,bipolar tests now they tell her she is passive aggressive and eats out to much and needs counciling. is thier any help, I dont believe that cps is helping her at all and know the foster mom wants to adopt! Im out of state so they wont even let me have my grandkidswhat can I do?


  10. tb4lyf says:

    WOW, SO ALL USTHE RECGULAR FOLKS GO TO JAIL, IF We lEAVE OUR KID AT HOME WHILE We RUN right DOWNSTAIRS, (EXACTLY UNDERNEATH YOUR APARTMENT)TO CHAT WITH A FRIEND..but, IF YOURE A JUDGE YOU GET TO GO ALL THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT, leave your 4 Year old home alone, THEN WHEN SOME STRANGER SPOTS Your 4 year old wondering the streets late at night, THE COPS WONT ARREST YOU, nope, THEY RETURN YOUR BABY SAFEly. And the only punishment you get is that you can ‘nouse longer judge CHILD NEGLECT cases… !


  11. jutta says:

    What do I need to do to get my child back home after a allegation of parental responsibility hearing. Do I have to wait 2 years? If i have no visitation now can I go back to court for visits before bringing her back home?


  12. Bri says:

    I relinquished my rights to the State 12yrs ago…4 children. I was told being a single parent to 4 kids under the age of 6, that I would never be able to take proper care of them. Reluctantly I VOLUNTARILY gave up my rights to my children. I also gave recomendations on who they should be placed with. 12yrs later my daughter finds me on facebook. Now 16. I was not reluctant about talking with her. I welcomed it. I was just served with a PPO from their adoptive Mother. It stated that i went against a signed order that I was not to have contact with the children untill the age of 18. She states that was in her adoption papers. She adopted them though the State. Not through me. I don’t remember signing anything like that. I do remember having long conversations with them about how they would welcome my appearance in their home…. I stayed away for 12yrs thinking i was doing what was best for my kids. I have learned she told them that i burned them with cigarettes and was physically abusive to them. ALL LIES. I cannot get a copy of their adoption records because I relinquished my rights to the state a year before the adoption. My question is……what do I do from here? my daughter has been running away from home, and my other daughter has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder…as am I. There are CLEARLY problems in the home and It all stems from the adoptive parents lieing to them about their past. I know when my 16yr old daughter finds out I cannot talk to her anymore she will snap. I am afraid and scared for that. WHAT DO I DO???


  13. heather says:

    i have three sons i have been involved with cps for awhile i left my abusive ex boyfriend the father of my sons and he has alot of kids i lost my two oldest kids cause of him and i got them back had another son when i left i took all three of my kids and i got set up by several people and now there abusive father has them i dont have a family court date i did what i was told like get my own place and take care of the kids and demonstrait and dont let know one hurt the kids i did what i was told i still dont have them back in my care only on weekend vists the kids dad is tribal he doesnt take of his other kids and he had a two year open hold on them it seems to me that he gets away with everything cause hes got the tribe behind him and he still abuses the kids and along with his new baby mamma it sucks please give me some advice on what to do next my chips order is just about done with thank you for your time


  14. victoria says:

    i have to say dss is a bunch of bull shit now days, i am 19 and my little girl is 8 months old, a month ago her father took her from me bc we were living together and his mom wanted me kicked out and i said ok i will leave, then she snapped and started throwing my stuff down the stairs and started a fight with me, now im a sweet girl, caring and loveing. she chocked me and i fought back in defense, and to mention im also pregnant again by him, well we both got arrested so legally the father got her. i told ds he smokes pot in front of my child, he yells at her and forces her to stay awake, and leaves his 2 sisters to watch her if im at work. they wouldnt do nothing, i finally got to see her 2 weeks later. and bc i broke down crying and screaming for my baby sayingg i want her back, i bath her,change her,feed her, care for her, take her to get shots and check ups, i did it all. they think i was emotionally unstable to keep her so i have to have supervist really, bc im a mom and cried, it makes no sense. listen to this. the father, just a week ago grabbed a shot gun and threaten to shot his dad, and chocked his 12 yr old sister cause he wanted the computer. but he dont get nothing. they took my daughter and placed her out of his home and with my aunt. but i still can only see her twice a week. its not right. there making me take so many classes and for what, cause i cried and defended myself.??? the social worker told me it be a while before i get my daughter back, sweetheart, watch who u mess with, i might be 19, but u dont fuck with my family or my child, u think just cause ur name tag might have 3 words on it that u get to tell me when i see my birth child. i dont think so, and i want stop till i get her back, she turns one in 4 months, and i gaurntee i will have her, i have paid 2000 dollars cash to a lawyer and i dont play. suppouse to get a court date this week, for custody. i might be young but i went threw this growing up and my child will not go threw this. i pray for the best everyday and to have her living with me again, i miss feeding her and going places with her. shes getting so big and crawling everywhere, i love her very much and after all this, i have relized, never depend on dss, if u want something done u gotta do it ur self, mamma dont like playing games and going in circles, i believe its wrong what they do. ??id like to know why cant she live with me if all u got on me is i cried and got into a altercation with the childs fathers mother.?? but yall let him keep her and he only did it out of hate, bc 3 weeks after he had her he got arrested but yall still wouldnt put her with her momma. when i see her, all she says is momma, baba, bubu, she dont even say dada, i believe a baby should be with there mothers inless they are drugges or bad drinkers. i do still believe that a father should be apart of there childs life, but in this case they would need to show they want to be there by stop acting to childish, be willing to help, get a job, im working two jobs now and hes not, he hangs with friends, take classes to help. my number one question is dss why have yall slacked and became pathetic and dont care. yall just stick the kid wherever and call quits. if i ever worked wwith dss i would want to become the supervisor and shut down every single place. and leave it to the judges and lawyers.


    • Dorothy says:

      I do vary agree i do not like dcf they r in my life n i just wanna say they r sick n take peoples kids for no reason just keep strong n keep fighting like i am fighting for my babies to come home


  15. Beth says:

    How do I get my children out of dss care they are with me.. But they will not let me see my soon to be husband and I want him back home with my and my children


  16. Kate says:

    Im 18 years old and my guardian has just this week kicked me out of the house i was living in. the state provided my guardian with money to be used on me because i have bi polar disorder and severe adhd, that money was never given to me and i am still currently in high school now that i am 18 does my guardian still receive money for me and if so now that im not living there can i receive the money it would really help ive been living with friends because i have no where else to turn i need help and dont no what to do where to go and how i could get assistance with a place to live get food and be able to finish school without the worry of all these other new surroundings im confused and need help PLEASE HELP ME


    • JustMe says:

      You should speak to your caseworker about this. Since you are now considered an adult, you will not receive any funding (nor does your guardian). Trust me, the state does not want to pay if they don’t have to, so no one is getting any money.

      I think it’s awful that the system and some foster parents simply boot kids out such as yourself when you turn 18. I’m very sorry this happened to you. There should be a program to help get you out on your own. Actually, there may be a program, so it’s important that you speak to your caseworker and see if he/she can help.

      I wish you the best of luck. Do not give up and become a statistic. You should have your college 100% paid for if you are poor (apply for a Pell Grant through the government), and you definitely need to get a degree so that you can obtain a good job.

      Again, good luck…and welcome to adulthood! 😉


  17. Tina says:

    I have a 8 month old little boy. He was the greatest thing that has ever happenes to me nd my husband. It sucks that people get mad at you & try to use your child against you. Chayce is my first child so I’ve never had to go thru anything with social services before. Here’s a littlw about what is going on….
    My in laws moved to NC from FL about a year ago & has been causing nothin but problems since day one. They live in a hotel room & use drugs. I have tried to help them and respect them because they are my husband’s family, but have recently drew the line. His brother’s steal money from us everytime they come over. My husband is also on something called suboxone because of a previous opiate addiction. When our son was born, I gave my husband the option to seek help or we were leaving because I didn’t want my son around it. My husband and I have been together 5years, married since Dec. Of 2010. With this being a first child and how much we care for one another of course he wanted to change. Anyways his mother and brother’s come over and steal money, his suboxone, jewelry, anything valuable, and have even stolen my mother and father’s pain and anxiety medication and they are in their 60s! They are all druggies and theives and I’ve wanted then nowhere near my family, my son, or in my home. Since they are living in a hotel, we allowed his mother to store her belongings here and use our address until she was able to get on her feet (we tols her 3 months tops!) Well it’s been almost a year and her things are still in are spare bedroom & taking up are entire building. I told her she needed to be working on getting them out because my son needs a playroom and I need somewhere to store his old baby things for when we have him a little brother or sister. That has gotten me nowhere! Because of her using my address, she caused my wic to get terminated (thats taking away from my son! Which is a big no no in my book), our food stamps were terminated becausr they thought I lied to them because she was using our address to get food stamps behind our backs when we were already obtaining them! From her son using my address, I am no longer able to get financial aid and go back to school to provide better for my family, he is getting the grants I should be receiving! They even tried tapping onto our auto insurance because they all have no license or insurance, but have access to are car. Regardless that they do not live with us, using our address they are considered residents here. I told her month after month she had to change it because it was affecting our family! She finally put in a “temporary change” Feb. 12Th and her mail started coming back on the 1st of March! O had to go take care of it myself at that point! After that, she had her script of methadone overnighted to my home. She called and told me she really needed it & could I please sign for it. Since it comes from the VA in FL there would be no way for her to of gotten it if I didn’t. I should’ve went with my gut and not of done it, but I felt sorry for her (what a mistake)! She had sent her son over to pick it up & inside the package the bottle was busted and her pills were in the bag. I saw her son slipping some in his lap, thing I know, she’s missing 20 methadones and they are all claiming we stole them!!! This really ticked me off, i know for a fact they set us up, so I call and tell her to get her things out of my home she has messed up enough for my family & we want nothing more to do with any of them because they’re a bunch of two faced junkies! Since they have nothing to use on us they called social services Friday night and told them we are drug addicts, our home isn’t safe for our child, we have illegal guns, and my husband supposedly molested his brother and is a very abusive person! These are all lies that are made up, but since social services don’t know either one of us, I’m scared, upset, and have been told to not tell them anything i don’t have to,but if I don’t I probably wont have a foot to stand on. Willingly, come Monday I know they will be here and I am going to let them come in and search my home! Everything is child proofed and I don’t do drugs so I know they wont find anything of that nature! Our guns are all registered to me except for one that is registered to my brother and I am only borrowing it for my beside since they are threatening to have someone come in and kill me and my son during the night & my husband works 3rd shift. I know people act crazy on drugs sometimes so I am kind of temmid of these people, especially when they have bee threatening my son’s life. I do have messages saved were he has threatened me and I do plan on pressing charges for commuting threats come Monday as well. The guns are out of range were my son can not get to them and are stored in our bathroom closet. My son isn’t walking yet so it’ll be a littlw while before he can open doors, but our bedroom door is kept locked and gu s are high and there is nothing around to were he could climb to get them. They made up the stuff about my husband being abusive, he has never been abusive or angry toward myself & our son and they made up the thing about him molesting his younger brother (messed up huh?) My husband is 27years old, this supposedly happened when he was 12 and his other brother was 5, no one is going to wait that long to say something if it were true! Only other thing is the drugs. Are they going to drug test us since there has been a complaint of it? Even if they do not find anything in our home? I’m not to worried about it for myself, but scared they can use it against us for my husband being on somethinf use for opiate addiction or abusers! I can honestly not even believe this is happening and do not see how! I can’t believe someone can be so heartless to try to use your child against you! My son is in a great environment, he is healthy, happy, nicely dressed, he has never missed a dr appt, shots, I always take him to the er & dr when he gets sick, which hasn’t been often. We do not smoke ciggs. Around him. He is so spoiled and has everything he could ever possibly want or dream of! My husband wont let them around him by theirselves because he doesn’t trust them and is scared they will leave drugs around and the fact that we have caught them smoking around him before and he has asthma. I just don’t see how they could want to take an innocent baby from a nice, secure,supportive home, were he ia comfortable, and happy to see him in the system! If it was to come to that, which my mother would never stand for or let it happen, she would fight to the fullest to keep him if we couldn’t. Which I don’t see it coming to that, but I’m worried since I’ve never dealt with anything like this before! I know I’ve heard if they get three anonymous calls about the same scenario it is law to take them for 72hrs. Not sure of that either, but his family keeps saying they’re all calling back again Monday…. if my little boy is taken from me, my life would have no value anymore! He is my pride & joy & I don’t think I could live knowing he couldn’t be around me or was taken from me… I just can’t believe they’re the ones that’s been causing us problems and wanna do something like this for pills I didn’t even take!! It seems like a bad nightmare!!! Please help & tell me what u guys think of all of this & help me figure out what to do… for my son… ): thanks!


  18. Nida says:

    So, alot of it comes down to how well you can lie. My son and his ex g/f had a little boy. She was high on bath salts, as a matter of fact, the day she went in and delivered him. She has always smoked crack, and is a huge drinker. My son was no better. He had drug and alcohol issues as well. They broke up last year, and my son went downhill with his drug abuse for the few months they were apart. He had the chance to go back to is job, but she came back around and screwed all that up. Both her and my son are very mean when they drink. She is abusive, and he tends to retaliate. The worst part is, they didn’t care if the kids were around as well. My son finally went to jail, and DHS intervened and took custody of thier son. My son sat in jail almost a year, and was found innocent on all charges except he plead guilty to domestic abuse. She, on the other hand, was not charged with anything – even though the other person there at the time Jon was arrested said that she was the aggressor. When DHS got involved, they gave temporary custody of the boy to her mom. That was last August. Since then, both of them have completed all the requirements that DHS has put forth. She gets to see her son all of the time, since he stays with her mom. Jon gets one 2 hour supervised visit a week. Since my son was released from jail in February, after completing the in jail drug treatment, he has lived at a halfway house in a drug free environment. He is going to church, and although he admits that sobriety is a hard road, he is doing very well. When he got his first furlow, he came and stayed at my house. About 5:00 AM there was a knock on my door. It was his ex. She was drunk, and was wanting him to come over. He ended up going, but I was pissed. He called me and asked me to pick him up at 8:00 Am so that he could make it to his 9:00 AA meeting. I went, and let him know that I was done. I wasn’t going to put up with all the drama any longer. It was at that point that he told me one of the reasons he had gone, was because she had their son with her. Apparenly, DHS is starting to allow her to have home visits. He told me that when she showed up, she was drunk, and the kids were not with her. She had apprently left them at home alone, while she made the trip across town to get my son (who by the way, was asleep in the basement when she showed up.) This is not the first time she had left that child alone. I had stopped by the house once and found him by himself. Friends of theirs used to tell me that she would leave him alone when she went off searching for Jon. I was not at all surprised that this happened. Well, my son decided that he thought it was something that DHS should know, since they are supposedly protecting the child, right?? So, he told them all about it. Her mom even backed her up and lied saying that the kids were at her house. So, what was DHS’s final repsonse. That my son and I were fabricating the story in order to get the mom in trouble. Really?? OMG – if DHS is suppose to be protecting this child, they are doing a piss poor job. Sounds like those of yo uwho are doing the right thing and still not getting your kids back is because of the people who don’t. Something bad is going to happen to this child if DHS doesn’t get its head out of its ass, and the people who will pay will be those of you who really do deserve to have your children.


    • Kasey walker says:

      She was probably receiving ssi for you b cuz u can get it bipolar and adhd. If as does not know you are NP longer in the home she will continue to receive these payments. You should contact the hem they will know from your SSN whether she is or not of not you should apply it may take a while but keep fighting it will eventually pay off. I have been waiting since 2000.


  19. Amber atkinson says:

    My children were taken from me for domestic violence in 2009 since 2010 I have resided in Houma Louisiana let me back up my aunt and cousin adopted my four kids ….. But I have been raising two out of the four since 2011 I have asked her for money that she gets for foster care and she won’t give me but four hundred dollars spending my kids money on mother cycles and cruises every time I ask her for money she tells me she is going to give them back to the state god please help mr what are my rights and how can she be stopped

    Justice 4 Blaise n blake


  20. Jennifer Miller says:

    My 3 yr old daughter was sexually assaulted by her biological father. After her rape kit at the Texas Children Hospital CPS and Police were called to investigate. CPS made very little effort with me nor did they investigate her father. In less than 1 month the case was closed. I was forced to deal with allowing supervise visit with my daughter’s father because of our pending divorce & temporary visitation orders by the court. When my daughter was four the courts order the father standard possession visits and on the first wknd he had my daughter unsupervise he assaulted her again. Upon receiving my daughter that weekend I notice her demeanor was diffeent and she was distance,so I immediately took her to the ER where she verbally told an officer that her father touch her front and her bottom with his finger. I turned to CPS again & still nothing. My caseworker never called me or visited me so I filed a complaint. One week later the ad litem, &caseworker showed up to my house claiming that they wanted to just talk. Two days later they remove my 4 yr old at the CPS Intervention Hearing. CPS place my child with her fahter’s grandparents. So I’m fearful that he will have access to her and she will become a victim again. CPS only grounds is that they are saying that the child was coerced by me. Even though she has made an outcry to teachers, pastors, her therapist & the forensic clinician nobody is willing to believe her. I am so disturb that noone is trying to investigate the crime that happened to my daughter they are only interested in keeping me away from my child. I do have an attorney and we filed an appeal. CPS claims that their office did not receive it in time but still the judge has to review. So we are set to return to court in two weeks for the Status Conference. This agency has no desire nor is their purpose or mission to help or heal families. Instead they are the driving force to bring separation anxiety for the children and their parents. Its been 2 months & CPS has just now put in place a schedule time that I can vist my daughter.


