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A Time To Be Heard

My name is Shawna. August 28, 2020 will be 11 years to the day that I was taken from my family. For the last ten years I’ve been made to keep quiet about what really went on behind closed doors … Continue reading

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Alabama Child Protective Services Steals New-born Breast-feeding Baby from Rape Victim While Still at the Hospital

Juda Myers of Choices4Life calls her a “Hero Mom.” A 14 year old Alabama girl became pregnant from a rape, but she courageously chose life for the baby that was conceived. She refused to consider the option of abortion, and … Continue reading

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Judge Went Pontius Pilate on Giwa Family

When advocates, friends, and family gathered in Texas’ 314th District court Thursday, January 7, 2015 in support of the Giwa family they never expected the day they would experience. Two days earlier the Giwas attended a Permanency Planning type meeting … Continue reading

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Austin Mom wants her son back! – AVNetnews

Authored by: Raquel Okyay A Texas family court, without cause, awarded custody of a ten-year-old boy from mom’s full-time care only to place him with a known abuser and sexual deviant. “I did nothing wrong. No history of abuse or … Continue reading

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New Things Are Coming

I personally have not posted on this site in a while. Life got in the way. A friend of mine has been minding the store and doing a great job. Thank you Jim Black. As of this date we are … Continue reading

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Foster Care Kills

Each day, within the United States, including the General Population and Foster Care, just over 4 children die due to child abuse or neglect. A statistic that is used to justify our Child Protection System. Sadly that statistic is not … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Know it Doesn’t Know #OpExposeCPS

The general population doesn’t know what is happening with CPS and  Foster Care and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know. (The above statement is derived from the concept of Trans-Formative Thinking.) Society’s general view of CPS is if … Continue reading

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Doc Greene Speaks Briefly on CPS

In response to our piece, Death Hurts; Child Deaths due to Abuse Even More, Doc Greene of Raging Elephants Radio did a short segment on CPS. As usual Doc presented a very heart wrenching follow up to our article. He  began … Continue reading

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Death Hurts; Child Deaths due to Abuse Even More

  Updated: Feb 2, 2015 Nothing hurts more than the untimely death of a child. Add to that the fact that they died at the hands of another and it becomes unbearable. This week the murder trial for Melinda Lynn … Continue reading

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Not just States, BUT the Feds are failing to protect children

A report released earlier this week reveals that every state has failed the federal standards for child protection. The 110 page report titled “Shame on U.S.” was compiled through the joint efforts of the Children’s Advocacy Institute of the University … Continue reading

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