Important Information by a Lawyer

No matter what stage your “case” is in, the Number One (#1) thing YOU MUST DO- Document, Document, Document. This costs nothing and is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do in your defense. Keep detailed records of who said what, when. ESPECIALLY document face-to-face and conversations on the phone. Record or video tape if you have it. CPS workers “make mistakes”, LIE, and TWIST your words.
See Washington State Extended Families for a nice essay on how to do Documentation.

If there is a lawyer in your area who HATES CPS and knows how to put up a DEFENSE, hire him now and help him defend you. If you have to sell the car, mortgage the house, clean out your retirement fund, borrow from relatives- pay his retainer.

NOTE- If you ARE a LAWYER who wants to learn HOW, see-
Legal Information

If you get a court-appointed attorney, you may or may not receive a “vigorous defense”. About the standard pay they receive is $500 total, so the pay is no motivation to them. You might get a young, idealistic one fresh from law school, and he may be pretty aggressive. Some older ones who are not calloused may also really go to bat for you and the children and provide Competent Counsel. In all cases, Help him defend you

Also see Make Your Court-Appointed Attorney Work For YOU at

NEW! August 8, 2008 How I Found Attorney Who “Hates” CPS

If there is NO such lawyer (there’s not very many), or you are penniless,

~you are going to have to learn how to DO IT YOURSELF in pro per or pro se ~

Be aware that some “courts” may be so “unencumbered by the Constitution” that a lawyer “may” risk his Bar License by providing a “vigorous defense”. (See What Happens in the FOG)

There are also stories about CPS KIDNAPPING THE LAWYER’S CHILDREN AND ASSASSINATING HIS CHARACTER TOO. We have heard of CPS doing the same thing to JUDGES, Doctors, Police officers, other CPS people (Whistle-Blowers), and even State Representatives who challenge CPS’ lies and fascist activities.

That’s why just filing your papers with the court clerk may be the only way to GET THE TRUTH ON THE RECORD. That is why the “Sui Juris” method was developed.

If you don’t get anything ON THE RECORD, you will likely have
NO appealable issues in the future. See this and ESPECIALLY THIS

What Happens in the FOG- Beginning with an anonymous hotline “tip” of suspected abuse, a parent enters a gray area of American jurisprudence. And it is not “murky” to his benefit.
Child Abuse, when alleged, is not a criminal matter. It is blithely characterized as a “Civil” matter, much the same as a lawsuit to collect on a breach of contract. Thus, the Constitutional protections afforded in a criminal case are not necessarily extended to those accused of Child Abuse. Full Article

Don’t kid yourself.
This is not the Happy, Fair Courts

To fully understand what Family Courts REALLY ARE- see Volksgerichtshof

~By the way~
When the Nazi’s picked up the Jews
and sent them to Concentration Camps, they called it
Schutzhaft, literally translated “Protective Custody”

Write your own version of history in a Sworn Affidavit
and FILE IT with the Court, the CPS, the DA, and whoever else that has ANYTHING to do with your case.
You are SWEARING to the truthfulness of your statements. The CPS witches aren’t swearing to ANYTHING (what is SACRED to them that they COULD swear on? The Humanist Manifesto II?)

You had better be telling the truth with no “embellishments” and citing FACTS you can back up with evidence or witnesses’ sworn statements. Say NOTHING self-incriminating. If you have something to hide, you aren’t going to lie your way out of it.

Grammar Quick Help Class 101 How your papers LOOK matters!

The importance of your Sworn Affidavit cannot be over- emphasized!
THE ONLY WAY you have appealable “issues” in the future
is to get your facts ON THE RECORD in court.

Quit talking with the CPS monsters. You are waiving your FIFTH AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT and Miranda Rights every time you answer a question.
Personal and phone conversations are where “mistakes” (inventions and fabrications) happen when THEY write their report about the conversations. Words you say float up into the rafters and come back twisted against you. If you feel you have to talk with them, record it or videotape it. And don’t forget to DOCUMENT it.

CPS is NOT your friend!

Women especially fall into this trap. Especially in cases where a child is ALLEGEDLY abused or molested by a family member.

DO NOT pour your heart out to a CPS worker or CPS contractor Mental Illness clinician.

Do that, and you will join the ranks of “co-perpetrator” lamenting “I was so, so foolish. I was an IDIOT. I thought they were there to HELP me. I thought the CPS worker CARED. I thought I had PROFESSIONAL CONFIDENTIALITY with the psych shithead.”

CPS will use every word you say to make your child a Legal Orphan, because THAT’S what they are being PAID for.
Ignore or forget this at your and your children’s EXTREME PERIL.

August 21, 2008 NEW CASELAW

Case Name: U.S. v. Craighead, District: 9 Cir , Case #: 07-1-135
Opinion Date: 8/21/2008 , DAR #: 13245
Case Holding:
Interrogations occurring inside the home are custodial, requiring Miranda advisements under the Fifth Amendment, if the circumstances turn it into one of a “police-dominated” atmosphere.

Speaking personally, if there was no cop there, I would darn sure turn it into a “police dominated atmosphere”, by calling 911 and report that my home was being trespassed under the Color of Law with no Warrant.

If they DO have a warrant, SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP.

BE POLITE! The highest crime you can commit is “Contempt of Social Worker”. We have reports of POLICEMEN telling people that the Constitutional Rights and Miranda Rights are only for TV, and what they are doing is “The Real World”.
See The Oath of Office
EVERY OATH of OFFICE in the USA includes “support the Constitution”

Since many of them seem like childish morons, SOCIOPATHIC, and plainly nasty with no discernable social “skills”, this can be a difficult task.

“I would love to answer your question, but I cannot do that without violating my Fifth Amendment Rights and my Miranda Rights”

“I would love to let you in my house to look around without a Search Warrant. But I cannot do that without violating my Fourth Amendment Rights”

“There is a secret pride in every human heart that revolts at tyranny. You may order and drive an individual, but you cannot make him respect you.” –William Hazlitt

We believe the court-ordered psych exam is a violation of your 5th Amendment rights. Don’t entertain the folly that psychiatrists are your friend. No, you do not enjoy professional “confidentiality” with them. They are the foremost tool of character assassination.