  21. liciia smith says:

    I had my rights served with my 2kids about a year and a half ago and i am bow prego.will i be able to keep this baby with out cps getting involved at all???


    • Zeuiah Scott Kamyszek says:

      I’ve lost parental rights of all 4 of my childrenin the state of Ga, 7 years ago.That is the worst feeling ever. Dont get a public defender because they’ re not on your side.Make sure you follow the caseplan. Dont be ariynd or associate yourself with anyone. Whom may cause harm to your case. Guilty by association if they have a bad repitation thats a no go.Go to court dressed professionally. Yes they are still going to continue to build a case against you.pleasee pray and ask God to guide you .Child welfare services uses unfair tactics to. Dismember families and are very treachous ,so please ,please make sure you go to God for help my life is so incomplete without my children ,


  22. Kat says:

    cps got my kids 6 yrs ago. i lost hope @ the end due 2 lies cps told me.i cry 6 yrs 4 them. hw do i fight 4 visition now


  23. jjesica says:

    Please. Call me 7407920338


  24. richard and claire ellsworth says:

    Need help. Disabled ten yr old only child taken from innocent loving 16 yr.marriage. willing to do anythhing to prove innocence. Please help. Our phone # is 9287106580


  25. yaz lawsuits says:

    I think this is one of the so much important information for me.

    And i’m happy reading your article. However want to commentary on few normal issues, The site style is ideal, the articles is in reality nice : D. Just right activity, cheers


  26. I am the parental grand mom and my daughter- law which is stepmother was using drugs and neglecting my grandson, DHS Place him with me temporarly until next court date and he is sixteen and wishes stay with me. What are my chances of getting the judge to grand me sole cusody.


    • Also my son is decease and birth mother Neaver had him in her care.


      • JustMe says:

        I’m pretty sure he can request to stay with you considering you are not only his blood relative, but at 16 he is allowed to request who he’d like to live with, provided the person he asks to live with is acceptable. Good luck!!


  27. Jenny says:

    To whom ever is listening i need help. My soon to be ex called CPS on me because he was jealous of the fact that i finally had enough of his mean and hateful ways. Granted at the time I was basically submissive to him I grateful tested positive for meth. I have since complied with CPS. I know that I was not doing everything like i should but my babies were never hungry dirty left alone and always still to this day loved. But because I found someone else that loves me and them truly I have been told that i can’t be with him because he has a record. He is willing to do what ever they want classes and so on. Can they keep my kids because of that? Do I have to chose to let him go after everything he has done for us. Please someone help me. After being in a loveless marrage for so long to find my soul mate and the babies love him so much to. I am in pain don’t want to hurt them or him.


    • LeSheena says:

      Hello Jenny it’s like I always say smarter not harder if they want you to be alone until your babies are in your house be alone just until then they can’t tell you how to live your life but they can make it hard for you to get your babies back in your life. This is why I HATE texas right now.


  28. karen says:

    I woke up this morning with joy and smile seeing my lover who asked for divorce sleeping on the same bed with me,True the help of this great man called Dr khakani i am karen from the united state am here to testify in the good name of this God-sent called Dr khakani for the great thing he has done after i have been in a relationship and we later got married after 6 years of marriage my lover davis just woke up one morning and told me that he needs a divorce and he needs the divorce very urgently that he his tired of me and he wants to get a new lover he said mean words to me that made me cry and believe maybe some spirit entered into him,The next day was a letter from the lawyer that my lover needed a divorce when the lawyer came home tears dropped out of my eyes then i packed my things and decided to leave the house for him which then he brought the lady he said he wants to get married to so we where suppose to be in court this Teusday the 28 of this month,But i got to know about Dr khakani when i was reading a magazine how he has cancelled lots of divorce so then i went to the internet read lots of Reviews about Dr khakani on the internet how he has helped lots of people in getting back there lover so i could not waste much time i contacted him and told him what my problem was then he told me that my lover would be back to my arms within 24 hours Lo and behold my lover Davis came back to my arm drove away the lady he brought home and he called me and asked where i was he came over and apologies to me in tears that he does not need the divorce anymore all he wants is me and he made me had access to his account SSN ATM pin and beneficiary to all his account am so happy today divorce cancelled within 24 hours i believe Dr khakani is a man to trust and believe on. You don’t need to cry anymore Dr khakani has been sent to clean our tears you can contact him on or cell phone +2348062216903


  29. Jennifer says:

    I need immediate help getting my son back. I was persuaded into the nightmare I’m in. Its a long story but I’m more then willing to explain step by step to you. Please if u have a heart and some extra time contact me day or night. Much appreciated and God Bless you. My cell phone is 916-367-9599. I’m in such a hurry bc hes able to voice what he wants and needs and I cant let him down anymore in his life. Thank you again.


  30. Jennifer says:

    I need immediate help getting my son back. I was persuaded into the nightmare I’m in. Its a long story but I’m more then willing to explain step by step to you. Please if u have a heart and some extra time contact me day or night. Much appreciated and God Bless you. My cell phone is 916-367-9599. I’m in such a hurry bc hes able to voice what he wants and needs and I cant let him down anymore in his life. Thank you again.


  31. zy'riea says:

    im here to say that i wanna fight and get my children back but its hard and i need help bad i feel that my kids are in danger the married couple who adopted my kids they are no longer together the lady has a sex offender living in her home with my children and her children too and i wanna know how can i fight to get my children even though she force me to write a statement say that i give all my parental rights and she tells me there’s nothing that i can do


  32. LeSheena says:

    CPS took my babies because of a mistake my husband made but that’s not the bad part. The worst thing about it is the fact that they treat me like I’m the criminal. They took my children out of the state without notifying me, and then told me that they have the rights to that because they have temporary conservatorship of them. I never heard of that in California your back and forth in court for everything. You can’t take someone shout out of the state when they’re in CPS care without the parents consents and judges then they tell me I couldn’t see my daughter. But come to find out there was no court order for that it was just them talking. When I made light of that they had the judge make it in order after I hadn’t seen her in three months. I always believed that family reunification was CPS is primary concern, but they tell me I’m not getting my daughter back, not in do anything wrong. I didn’t even have any knowledge of what was going on because I’m disabled and was sick most of the time I was oblivious to what was happening and even though it only happened once, probably because I was incapacitated. I feel like I’ve lost everything I told my daughter. They were having a meeting about her yesterday and I couldn’t be in the meeting because I have no visitations, so I had to do the meeting on the telephone and they said, do I have anything to say to her, and I just said it. When you’re 18, you can always come home that made them mad because she’s 17 now, but I don’t care. I had to let her know that they threatened to hang up on me, but it’s just like being in a courtroom. When you’re on the stand and you say something to the jury and the judge tells them to disregard it. They still heard, what you said no matter what anybody says. After that, so I got my point across. They say it’s family reunification for my other two, but I believe I deserve all three of them because I didn’t do anything wrong, and they take their power to their head and feel like they can walk all over you. You don’t have a lot of money, but I’ve learned a few tricks in my time and I realized they can only do to me what I allow them so if they tell me that I can’t get me a better lawyer who will speak up for me. Well I’ll just write my senator,my Congressman, my governor,anyone who will listen to me. My newspaper because they will not get away with taken my children and because I live my life for giving and being loving and honest about it. They decide they’re going to keep my kids. I don’t think so. I would do whatever I have to do to fight them tooth and nail and bring it up every chance I get at every court everywhere I go, because I may not know all the laws but I’m learning them and I’m going to fight for my kids with out losing myself in the process they will not win and they will know who they were up again in the end. So I would suggest that if you have fallen down and CPS is jumped on top we you treat them like some weight and push yourself up and carry them on your back to the finish line because they are human just like you or me, and they go to sleep at night. Just like we do and we have rights, we have rights. I’m not going down without a fight, Texas is so different then where I come from, but the laws the same everywhere and I have a right to fight for my child they do not have the rights tell me I cannot give my daughter back when I did not do nothing wrong or to tell me I can talk to her or visit her because of what they think when they’ve only met her four months ago and I’ve known her for 17 years. Prayer changes things I’m a living witness of that! God is good.


  33. crystal says:

    Dcf took my 3 month old and my nine year old 2 days ago because my 3month olds father was released from prison. I didn’t allow him in or near the home nor was he allowed near the kids. They took my babies anyways! A safety concern they say! JUST IN CASE I GOT WEAK AND LET HIM IN! I wouldn’t have risked losing my children but they took them anyways. Everything I’m reading is so discouraging! Does anyone have any good endings? I am completely heartbroken and empty without my children. I really want believe that if I do everything they ask I will get my life back. And by life I mean children because they are my life and I am nothing without them. Someone plz tell me my babies are coming home. I don’t care about anything else in this world just them. I’m scared to trust dcf after all the horror stories I have been reading on the net. My # is 774-319-6696 if anyone has any updates stories or advice please call! Help me get my babies back!


  34. Hi, I saw what your heartbreaking message said about your baby and your nine year old being taken from you and I had to write you!! This is something that no one can even begin to relate to unless they have been through it, like you, me and sadly, many other people just like you and ME! I had my baby girl taken from me by cps after she was kidnapped by an old “jealous” high school roommate of mine over a year ago now! at the time, Faith, my daughter was barely one year old at the time I lost her. I am going to be very up front with you and very honest here, because I want you to get your children back!!!! YOU MUST GET THEM BACK! CPS is VERY horrible to us, they tell you one thing, but do another. You need to start a journal TODAY, and make sure you leave nothing out of what happens on a day to day basis with cps, actually feel free to call me I think that will be EASIER! my name is Emily Blakemore
    480-310-3809 please do call me I know the gut wrenching heartbreaking lonely scared, confused aching pain you are going through I miss my angel so much it has been so hard to even b alive this past year, CPS is full of lies and hate believe nOTHING THEY SAY!!
    call me whenever you can ok I ll help you and try to help give you a headstart on this process


  35. Francine says:

    Im dealing with Cfs and they are doing the same to me not even my attorney is on my side my worker is against me… And is seperating my four kids they terminated my services and a week later shes already talking about adoption.. What is the system coming to they are hurting that bad they want that 8000.00 incentive per child that is adopted


  36. JustMe says:

    Gee, seems some of my posts just disappear – what’s the matter, you don’t like it when someone tells these so-called parents like it is? Go figure…


    • yvonnemason says:

      The reason your comments disappear is because they are rude for one thing for another you presume to know things that you don’t know and last but not least this page is to help those who have lost their children and is not to be used to continue to beat them up – if that is your intent then you will not be allowed to post on this page at all


  37. JustMe says:

    Hey, whatever makes you feel better – most of these people leave out the real reason their kids were taken. If it makes you feel better to sit here and have all these lies posted day in and out, then knock yourself out! No state just waltzes in and takes a child for NO REASON! At least 90% of these people leave out the REAL reason their kids were taken or they downplay it like crazy! If someone’s child were truly taken for NO reason, they would contact news stations or can even research attorneys who hate DCF and may take their case for free. But they don’t, you know why? Because they are LYING!!!!

    My brother and his wife smoke crack, pop pills, have a filthy, disgusting home with roaches crawling everywhere, their 10-year-old daughter has the social skills of a 3-year-old, yet they will tell you they are fantastic parents and that the state just has it out for them! They tell people their daughter was taken due to “being late to school!” It’s been nearly two years and they have not completed their case plans! They have every excuse you could think of as to why they couldn’t. They both continue to test positive on hair shaft tests (yet they manage to pass their urine drug screens)!

    Like I told one of your other lying-ass posters, I don’t care if the state told me to gnaw my own fucking arm off, I’D DO IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE TO GET MY KIDS BACK! Did you not see what she said? She REFUSED to do the substance abuse class, which means she tested positive for drugs! There is no other class that she could be talking about. Everyone hates that particular class because not only are you drug tested on a consistent basis, but it takes up a great deal of time. Therefore, just like my ignorant brother and his POS wife, that girl basically said, “fuck my kid, he/she is not worth the time!”

    Also, rights are not terminated so easily. It has to be PROVEN to a judge why a parent loses their parental rights! I don’t care what you say, everyone is given, not only a case plan, but ample time to complete their case plans! All these people who claim otherwise are lying! Most of these people are drug addicts or scumbags who have abused their kids!

    In Florida alone over 20 children have DIED at the hands of their own parents this year alone!!! If you want to defend these people, then you’re an asshole, too! One thing I hate more than anything in this world is child neglect, abuse, and murder! I for one am sick of seeing Nancy Grace on TV stating how yet another baby has just mysteriously come up missing from their bed or crib! You seriously defend people like this? WTF is wrong with you!?

    Do you really think people come on here and tell the truth?? Are you seriously that delusional? They won’t because they know if they did, no one would have sympathy for them…and that’s all these cockroaches are looking for. Lick their wounds if you wish, I personally would like to slap the shit out of each and every sorry ass parent that chooses their lifestyle over their children! Once you have a child, “it’s” not about you anymore! Period!

    Quit lying to yourself and everyone else who has to read this crap. I was looking to see what the chances were that my douchebag of a brother had at getting his kids back…and this is the garbage I see! So if it pisses me off that I know most of this is deceitful, too bad. You can stop me from telling the truth on your shitty little blog, but believe me, there are more places to post…and I will speak the TRUTH unlike all the skanks on here! And yes, sometimes the truth hurts! So delete away, it will not take away from the fact that most of these responses are bullshit…


    • Sweetcaroline says:

      Well said! And agree 100%


    • mommy25boys says:

      you have some nerve making assumptions that these already heartbroken tortured parents who have lost their children to the corrupt cps system are druggies or liars. you need not judge anyone especially when you don’t know anything about them. yes their are good cps caseworkers but their are just as many corrupt ones if not more. I am sure some of the parents many use drugs that does not mean their bad parents if they don’t do it in the presence of their children & if it doesn’t affect their parenting abilities it sure the hell don’t warrant having their kids kidnapped. The system is sadly so corrupt that it can & will go into your home & snatch your baby without a shred of evidence. then u must prove your innocence & fight to get you child who is also suffering scared and confused bc they were suddenly torn from all they know and love. going through a custody battle with my ex opened my eyes to how corrupt the CPS system really is. Anyone at anytime can call and make a complaint, often caseworkers call for other caseworkers bc every investigation *money*, every innocent child ripped from all they know & love *more Money* & guess what every month their in custody, you guessed it *more money* & the bonuses when they adopt a child out *BIG money*. They ruled my ex”s false complaint out but some ppl aren’t as fortunate! Oh and I must not forget to mention the second complaint a family gets even if they find the 1st one false is a level 2 investigation. That means they remove the child with no evidence. investigate then decide what’s best for your baby they don’t even know or give a damn about. No parent is perfect you will never do everything right children do not come with manuals on how to raise them perfectly you & every other parent will make a mistake or 2 but as long as you do your best, protect nurture and love your child, as most of these parents do or they wouldn’t even take the time to post, you have the God given right to raise your child without government interference. Cps caseworkers abuse their power the government has allowed them especially when a lot of them have very little education in child psychology & very little or no experience of even being a parent. My heart goes out to every mother & father that has lost their babies & especially to every child that has been ripped from their parents to be thrown in a foster home with strangers who often abuse & neglect them. Did you have any idea a child is 16 times more likely to be abused in foster care than in their own homes. You should really get facts before you speak. It saddens me that another human being would be so cruel & judgemental towards anyone especially a suffering parent who has had their child jerked from them without warrant bc believe me it happens everyday. Karma is a bitch & I sincerely pray you never have to experience that kind of heartache bc unless you’ve been through it it’s a pain you cannot imagine. I will pray for you bc I am a Christian & love all GOD’s children even the very misguided ones. I hope before you leave another nasty comment you do some research on what happens in this corrupt day & time we are in but I pray you are blessed with empathy for other ppl that you know nothing about & chose not to add to the suffering they are enduring.


      • desireah davis says:

        i agree with u what the nerve blasting people they know not a damn thing about them their life or case just show the ignorance of some people


  38. christina says:

    My husband and I were charged in 2008 for child neglect leaving our child un attended. I was sentenced to four years in prison my husband 2years and probation that got terminated. They gave my family permanent guardianship in 2009 and closed the case. While we were in prison we took every class possible including parenting,anger management, life skills, to name a few. I even gave myself to the lord. I got out November 2012 and my husband and I have our own place and my husband is working 10 hours a day six days a week. My husband and I just gave birth to a baby girl a week ago and the doctors called cps on us because our last baby was taken at the hospital when the case was open. Now cps took this baby because of my old closed case. Please help me I am desperate for answers.


  39. britney anderson says:

    Me and my brother went into foster care he got adopted i have no clue if it was open or closed but i think it was opened i really would like to talk to him share letters anything really how would i start i dont want to take him away i just want to be in his life i love him so much and he has the right to know me we were so close


  40. Sally says:

    I am a foster parent to my grandson for the last six months. Not once have we ever received a dime from the DHS for him living with us for his care. And I am completely ok with that. Just wanted to let u know that not everyone gets money for the child to live with them as foster parent kinship.
    My grandson was takin from my daughter under false pretences and bogus statements. In this she has been guilty to proven innocent. The case workers have lied many times suiting the picture they are trying to paint. The attorney, court appointed, has done nothing. He does not call my daughter to inform her of anything. He never discusses anything with her. I don’t even know why he is around. She has gone to counseling for the past six months. The counselor stated that she would defend My daughter because she can’t believe what is going on between DHS and my daughter. There are no drugs, no neglect, no abuse to the child what so ever. We have never seen such circus in our lives!!!


    • yvonnemason says:

      Sally I am in your corner on this on. The same thing happened to my daughter. You and others like you are the exception. It is not you or those like you who find themselves victims of this corrupt system. I applaud you my dear and I appreciate you. Keep fighting for your daughter. Use this site to help you!!!!!


  41. Sally says:

    Thank you! I am trying!


  42. Sally says:

    Just so you know, there wasn’t even an investigation! No one, not once, asked my daughter nor me anything!


  43. yvonnemason says:

    Take any information you find here and use it. Keep calling her attorney with information that you get here. I did that- they hate it lol They don’t like it when we are as informed as they are. Keep journals and records of phone calls and what is said or not said. Build your own case and present it to the judge keep the original and give him a copy. DONOT give a copy to the case worker. Or their attorney


  44. yvonnemason says:

    that is how they operate!


  45. Emma lee says:

    They do what they want if they don’t like u they will make life impossible to get u r child back even if u do all they ask of you!!!!!! I haven t had my baby girl home with me in over a year and I m dying inside they recently took away my visits too so I haven t seen her now in four months and she s only two!!! The day she was born changed my life forever! I was out on this earth to birth faith ( my daughter ) and I felt true, honest and beautiful love the moment I held her I never knew what love was until I had Fay. I could go on for days the things I ve been through with Cps ( none of which were good ) but I won’t I ll cry and bore all of u! However I ll say this, keep holding on dont give up on u r baby no matter what CPS tells u that is negative and I ll be praying for all of u out there who are going through this too! Worst thing I ve ever experienced I am so sorry all of u are going through this too! God bless !


  46. rachael says:

    Defacs took my kids on false neglect charges .they also bastioned my kids at school three days in a row to open the case they got my seven year old to say his twelve year old brother burned him even though my seven year old a week before drew a picture at school of him burning his self on the four Wheeler .they opened there case on a lie that we can prove is a lie .It has been a year sience then now they have my life my children if there is anybody out there that can help me please I am begging you you can write to me at258 Myers Red Chickamauga GA or my e-mail at thank you please help me!,!!!!!


  47. Joeleen Webster says:

    Well, they just signed over their rights to the older girl! Real nice parents. They did that so they could get a six month case plan for the new baby – if they hadn’t, they claim the parental rights on the new baby would be terminated immediately! Soooo, who cares about the older daughter, right – let’s only try to get the new baby now. I’m pretty sure the new baby was meant to be a replacement anyway because they’ve known for a while now that they might not get the older girl back…so they had a new baby but weren’t expecting her to be taken away (mom was positive for Lortab…but argues she had “just one” pill left from six months ago, was in severe pain and took it out of desperation…yeah, sure, all pill poppers just have a few pills laying around…ha!). Freakin’ liar!

    I’ll be contacting a lawyer today and give them my retainer…they will not get this baby back while I stress out raising the older daughter that they messed up. Nope, not gonna happen. I’ll see to it!


  48. Tiffany says:

    Idk what to do! I bartend @ night I received a call that the police were@my door @ 1am I left work and came Rt home to find my Sitter gone! The police said they came because the music was disturbing the Neibore I told them where us my sitter omg! This morning dss came and took my kids :-(! I have court in Monday will I get my kids back oh God IM so scared plz help


  49. Dena says:

    Does anyone know California law. My nephew was taken by the State and I wonder where to start to get him to Idaho. I do not have extra funds for an attorney.


  50. joshua says:

    i had my 3 boys takened from me now for almost 6 mos i have been doing everything they asked it was for drugs never drop dirty because im clean doing all there classes made one mastake and fixed it now i have a administrative review is this a good thing r my boys coming home


  51. M. says:

    My Step daughter got taken from her mother and now is in the custody for a family member. My husband and I are trying to get her, they are coming to do a home visit soon will I need to take a ua?


  52. JP says:

    GA DFCS has legal guardianship of a child and the child ran away, is there a rules that says that DFCS can cancel their legal guardianship if the child has not returned within 90 days? Where can I find that rules?


  53. Joyce says:

    I am fighting cps right now I have my great neice she is 5 month’s old I have had her since she was born and thw case worker that I have is a little shady to me she do tell mw anything that is going on and I just found out she is supposed to tell me everything she has lied to me and made my niece sign a paper without consulting with her lawyer first she was told she had to sign it and her lawyer didn’thave to be contacted and my niece also noticed that it said witness under her name and she asked if I could be her witness the worker said no I am your witness I know now that this lady was so wrong and I need to find me a lawyer and fast I am going after these people they are not getting away with this if I have anything to say about it and she will lose her job after all this


  54. Strict Mother says:

    I need to know who can I trust when it comes to working with DHR. I have three kids and has never been in this situation before. My 16I year old out of controlled teeen daughter claims that my husband of 13years touched her in apporapitely because she does not wants to live with me. Because she feel I am too strict on her and will not allow her to do several in apporiate things. I have so much proof about her being wild out if control and suffers from some mental issues that DHR just looks over all that and say that she needs love.That is a comfort for theses bad kids these days to run too and use as a weapon so that they could do what they want. Now she is in a foster home taking naked pics postinf them on Facebook and god knows what telling else she is doing. But as soon as they found ot that I applied for disability for her now they trying to make something out of nothing. The beginning of the case they found her to be inconsistent with her story but yet they still trying to find a way to make this look to be true. Now she has put our family in Jeaporady what or who could I confide in and trust. We are just hard working parents who just tried to make a decent living and give rhe best to our kids but to some or one wasn’t good enough.


  55. Cornesia Wilson says:

    I was a victim of the courts until my emancipation date, now I have two wonderful boys of my own, and it truly breaks my heart to have to say that in some aspect the cycle is repeating. Not saying I did a better then my parents did because drugs did come in to play, but I can say and my worker has also said my Boys are health, clean there clothes are clean my house was clean every time she showed up unanimous that wasn’t the problem when my youngest son was born he was born exposed to marijuana not to say any drug is better then the next but I didn’t now I was expecting are even that far along so I do know my role in the situation. Me knowing first hand how it feels to not have any parent care for me I put every effort possible to correct the problem and from the beginning I was set up to fail I enrolled in treatment in September 2012 a few days before I enrolled my counselor started working there so both of us where new to the program this I found out much later. Any thing me counselor asked of me was done, but it came a time when I had no means of support and called myself trying to fix things fast and only thing that got me was the separation of my boys and I right around the time of year I would wish I had a family and that’s just what my boys were to me the only family I now they now we are all we had. In even more of an effort now to regain custody of my world back I stop any unlawful activity all together and that awarded me a status of homeless with no family I had to turn to a person I thought was a friend which made matters worst cause now I’m not getting sleep which made me late to class because my roommate was a hidden party girl I found out later but in effort of not trying to get in trouble I informed my counselor and she tried to assist me in finding some where to live bu with me having no income that ship sailed without me so I’m stuck where I am. My living situation started to become unbearable that on my one on one with my counselor I asked her if at any time of me attending the program would I be able to look for employment and she informed me I would be and she would get back to me on that, the next day she gave me a referral to a place that would assist me with housing and employment resources and my apointment was set for the next day, I was happily there early the instructor informed me of my responsibility as part of the program and that at that time without my kids they couldn’t help with housing but seeking and getting a job could do and with that I could get housing on my owe. I was unsure if I would be able to incorporate the dedication he was asking for with my treatment so he called my counselor and asked her and we all came to an agreement now our agreement didn’t include if I was called for an interview so for my progress letter to the Judge my absents where separated. Then with my UA testing six out of eleven test I missed but on a few of these test I called my worker and told her what the lab said told me to and ask for an ondemand these being all new to me I didn’t make note of the days are even on days I had taken a test for the program I asked if that would be sefishent


  56. Cornesia Wilson says:

    I was a victim of the courts until my emancipation date, now I have two wonderful boys of my own, and it truly breaks my heart to have to say that in some aspect the cycle is repeating. Not saying I did a better then my parents did because drugs did come in to play, but I can say and my worker has also said my Boys are health, clean there clothes are clean my house was clean every time she showed up unanimous that wasn’t the problem when my youngest son was born he was born exposed to marijuana not to say any drug is better then the next but I didn’t now I was expecting are even that far along so I do know my role in the situation. Me knowing first hand how it feels to not have any parent care for me I put every effort possible to correct the problem and from the beginning I was set up to fail I enrolled in treatment in September 2012 a few days before I enrolled my counselor started working there so both of us where new to the program this I found out much later. Any thing me counselor asked of me was done, but it came a time when I had no means of support and called myself trying to fix things fast and only thing that got me was the separation of my boys and I right around the time of year I would wish I had a family and that’s just what my boys were to me the only family I now they now we are all we had. In even more of an effort now to regain custody of my world back I stop any unlawful activity all together and that awarded me a status of homeless with no family I had to turn to a person I thought was a friend which made matters worst cause now I’m not getting sleep which made me late to class because my roommate was a hidden party girl I found out later but in effort of not trying to get in trouble I informed my counselor and she tried to assist me in finding some where to live bu with me having no income that ship sailed without me so I’m stuck where I am. My living situation started to become unbearable that on my one on one with my counselor I asked her if at any time of me attending the program would I be able to look for employment and she informed me I would be and she would get back to me on that, the next day she gave me a referral to a place that would assist me with housing and employment resources and my apointment was set for the next day, I was happily there early the instructor informed me of my responsibility as part of the program and that at that time without my kids they couldn’t help with housing but seeking and getting a job could do and with that I could get housing on my owe. I was unsure if I would be able to incorporate the dedication he was asking for with my treatment so he called my counselor and asked her and we all came to an agreement now our agreement didn’t include if I was called for an interview so for my progress letter to the Judge my absents where separated. Then with my UA testing six out of eleven test I missed but on a few of these test I called my worker and told her what the lab said told me to and ask for an ondemand these being all new to me I didn’t make note of the days are even on days I had taken a test for the program I asked if that would be ok to use those results and my worker said as long as it is full panel cause that’s what the lab dose, but in court no one explained that part to the judge so here I am again all odds against me one more time lessen learnt I have a new hobbie of writing. So my journey contuine in my refusal to give up without a fight instill stand. Now seeing how bad my living situation was now putting me in jeopardy of losing my battle to gain custody of my boys but in addition my freedom I had a talk with my counselor about it and told her that I have come to far for it to end like this my only other option was a friend in rialtio that was like family, that I would be able to stay with but to consern was being on time and some time not being able to attend because to metrolink is priced kinda high one more time it was ok with her but I didn’t even question if she ran it by her boss I was so reeled that I was passing another mountain that tried to keep me form my soul purpose my loving boys with this arrangement my counselor didn’t call on the days I didn’t show up she just had me sign the attendance book as usual but this time she told me don’t tell her boss all though all the counselor had there clients sign in on days they wasnt present, but I made a big deal about it because my progress letter said my attendance was separated but the attendance book don’t say the same thing. Shortly after that counselor left and I got a new counselor that I thought was one of the best counselors there, I was excised to be on her case load, when one of her clients get in trouble she had there back to the fullest I’ve witnessed it a few times myself so I now if I did what she told me she would have my back the first thing she instructed me to do was be in class every day so I could hurry up and complete could I had the time I needed just not the actual attending time and that was our agreement then something terrible accrued and as soon as I had my phone my counselor was the person I called I’m sure she didn’t believe me but when I had no choice but to call her for help if nothing more but to be a witness and she said she was on her way and she really came and helped she was able to hear frist hand from other people mouth and see the faces when they seen me alive she now I was really telling the truth if she had any dout so after she help me I was to be in class so she could help me find a sober living shelter or any thing cause my living status went from worst to even worst. When I got to class my counselor worked her tale off she talked to her boss to see if I could get in there sober living her boss said no so from there she got on the phone the computer any and every thing she could think of at the same time my class mates are asking if I was ok I’m not myself giving me hugs there numbers and wishing me better days so my counselor call me back to her office to tell me I have an appointment at Hopics in the morning which was a Thursday and she told me not to come in on Thursday Friday of that week she was upset with how the program I had been participating in for a year and two month now couldn’t and wouldn’t give me any assistance. The following week I had a doctor apointment I had appointments until Wednesday of that week in effort of bettering my situation I called her and on the days I come in to class I had all my papers ready to give her so she could make copy’s to put in my chart any day i was going to be absent I called her to keep her informed on my status on the day I was having surgery she left a message on my phone saying I was terminated from the program which I don under stand cause she was notified of any and every activity I would be engaged in she now every thing that was going on with me, I’m sure it wasn’t personal but she could have told her boss are who ever came up with that decision that my absents are excused. I called my worker and for some reason this time out of the whole month ive been calling leaving messages and she been calling me leaving messages she answer to inform her of these news and I was told by her that I would need to find a nother program and fast before we go back to court and I told her I have been looking for an inpatient program because I’ve been sleeping in a car since 11/8/13 and that my counselor was aware of this every Information that’s why I don’t understand why I was terminated. My question is my worker told me I would have to start the whole treatment process all over again meaning to me, a whole year of being separated for my only family the only people that love me and know that I love they, we have to be separate for another year. I understand it was my stupidity that got me to these place in the first place but now none of that time count. I am able to admit my faults and the wrong I’ve done and move forward and contuine to accomplish my goal of reunifying my family but what I don’t agree with is having to start all over because life’s down falls appeared when I only had a month and I would complete the program that I was suppose to complete on September 17 with everyone that where in my class but I never complained cause I played a part in these situation actually more the one I’m willing do what ever I have to my baby boy is about to be two in Febuary he was days old then these case opened and my big boy will be seven. I wouldn’t like it if I had to celebrate another birthday some where and I had planed on taking my baby where ever he want to go he is seven he is a big boy that know want he won’t, and my little man that act just like me I feel like I’m missing out on all his mile stones and the love and bound my boys have I cry after every visit cause I don’t want to leave them I feel so bad cause my baby boy Crys to its a blessing that I know the person that have them so I don’t have to wounder if they are bein mistreated are beat for no reason I know for a fact my boys are well taken care of but I want that responsibiliy ok I’m crying to much so I’ll end my conversation here please left us in your prayers and hopes that I keep my faith cause I see the light so I now the end is near to end my parents cycle because I know the feeling


  57. moniquemonon says:

    If i lost my rights and my child has not been adopted can i call the worker and see how hes doing is it to late for a family member to get him


  58. I know how all of you feel dhhs took my children from me all over my daughter being dropped on the floor they terminated our right now i dont know what to do im falling apart someone PLEASE help us. we have have done everything we were suppose to do dhs lies the casa worker lies everyones been liying but me


  59. You know what “JUST ME” you have a lot nerve coming on this page and judging people you have no idea how fucked up this system is if i knew where you were i would pop you in your mouth for your horrible statement i hope something like this happens to you someday and then when you come back on this page and write your story everyone can say the same thing to you that you said about them so take that you are a horrible person for saying what you said. I will remember who you are


    • Mary Beckett says:

      Yes they do come out n take your kids for no reason n they also.blacklist u n make up.stuff my grandson which is 14 n my granddaughter.was taken out of my home cause my daughter there mother got jumped over there house n my daughter explained that to dhs n they came to my house which is,a safe house n took my grandkids wrong r being shuffled n it wrong


  60. jessica hansford says:

    in the state of wv. im 19 fighting for custody of my younger sisters ages 11,15,& 17. the mother is deceased the father has abused them. held guns to their heads hit with multiple objects etc. i contacted along with the school cps they never showed so i filed a dvp. cps got involved then. i had one court hearing where the judge placed them with me the second cps took them away saying i was to close to their age along with stating if i hadnt of filed the dvp they wouldnt of taking them from the home without even investigating the situations. now state has custody i need legal advice on getting them they all 3 wish to be with me as well this is for the best interest for them they fear for their lives if they go back. i have a stable home and steady income i have the means to take care of them.