Insist on LETTERS to and from the agencies. They can’t alter their words printed on paper that have been mailed to you. Nor can they alter your words either. KEEP COPIES of your letters to them.

#7 Get your records- FOIA/Privacy Act/ Open Records. Anything they FORCE you to sign, sign it “Under Duress”. You can also Rescind your previous signatures.

Clean up your house and your life.
Obviously, if your house is a mess or your life is a mess, your CPS worker is going to use every bit of it against you. There is (so far as we know) absolutely NO LAW about “dirty house”, but they make a big deal out of it.
Shacking up with a boyfriend is the path to hell. Boyfriends have NO “natural affection” for your children, and they are the #1 baby rapists and child abusers and killers, at the TOP of any statistical data.

So this is something YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT. Clean up. Quit smoking. Whatever you are doing that you KNOW is wrong, the choice is between your laziness, habits, lifestyle choices, CATS, and YOUR KIDS.

You choose. If you can’t, then don’t complain about what happens.

Also see AFRA Dress Codes. How you dress and conduct yourself in interviews, at court, or with the Mental Illness Clinicians- matters.

: WHERE IS THE LAW about a “messy house”?

What are the STANDARDS?

What’s the criteria for determining a “messy house” or “dirty house”?

How many (if any) pets can a family have?

What’s the standard about cat litter boxes?

How often is a toilet supposed to be scrubbed?

How many Cheerios are allowed on the floor under the kitchen table?

How many dust bunnies are allowed under the heat radiator? Under the refrigerator?


106 Responses to Important Information by a Lawyer

  1. Awesome advice. Get it out there to help parents before they are in to deep.


  2. carol says:

    I wish I had this advise when cps first got involved with my family now my 6 children are in foster homes and 3 of them want to adopt my children they are in 5 different foster homes now


  3. 2endtherat says:

    All so true. Documentation is so key, In just three years I have over fifteen BINDERS of stuff!!


  4. karen says:

    i wish my daughter had this afvice the cps in georgia have her dhcildren and she dont know when she sill get them back i told her document everything and her lawyer seens to be doing pretty good


    • angie carter says:

      I am stuck in the fine state of ga. Waiting on an appeals hearing that I have been approved for but have no date set for it. My seven year old son has been sent to pa. And no one seems to care about his feelings or they would help with plane tickets for my visits to see him.all of this mess will probably damage him in the longtime when all he needs is to come home to his mom!!


      • You dont have to go alone I would love to stand by ur side to fight. I live in Georgia you talk about a back woods country bunkings.It is bad here.


      • Jen says:

        i am also in ga, lanier county to be more exact, i have a court date on the 8th, my 18month old and my 2 month preemie (which is still in the nicu)were taken from me on the 18th of sept, she is scared and has brusies on her from her foster care home and they dont care at the cps office it seams.


  5. Charlene says:

    CPS are truly a modern day (KIDNAPPING RING),set up by our own government,to destroy families.Help us restore our families people,because GOD is about family.A family that prays together,should in know wise be separated.That’s WORD,from the WORD OF GOD(THE HOLY BIBLE).


  6. FreeRiley says:

    do you mind if I put your link on my blog?


  7. 14215couponqueen says:

    I am truly thanking God right now for this post. My case has been going on for 3 years and my kids always remained in my care, but court petitions and case records were falsified by various workers, and I have paid the price emotionally. They lie and make threats and its okay because who can stop them? I am doind all that you mentioned and i want 2 ask what 2 do when I have proof of a petition falsified? can i sue or complain to some1 and where do i start? God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Michelle says:

      I’m michelle live in ga end my 6 year old have been taking for the same reason


    • Jennifer says:

      I am going through a similar thing right now. I have had false reports(all the same allegation of drug use) made against me by the same person and I continuously cooperated and the investigations resulted in the allegations being found NOT substanciated (never a dirty test result becausse I do not use) but they wont leave me alone. I just recieved my third letter from them with results of the investigation from a third “annonymous” call, and underneath where stated ” Allegations NOT substanciated, no signs of abuse or neglet have been detected as a result of this investigation” it states, “your case remains open with ongoing services”. Now tell me how the hell you can open a case on me when time and time again I prove that I am not a drug user, I have no history of substance abuse at all ever in my life and have never given a dirty drug test. But they keep finding a reason to stay involved. My children have never been removed from me and Ill be damned if they think they are going to take my children. I just recieved a voicemail from the social worker stating that she is filing a petition for neglect with the court because I refuse to speak to her!!! That is crazy! The thing is, you do not have to. I complied throughout the investigation and when it ended thats when they were supposed to leave my family alone. Supossedly there were more “annonymous” calls, so I complied again. Ending with the same results of no neglect or abuse detected. I already had a worker last year lie in court and I had proof (documentation) and with a hard fight they backed off. After all they didnt want it to come out that the worker commited purgery against me. (I told them that to their faces). But they came back and are really trying hard. See if your state has an Abundsman, and call him/her if you do. The Abundsman helped me last year against the injustice that was being done.I just had to call her again because now it has turned into harrassment.


  8. elizabeth says:

    What do I do if I was wrongfully accused and it was do to medical. My case is complicated. They accused me of meth use and I have been testing 8 months now with no dirty test. I had a rash all over my body and come to find out I wasn’t healing cause my gallbladder needed to be removrd. I even seen a dermatologist and they said I was born with it and its not curable they can only make it manageable. It’s severe exzema.


    • Guinevere Simko says:

      They think that of me also, they took me took a place to pee in cup. I passed. But they still have me doing random UA’s even though I have never had a charge in my life at 47.


  9. caresse Smith says:

    is there any lawyer that can help me I live in Ohio near dayton . In dire desperation to just be able to talk to a lawyer and find out if I can even afford one for my daughter she needs to have her children back


  10. helen says:

    wish i had all this advice way back when cps stole my one and only child. ive been fighting 6 yrs now , ive gone through 6 attorneys all of whom betrayed me, ive used up all my savings well over 60k and im still no where closer to getting my daughter, reading these stories are all too familiar, my struggle is trying to get an attorney to answer my questions, a while ago i learned though a mom in a similar case that once cps closes a case the mother can file in family court, yet i was denied this, no one can tell me why. does anyone out there have the answer? also illegeal audio recordings were used to build the case against me but no attorney i hired would sue, can i still sue even if they were allowed into the trial back in jan 2007 (my attorney at the time refused to appeal ), when i reopened the case last august and finally made it to court last feb 2012 i was previously told no part of the old trial could be used in the new one but it turns out this wasnt so, im confused, always being told conflicting information, bottom line is i have no mentl health issues yet they still keep my child away from me, with the courts own bias view of my mental health which is not a diaognosis just their opinion. where can i go to find the attorney that will tell me the truth and work for me and not get bought by my opposition.? ? ?