    • Wendy Rush says:

      CPS is so crooked. The one’s here in Texas told me a 16 yr old could stay home and watch their siblings. And you have a stable home and steady income, I would fight it. Google search your rights.


  61. belinda anderson says:

    I run a case plan with Cps/dcf./ safe children’s collision. I have completed my case plan. And got my 4 minor children back I also still have a safe and stable housing returned back to school and earned my high school diploma and my husband has a stable job as an electrion. and also recently got married and been clear and sobber since Friday April 13 20012. I’ve been looking into and have been unable to find some information on adoption. We my husband and i we like to know are we still able to adoptanother child. Please let us know this information is very important to us. Thanks sincerely ray and Belinda Anderson


  62. Tara says:

    I am pulling for you and praying for you and your baby sisters to be reunited. Get an attorney even if it’s a court appointed one.if your a member of a church get the church behind you. Get friends family members and anyone else who will support you to come to the hearings write letters to give to the judge on your behalf.if the case worker isn’t helping go to her superviser if they won’t help go to the administrator. Try not to miss a court hearing our a visit.just stay strong and don’t give up keep fighting and do a lot of praying.good luck and good bless!


  63. My oldest daughter was taken from me and her father with good reason so I wont go into that. HOWEVER my 2nd born daughter was taken right from the hospital before she was 12 hours old, I was later placed under supervised visits, when I approached the supervisor of my worker he said he had no idea why my visits were supervised and that they shouldn’t have been. She had a different father than my first. neither of us were in an unsafe environment, nor did I harm or neglect my child by any means. They fished for reasons to keep her, the end result is that she is now adopted with my oldest daughter. They labelled me an unfit parent, but here I am raising 4 of my children (My son and my 3 youngest daughters). My son was taken when he was 16 months old and was supposed to be 6 months TGO but he was returned to me 4 months after being taken, and i’ve had him since he’s now 10 years old, My youngest daughters have never been removed from my care. So I’m unsure how I went from being an unfit parent to being a fit one, why did they take my 2nd born daughter from me and label me unfit but than allow me to raise my other 4 children if I was such a safety concern? My 2nd born daughter is turning 13 years old this year, can I appeal this to try to even get the smallest request granted? I would be asking at least for a picture of both her and my oldest daughter since they were adopted together, I’d like a picture for every one of the birthdays i’ve been forced to miss, My 4 children have a right to know what their sisters look like, they have a right to know their sisters. All I want is 1 picture for every year of their birthdays and to be able to send them a letter or receive a letter from them, can I ask for this? please help this case with my 2nd born daughter is very complex PLEASE HELP!


  64. yazy says:

    i need answers i dont drink or use drugs my babys daddy drinks a few days agohe came home and just started hitting and pointed a gun at me.he was arrested and bailed out cps came to my home the next days and offered me to go into a shelter until i got my restraining order.i got the temporary retrainig order so i left the shelter beacause i wasnt feeling comfortable and i notice my and my daughter were overwhelmed in ther and stresse so i came home with retraining order in hand he is no here you thing cps will try to take my daughter away


  65. Gwen Drowne says:

    After listening to all your stories and as a 60 year old grandmother…….I would take my child/ grandchild and take off. To lose or have a child taken away for any length of time, spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer and try to fight the system – I sincerely doubt if you would be convicted of any serious crime. Pray, run and leave it in God’s hands.Your child needs YOU. The system has always been caught up in lies and until someone finally owns up and fixes it, your precious children are away from you. My love to you all.


    • Michaela says:

      I saw ur reply and I was needing advice, would u please email me if u have time please? I’m going through some stuff with Dcs and would like to talk to someone about it


  66. thatsmzjessica2u says:

    I have gotten my daughter back but they are coming out to visit and check on her weekly over a bunch of lies anyway. Everyone in my house had been sick my baby with a viral infection and her father with the stomach virus so i let my house go a couple of days to take care of them…..and I had garbage on my porch bagged up but it was the only place i could put it without the dogs getting into it….we only took it off every two weeks. Some one called on me and stated that you could not get through my home, that we where making meth what ever that is. Her father was on home confinement at the time so he had no chose but to let them in the house. I was gone at the time with my daughter to get her fathers medicine from where he dehydrated with the stomach virus when i pulled in they came out and told me they where going to take her if I did not have a family member that would take her. Well the cops went thought the house first and made it a total wreck pulled out things I had not seen in years. The the CPS went in and took pics……I do not think this is right now i have to make sure there is not so much as a crumb on my floor and I don’t even have time to take my daughter outside to play because I am so worried about them making up more lies every time they come. I just hope for this to be over soon. I just recently graduated with a BA in human services/counseling and now where they do background checks all these lies are going to keep me from getting the job that i went in debt to get to take care of her this is all so sad that a person can work so hard and CPS take it all away and make up lies i really thought they were suppose to help people not make up stuff…..

    I was told that the reason she was being removed was due to her father pot bowl which he had since he was a teenager and the fact that the report say there was drug been manufactured in the home which i do not understand because there was nothing found to support it… Well I guess my rant is over if anyone knows how that I can keep this from going on my record so I can get a good job to support my daughter


  67. lanci says:

    Does anyone listen to these comments from ombudsmen and actually help parents/children who are CPS victims? It just seems to me that no one, ombudsmen, senators nor the governor really care. All they seem to care about is adopting kids out and collecting there federal bonus money. Something needs to be done!


  68. Heather says:

    My boys are in cps custody, thanks to my own family. I put my 5 month old baby in the care of 1of my family members and without informing me or my permission she gave my baby to my sister and she verbally agreed to watch my baby till I finished packing and moving my belongings from my apt. Cost claims they sent a petition to me but they sent it to the apartment two days after I had to be out of my apt. They also claimed they tried to get child of me through my cell but I never received no call nor any paperwork on my 5month old. I have no info of his whereabouts, nothing!!! My baby and 13 year old need me!! Cps claims I neglected and abused my boys, I been a single parent taking care of my kids for years there healthy,happy and very much loved. How can these people rip. 5Month old baby away from his mother? He needs his mommy especially if he is breast and bottle fed!! I need help to get my boys back!!


    • Wendy Rush says:

      I feel your pain. My son is 7 weeks old today and my daughter is 8 yr.s old. CPS is so crooked. I’ll keep you in my prayers.


  69. Shannequia Matthews says:

    Hello my name is shannequia Matthews and im looking for my baby cousin. He was in the DHR and think he go adopted i just wanna find him if his mama dont care i do


  70. Shannequia Matthews says:

    Hello my name is shannequia Matthews and im looking for my baby cousin. He was in the DHR and think he go adopted i just wanna find him if his mama dont care i do by the way his name is Antonio Matthews. Idk his name now


  71. jassa says:

    Hello, I’m looking for some advice. I had a false accusation of neglect made against me by my mother, out of spite. She is angry my husband and I are relocating from manhattan to Florida, and my daughter is the only grandchild of 4 adult daughter…. The CPS worker showed up at my house, and after speaking to me and seeing my child he then stated he saw no reason to open an investigation. However after reading multiple online forums I feel as if I should still be worried. Advice?


  72. Wendy Rush says:

    Everything I wrote may not be word to word exactly how things have happened but I’m writing from what I remember and the best of my knowledge.

    May 18th, my Boyfriend and I got in a argument, yes he had been drinking, he threw a medium sized piece of glass at my truck not purposely trying to break the window but it did and he did not know my kids were in there. I called the cops mad because of the window. My children were NOT harmed. When the Officer Peeden and Hodges that were dispatched got out of their vehicle Officer Hodges looked at my Window SEEING MY KIDS IN THERE, He says, I’m NOT going to arrest him, this is a civil matter, you will have to take him to court over it. BOTH Officer Peeden and Hodges were very rude, I was trying to tell Officer Peeden what was going on, he started screaming SHUT UP MA’AM, I’M TALKING TO YOUR DAUGHTER. I said No, your NOT going to talk down to me like that. He said Honey, did you get glass on you, she said No, I don’t think so, he then says did your little brother get glass on him, she says No, I don’t think so, Officer Peeden says, yea isn’t that a piece of glass right there on his forehead, she said No, I don’t think so but it might be. Officer Peeden walks to the front of my truck, I said What is your Name (because none of them wear name badges) he said, “WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MY NAME” I said, “Just because”, so that goes back and forth at least 5 min.s or so, he finally says Officer Peeden, I said, you don’t remember me from back in November when you pulled me over for a headlight that was out and you were getting into my business about all the stuff in my truck and I told you my Daughter and I had just moved back from FL and you asked where her father was and I told you he was never involved in her life, him and I were together 4 years and in the end he slipped me a Xanax which knocked me out and I woke up to him having sex with me basically raping me and you Laughed and said Oh that’s a good one, I’ll have to try that one next time and I told you Rape is NOT funny and I couldn’t believe you would make a joke about it. He say’s I don’t remember that, I said I sure as hell do.

    So he calls Officer Hodges to his cop car and they start whispering, then they come back acting all nice. Officer Peeden picked up a big piece of glass from my porch and says yea this is the piece of glass he threw in your truck, I said No, it’s not it was smaller and he ask my Daughter if that was the piece of glass and she said No, the glass was smaller than that. The cop put the glass in the back of my truck still saying that was the piece that was thrown in there, I said if it was it would of not stayed intact like it was and how would a piece of glass he threw IN my truck wind up way up on the porch. The doors were locked to the house, so a window that was partially busted out in the front of my house that lead to my room, well Officer Hodges busted the rest of it out with his flash light and broke the screen off the window and told me to crawl inside and open the door because he would shoot my dogs, I said NO, you won’t because I will sue you, this is their house and you are a stranger entering. But I crawled in the window with broken glass still hanging, opened the door and they came arrested my bf which at first they said they weren’t going to arrest him because this was a civil matter and I had to take him to court but after I mentioned the whole ordeal in November they decided to arrest him. They told me I had to go to the Police Station to file a report which I did, they then told me I had to sign a Protective Order or they would call CPS. So yes, I was basically forced to sign it because I was scared my kids would get taken from me. I know he would never hurt me or my kids. He is 24 and both of his parents died within the past few years, that right there must be hard on him, I can’t say I know how he feels because Both of mine are still alive. And everyone deals with pain in their own way.

    The protective order states he can’t be 1200 feet near the house, my daughters school or the place I was working and it says he can not talk to us in a threatening or harassing manner, I recently found out I have Thyroid Cancer, so that didn’t help things. I called Crime Victims Assistance and ask how to get that order dropped, she said No Hardin County Judge would drop that order since it was a Emergency Order, I said even if I was basically forced to sign it, she said No, I told her when I have surgery to get the cancer removed I have no one to help me with the kids because my dad works a lot and my step sister was out of town at the time. She told me and him both, NO WHERE in that order does it state that we can’t be around him as long as it’s not in one of those three places and as long as he’s not fighting with me. She told us to carry the Protective Order on us 24/7 in case we were out somewhere and a cop stopped us and tried giving us a hard time, because they will try to do that since they don’t know exactly what the order says. I asked her how is that supposed to be a Protective Order if we can still see one another, she said because more Lawyers are involved in those now days and they had to change the way they were. She even told me that he could be the one to watch the kids while I would have surgery. If he is such a Horrible Monster that the Cops and CPS is making him out to be then WHY would Crime Assistance say we could still be around one another. The protective order is good for 90 days which means it will end August 18th, he is still on the lease and still obligated to help pay bills. And if he was such a low life then why would he get out of jail and say he was still going to pay the bills so my kids and I have a roof over our head even though he can’t live in the house for 3 months, I am still on maternity leave but am trying to go back to work. Any other man would of said screw them and left us homeless, but NOT him, he actually loves us enough to still help us have a place to live.

    May 26th, he had no way of calling me to bring him clothes and he didn’t have anyone to come pick up clothes from my house for him. So yes, he did come over to the house to get some. He has his own keys to the house, he walked in the door just as I was walking out to put my purse in the truck and I told him he had to leave, he said I need clothes, I said OK, leave and I will bring you some your not supposed to be here. The kids across the street started getting in my business and making fun of me, I said why don’t y’all mind your buisness and go inside, so they proceed to curse me out and start arguing with me, their mom comes home and she’s threatening to whoop my butt, I told her she needed to teach her kids manners instead of cursing at adults. There’s at least 10 kids there with no adult supervision, her youngest daughter that is 6 years old is always running from house to house, always in the streets and has told my boyfriend and I numerous times that she was home alone and hungry. My BF told them to shut up and then he walked away, I thought he left, I did not pay attention to where he went because I was too worried about the Mother and her little gang that was trying to cross the road. They yelled he’s got a gun, I turned around and did not see him any where and did not see a gun. I seen my Daughter standing in the door way. I even walked and looked at the side of my house and didn’t see him any where. So I go inside getting them ready about to leave, the cops swarm the street. Officer Joshua Lawrence of the Silsbee PD. Knocked on my door, I had my baby in my left arm and my Daughter was right behind me. The cop tried pushing his was past me, I said NO, you need a warrant to enter my home, last time y’all threatened to shoot my dogs and I will not have that happen with my Daughter right here. He said Where is he, I said I don’t know, I did not see him come in the house.

    He then grabbed me by my hair forcefully pulling me out of my house and threw me on a couch we have on the front porch with me almost landing on my Baby, my poor Daughter is standing there screaming in fear of what the cop was doing to me. I stood up and Officer Lawrence grabbed my right wrist twisting it behind my back, I started yelling out Police Brutality and said You are endangering my children. I told him my children and I would sit on the couch on the front porch and wait with them while they got a warrant and then they could freely search my house because I had nothing to hide, I just didn’t want them shooting my dogs. He walked off and another cop came up (none of them wear name tags)he was trying to take the baby out of my arms, then he tried tazing me when I still had my baby in my arms, I said YOUR NOT TAKING MY BABY. I yelled out Look he’s trying to taze me with my Baby in my arms. There were at least 15 neighbors and their friends lined up in the street video taping and taking pictures of what was going on, the mom said Good that’s what you get Bitch. I said No, not with my baby in my arms and I haven’t done anything wrong, I wasn’t trying to fight them, I was not under arrest. (If it was a Stand Off with a gun supposedly involved like the Silsbee Bee printed then WHY OH WHY would they allow those 15 people to be standing in the street directly in front of my house video taping and taking pictures of what was happening) He said someone get the baby she’s trying to use him as a shield, I said what the hell are you talking about I opened the door, y’all tried forcing your way in my house, I was scared you would shoot my dogs in front of my daughter then I’m forcefully pulled out of my house being abused by y’all.

    So I told that cop I would have his and Officer Lawrence Job and he laughed in my face. He walked off the porch and a Hardin Co. cop who was Officer Brewer came up, I was talking to him and told him I wanted to press charges against both those cops, he then met Chief of Police Mark Davis in front of my truck talking to him. I walked around and asked if I could please talk to them. He said yes. He asked me if my BF was at the house, I said No, he’s not, because honestly I did not know he was still here, I did say he was here earlier to get clothes but it wasn’t even that long when the fight broke out with the neighbors and I did not see where he was at, that I thought he left. He ask if there are guns in the house, I said yes there is one real gun which is my 12 gauge shot gun and it is hidden with a child safety lock on it and I am the only one with the keys and there are 2 BB/Pellet guns in the house. I also told him I wanted to press charges on both those cops, he said OK, you can do that at the Police station, he said if you want you and your children to feel safe from the neighbors get in the back of my Officers car and ride with him to the Police Station to make your statement. I said am I being arrested for anything, He said NO, I said are you sure, he said Your not being arrested, I said OK, let me get my son’s car seat. He said No, you don’t need it just hold the baby in your arms, I said NO, my baby is not going any where in a vehicle without his car seat. So we get in the back of the car and

    Officer Brewer starts reading the Miranda rights, I said WAIT you and Chief Davis BOTH said I was not being arrested, he said I’m not arresting you, I’m reading them just in case. I said that doesn’t seem right to me. He takes us to the Front of the Police Station and we wait up front, then they bring us to a room in the back. A CPS Worker comes in the room and gets my statement then ask me to do a Drug and Alcohol test, that she had some with her, I said FOR what, I didn’t come in here for drugs and alcohol I came in here to press charges on two cops. I wish I would of taken the test, but I couldn’t figure out what was going on. One of the cops that came in the room when we got there was being all nice, he told me to bring my kids in another room and get them a stuffed toy and I could leave my stuff in the room we were in because we would be going back there. So I did, while I was gone they went in there and took my house/car keys out. When I got back I said where are my keys, he said I don’t know, you didn’t have any, I said YES I did, how do you think I opened my truck to get my son’s car seat. That same cop then came back in the room and started being very rude and obnoxious telling me how I was nothing but a bad mother that he can’t believe I put my kids in that situation, I said WHAT situation, it was a argument between me and the Neighbors, my BF and I were NOT fighting, he was leaving when all hell broke loose. He says, look your baby is crying because your such a bad mother and you won’t feed him, I said y’all have not gave me a chance to feed him. CPS comes in the room and says, who is someone I can contact in case you are arrested, I said, WHAT NO, I’m not being arrested, I came up here to file charges on those two cops that abused me. She ask me if I breast or bottle feed, I said I was “trying” to breast feed, But I have been bottle feeding because I have Hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Cancer and it’s causing me to have a low milk supply.

    The cop says well let me go see if the Chief is going to arrest you, he comes back and says yes, you are under arrest. I said what for??? He said for Interfering with Public Duties. I said How was I interfering, all I said was y’all needed a warrant and then I get pulled out by my hair like a criminal while holding my 5 week old baby. Y’all were causing child endangerment on both my children. I gave CPS the information she asked. Then she walks out of the room and my baby is steadily crying because he’s hungry and has a soiled diaper, I asked the cop if someone could at least go to my house and get a diaper and his bottle and formula so I could take care of him and he ignored me. He just kept smirking at me, shaking his head and calling me a bad mother. I do get very loud when I’m in a upset and he said see your making your baby cry because you are screaming, I said I’m not screaming, I talk very loudly and your standing there provoking me. He laughed and said How am I doing that, I said because you keep calling me a bad mother, YOU were not there when everything happened, you know absolutely NOTHING about me, yet you still keep putting me down. He said I’m going on what the other Officers told me. I said Yea, because cops are ALWAYS Right, Right….

    So, CPS said she had to take my kids in the other room, I gave them both a Hug and Kiss while both me and my daughter are crying, I said Brianna they are taking y’all from me and CPS and the Cop said Don’t tell her that, I said it’s TRUE, y’all are, don’t sit there and try to lie to her. So, finally they take me to the jail, and the Officer that drove me was speeding down a wet road and on his cell phone. I can’t really say anything bad about him because he was the most decent cop out of the Silsbee PD that I have ever had to deal with. And the Officers at Hardin County Jail was all very friendly so I don’t have any complaints with them, they were just doing their job, since I had been unjustly arrested by Silsbee PD after they abused me and NEVER let me press charges against either cop. I got out of jail Tuesday morning around 10:30 thanks to James Stafford, my BF, that they claim to be such a Monster. If it weren’t for him, I would still be in jail, he paid the $165 to get me out. I steadily called CPS all that morning trying to find out about the contact order with my kids and what I needed to do to get them back.

    One of the Supervisor’s and my Case Worker both called me on the phone (speaker phone)and asked me what I wanted???? I said I’m trying to find out what I need to do to get my kids back, the Supervisor was very rude from the beginning and said Let me ask you some things. So she was asking me why I had my BF over there when there was a protective order, I said Ma’am, I didn’t have him over there, he could not reach me or have anyone to come get him some clothes so he came to get some, he walked in when I was walking out and I told him he had to leave which he was doing, she said Why didn’t you call the police on him right when you seen him, I said Ma’am, it all happened so fast, I told him to leave, I walked out and the Neighbors started arguing with me he told them to shut up and he walked off, I didn’t see where he went, Well why didn’t you change the locks when you filed the protective order, I said Ma’am, I was forced to file the order, I have never felt in fear of my kids or my life with him, yes he busted out my window by accident. She says, What, did the cop put a gun to your head and make you sign the protective order, I said No, but he said they would call CPS if I didn’t sign it. And I didn’t want my kids taken away because I had not done anything wrong and people do stupid stuff when they drink. And we are renting the house, so I can’t just go change the locks, plus I was not in fear of him and he is still on the lease and his protective order is only good for 90 days.

    I also told her that in the protective order it states he can not be 1200 feet around the house, my daughters school or the place I was working. And he can not contact us in a threatening or harassing manner, and that Crime Victims Assistance told me and him both that no where in the order does it state we can’t be around him just as long as it’s not in those three places and to carry that order on us 24/7 in case the cops would happen to pull us over if we were out somewhere and mess with us, because the cops do not know exactly what the order says. She gets a attitude and said SO, Your telling me that you have still been seeing him that you and him are Boyfriend/Girlfriend, I said we have not hung out since the Order, but I have had to meet up with him to get bill money, since he’s still legally obligated to help with the bills and he’s being a man stepping up and still helping with the bills. Then she says, well why did you refuse to feed your baby, I said I was not ever given the chance to feed him, and told her about me not being able to produce a lot of breast milk due to my medical problems and that I asked if someone could go to my house and get his stuff and I was ignored by the Silsbee PD. She said well you just sound to me like a Mother that doesn’t care about her Children, that you care more about your Boyfriend than your Kids, I said NO, my kids comes first and no man will ever come before my kids. She said, your not taking any blame to any of this. I said to WHAT???? She said to him being at your house when there was a protective order, I said so your blaming all of this on me, he does have his own keys to the house. She said yes I’m blaming you for it because you could of called the cops when you seen him, but did you? No your neighbors called the cops.

    Then she says, I don’t even want you seeing your kids right now, you will only be allowed One Hour every week with your kids. I broke down and started crying. I am the only one that has been in my Daughters life for her 8 yr.s and my Baby is only 5 weeks old. How can they rip my kids from me when they don’t even know me, their going by what these crooked cops say. But like I said apparently cops are ALWAYS right. I have been steadily calling CPS and never get ahold of either one of them or get the run around when they do call me back. I even called yesterday May 30th trying to set up a appointment to go there Monday and find out exactly what is going with my case because they haven’t even talked to me about when they will set up the first appointment so I can see my kids. Today is May 31st and I have NOT seen my kids since May 26th when all of this happened. Another thing, CPS was saying that the Officers told them when my BF broke my back window out of my Suburban that the baby’s face got cut, I said that’s BULL, because IF his face was cut WHY didn’t the cop take a picture of my baby’s face, he ONLY took a picture of the back of my Suburban window. The cops sure like exaggerating in their stories and make it look bigger than what it actually is just like the story they fed to Silsbee Bee.

    Heck I made front news of the paper, but I called the Editor and told him I would sue the Silsbee Bee, if the story did not get corrected because it was NOTHING but false information. And I want the videos of what the cops did to me made public. Funny how the police didn’t release any videos. They had a cruiser pointed directly at my front door, so I know they had to get what happened on their dash cam. And there were those 15 people in the street taking videos and pictures of what happened to me. Plus the paper is defamation of character making me look like a bad mother. And the arresting officer in the paper was NOT the one that arrested us, he was the one that pulled me out of my house abusing me. Here is a copy of the Silsbee Bee. And the ONLY video that the cop got in the beginning was of my Boyfriend on my front porch from the Neighbors, there was NEVER a video of him having said Gun. And the 12 gauge Shotgun mentioned in the story has always had a child safety lock on it. And my BF and I were NOT the one’s fighting that day, it was me and the Neighbors. The Story below is what I copied and pasted from the Silsbee Bee online exactly how it was written.

    Silsbee officers

    diffuse standoff

    Arrest leads to felon violating

    protective order.

    By Daniel Elizondo

    Silsbee officers diffused a

    standoff that lasted for more

    than an hour on the 400 block

    of South 3rd Street on Mon-

    day evening.

    Officers were called at 7

    p.m. of a couple arguing at a

    residence when witnesses no-

    ticed one of the occupants

    holding a gun.

    When authorities arrived,

    they found Wendy Marlena

    Rush, 33, belingerent and

    yelling obscenities with wit-

    nesses and officers.

    Witnesses told officers that

    a man that had a protective

    order against Rush, was on the

    property, and was inside the


    According to the report,

    Rush did not cooperate with

    officers and held a child in her

    arms to prevent anyone from

    taking her into custody.

    Authorities pursuaded Rush

    to leave the property, while of-

    ficers set up a perimeter to

    find the man in the house.

    Police found a back storage

    area in the house, and later

    found the man hiding under an

    infant bed with clothes

    camoflaging the area.

    James Marshall Stafford,

    24, was taken into custody and

    charged with violation of

    bond/protective order.

    Officer found a shotgun in

    the home, but it wasn’t what

    Stafford was holding while

    outside in the backyard.

    Authorities later found he

    was holding an air-pump gun

    similar to those used for paint-


    “We were happy that it

    ended the way it did,” Chief

    Mark Davis said. “For about

    30-45 minutes, it was pretty

    intense not knowing what the

    outcome would be.”

    Silsbee PD was assisted by

    Hardin County Sheriff’s Dept.

    UPDATE: Well Monday June 2, 2014, CPS called me and told me to go to Beaumont Occupational to do my Drug Test which I did and I know I passed with flying colors because I don’t do drugs and haven’t drank in awhile. I had to go to CPS and let my case worker write down my prescriptions I have been on in the past few months. She told me she was going to set up a meeting for a Family Safety Plan. My Step Sister who is watching my kids made an agreement to meet me at CPS Friday the 6th so I can see my kids, so I’m very ecstatic about that. I’m just praying and need all the prayers I can get that I get my kids back very soon. It hurts being without them, my Daughter is 8 yr.s old and my Step Sister said she cries and talks in her sleep and she will call out Mommy in her sleep. And my Baby Boy just turned 6 weeks old June 3rd, this is the time we are supposed to be bonding and I can’t even do that.


    Something I forgot to mention earlier in my story, the cop that was at the Silsbee PD, the one that was being very rude and steadily calling me a bad mother, had told me that I could of told the cops that I was scared to let them in because Marshall was holding a gun to my head, I said NO, because he was NOT doing that and I had no ideal where he was and my daughter was behind me. He was trying to make Marshall out to be this Monster. When I told them over and over again the ONLY REAL GUN in the house was my 12 Gauge that had a child safety lock and it was hidden and I am the ONLY one that had the keys to it.

    UPDATE: I FINALLY got to see both my kids 6/6/14 they were taken from me 5/26/14 when I was unjustly arrested after the cops were abusing me while holding my baby and my daughter right behind me. I am dealing with my Case Worker and her Supervisor. I feel that the Supervisor has a personal vendetta against me. She has done nothing but twist my words around and has tried to get me to say I do drugs and drink which I don’t do either of them. She has put words in my mouth and keeps calling me a bad mother. My kids are at my dad’s house and him and my step sister are both the care givers of my children, my ex step mom/ex felon live with him and my step sister. She is not supposed to be unsupervised around my kids but when my dad goes to work my step sister is leaving my kids with her mom. Her mom tries to use my kids against me like haha I’ve got your kids and there’s nothing you can do about it. I know my ex step mom and step sister smoke weed but CPS never wants to listen to what I have to say. The supervisor told me I’ll need to take parenting classes, anger management and she wants me to have a psychological test done to see if I have mental problems. She then says she doesn’t know if she wants to waste her time on me because I am not taking blame for anything that happened and she KNOWS that I knew my bf was in the house, I have told her until I was blue in the face that I honestly did NOT know he was in the house. But she just calls me a liar. Yes, I have been in some abusive relationships but she said how I have a pattern of being in abusive relationship after abusive relationship that I have a NEED to be with a man that I can’t stay single. This woman doesn’t know anything about me. There was NEVER an investigation, this whole cps thing is NOT court ordered it’s just a agreement they told me I had to sign that night I got arrested or my kids would go to a state home. They won’t even let me see my kids at my dad, in the agreement it says I can see my kids as long as I’m supervised by my dad or step sister but the Supervisor says I can only see my kids ONE HOUR a WEEK. I have been the ONLY one in my daughters life for 8 yr.s she is so torn up over this as I am and my Baby boy will turn 7 weeks old Tuesday the 10th. I don’t know what to do or who to contact. I have NOT stopped looking for help since 5/27/14 when I was released from jail. And the baby’s father smokes weed every day, drinks every day and tried choking me on 8/26/13 when he kicked me and my daughter out with no where to go. I do NOT have him on my baby’s birth certificate and there is NO dna test established. CPS is trying to force me to let him in my baby’s life. Here they won’t make him do a drug test but they made me do one and mine came back clean. What Can I do, I need Serious HELP fast… PLEASE….


  73. FAith says:

    I am going through the same crap now….cps has my two beautiful daughters whom I love so very much..I cry everyday and its only been 2 weeks but I haven’t seen them since then.


  74. APRIL says:



  75. marrello says:

    im trying to get my kids im working the [rogram I relapsed once now my x who is ot the mother of my child is trying to get custody of them and DHS is allowing her to file the motion what are my rights??


  76. Tabitha Broussard says:

    My parental rights were terminated by a referee in macomb michigan and my daughter is 17 now she is living with an unfit family member and she wants to come home to me her mom. I know she can come home cause that is failing to protect my daughter but at the hands of the FOSTER CARE SYSTEM IN MICHIGAN. MY DAUGHTERS 2ND COUSIN HAS TEMPORARY GUARDIAN SHIP OF HER ONLY. IM HER MOM AND I WILL DO WHAT IT TAKES TO BRING HER HOME SO SHE IS PROTECTED FROM THE ABUSE THAT THE FOSTER CARE SYSTEM IN MICHIGAN IS ALLOWING TO KEEP HAPPENING TO MY DAUGHTER. what should happen to the worker that is responsible for my daughters well being??? please call me with info thank you


  77. Kasey walker says:

    Don’t let them in it will be the biggest mistake of your life. Trust me they will find some reason to take your kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  78. Kelci says:

    Dfcs made me sign a safety plan for my children to stay with my grandmother for 30-45 days while the case worker did her investigation. Her 30 days are up and I haven’t heard anything from her. I’ve tried to call her and she won’t answer the phone. I haven’t had one court hearing yet & I’ve read that I was supposed to have one within 72 hours of signing the safety plan. If this lady doesn’t come back & tell us anything can I just take my kids back home since her investigation time is up?


    • yvonnemason says:

      Keep blowing up her phone and her supervisor’s phone and the head hancho’s phone. It looks like they have no case and are just jerking you around. Record every time you try to call and get no response. Keep a journal.


  79. Kelci says:

    Okay should my kids come back home or stay at my grandmas? My daughter is 4 and she asks me everyday if she can stay with me again, I had to lie to her and tell her my doctor won’t let anyone stay with me right now. It’s bull crap I haven’t hurt either one of my kids and neither has anyone else.


  80. Irene pryor says:

    If I lost my rights when my child turns 18 do they tell my son he was adopted or not or can I leave my info for him m to find me somehow. Im in Sav Ga and this was in 2003 when I lost my rights and all because I missed court


  81. Jeremy says:

    Cps is trying to take my kids because i would not commit medaciad fraud and i sent them to a Family member out of state befor they was able to remove them can i go to jail for this….