    • celsa says:

      yes you can first believe in our father the lord jesus through him our god will guide you. pray that he show you how and what to do. believe that thats your baby you and only YOU decided to give birth to that baby and not for a price tag either. go to the appellates court keep appealing the courts decision no matter how many times you have to until its written correctly. explain your rights as a person a parent and your right to be one attach all copies of your rights and case laws that have passed. pray and keep faith cuz regardless of our mistakes we are human and have the right to live our life with our family. god forgave us so nobody can judge us. no matter what you still standing and striving towards your goal has to say something eventually for if you werent a good parent with no heart why would you still be here today trying to get back the baby whom needs you regardless of their opinons. god bless you and dont give up do web surfing and whatever you can think of. god is good and no matter what, remember whats done in the dark will always come to light. stay strong and keep your faith dont ever give up on what you know is right. your in my prayers…


      • sarah benvie says:

        I have a similar story, I lost my four children in 2005… I have searched every web sight I have come across … I for some reason feel like this is the day when I finally find something,anything that will lead me in the right direction. I have been on line now since 12am. I found some hope in what you wrote and I want to say thank you!!! God is good.


      • ky says:

        That brought me to tears and it’s my girlfreind, going thru this! God bless you!


      • biting my tounge says:

        Gosh said so well . AMEN !


    • Agnes Brown says:

      How do I get my new Apellate lawyer to answer even my phone calls? It has now been over 10 days since they have been in that other state of NEW MEXICO. My children were born and raised here in Arizona. I have the feeling he is going to blow this case off. It is much larger than himself. I am so very worried about my children, that I have already have the Santa Fe New Mexico police, do a welfare check. I have my 74 yr old psychopath mother speaking on audio, that the kids are a “BIG intrusion.” The Santa Fe police, just see a nice house, in a very upper class neighborhood. They do not give a damn about my precious 8 and 9 yr old. It is literally put me in to so much grief, and I absolutely need to get them returned to Arizona. The judge pulled them out of school here in Arizona, in the middle of the year(they have been with a stable loving foster family, who allowed them to at least call me twice a week,) and shipped them to Santa Fe. My PYSCOPATH 74yr. old mother, is now playing the “HELPLESS” role, and told the Santa Fe police this was a “learning curve”. She immediately took away their IPODS, and there has been no contact. I am so overcome with grief. God bless these two innocent, precious children, may the angels be watching over them.


    • cathy hardaway says:

      cps dallas, texas just termininated my parental rights because I didn’t take the psychiatric exam. but they ordered a psychological exam the recommended I take the psychiatrical. , Also I am considered a T.I. covertly harassed and the reason that I don’t have a home is because of this. my phone number is 469-650-1056.


  11. ilich vargas says:

    I need help filling a tort claim against Victorville CPS I have great proof they violated my rights my moms rights and have exposed my children to harm. My youngest has a dissability and they prevented propped medical treatment I filled a grievance and has not been answered my case is fresh and I need mdia attention will go to court the 3rd of August in Richmond california. I can proove serious neglect not only on CPS but also in the courts my kids names are kaden vargas and Andon vargas we need help. This people need to be corrected and the federal government needs to step in. I have a great story.


  12. ilich vargas says:

    I need help filling a tort claim against Victorville CPS I have great proof they violated my rights my moms rights and have exposed my children to harm. My youngest has a dissability and they prevented propped medical treatment I filled a grievance and has not been answered my case is fresh and I need mdia attention will go to court the 3rd of August in Richmond california. I can proove serious neglect not only on CPS but also in the courts my son needs proper medical treatment and cps in contra Costa and san bernardino services are defective and inadequate we need to get the news and the federal government attention shut down cps and give the school districts the resources to really help our children and families


    • Jennifer Ellingson says:

      What ever happened with your case? I am dealing with Victorville Cps right now as well and hoped tu be able to speak with someone who has dealt with them before.t


  13. loretta mullens says:

    Lost dont know what we should do… a week ago dhr in alabama showed up at my sons home and removed the children, placed them with my oldest son. the children 2 daughter 7 and son 6 said the had been beaten,starved, left along, domestic violence in home, drugs etc.. this is what DHR said, this had been told to the schools guidance counsler. Who meets with the daughters class 1 a week. The two of them suffer from ADHD and had just started medication. They came in the home found a couple small holes not big holes from the floor falling in. I had for months been asking the landlord to fix as they were there when they moved in. Both of the older children are jelious of their 2 year old brother and feel that he gets the most attention. Well the oldest one had stolen some books from the bookfair and her teacher caught her and sent a note home so she was punished by grounding. And not being able to go see her other grandparents the next weekend. she in turn went and told the guidance this story and when they asked her brother they told him she said it happened and he can agree.. Hes 6 years old and adores his big sister and just said yes. He did not know they would get in trouble. Now the oldest says shes afraid to tell them the truth cause they said she will get a spanking. Yesterday I asked the so called investagotor did the look and see if the kids had bruises? She said yes. I said so did you see any she said no.. then i asked her are they malnourished.. she said no.. I asked her did she check to see if any domestic violence reports.. she said yes .. I asked were they any she said no… I asked her did she talk again to the kids she said no… then she said but I am confirming this case.. I asked how if none of that is true she said because the kids said its true.. period… The kids have said its not true nothing happened they lied… the 5 year old said he told her its a lie they lied and she refuses to listen.. The parents are devastated.. They are good parents they love their kids..We dont know what to do.. After reading about this all over the internet we dont know what to do..