  82. hmmmm says:

    Hello I am going through CP’s right now . and if u go to everything on here they can’t do . really I should have made them get a court order to come in my home . my case is open due to domestic violence . but my kids were in the home and herd step dad talking crap about his mother and I said some things back well they called CP’s well where we were staying at ,red cross. They would not make him leave there so doing what I thought at the time, I left with my kids and went to my dads. CP’s says get a protection order and then you could come back well my friend , now my boyfriend offered myself and boys a place to stay .it was him and his mom my two boys and I in a two bed room apt. His mom on the couch boyfriend never there and myself and two boys in one room. well I have not been there no longer then a day or two . well next bday my friend and I went to get my stuff , my dad was remolding a home for our future move in. A family member lived a few houses away where they were fed and use the rest room and could drink water and come and go when they wanted. Well while being watched I left to go get my stuff and before I could get in town my x had called cps with they are LIVING in this home no water no food no lights . so cops were called I came right away to get them . the case was opens due to his drinking problem befor that he tries knocking my phone out of my hand and keeping it then he puts his hand in my mouth well I bit down and my teeth broke off . but my case says previous drug history. Ok my drug history has nothing to do with him putting his hands on me . and I have had previous case’s with cps so I should not have to drug classes when no one was charged with drugs . I did in 2008 , well on February 12 2015 I just gave birth to a baby girl now mind u I was pregnet well a day or two later I get a call from CP’s saying she was not coming home now the whole time we could have got it done . Nikki one


  83. miranda calhoun says:

    I was asked to submit to a hair follicle after allegations of drug use were made against me. I have never failed a drug test therefore I feel it was intrusive and extreme. I complied. Their reasons for requesting this was said to be the length of time before they could contact me from the time of the report being made… Yet I received no correspondence or notes on door or phone calls or messages left to family. The worker that did come to my door refused to show ID other than a name tag with no logo, and refused to read allegations of the report to my boyfriend and I, was very rude intimidating and made me feel very uneasy and unsafe. So I asked him to leave. Now I have court scheduled. My boyfriends family has continually filed police reports on me with bizarre dramatizations implying I am mentally unstable for my role as a mother in a desperate attempt to split me and him up… Should I consult legal defense or be furthermore concerned about this ugly picture his family is painting of me in regards to this CPS case? Can her reports affect my cps case since it is their word against mine? That being said, also taking into consideration that there is many more of them(his family members) against me.


  84. I REALLY NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE TO UNDERSTAND ME AND HELP ME FIND COMFORT IN LIFE HAS TWO KIDS IN THE SYSTEM EIGHT KIDS ALL TOGETHER FRM THE FIRST TIME NEVER LIVE LIFE HAPPY PEACEFULLY NOW ON MEDICATION MANAGEMENT BEEN HARD ROUGH ROAD ALONE ESPECIALLY TOOK MY BABIES FROM MY WOMB cause a case plan did not complete wit kids bfor they wer born the system not right Tak my kids for no reason nothing WUZ wrong at birth first record neglect and said place kids in best interest and one of my kids almost gt molested in the best of eff hrs interest my adoptive kids should nt be tooken away because something or someone else


    • Emily says:

      Plz anyone who needs to talk to someone about this call or text me anytime I m here to listen and to give the best advice I can!! My name is Emily my baby was taken from me when she turned two she s four now I hvnt seen her in two years but I m petitioning a new court hearing I will never stop until she s home with me !! We hv our rights as mothers and we deserve our families our beautiful children whom we love so much, to be home with us!! My number is 6023540805 plz call me if u need to talk I m here for u


  85. Kala says:

    I need help asap with dss. It’s rediculous and I have proof that my exs family threatened me to get my babies taken from me bc they was going to call dss . They did I have proof of everything. I want my babies home w me. They are my heart and I need them and they need me. Never been away longer than over night from them . Please need advice I’m willing to do anything. Please help me asap 864-601-0323 u can call anytime day or night


  86. Aisha pete-richard says:

    Call me if any advice 3372149712

    My rights were taken from me in Feb 2013 she was removed at 3months


    • Emily says:

      Oh my god I am SO SICK OF THIS BS WITH CPS HOW CAN THEY TAKE A 3 month old from her momma she NEEDS YOU!!!! This makes me sick !! I lost my baby girl my life she s my love bug, I lost her 2 years ago she just turned 4 I lost her before her after her 2 year b day it was the most devastating time of my life and so has each day following it…. I m fighting back and I won’t stop until my little girl is home safe with her daddy and me!! I m so srry u lost u r baby but never stop trying to get her back bc YOU CAN AND U WILL!!


  87. I’m a mother that don’t know what to do stupid Judge took my children away for no reason I never sign anything they have un found evidence on anything so I don’t understand why they won’t give me my 3 children back plus they are disseminated me in so many ways witch isn’t right .I need a real lawyer not the one they gave me he didn’t real stand up and do anything to help me she was good in the begin but than .well I still don’t have my sweet children and it hurts every day and night of my life I lost so much because of this and Hurricane sandy .I hardly sleep or eat because of all this a lot of times all I do when I do sleep is sleep I sleep Easter away because of the pain my one son birthday next month real need help .I took care of my 2 sons for 5 year on my own no family friends not even there dad was around there sister was taken 3 days after she was born they put a hold on her at the hospital .they won’t of knew about her if two people didn’t start a doctor at the hospital because I had her in a FMA hotel okay and so what people have babies in hotel and other places it happens not my fault she was healthy and fine so what your problem . I just want them back their trying to adopted them out but one can’t find anyone to adopted my sons they said one they have disabilities and problems and their older .People that has my daughter are will to adopted her I don’t think so .I didn’t sigh my rights away first of all second they are my children not any of theirs .I will not let u .I never did drugs or drank I never put my hands on my children .My children always had a roof over their head clean clothes food they was clean all the time .I not understand it need help and advice please sad broken hearten mom


  88. sheila says:

    Iv been fighting for my kids for little over a year iv pasted bridgeway all clean drops.i have a full time job.i have my own car getting ready to get my own place and fighting with visits they change them now i have to go though the foster lady and she lies on me and my kids all the time puts me and my kids down i cant aford a lawyer and iv been told if i get one there going to come after me over my exs stuff i cant a ford one scarred to get the state to represent me im lost for words and scarred now im pregnant and there threatening there going to watch me very close because this ones next i need help please thank you..


    • Emily says:

      I wrote to u its down the page a bit I did it wrong
      Srry but plz do read my message I left u! God bless! Emily


  89. Emily says:

    I read u r heartfelt message about u r three children being taken from u by the judge after a year long battle to get them back and it brought tears to my eyes! I to, lost my baby girl, she s my everything she s the part of me I need to make me whole … And she s now gone!! The judge as well as cps took her from me after a year and a half of fighting for my baby!!! In court they ll only speak of all the negative things they can come up with NEVER WILL THEY speak if the unconditional love u and u r children hv together or how harmful it would be for u r children to be taken from they’re momma!! I know I went thru the same sorta thing as u did and my heart goes out to you! Never give up hope and never stop fighting for your children just BC the cruel family court judge took them doesn’t mean u can’t get them back BC u can!! Find a pro bono lawyer one that truly cares and he ll help u I promise !!! A mom and her children belong together I believe that and so does God!!! Keep praying and fighting … U ll get u r babies back! My heart is with u


  90. Marie says:

    didn’t even know that was appointed to me has not and will not talk to me about the strategy I guess I’m just supposed to show up


  91. mimi says:

    If a parent has had her parental rights terminated for a child, can she keep custody of a child she is now pregnant with?


  92. angelique says:

    Hi im 20years old im a young mommy life isnt easy growing up was the worst i still am i have to daughters oldest is miracle shes gnna be 5 my bby is haylee gnna be 4 i didnt have a teen life i was a mom already. Whitch is a blessing for me im a very stubborn girl and a bratt my dad was a gangmember always in prison never there for me my mother and dad face addiction just my mom now my dad passed away 4 months ago seroces in the liver my mom in n out of jail y i choose my dad lifestyle i dnt know y they always tell me he wasnt even here for me i dnt get it neighter anyway this is bout my case but ppl wnt understand the reason y it got here btw i move in a app in the corner of my childhood home my mother lives there still my aunt is really strick with me everybody i mean i never used when i was pregnant im a 6yr addict on Crystal meth was a stoner for a min but hated it after n now anyways srry lol i leave the weekend n come home member i just rent a room i come bck ppl are smokeing in the livingroom the lady upstairs didnt like me my moms old friend she calls my aunt n tells her lies she shows up hit me first i accidentally swung bck n got her in her eye we call her debo shes 6 tall n thick im 5 short n chubby but love to fight i thought i was done her man n my uncle get in agenst me im still winning tgats besides the point after she takes off with my kids im still shocked i didnt think bout calling cops they said i could of made report child abduction she called child services on me and lied that my kids were coughing smoke out n i left my lil one nxt to some random guy she showed up kicked the door i am not gnna have my bby in my hands opening it im srry i dnt think im in my wrong for that he wasnt a stranger neither if so he wouldnt have been there so its been too years now i was clean in the begging i was homeless after i gave up on everything im so stupid i fall in deep depression it wasnt helping neither just my dope ive sober up for a year my longest n just 5days ago to i smoke again lastnight ive done rehab n drugg test im gnna sober up now for good to test clean i see my girls on bday party on family gatherings i have fam problems to i dnt talk to my aunt that has custody of the girls and neither the stick aunt and i live in the same house im the mess up in the fam im srry it was long but somebody please tell me what i should do or correct me or talk to me plz i want everyone to know id kill for my bbys there not just dolls id played with there my life and its never to late to think straight email me thank you



  93. Kimbely Linson says:

    I have a concern about my kid beeing kept in a hospital for months without no contact from family or dcfs caseworker or gal to find him placement


  94. Emily says:

    Yes! If you’re done fighting cps for your other child and that is closed and done ( however u want to put it, I wouldn’t call ANYTHING INVOLVING CPS A CASE OR LEGAL FOR THAT MATTER THEY MAKE ME SICK!!) however, they hv absolutely no way of just taking your new unborn child once he/she is born !!! And they won’t !!! But u can bet everything that they ll have their eyes on u just waiting for one little thing “they think is wrong” and that 99% of the time isn’t wrong, and they will be at your door knocking!! I m srry I hold so much anger that I must let go of, for CPS, bc they took my life from me FOR A REASON THAT I COMPLETELY RESOLVED & such a small reason it was in the whole scheme of things !! They knew the bond I and my daughter had was amazing and they knew i loved her with all my soul, but all they ever spoke of in court was negative BS, past things I did when I wasn’t a mom yet!!!! It’s still unbelievable to me that I lost my only family I hv my daughter faith they took her from me two years ago and I hvnt seen her since!! I m left broken inside forever and I won’t accept it so I recently petitioned for another court hearing to gain my rights back plz everyone pray for me and my little girl being re United I d appreciate it so much!


  95. Teaka Nunnally says:

    This content is helpful..I would like more content as to what and who to talk to when the cps worker isn’t doing her job thoroughly. I spoke to her supervisor and she is just as worst. Ive completed everything in my court order. Let me just add the extreme part of the court order. Urine test: I call everyday to see if I have to drop and it’s sent to a lab. Then im asked to take a hair follicle test. Which the lady at the drug screening place stated the two test is equivalent. Its really no reason for you to be taking a hair follicle test. Sigh) I was involved in a domestic violence relationship called the police to protect my children and myself little bit did I know my kids was gonna be taken other wise ive wouldve kept my mouth closed. My children got taken a day before thanksgiving 2014. They are currently in foster care I haven’t saw them since then I talk to them 3_4 times a month. The cps worker has yet to speak with me about my children or reunification. When will something be done about the cps just taking people’s children and leaving parents hanging on to that they will be reunified back together again. The lies the cps worker sends to court and you speak up and say its a lie, really who do you think their gonna believe.Going through dv you wonder why women keep silent bc of having to feel victimized all over again. Not looking at that a dv relationship takes alot out of you. And the abuse it takes a toll on the children being away from home. My children wants to come home every phone conversation we have that is stated and my son is 2 he doesnt understand what’s going on all he say is mom come and get me I wanna come home. Its okay bc the cps is certified. Wow! A certified abuser what is this world coming to. My heart goes out to all the parents that’s fighting to bring their children home. Keep fighting and praying. And most of all get everything in writing and keep it in a folder for court. I shall not give up cause my children doesn’t deserve to be away from home. Im a great mother first and foremost.


  96. jamisha Augustine says:

    My. Kids were taking O’Day I need help


  97. Heather says:

    My child was illigal abducted and kidnapped by the human services department. My ex sitter is where they placed her my sitter has been lying to human services to get my baby there were zero grounds for removing my child


  98. gladys pereira says:

    I am 32 year’s Old,my children where taking from me when they where 5 and 7 years old. They where taking from me because I had a history of drug use,and I was emotionally unstable parent. Im glad to say in 2014 I completed a drug program,did random testing,parenting classes and anger Management. It sucks it took me this long to change and do what was needed for my children, and for myself, but i wasn’t ready than. My 2 boy’s are now 12 and 14 year’s of age,and my aunt and cousin are there legal guardians. They have no problem with allowing my kids to now live with me,will the courts allow it,even if my case is close?


  99. krystal says:

    I want to see a judge appeal talk to some one about my case i had post partom depression with no help its just some one needs to here my side i had no lawyer they a
    A signed me one that didnt show up..i called her to try to meet with her before hand….some needs to here the truth the father is a bid criminal my baby end up with his family they just dont treat me right so i havent seen my baby since she was 6 months


  100. nika patterson says:

    Is it right that dhs took my kids away from me because I when to a party and got high . children and are were living with my mother at the time.


  101. sean wiliams says:

    Please anyone I need help. CPS took all three of my kids away my newborn not even 6 months my son who is 3 and my daughter who is 8. I took my new born to the hospital because she had a bumb on her head. it turns out she had a ” closed hemotoma”. my wife had told me about the bumb but she said that she was acting fine she even slept on it when i touched it . it did not even hurt her. after they did the CT and found out what it was they took all three of my children away
    at the time my LAPD officer father said he would take them. he later told CPS that his GRANDCHILDREN have too leave. he didnt even tell me when they picked them up. they are now in a foster home . 1 week went by and we had no contact with my baby. when we get to LOMA LINDA my newborn had brand new brusing on her head that she did not have before she was taken the bumb that we had taken her in for was now gone. but now she is in isolation because some one have gave her ” hand foot mouth diesase” in the reports they have no updates from rotation nursing staff about it. no one reported the new busing. later in the second court hearing we were granted vistion rights now almost a month later they have still no let me see any of my kids i have shown copys the day of the min order to the cps works and they still wont let me she any of them. all my children are part native american they aren not in a native home. no have honored the Indian child welfare act. we dont have much. I was discharged honorably from the arm. please they laywer we have is not helping please 9095091013


  102. Robert Mcdonald says:

    I have a question. Even if the child is over age of 18. And lives in a horrible living environment at their parents house, can DHHR or DHR do anything to help he/she out? Or is it way past the age limit since he/she is considered an adult?


  103. Jennifer says:

    DHR closed our case out in May. We have started getting phone calls and unannounced visits to close out our case. We signed papers to close it out. I am assuming we can deny any visits since we closed out our case. What do we do if they persist?


  104. I have two twin 6 year old nieces that was taken into dhs custody in Oklahoma they are going to trial terminate mother’s rights, there dad is deceased par of the reason dhs took girls their dad is my brother and only family member with bond, dhs wont consider me cuz me and mother dont get along, how do i fight for them


  105. richard krider says:

    My son was taken from me about 9 yrs ago all was good up until about two years ago when I found out the mother which was my girlfriend at the time had been abusing him to a sence as in making him stay in his room not even letting him come out to use the restroom nothing. She was immedeatly removed from the household and could not come back. Since then I have gotten married and my mother which has my some has decided that I cannot see him anymore ( and I have unlimited unsupervised visitation he actually lived with me for three years during the nine yrs) cause she does not like my wife. Now in the process of all of this my mother has started letting my son’s mother come back around ( this is the sane person who originally abused him) and actually start taking him unsupervised where ever my son’s mother wants to take him. Basically wanting to know is there anything that u can do what it is if any and how to go about it. I really need to get this resolved asap if anyone is reading these thank you.


  106. lleaha says:

    My brother and sister are in foster care. The cps laddy has denied me because another family member has ben approved. They have grew up around me. They dont even know these realitives. I have a right to be approved as well.


  107. angel says:

    My grandkid case is in Warren county ky. I came foward to get my grandchild. I was approved by social services but denied by court. Cause Gal attorney. Said he was a foster child and my grandson better off in foster care. The foster families are deemed better than families. This needs to stop. They are no better than the next person. Heck the foster mother recently left a child 2 yrs old in a vehicle twiced in one day and didn’t have any regards of how she would be left alone in a car. You couldn’t see through the windshield if you watched by the door how the child is . It’s being investigated but I bet they dismiss the case and if it’s the real parent they wouldn’t dismiss no case. The police said if we would of called them she would be arrested and charged with it. 3 people seen this. This system needs a good overhaul.


  108. Barbara Cordova says:

    My daughter in-law got 10 to 25 years in State Prison in Philidaphia. But she had my grandson that is 7 years old. Where is he.I live in Denve Colorado. I am looking for him so I can go get him.


  109. beccy says:

    need help 16 years ago my then soon to be x and his friend and a naboir i pissed of called in reports to cps all reports found false by cps but now my grandson in foster care there saying i cant have becouse if ever in your life youve been reported on you cant get realitives out of foster care is this true


  110. Amanda Lowery says:

    My kids were taking from daycare by my parents. Cps said they had to go to a family member. Then my parents said they were too old to care for my kids and told Cps to give them to separate foster homes. It’s been 2 yrs my kids have been gone. 2013. I did everything Cps required me to do. Wasn’t enough. Made me sign my rights away their father is in jail so I guess they took his rights away too. But I want to fight to get my kids back. Haven’t been officially adopted yet. Had another baby during all this. Did a home visit closed my case said I could keep her. She will be 1 in Sept.


  111. Ashley Garcia says:

    Ok My Name is Ashley Garcia, my husband has been taking care of his son after the mother of the child abandoned him three months ago to do drugs.Now she wants to come and take him from us and I don’t think it’s ok.My husband wants to take full custody of his son and strip her from her rights. I’m not his mother but I do love him and wish the best for him and his father ids a great father to him. I would like some info on how me and him can go get full custody. . Even though we don’t have all the necessary things to be able to take him to the doctors. . If someone can please help me and give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated. . We are from Jersey city, NJ


  112. Cheyenne lynch says:

    dhs has tooo my nephew and adopted him within 2 weeks. i dont understand how because the.process takes longer. my mom has been there raising him from birth he was good at home. safe loved protected fed and was good with us. now his mom came to my moms with drama and it involved the.cops. now.dhs claiming my nephew not safe cuz his mother found out where we live and started problems. my mom jas done everything dhs asked to keep him. they found anythin reason to take him. they took a innocent child from his family. we all he knows. he dont kno.his own mother. my mom and sister that been raising him is going to life strategy. thry are loosing they minds. they dont know who to turn to. we need justice . plz call me 2672759842 or email me i need to speak to someone asap ty .


  113. Joseph Ruffino says:

    The state of ca has no interest or business protecting your kids unless they are being sexually abused. Rarely do you have parents beating there kids now adays. The child protector bit is a scam. Using child protector as your name is a court of law
    is contempt, it is like spitting at justice. The child protector is always going to win. Protecting children is the essence of right. CPS is removing your kid from the protection of family. CPS is removing your kid from the protection of law enfocrment. Once this is done. There really isn’t anyone there to protect your
    kid. Your kid is then f***ed. So this is only necessary when your kid is in fact being fucked
    by a family member or severly beaten. Otherwise it is not going to benefit them and cps rarely
    takes kids from parent who beat them. Sorry to burst everyones child protecting bubble. It’s a really more of a trick. There is no social worker. Look at the paper work. It says something like. Social Case Worker Specialist
    2. How many people were offered this type of degree in college. That’s because it’s not real.
    A social worker is a licensed professional with a 4 year college degree minimum. The name sounds similar but it’s nothing more than a trick. Like if I said I was a legal law specialist 2. You would probably confuse me with a lawyer. See. Only there is no such thing. In other words
    the legal law specialist 2 may not even have graduated high school. I really hate to burst peoples bubble, isn’t it nice to imagine kids being protected, takin from there aweful parents and
    put with a rich loving family that loves the kids like they were there own. Isnt that just a wonderful thought. reality is when is comes down to it. your family in most cases is all you have. There
    are some situations where kids are being sxually abused and physically abused. that is when child
    protective sevices is in fact needed. Think about it if your parents beat you up, at least they
    are going to feel bad about it. If a complete stranger beats you up they are not going to give a f***k and what is worse is that your kid is outside the protection of law enforcement. Nobody can protect them if the social worker of foster care parent beats the crap out of them. Very very dangerous situation. Cps took my daughter from the hospital 2 days old. I’m the only one that realizes they
    are going to kill her. I have scnece pictures of her. But its unlikely she will be returned alive. My family has trouble dealing with this. I can accept it as fact. They wernt trying to protect her human right to be born free so its safe to say they intend to kill her. If you portect a child you certainly
    don’t start by violating her human rights. Obviously. Anybody protecting anybody would at minimum
    respect there rights. So yea my only daughter Melissa N Ruffino. detained 2 days old in the safest
    place on the planet. the hospital. she was in no danger at all. no social worker involved. Havn’t scence her in months. she is know 2 1/2 months old. I did get a photo so she was alive when the photo was takin. I feel bad for mom and grandparents. I’m trying to get them to accept that she
    is gone. The state is powerful enough to take a baby, sell it, kill it, give it back use it for child porn anything they want. they are the state. But they sure will say they are protecting children theres no
    other way of taking a kid. that’s kidnapping. States answer protecting. Think about it. Protecting a child is a valid excuse for any crime even murder. I killed that person because they were holding a knife to a baby. the omen early 80s movie that is where the state get this from.I stole that care to take a baby to the er. I took there child to protect it. See valid for anything no questions asked.
    amazing isn’t it. the child protector is always right, never wrong, never questioned. Don’t like what im saying. Unfortunatly is pretty much all. ok its the absolute truth. WHy am I telling my name and my daughters name. Because I don’t hurt kids, the state took her unlawfully. I love my only daughter and protected her from the second I knew she existed. If I did do anything wrong I wouldn’t
    be posting it on the net would I. no infact I want people to know the state took my 2 day old daughter from the hospital no she wasn’t born on drugs she ws born perfect. apgr scores 7/9 for csection and highrisk is perfect im rambling. I just want people to know. 20025 center st., castro valley, ca surrounding houses. I live at 20026 my name is Joseph Ruffino, my daughter was takin by the state who live in all the houses around 20026. so while they wont say there name I’m saying
    where they live. mainly to protect the public from these people who have unlawfully put a 2 day old baby in detention. that is who may infact be responsible. you see, know you are infact not mr xxxx you have infact been I dentified. What you think your going to take my kid and remain mr xxx all snugly unidentified. You going to force my daughter to disappear. hurt my family and nobody is going to know who you are.


  114. Joseph Ruffino says:

    if your protecting my daughter than do it for everyone to see.


  115. i am from green bay wisconsin. My mother and kids are also from there and we all four reside here. I am very confused about my case with my children and my mother she has custody now of them and i want to do everything in my power to get them back but i have alot of questions and would like help and advice please and thank you


  116. May says:

    I was TPR and I found an appeal and i won my case it went to Circit Court and then Dhr for the case to be dismissed can dhr found another TPR on me


  117. debra says:

    Yes my case is out of Abilene rd it been goin on for 4 years now they have take. My rights how can I get them back an my kids


  118. Lizz Courtney says:

    Hi my children have been placed in C1 care with no facts and I have not been allowed any contact for nearly a month . Can someone help me?


  119. carla says:

    If my chip is in a safety plan with dhr in Huntsville Alabama do I still have the right to sign for her to get married.


  120. rick says:

    I have a nephew I raised he calls me Dad I had him since he was to his mom drop them off at my house gave him up before that she was going to give them to a Mexican family in Mexico since then he live with me until he was seven during the time he live with me I take him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with ADHD I just got that with his mother and learn that she has been getting SSI for him over all the years that he live with me and food stamp so when I found out she was in Mexico because she had abandoned her other kids and I went to SSI until that the side so I stopped to check but because the law is the law she was still his mom she picked him up from daycare and take him away from me my mistake was I lived in the area where she live that so she register them in school for me and so that was her proof that her son live with her but he lives with me that whole time and he calls me dad still he’s 15 now she still has them and he still going through so much stuff with her she has two daughters that have been molested by her husband but she won’t leave in who she has been in her kids for several times and has many cases through CPS and they continue to give her the kids back and she continues to win what can I do what approach can I have I feel that she is brainwashing my son now that he’s getting older he does want to be with me he cried for me but all the stories that he told me about what he has seen her husband do to the oldest daughter she stayed with me her mom called her and told her GPS was going to call her or visit her at school and she says don’t worry mom already know what to say this is ongoing what should i do or what can I do


  121. stephanie says:

    Can CPS force me to get a job in order to get my kids back if I have a disability? I have a severe case of bipolar disorder and I’m on the verge of getting social security disability.


  122. Les Layne says:

    Ok about 5 years ago My mom got custody of my kids. But I was there everyday taken care of them with her helping her out. Well this past october my mom passed away unexspected to us. And I took on the responsibility of my kids. Since she has passed they live with me and I have taken care of them this whole time well someone calls dhr on me today for no reason .what is gonna happen next are they gonna tske my babies from me even with me being the one taken care of them this whole time?


  123. Aaron says:

    My sons mom kept my son from me for two years. With in that time the doctors of her 2nd son (which is the youngest) that is not mine, called DHS on her for not bringing her 2nd son to his doctors app. like she was suppose too. The reason she has to bring him is because he has a protein disorder. Well two months ago she finally let me get him back. Well I have had him for two months now and then DHS took him from my house hold because they put a pick up order out for her 2nd son. They told me the reason for my son being took is because if they put a pick up order out on one kid they will put one out for both. Well my question is, How can they take my son from me when she dose not live with me? My house is very nice. They have no reason to take him from me. How can they take him from me without proving me unfit first? I had nothing to do with why her other son was picked up. Please help.


  124. jane says:

    if a child is 16 years old and is involved in an ocs case would that child be able to choose where to stay if it is with a family member


  125. tori jones says:

    My son is in care with paternal aunt. I was given six months to make change circumstances to then have dhs plan of non reunificatI was negligent to their care or safety.They have been out home since feb 2013 and visits overnight at our home were to occur in feb 2014. I was evicted from there after an incident with the neihbour no children present, homeless for twelve months but then isolated by dhs,police and fanily after my volatile relationship with my parents became subject matter dhs were going to remove him to foster care due to a timeout room having a lock on the door. I have not only made many changes and renting,my daughter I see every day and like a cancer I’m tormented panicked and feeling hopeless to keep him safe and bring him home.e with us. He is being abused by older kids there and dhs were aware of my concerns from the start. placement with aunt wasnt proposed.due to circumstances regarding my daughter i made it clear it was unsuitable.
    Apart from one incident of family violence, away from our home, my children have never been hurt by me. not once have they shown iam a good mum and my son has suffered terribly since their involvement. I need someone to be on my side to fight. All dhs reports when supervising visits say how close me and the kids are. Plans have been made by people who ddon’t even know us and then appear to leave dhs.


  126. Tori says:

    Dhs are not only leaving me out of decision making they are not working in my child’s best interest at all. After seperating him from his sister in Dec 2014, they put him in paternal wunts care. There has been complaints made to dhs regarding assault physically and sexually by the cousin,whose uncle,my sons father has extensive history of sex offending.past and present charges,adult and juvenile,they know my sons best interest is to be placed homevwith me and they are instead going back on what they said I have to do to ge y son baxk aunts son and my daughter,


  127. t says:

    my children were taken and we are working on reunification with me and my kids. they were replaced twice and they continue to tey an move them separating all of them singly which I dont agree on. I completed everything on the premicy plan ordered in court now they want to continue to add other things on without a court order. I have in hom at my house jus about everyday and children and youth have no reason to add things on I ask can u justify why they go I dont know. my child has been sexually abused while in the state custody I have a big issue with that because j say my children are not safe with me but they are safe with u I cant tell. I want my kids to be returned home! not only that but these padt two weeks I seen my kids okce and the court order says two to three times a week


  128. joycie says:

    I jave done all programs and did pssychiatric evaluation everything was normal I have stable apartment everything judge asked me to do should they return children too me cps worker made alot of things up about me when I had unsupervised visits the judge took it away even though I had proof shes lieing she put my kids with people who have a lot of money and thats when she changed on me befor they were moved to that home she was ok also they want too pit my kids on meds and I dont approve they say they acting out I told them its because they want too come home should I agree to put them on meds or should I say no because im scared they might say im not looking out for best interest in children can u help me wat do u think they should give me y children back if I did every they asked for drug alcohol program parenting and evaluation and I have stable apartment I also told them I seperated from husband because he aint finished with his programs ‘……… I also want too know if u can help me express myself too judge about how I accomplished everything thank u


    • Tori says:

      It is so wrong that they are trying to medicate.sounds just like my son.e actly they want to come home.the department is a bazzilion dkllar franchise,bureaucratic and completely based around money and not the children. Yes there are children who need dhs,golly there are some horrible situations,but instead of focusing on the positive they dig thru to find every little thing that looks bad on paper,even before we have children. Dhs Csnnot give us bak the time lost,or heal wounds cut deep in care,it is disgusting that they ignore the obvious within placement and instead of supporting us parents they make demands of conditions one after the other,alienating us and then forgetting the main is unbearable thinking feeling dreaming seeing the pain our children endure while away from us because as larnts its natural instinct to protect them,dhs are not protecting our children,instead it it today’s stolen generation and a total disgrace.swapping workers around,time limits,do mands of parents without consideration for the battle to tick their boxes with fear of our kids being kept away from us.FAMILY..NOT PLACEMENT.FAMILY. and that is what they pretend to care about..


  129. Tracy says:

    Should I sign gaurdianship if my worker wants reunification I had this case since 2013 I don’t understand guardianship


  130. Andre D. Porter says:

    yeah my sister and my mom manipulating me and told me that I could leave my daughters at their house until I find a place in two weeks I came back to tell them I have a place and they have filed a petition for guardianship now I’m trying to win them back to making up stories saying that I’m doing drugs and I’m not and I’m not doing that I was just home runs in just waiting for some low income apartments and I guess David I guess the one of the week pass another get someone to be on their time so I know I don’t know what to do a little court Wednesday November 4th is Friday October 30th and I have a place to stay for the kids I don’t know what to do can you please give me a call 619 394 4930


  131. jonathan ratliff says:

    Dhs lee county has not tried to work with me. They ignore my calls and text I have 4 kids that are split up and I have not seen them in two months .. I cant get a lawyer and lee county said they dont have to appoint me one . Need help


  132. petrina says:

    If dcs finds no abuse or neglect why don’t they return the child to the parent
    My daughter was took away from me for false alagations and now her mother who raped her has cousity of her why is that dcs is a joke and I have a sad story about my children who is Noe grown and I have lost so much time and there child hood because of dcs and there abusive for her I can say if u live in giles county MOVE they are crooked the judge schools and dcs !!!!!!!


  133. Brittney says:



  134. Sara says:

    I need some help. My husband and I got into a domestic violence altercation on base. Dss got involved because he was present at that time. A month or so later my son hand what looked like finger prints on his left shoulder. I remember my dogs were playing ( Australian Shepherd and a Newfoundland puppy about 90 lb) stepped on his left shoulder. My son was 5months at that time. When I first noticed a bruise I took pictures trying to find out how he got it but forgot about my dog stepping on him. The following day the marks were gone. My mother got ahold of the picture and sent it to dss. Dss then put him with my mother till we got classes done. The longest class is 28weeks which will put my son about one year old before I get him back. But now they are wanting custody of my son. What should I do? The court date is next week and I don’t want them having custody. Can I give full custody to a Nother family member before the court date or will dss be in the way of that. What are some things I can do to get my son back home?


  135. Cassandra hurtado says:

    Cps do sent have a court order but she said I coulnt see or get my child and I have majority custody


  136. Cassandra says:

    I have main custody of my son Cps is trying to get me to sign custody to his dad she told my xboyfriend not to let me see him they don’t have court orders can they do that I have my court papers that show that I have custody


  137. jazmine says:

    So I just got a case plan I just wanna know if a case plan is good I just have to finish my anger management classes my little girl is 5months old does anyone know if this is a good thing case plan says my little girl can come home after I’m done but I just never been thro this before


  138. Jenny says:

    I need help in mo. My kids were removed, due to my fiance being found by dfs of poe. I had him at house one night, and next day they removed my children. I need a friend to talk to who has been thru this.


  139. Dillinger campos says:

    Ben two years not seen or heard of my kids with cps i made progress by placing my self n a program for 10months have come along way with a change of life got saved by JESUS CHRIST. Have a home a job a car want to get my kids back. Who do i contact?


  140. katie shriver says:

    i would like to tell a story about how i got my son taken away because i was a victim of domestic violence. we need help because we feel as though the marin county system is abusing their powers. please contact me at 4152356584 my name is katie shriver also they would not allow me to sign any forms to request any of my family member’s as a legal guardian. they told me that i was young and could create more children. for more information please contact me for the whole story. i would like my case to be sent to the sepreme court.