  14. Jannet lory says:

    I had NO idea and really wish I had found this website, if it existed then, so I could have been better prepared. I did file my own records with the court, distributed them to all parties, but judge Andersen said she “didn’t read them because they were not filed by youd attorney” and said she “threw them out.” Countless records,evidence refuting garbage spewed by the caseworker Tamara Woodard, documents from case workers who were against the lies by CPS, all were seen by every lawyer, guardian ad litem, etc EXCEPT by the judge. She threw them OUT and I filed them due to negligence and lack of interest by my court appointed attorney. I spent countless hours and months gathering it all only to have it thrown away in seconds.


  15. april cochran says:

    Cps stole my kids 15years ago adopted them out to a foster lady named debra jones
    under judge kevin grudy barrow county dfcs I have been looking for my girls since then no trace any where im so worried. Any suggestion r help I would welcome


    • Michelle Marie says:

      A Letter I want to share with you all.
      if you have any questions or know a lawyer that Can Help Me I believe this could turn into a Class Action lawsuit
      please email me at
      My letter to Dade&Broward County CPS
      I’m not sure which one handled my case at that time. If anyone knows where I can get any records PLEASE Help ME!
      To Whom It May Concern

      Hello My Name is Michelle I am a 40 year old product of the system. During the years of 1976-1979 I was removed from the custody of my biological mother and placed into the custody of the State of Florida Child Protective Services. We were only visiting the state at the time as we were actually vacationing residents of New York. To date I have not been able to obtain any officiating information on this matter. I have been told by several sources that my mother was forced to participate in several different grueling ‘programs’ and required to live under certain ‘rules’ and guidlines if she ever intended on getting me back. I was also advised by my mother and others that she didfullfill all the requirements that she’d been given, but still I was never returned to her care or to join my family again. My aunt Carla who died shortly after, depressed over the matter, and her husband at that time were also trying to get custody of me but the CPS wouldnt let her have me either. To this day I still cannot understand why. She was a business owner with a stable home for me and two of her own children. Apparently she did not have any more rights to me than my mom and it was WRONG!
      Instead I was placed with a ‘family who was ‘Friends’ of the social worker responsible for my case. She ensured them legal gaurdianship and was the person who deemed my family unfit. There was NEVER any basis for totally removing me. Even if my mother may have been too young or had some issues it did not warrant my total removal from my family. I feel I was a pawn in a very large child protective agency game.
      It sickens me that the State Of Florida RUINED my entire Life, It Was The Department of Child Protective Services who designed my life to fail. My then Foster parents, later to become my adoptive parents, were never required to follow the same guidelines that my biological mother or relatives were made to do in order to keep me.
      Basically, I was taken from my biological family and place within a far worse &totally disfunctional situation.
      The party that eventually gained power over my gaurdianship should Never been entitled to foster me much less adopt me and I have suffered from this extremely unfair and ethically wrong situation ever since.
      My story is no different then the fairytale story of the neglected Cinderella although the abuse was much graver.
      I was used as a tool and my rights to being a individual human being was stripped from me. For my biological mother it was a No Second Chance circumstance. My adoptive family taking me in was a mere, so called, charitable contribution to society. I was a symbol for the adoptive parents to use as an appearance ticket of their kindness and charitability. Something to gloat over for their family, friends, aquantiences, their chirch. A picture of wonderful people drawn for apperances for society. In reality I was a pawn in a big SICK game and I grew up as a victim of circumstance. I was treated no better than a family pet. In fact there were times when the dog got better treatment then I. Florida you placed me as a burden on this family and it discusts me. What would have been in my best interest did not factor in to the decision to place me with this family and I do not believe they, especially the adoptive mother, were ever required to take any type of psychological evaluations prior to me being placed. If they had been maybe someone could have detected prior to me suffering abuse at her hand, her mental instability and I would not be writing to you today. From the age of six to fifteen when I was once again returned to State care, I was seriously emotionally and physically abused and on one occassion even sexually assulted by one of their sons, who was six years my senior. I suffered all kinds of abused by my care givers. I was constantly hit with a belt to the point where blood was drawn. More then onced I’d been force fed things I did not like or could not stomache. During one of the worst most impressionable episodes In my life I was made to sit in the dark and threatened to be force fed my own vomit if I didnt eat it myself. On that occassion after I’d sat in front of my own vomit on my dinner plate for hours the man interviend and allowed to return to my room, My room in their million dollar home was a storage closet with peeling wall paper was where I spent a great deal of time when I lived with them. I was a total inconvience to them, when I was not being punished I was consistantly being ridiculed and belittled. I was constantly being teminded that I needed to recognize how ‘Lucky I Was that I wasnt living with my real mother because she was a drug addict and a whore’ I was constantly being reminded how much I needed to appreciate theyre charity.
      I’m completely convinced that I was not adopted because this family wanted to care for me, No Theres more to the story and I convinced that I was adopted for alterior reasons. I have since been told by my adoptive father that I was not wanted by him but I was an attempt on his part to appease his wife due to her inability to have a girl baby, they already had three biological children. i was a Mexican American and they were predominantly chinese which cause serious issues with me fitting into their family from the begining it was a bad move on the part of everyone involved.
      Basically I was stolen from my mother and placed with a new family because they had money. My mother could not compete with their money so no matter how many hoops she was required to jump through there was never any intent on behalf of the authorities to allow me to return to my mothers custody.
      The State Ruined My Life, my mothers life and both of our futures.
      I am still suffering the ramifications of the whole dark shady happenings surrounding my childhood.
      My story does not seem to be of a unique cercumstance and unfortunately not uncommon.
      I’m writing to you first, before I involve the law, before I begin to proceed with utilizing the United States Judicial system and the public as a forum to expose these practices and in order to get justice for what has happened to me I feel I must Speak out. if not to get justice for myself and my mom then to try to change these actions of these government institutions and to get them to Stop Doing This! I was treated as a piece of mervhandise,I was treated 100% unethically, my human rights were robbed, my saviors in fact ended up being my Real Abusers. My Saviors being the State Of Florida’s Child Protective Services.
      I believe that in many cases this sort of thing is still happening today. These practices are unfair, immoral, abusive and inhuman. I want justice. I want any money back that was paid to this family, lawyers, judges, and the dept of child protective services
      on my behalf. My Childhood was taken from me, my family was broken and destroyed and our lives were turned upside down.
      I was never treated as an equal in this wealthy family they’re charity to me went about the extent of what would be neccisary for good appreances. These people did Not Contibute to my life, although they provided generously for theyre biological children, I was provided the minimal. I began supporting myself at a young age. Their three sons recieved ivy league college educations、weddings and anything else they needed. For me I was reminded time and time again that any money I felt I was entitled too being theyre child was already used up on my officializing of my adoption. Thid allowed them to financially neglect all of my future needs. i was not eligiable for any state aid because He was a nuevlear engineer and she was a drug and alcohol therapist. I do not hold them responsible but I do hold the agency that took me from my mom and my family 100% responsible. I had no place in that family and I was removed from my status in my own blood family. I was robbed of a future since the moment CPS stepped into my life and I havent been able to escape that shadow ever since.
      When the doors were closed and the shades were drawn I was a prisoner in my own skin. Aoption is not and should not be treated like dogs in a pound. These actions must stop. I want retribution and I want to be compinsated by everyone that benifited on my behalf. I will be patiently awaiting your response as to what should be my next course of action. Im leaving it up to you now. If I dont get a ligitimate response in a timely fashion I will be forced to send this email to every blogger, news paper, news station and public official I can contact. I am a Very Angry Prior Ward of The State. I come to you today as my prior gaurdian asking for help in getting a business loan so that I can begin to forge a legacy for my own family now. As a ward of the State and due to their negligence in placing me into a family who provided me with little, if any support both emotionally, and or finacially, I come to you, The State,who took it upon themselves to be both my mother my father, my lawyer and my judge to help me at this stage in my life in assisting me financially in assertaing a 10,000 loan to get my business started. Who Do I Need To Talk to to make this happen because nobody else will help me. Im tired of living outside of society and I want a chance to be a part of what was taken from me before I run out of time. I did Not make the choices that were made for me but this is my first step at Claiming my individuality, my rights to being a person and a right to be compinsated as my adoptive family should have contibuted to my life. I can go on and on the indescretions of the State of Florida and their Department of Child Protective Services was Not different then any other child smuggling ring and the bottom line is and I have suffered at their hand since I was six years old. I come to you now because I want to take control of my life something the government has made nerely impossible since the beginning of my life. I’m seriously hoping there is some way this can be made right by somebody because it is not right that I was treated this way. I hold Florida Child protective services for all that has happened to me from the moment they became involved in my life. This only the beginning of my decision to pursue this but I feel I am ready and strong enough. I will stop at Nothing and spend the rest of my life seeking justice for myself and others.


      • Michelle Marie says:

        I have never shared this with anyone but It is time. After reading all your stories I heard myself and my mom’s story in each and every case. Both of our lives were ruined. I have not been able to recover for this. The only good that came from any of this is that I did eventually find my mother due to my extremely vivid memory I tracked her down. I thank God for that. Now Yes I am looking to be compinsated. Somebody made money off me and I Want It BACK and I want everything overturned and I want CPS to take full responsability for everything they caused. Fortunately for me I am a grown up now but there are so many little me’s out there right now in the same position. If I could help people to not have to go through what I have been through I would do absolutely Anything I Can. Please let me know as my email is posrted in my previous comment..God Bless You All

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      • Patricia says:

        I am crying reading this because I am in the middle of this. My children were taking away because my COURT appointed attorney seriously misrepresented me and I smoked marijuana! I have recently reopened the case because all that was left when it was closed was for me to get stable housing and employment…(MONEY), and while I’m far from rich, I have done that. I did the majority of my case plan while I was homeless. If I had a REAL attorney, there would have never been a case. My children are now in the care of my parents, who are old and tired and did not raise ME right! Every time I go to visit my step dad is screaming and hollering at my kids, just like he did to me and my brothers and my mom makes them go in a room after school and watch tv until bedtime. They get minimal attention, good attention that is. What kind of life is that for a child? I love and need my children and it’s very obvious that they love and need me, but dcf of Florida could care less.They just keep trying to throw every road block in the way to prevent me from getting my family back together. I have changed my life, am drug free and have turned my life to God. I sympathize with you because I know that it could be much worse if my kids were given to foster parents, but as I said, my parents are old and worn out so who knows how much longer they have and how much longer they will put up with the “inconveniences”?! It’s all about money. I personally know parents with much worse issues, who’s children should be taken away, but where is DC F in those situations? Their purpose is supposed to be to keep families together but they are doing the exact opposite. There is no help involved and they twist words and tell lies…especially if you can’t afford a REAL attorney! God be with us.


      • God Bless you, u are a strong courage’s young woman. Keep fighting contact the media and a pro bono civil lawyer.


  16. Maryann Milligan says:

    My grandson and his girlfriend have been together about 2 years. They met when she was 7 months pregnant and he was there for the birth of “their” son. He had previously had some issues with meth and had finally overcome the problem. He came to Texas to find a better life for them. He became involved with meth again and then she arrived. They were caught with drugs in a raid and the child was taken by CPS. They both stopped doing drugs and she started college and he started working trying to get back their child and their lives. Both passed every substiquient drug test and continued to try to get back their son and better their circumstances. Finally she was told she must leave the state or lose rights to her son. He of course has no rights to this child even though he is the only father he has ever had and they were both taking good care of him until this stupid laspe in judgement occured. Now she has left school, left the state, and the child is in the custody of relatives that are changing her number, and doing everything possible to keep him and her from talking to each other. They have changed her facebook account, changed her phone number, etc. This is a grown woman in her 20’s. In the meantime they are about to have a new baby to be born mid-June. CPS has told her that her rights are going to be taken on the older one and if she returns to Texas they will take away the new baby. That means that he can’t raise his new son too. Can they really take away this second child just based on the circumstances of the first mistake or do they need to see or learn of some problem in the rearing of this new child? They need some help, they want to be together and raise their child, but don’t know if they can.


  17. I will gladly take cps over. CASA anydday. anyone interested iin joiing me sue them , please contact me.


  18. Yvette says:

    I am asking everyone to please visit at face book bring Toalei home you will get more an insight of a mother story, that there where no finding of abuse and our grandson is still not home and the sad thing is that my son is not his biological dad put has raise him from day one with mom and his older brother acting father for four years mom wants him place with us and the state want to place him with his real dad that had gave his rights up but state forced him to visitation and want to place with a man that this child doesn’t know. please visit at face book Bring Toalei Home cps when on the mom face book and took a picture that mom had put of her son without any court order who does that. Also to here a case worker say that sibling visit are not no priority My older grandson has had only 7 sibling visit in a year and five month. But court order said sibling visit twice a month what are we to do.