  141. katie shriver says:

    i would like to tell a story about how i got my son taken away because i was a victim of domestic violence. we need help because we feel as though the marin county system is abusing their powers. please contact me at 4152356584 my name is katie shriver also they would not allow me to sign any forms to request any of my family member’s as a legal guardian. they told me that i was young and could create more children. for more information please contact me for the whole story. someone please help me


  142. Sandreaka bridgett says:

    My son have it been in my care for almost a year now (the grand parents has gardianship and the dad as sole custody) he’s two years old now and i been trying to find a.tribal lawyer to help me get custody back of my son im a African-American females and my son is a.member of the Comanche nation in Lawton Oklahoma it has been an extremely hard and difficult year for me because without my son by myself i feel lost in this world i have it done anything wrong. I work two jobs have my own car and home and still cant have custody of my son its so unfair i dont understand why i can’t have him back. If anyone have any information for me please contact me at


  143. Beverly says:

    My granddaughter was taken from my daughter and placed in foster care for drug use and domestic violence my mother which would be great grandmother Is wanting to have her placed with her she is married neither her or her husband have been in trouble and its been 2 months almost and they did a home visit and my step dad told them that he drank some when be gets off work and. Now they are trying to deny my mother what can I do


  144. Breanna says:

    Hi my name is Bree and my daughter was taken away from me at three weeks old end of August 2015 for D.V. With my ex girlfriend I am in the process with reunification with my daughter but this week I tested positive for a pregnancy test my boyfriend or this unborn child has nothing to do with my cas now and I’m doing my victim classes and parenting classes and everything I need to do to get my baby back but will my unborn child be taken from me BC I have an open case in scared and fearful of the out come in August when my new baby is born I need some answers ASAP


  145. Golden says:

    My son was wrongfully taking on June 17, 2015 I didn’t see him until June 30, 2015 at court. He told me the foster care mom son kicked him in the chest and my son has severe asthma. The advocate was sitting right there and told my son are you sure that didn’t happen at daycare he said no at the house. They didn’t do anything about it so I called the 1800 number for them to do an investigation. I then wasn’t able to see him till July 10,2015. It has been so hard for me they did not let me see him for a month after I complained to the transporter for being late. She signed off my case because I told her that if she is late anymore I was going to report her. So my social worker took a whole month to secure a new transport company then I was able to see my son once more. It was suppose to be twice a week for two hours yet they always fount a reason to cancel a visit once a week. I complained about Children’s Hospital of Atlanta Egestion and a Dr. at Hugh Spaulding. They had the social worker come talk to me after I asked to speak to the director she asked me to sign paper work for his hospital records. Then the social worker at Eggleston Children’s Hospital built a case based off my closed CPS case in Madison WI. I had missed dr. appointments in Madison WI an when they took my child they lied and said I was Bipolar. Although this did not take place in GA I had just moved here that is not what the social worker said. She told CPS I missed dr. appointments here the first time the case was open they closed it due to the law of my old case being closed. I had complained about the nurse snatching my son’s Iv out of his had back in October 18 / 19 2014 yet they never put it in the report. I should have stopped completely going to Children’s Hospital and went to Emory. He was going to the Hugh Spaulding asthma clinic once a month and not once did they tell me he had to have a primary care doctor. Nor when I kept asking for a referral to a holistic doctor or natural alternative steroids for my son’s asthma. All they would do is yell at me and ask me why I am bringing him there if I want the natural approach. I told the doctors I read that steroids give kids cancer and tumors also they are not good for long-term health. An always asked how to spell what they put in my son and requested they give me information on the side affects. The doctors at Hugh Spaulding didn’t like that I asked questions so they sent a social worker to come help me. I asked the social worker if she could set up rides for my doctor’s appointments she didn’t. I asked her if she could help me with bus passes she didn’t and I almost gave up and stopped asking questions. Till February 5 2015 I meet a black doctor that understood me wanting a natural approach. So she recommended that I stop giving him the meds only an allergy pill at night and flush his nose every night. I did what she said and he had caught a cold from my neighbor’s son that landed him in the hospital. On the 20 of Feb I believe we went to the ER and he had a dr. appointment scheduled for the 26 of Feb 2015. After that appointment I went to the desk to see when my next dr. appointment was and the told me March 26 as the lady looked in the system. She then tells me scratch March and come April 30, 2015 so I did what she said. I had started a new job forgot about the appointment and asked if I could still come I will be running late. I left the Perimeter Mall and headed back to Stone Mountain to go pick him up. When I finally made it to him from Dunwoody I rushed to down town Atlanta to make his appointment. By time I made it there they checked me in then checked me back out saying they couldn’t see me. The doctors then went to the social worker and had her call CPS again and she stated I medically neglected my child so they took him. I know my story is long but for those reading always record your hospital visits because they write down everything that is said through their perception. Always take notes of the days date and time have a personal journal of anything that takes place at the dr. Make sure you can even receive your child’s hospital records and keep them I=on file. The doctors make note of what you don’t do what you allow and how your kids look almost every time they come in. And if the CPS is in your life record everything don’t let them know you are doing so. Make sure you get their email address and if they don’t give it to you look it up online. Make sure you always email your social worker what she said no matter the topic of your discussion and what you said as well. That will help you out very much and do not yell argue fight curse at all with them. Try your best to keep your peace do not talk to them during your child’s visits at all. Nicely say we can set up a meeting to talk on a later day that time is for your child they are not your friends. No matter how nice the transporter is they do that so that you can think they are cool and you then end up telling them information that the CPS worker can use against you. Do not tell them anything they want to her always breathes before you speak and think what will Jesus do. An the rest is up to you good luck with your journey an I pray we all get to hold our kids again. Oh one more thing learn the Laws of the state your in or planning on moving to it is a must some states are all for CPS and will back them up no matter what because they bring the state so much money.


  146. Gladys says:

    My cousin kids were took from there father what time she was in jail cos told her she had to pluid guilty to child abuse and neglect or she would never see the kids again she went to rehab on her own and has done everything that costed has asked her to do pluses other thing that they haven’t ask her to do she has never filed a drug test and the social worker acts like she don’t want to give her kids back what can she do


  147. shirley regan says:

    this is helpful information…but we have a very Unusual situation with my grandson how can i get any legal assistance…the dhhs worker refuses to let him come back home with me…,even though his parents dont want him and a foster home placement is pretty impossible and adoption cant hapoen til tpr is enforced which dhhs refuses to do!!! its horrible what theyre putting him through his rights are overlooked with his best interest being ignored for adopted parents best interst!!! Any help would be Greatly appreciated. c-5 judicial review this month…no help from G.A.L.


  148. Cierra C says:

    I live in inkster MI, I am 16 years old. My dad has given all rights to my mom over me! My mom has drug problems and where living in a house that has no certificate of occupancy, no heat except a outside use propane heater, no running water, and no electricity! I really need to get out of their but I need help! My neighbors down the street have offered to take care of me and I was wondering if cps gets called on my mom if they could legally adopt me??


  149. Angela Bool says:

    What if my children where removed with out trying everything thing to keep my children home thay just took them from school all thay have is me I’m a widowed of 17yrs been raising all for of my children I have a 23yr old they took my children that this past Tuesday the Friday before I took a drug test I didn’t know I could refused it I said I didn’t want to take it because I know I’m dirty she says to me cPS if you don’t take the test we will remove your children so she gave me a little over a week to take the UA but she didn’t give me a PPO just a paper saying removed you’re children due to drug test and passed opened and closed cases nothing no neglect no physical abuse no physical threat to any of my children not as long as they have been part of my life I would never allow this to happen to my children My Neice I tried to help her out she was in the attic she couldn’t take the fact that I was stronger than her that was walking beside her and her dangerous life I didn’t want her to do it alone she just wouldn’t get the point try to introduce some AAA and all the books that I have saved up she not the hope all over and almost fell and hit she almost busted her head on the kitchen floor he went back to Abilene Terrence telling her adopted parents that was mean that had her on all these drug’s she is only 18 I brought her home with me because we just spent seven days in Abilene together I was on vacation with my 13 year old twin boys I need to get my boys home they have never been in this type of environment SAT there and now an alternative school really who put the a/b honor student in alternative school this is ridiculous absolutely redonkulous yes yes I know ok ridiculous anyway thank you pray for my family please what do I do I feel like my rights as a parent have been taken away sweat from underneath my feet this was all illegal I don’t get it or I guess I do I was a part of the system once before when I was a child myself I know what it’s like in there I know it goes on I know what happens when you try to sleep at night then something comes along or someone or some who it still haunts me to this day everything I was going through hunting these people knew I was PTSD bipolar schizophrenic with split personalitys my phone was hacked into I got into all my account everything I was wiped clean of my bank account I was in a negative almost $200 this all is Sis in the past 4 weeks I am still occasionally working on my phone I still haven’t figured out how to fix my facebook page my original one everything was changed on it and a new one was put program to my phone from a different IP number pretty much the same cellular company all I can say is I got to stand firm and strong and believe that I have a fight in me this pain is unbearable for these two children of mind are my oxygen my air tank the wind underneath my hair they’re beautiful long hair Mr smiles the two young men would cook dinner for me they have brought they have brought me breakfast in bed now does this sound like a drug house to you know I don’t think so they know how to wash their own clothes they are only 13 they’re on the athletic team they have some art honors classes band so you seem I would not allow them to do anything to jeopardize their future they’re very good outstanding citizen we are all involved with the Salvation Army that is the only true family I have right now for my 17 year old twins walked out of my house 3 weeks ago around the same time their father moved out at the same time my brain is on overload too many emotions at one time in this time he came by 5 for each person that has been taken away from me or walked away from me it is OK God has put some good people in my life they are real good friends with my son we keep on trying to get them to go to church with us lol that’s the mission anyways after the storm there’s got to be something great in the end can I say lost two people for harassment for all these years haha yeah right like that would ever happen like a lawyer would actually take on the state why I pray to God someone will does when this is all done and said in the end I AM Still Mother,Father, Y’all’s EVERYTHING I LOVE MY Twinkies I miss you I’m going to try to lay down and get some rest as a psych patient I have to get up and go visit my site doctor is a walk in tomorrow morning because this is all too much for me they need to do some changing up real fast like I’m so done I am so tired but I’m still kickin and I’m still pull in and I’m still striving in my pain I Love u’$ 2


  150. Cortney says:

    My son was placed with family three years ago I still have visitation but only once a month is there anyway I can get my son home now the cps case is closed and has been for three years


  151. Chris says:

    I had my kids placed in foster care by the state. The kids were moved from. One foster home to another and I wasn’t notified for 2 months. Also my son was in the hospital and it took 2 months to tell me about it. It violated my rights as a parent. What can be done a out my rights being violated?


  152. Mariah says:

    could I get any advice? so when I was 4 (I’m 13 now) me and my sister were taken from my mom by Dhs and put in a foster home, when I was 6 I was adopted by my dads parents and ive lived with them ever since. currently I want to live with my mom, she has been doing very good and has my sister back, and has had two other children. how would I even start with this? Any ideas on how I could live with her legally?


  153. Stephanie Feliciano says:

    Dyfs took my child 2 months daughter from the hospital on January 25th 2016 and im trying to get her back home with me and the dad I need help u live In 900 commonwealth blvd toms river NJ 08757 and my daughter name alexis feliciano


  154. Larissa mcord says:

    3 years ago I got pulled over I went to jail for shoplifting at the time I was using heroin and nothing else mattered when I got pulled over and went to jail I had my child in my car they search my vehicle and found a syringe and a spoon CPS came and took my child gave my child to my mother my mother could not pass a drug screen so CPS intervene and took him away I did 9 months in jail when are you got out of jail I received a letter the letter stated that my child was going to be remove for me permanently I had not had time to do anything when I received the letter so I was scared and thought my life was over and they had taken everything from me I had so I took the letter and I put it away because I really didn’t understand I thought he was already gone and now that I am clean and I am better I realize that it wasn’t at the time I received the letter 15 months ago do you think there is any way I could still get my child back please don’t tell me all hope is lost everybody makes mistakes but I have learn for my mistake and I miss my son very much


  155. exampl6709 says:

    My 3 beautiful babies were stolen by the CPS for not having lights. They have repeatly threatened and blackmailed me saying not to have my husband see his own children. 3 HCSO dupties brutally attack my boy Brandon. Grind him against the wall and twisted his arms trying to break it Officer Noland laugh and said i know where you life and ill find you and finish the job. They cut my son and said laughing ill gladly cut you again. And put you in hospital. Now they arrest my husband Peter. They brutally attack him to. I was arrest to for protecting our babies. Please help. 8136385316


  156. elva lue sigur says:

    What do I do if im getting no assistance from worker tobreunophy and seems like everything she sends me to do is a disaster


  157. Christy says:

    I lost my kids to ocs two years ago since then I have got back with the father of one of my daughter’s I been with her for two years and now me and the father is getting our own place and the grandmother won’t let me take her with me she is no longer in custody with ocs and the father has full custody how do I go about getting a paper that says my child can be in my care as long as the father okays it


  158. Kristy Smith says:

    I have a past with child services of ala. That’s been about 15 yrs ago. In 15 yrs a person can do alot of changen. My grandkids got took an i can’t get custody. I am an AWSOME grandmother and my grandkids love me. I probally cared for them as much or more than their family. They had a report I had physically abused my daughter 15yrs ago. But they NEVER, I MEAN NEVER, CHECKED N TO IT. Never questioned my daughter or me. Matterfact, I only found out about it because of tryen to get my grandkids. If I had not tried to get my grandkids I would have never known about it. An it was 15 yrs.ago. I have had other problems with child services. But they never investigated the abuse. Now, my babies r n foster care. I need help, please!!!! I love my babies. Please


  159. Mary Heitmann says:

    What if the parent doesn’t believe in pills do to past trauma cause of medication. And the only thing that helps is marijuana. Marijuana has been the only type of medication that has helped her body pain disabilities excreta. She has been on a number of different pills most her childhood and is now being made to go that again. She’s finished everything else but drug treatment. She is not an addict and is also allergic to narcotics and Adderall. Need advice for this person. Please help.


  160. pam says:

    can dhs in Oregon legally require roomates to give urine samplesbefore newborn comes home


  161. Kenika Brimage says:

    Dhhs currently have my daughter and my mom was to get temporary custody of my baby, will that get dhhs out of my life??? Then will it be.illegal for my return my me


  162. Charlotte Jones says:

    In arkansas can a mother and daughter share a room


  163. Patti woods says:

    I was told my great grandchildren could be around their mom’s mom who is and lives with a convicted child molester , because she went to a class for it ! Is there such a class ?


  164. Noelia Renee Garcia says:

    Need help to get my kids back I’m desperate cps lied to me saying if I signed my rights that I would get my kids back I did everything they told me did all my classes and know they don’t want to give me back my babies I’m about to the point that I’m going to killmyself if I don’t have them back they are all I got in this world please in God name help me get my kids back


  165. Deljuan curry says:

    Well my name is Deljuan Curry and i have been going through a case for 2 years and they took my kids away for good and everyday i pray that good send me my kids back to me i need help and i ask of you can uyou pleas help me……Thank you…


  166. Victoria Allbritton says:

    My son is the one that gave me a cuncussion pusheded me down so i bled internally spacked his eight year old brother who has autism because he peed while he was watching him being paid i was in my roon i got on to him hes ben sexting getting introble at school at the end of the year the councler gave me a written on professional paper for inpatientcare he didnt want to go so he ran away several times hes never goes where he tells me dhs to protect me and my other son to a family that just became fostert place she drinks smokes has no rule son smokes pot takes aderal with alcohol no rules ive known her for 4 years she has a disabled son who has no sitter hes been locked in his room because he cant speek but makes noices iv cleaned there house last year and told my son he can no longer go there thats where dhs put him help my son told me she said i didnt love him while she has wine and gave my underage son alcohol her son smokes weed how well do they check out these places hes worse since hes ben there


  167. Roosevelt says:

    I had a caseworker come by the house and we spoke she told me everything was ok n we talk about how racists kenia Alaska is and a month later 130 in the morningn took my kids while they were in good hand now I’m just stuck with this bitch trying to legal kidnap m kids


  168. Jacqui Schiermeyer says:

    I have been caring for 4 children who have been repeatedly traumatized by the father and his girlfriend by way of severe domestic violence, drug use, and serious neglect… The 12 year old cooks for the family and mostly cares for the younger children. I can not care for all 4 permantlty, but wa t to keep 1 or 2. Can I do that not being related ?


  169. Anna Dearmore says:

    I just got my children taken away and now my soon to be ex husband is trying to get then out of the foster parents care due. Can he do that since we do not live together and have not for a while.


  170. Jay says:

    If you have an open DSS case and you’re the custodial parent, does your kids biological father have the right to know?


  171. I’ve lost my child ib the system, Destin Carter. They took complete advantage of me because i had no support!!! My child needs to be with me, his biological Mother! What can i do????


  172. Tj says:

    I am a father who has full custody of my daughter for the last 9 years. Just found out that for the last 2 years while visiting bio mother at her house there were 2 other girls forcing and threatening to kill her if she ever told of the sexual acts they were making her do to them. Had police investigate and now DHS won’t press charges and now my daughter fears for her life if the judge orders back to visiting her mom. How can I protect her from worse harm that she will experience if the court sends her back


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