  19. brandylynn says:

    13 days my electricity to my apt was off, had a hard time paying it but it got paid. nevertheless the manager of the apts. made continuous calls to cps about my electricity. And anything else she wanted to add in. why? I thought she was my friend. just now im realizing that I knew she was selling peoples private information written on applications for the apts. I knew who she was selling the information to. And she made my life so miserable, I couldn’t even think right, did not know anything or know anybody to help me. I lost my babies. did not know where to turn to. I was new to the area. I had sect. 8 and I lost it after I lost my life. I feel like a worthless piece of shit. that I dont deserve anything or any type of happiness. im ashamed im embarrassed I feel useless, severly depressed and I can say this tho, I am such loving mom accused of hindering my children, im their mother and it was my job, just me, to love, to care and watch them grow, in our gods love. what was tooken from me that I had the right to have, will never be the same. I have no contact with my 2 kids for 2 years. they are almost done grown age 16 and 12 and I miss the most is our mornings of wakeing up snuggled with them and eating fried pancakes for breakfast.;


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  21. Dolly Cohoon says:

    Sorry , but my question is “Why does anyone need to be given what should be “Common Sense” advice 😦 I absolutely hate that cps or any other government agency could possibly be so corrupt ? But i’m not convinced that every single person commenting is telling the truth and not guilty of abuse or neglect either ! Personally , in good conscience i could never take a child from a safe and loving home environment ! Don’t think for a minute that all attorneys are honest either because the truth is they are not and they stand to profit from your misery 🙂 I’m so sorry for anyone of you that has been truly wronged by cps…….


  22. kayo77 says:

    Is there anything I can do to get my closed cps off my record since it was not founded of me abusing them. …and if so how


    • lesterine77 says:

      In TX you should have gotten a letter allowing it to be closed. But you agree to never file false reports or try to get information from them again. BUT I will tell you It’s NEVER gone. I had a completely fabricated one against me. Lady took a month to even interview me bc “of actual emergencies” her words. I never signed a plan, I never did anything. She saw my place, that my medicine was in a high cabinet. Liked the kids dresser and said they had clothes and gave them easter baskets and left. I chose to close it. It’s now biting my in the rear bc see below. Drugs issue. But that report said I sleep. My kids are 9 and 7. I do take a nap on Sat for a couple hours after work, but that’s all. And that report accused me of stealing my fathers prescription pads and forging my own scripts. Dumb bc all scripts go to two places. one to the Dr and two to the state. Oh I have big (dialated term police used) pupils. Good thing my father an eye doctor and can testify and provide pics from childhood that show big pupils. Check with your capital, mine said their was only a certain amount of time to have it “permanently removed” but it’s never really removed and they will watch. And be back. IF you are a Christian, I recommend staking your ground NOW against all enemy attacks and claiming that for God.


  23. Angela Miller says:

    Has anyone had or have Ashley Parker for a case manager in walker county Ga.If so please contact me at .


  24. lesterine77 says:

    My kids were taken away a week ago and sent with my parents after the cops responded to the wrong apartment. I am a single mother and admit my house was dirty. It is only 900 sq feet and I got it clean in a day. Sunday night after denying police entry and they burst in anyway, and cuffed me and took me across the street when I said I was making a call. Report said I was going for scizzors. My nine year old son saw all this and knows I was going to use my phone. Tuesday afternoon, cps worker said get a new fridge since my seal was broken and kids could come back. Wed after reading police reports and seeing “coerced” consented photos, she then changed to saying concerned about drugs, ordered phys eval and cannot see my kids without my sister or parents present next 30 days. On Tuesday I showed her my adderall, which was filled 08/08/2014 and still had about 7 pills. In fact, she told my mother she counted and realized I didn’t take as much as prescribed. She is now saying replace carpet. Fine. Will do. It’s stained. But if this licensed professional counselor recommends services, will my children be out of my life during that time? Or will they get to come home? Should I move back in with my parents for a couple months? I am going into this evaluation non combative, agreeable, my house was inexcusable and I am open to any suggestions on how to keep it from repeating. I made a terrible impression on Wed, I was pre-law and taught to question everything. I am fearful they are going to blindside me and terminate my rights with no trials or anything. She keeps saying its civil. I said I didn’t want to sign new plan, and she said she’d take kids immediately out of my parents home and get court order. I knew she couldn’t but I was scared. So I am stuck until the 27. My house is now hospital clean. And I have chart of what will be done daily. Worst thing is while I was cuffed, across the street away from my kids, the police scared my cat and it crapped in a bedroom. They have a pic. They are calling it unsanitary. I can see my kids at school, have lunch etc and don’t need a supervisor in the room, but it’s infuriating. I am also working on body language. Saying mean things and making myself not react hostily bc from here on out I am playing their game. They are smarter than me. I will do their classes, I am thankful for their suggestions, and appreciative or their help. I will be humble, and bow down, yet will think before I speak. But my basic questions are can they keep the kids if I am complying with any recommendations, and if my house is spotless, cats are gone, and I put on the greatest acting job of my life? Or will they keep my kids away based on anything this counselor says. And should I get an independent eval bc she said I couldn’t pick a counselor, she’d get a court order for life path (which I pay 150 for) I do have anxiety and medicine for insomnia, and ADD. She says she’s a “nice case worker” and wants to keep it civil and out of court but civil cases the state cannot be your accuser and judge. so no courts are civil. I know I go on. It’s my legal training. But any advice on how to handle this evaluation would be great. How to handle any family action plan meetings and how to get my kids back on 10/17 would be the best.


  25. tylitha franklin says:

    I needhelp to re open my cPS case back up


  26. My name is Tabitha Shoars and my husband is Jeff Shoars we live in Avondale Arizona 85323. I’m contacting you because My husband and I have 8 small children, Cionhiah is 9 years old, Ian is 8 years old, Devin is 7 years old, Akira is 6 years old, makenize is 5 years old, Khloe is 3 almost 4 years old, xzaviar is 2 but almost 3 years old and Bentley is 1 but almost 2 years old. We lived in Duluth Minnesota until March of this year. We moved down to Avondale Arizona because we wanted to start over with our family because back in Duluth Minnesota I was sexually assaulted in 2010 by 2 guys and they were about to be released from prision. I didn’t feel safe there no more because even in 2010 I had people rubbing my stomach that I didn’t know and people causing harm to me and my family that I didn’t know.
    We moved down to Avondale Arizona and it wasn’t the best start until we moved into our address that we are at now. Things were great we had a lot of things going for us as a family until August 14th when everything changed for the worse, My husband and I left on august 14th at 330 pm to attend a meeting and to go to work and I went to a study group because I was going to school for massage therapy so we left all 8 kids home with a babysitter that we have known since March of this year he is a friend of Jeff and my self. We left our house all 8 kids were doing well no issues and our house was clean. At 12:21 am on August 15th we got a phone call from the Avondale Fire department that was left on my husband’s voice mail. When Jeff was listening to this voice mail that is when our babysitter called us telling him that Khloe collapsed there was no other voicemails or calls. Jeff came where I was doing my study group and knocked on the door saying that Khloe is in the hospital. I called our babysitter to ask what happened but a police took the phone from our babysitter to talk to me. The Police officer asked who I was and I said I’m Tabitha Shoars im Khloe’s mom. The officer said they been trying to get a hold of us for a long time but there was no voice mails accept 1 and a phone call from the babysitter I started to cry asking what happened?? Where is Khloe?? I need to be with Khloe!! Where is my other kids?? The police officer said I need you to calm down and breathe and get home soon as possible. I explained that we were over 45 minutes away because it is phoenix suburb that we were in. I kept asking where is Khloe I need to be with her! He said no come home now. We drove over 45 minutes all the way back to Avondale to see that our house and 2 houses on each side of us was blocked off as a crime scene. We ran to the tape that said DON”T CROSS. I tried to go over the tape but the officers wouldn’t let me and we both asked the police officers what happened and what’s going on because we seen our babysitter in hand cuffs. But they said they don’t know but it was after 1 am when we got home it was around 1; 30 am. They wouldn’t ask us nothing or talk to us. I had to tell them to write down all the information about the 7 other kids in the home and about Khloe who was in the hospital. I told them all her medical history, her birthday, her social number and more. Over 30 to 45 minutes passed before a police came over and said you need to get the hospital NOW! Jeff stayed at the house and I jumped into the truck the police told me it was on 101 and Thomas at the children’s phoenix hospital. I drove and I realized that that hospital wasn’t on there so I called the house 10 times no answer, I called my husband phone and it was dead. I had to call the phoenix 911 to get the directions to the hospital.

    When I got to the hospital I found out that Khloe wasn’t known as Khloe she was known as a Jane Doe. But even our babysitter told the police her name and age but I think it was because our babysitter is African American and so was Khloe that they didn’t care. I was escorted up to the 6th floor by police to talk to an investigator. I been nothing but honest and told them everything I knew. Then the doctor came in to give me the news about Khloe. She told me that Khloe isn’t responding, she is on life support everything is being done by the life support, the doctor told me she has bleeding and swelling of the brain and kidney damage. I asked her what HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!! She told me she don’t know. Nothing came back in her blood work, there was no bruises, scars or marks, or signs of anything! She wasn’t bitten, she was stung, she wasn’t shaken NOTHING. I told them I needed my husband up there now because the nurse told me that the police told her that they aren’t arresting our babysitter and that Jeff could come up to the hospital and the police told Jeff it was an emergency that I needed him up at the hospital so they could get CPS involved and CPS came while they tried to find transport for Jeff to get him to the hospital. When Jeff arrived to the hospital he threw the CPS papers at me saying they only took the kids for 72 hours and we would get them back because it was protocol for them to investigate and we were fine with that because we need to focus on Khloe. The doctors told us later that morning that Khloe has more of a chance of passing away then surviving. I had to fight tooth and nail to get my other kids up there to say good bye. I then told the Doctor please just wait until my mother in-law flies down from Duluth MN and until my kids get to say good bye and we will let her be at rest because she wasn’t there it was only the machines keeping her body alive and that was the doctors exact words. Khloe heart kept giving up and they have fought to keep her heart beating until we got there and when we were there the doctor told us her heart can’t hold on my more do you want us to kept doing CPR or do you want to place her on DNR and I looked at my husband and began to cry and I told the Doctor DNR as I started to cry laying by her side we never left Khloe accept to smoke because the doctor giving every mother and fathers worst nightmare. At 12pm they wanted to do one more test to see if they can save Khloe so we couldn’t be there so we decide to go home quick because we needed to change and I wanted to get her favorite blanket and dolly to place by her side. We came home to find all our lights on in our house and we have a pre pay electrical box and we almost losted 400 dollars’ worth of food, our dogs with no food and water and our olde English bulldogge laying outside life less because he had no water and it was 113 degrees out. We seen search warrants that we written up 3 different ways and none of them the same. They took Jeff phone and mine earlier that day for a time line on the phone calls because they had the warrant but still haven’t got them back. They been pulling pictures off our phone saying it was children abuse which wasn’t it was of our 2 years old ear because he had an allergic reaction and the other 2 pictures were of my face because I was beaten up by a girl in Duluth and the other one was of a bug bite on my thigh. I had pictures on my husband’s phone that is only meant for my husband and they see all the pictures and I feel like I’m being sexually assaulted all over again. I seen the clothes that Khloe was wearing the night she collapsed and they weren’t cut or nothing! We seen on the paper work that that it had me as a possible suspect in child neglect as well as our babysitter but the first warrant only had my babysitter’s name. when we got back to the hospital we found out they already had the 5 older kids up there and already visited her and I requested to talk to the CPS worker and a lady by the name of KAREN SILL came into our room and she pretty much said we were the cause of our daughter being here because we left her with a babysitter saying we didn’t do checks and so on.
    The police said that our kids said our babysitter beat Khloe with a beer bottle, raped and killed Khloe. But all our kids were asleep the whole time until the police opened the doors for our 3 girls and our 2 younger boys to see what is happening to their sister Khloe. They didn’t realize that Ian and Devin were in the other bedroom sleeping until 45 minutes later. Our kids were asked questions without no legal aid to help them because I personally feel they mislead the kids to say whatever and just took it the way they wanted. The detective on our case wanted Jeff and myself to come in and give another statement but we told him we would give him a written statement because everything we said to them they took out of content and switched it up on us. We had our whole house cleaned spotless the night before our CPS meeting on august 18th because we don’t like our house dirty and we thought about what the CPS want us to do. We then came to find out the first officer that arrived on the scene picked Khloe up and squeeze her until she puked. Never used neck brace or back support or nothing then removed her clothes without cutting them. CPS IS LYING NON STOP TO KEEP OUR KIDS FROM US


  27. Morgan lh says:

    We are now dealing with CPS due to a false report to OCS made from former roommate turn drug addict that we had to remove from our home(alaskas version of CPS ) we take our daughters into the office with our lawer present . They tell us that they will need to have a lawer persent to speak with us since we have one (nothing in their policy states this ) so we decide they can speak with our 3 year old since she wouldn’t need a lawer persent to speak with them in hopes we wouldn’t have to bring her back and subject her to the grim sticky building again .. When they take her back they only say they want to speak with her . Well instead of asking her questions they lift her clothing and look at her body for marks which non are found we are good parents and would never hurt our problem is that we live in alaska ,sexual abuse with children is a big problem here so we are already teaching our daughter the dangers of strangers and that NO one but mom dad or grandma etc should be unclothing or touching her in any way . Which our teachings have proven to be working becuse as we leave the building our three year tells us herself that the lady lifted her clothing without mommy .. We understand why she was checked for marks but what this worker did is completely counter productive to our teachings and is wrong . They didn’t ask us to see her tey didn’t say they checked her afterwards and only offered an apology . I myself was traumatized by CPS workers as a child . Integrated in a dark cold room ,I was drilled questions about how my parents treated me and made me feel as if they were evil which they were not . CPS caused me more trumatic stress than my parents ever did. Alaskas social services has over 1/3 of its staff up and leave at any given time what’s that even about ?


    • Janeal McCullough says:

      alaska CPS did something very similar. Melissa this case worker knownly knew i was at northstar checking my oldest daughter out . This caseworker went over to my apartment where my younghest was home for the day due to being sick. a knock came from the door and of course my daughter asked who was it? well being that it was a womens voice and not a mans she figured it was safe. This lady literally walked straight into my residence pass my daughter not speaking one word and went around and looked into every room.
      By now my daughter is very frightened not knowing who this women was and what she was doing.After she was done she then hands my youngest her card and tells her to have me call her, my daughter was so frightened that she locked all 5 door locks and windows then me to tell me what happened. About 25 min later the caseworker shows up at northstar, so i confronted her about what took place. She stated that my youngest gave her permission to enter my residence. I know my all means this was a downright lie because my little girl was absolutly terrified. HAPPENED TO OBTAINING A SEARCH WARRENT ? Or my permission? Or a parent,guardian present? To my understanding you need a warrent, a parents permission, and someone of age present. correct me if im wrong please unless there is immediate threat of harm. I am looking for more people with simialar stories of how OCS/CPS have destroyed families lives so we can gather and sue the shit out of them. this needs to stop and unless we stand together and make them this will continue over and over because we are allowing it. we need to make a stand people I refuse to have my or my childrens lives ruined and torn apart causing the very thing OCS is supposivly stands for “Protecting out Children” I call bullshit they are causing more harm than good. so if anyone wants to join me please contact me @ 8087856828 or email lets protect our children and childrens children. Its time to fight back AMEN


  28. Stacey Smith says:

    I am a mother who is extremely concerned with where the government puts our children. Dealing directly with Guardian ad Litems who out right retaliate and as well a CPS agent who is as well either lying or utilizing third party information to present it as their own is negligent. These individuals need to be brought to justice and a reform needs to take place. Where do I start?

    I am willing to go at this alone and I am going to present a pretty compelling case. I will not hire an incompetent attorney who hems and haws at the justice system for money. This is about children, their lives now and tomorrow.


  29. Angela Miller says:

    It is a shame they are like this. They will lye on you about you.They told us to rent a 3 bedroom home so we could get our Grandkids we did.We done everything they ask.Pass our home inspection. We went to court and she handed the judge some paperwork and he said be back in 6 weeks.Went thur this for 3 months. Until I requested paper work it said there was no family too take them and there were never a home inspection. LIES So I tried to get a lawyer but were we live they are all working together. So we are stuck. There is so much more to this story.


    • Michelle Carr says:

      I know how you feel. I am trying to locate an attorney in Ohio that is willing to take on a cps case that took place in May 2002 and now it is preventing me from having custody of my grandson. In May of 2002 I had my oldest son removed from school because of allegations that I hit him in his mouth causing him injury to his mouth. I did not… I explained to the CPS worker that he had a tooth that grew behind another tooth and that he kept scraping the inside of his mouth with that tooth. I had expressed to her that the dentist said that the front tooth would fall out and the rear tooth would grow into place. She did not listen, instead I was given an ultimatum to find a relative to take him or he’d be place in fostercare. Thank God my 60+ year old grandmother took him. He was gone for 30 days and in that time I was never given a court date to attend. Then in Oct. 2013 my grandson was placed in foster care and CPS said that I am unable to get him because of this former cps case. I was never aware that it was a requirement that I must see a judge before they could legally remove my son. I lived in a small town and CPS did whatever they want. There was no access to computers to look up your rights and they damn sure didn’t tell me or followed the law. So in actuallity, CPS kidnaped my son in 2002 for 30 days and then marked me for life on the Central Registry List and I am still being punished for something that I did not do and didn’t have a court date on.


  30. Do what I did call your Governor or write him.They will get involved


  31. Look up!!!!!!


  32. Michelle Carr says:

    I am trying to locate an attorney in Ohio that is willing to take on a cps case that took place in May 2002 and now it is preventing me from having custody of my grandson. In May of 2002 I had my oldest son removed from school because of allegations that I hit him in his mouth causing him injury to his mouth. I did not… I explained to the CPS worker that he had a tooth that grew behind another tooth and that he kept scraping the inside of his mouth with that tooth. I had expressed to her that the dentist said that the front tooth would fall out and the rear tooth would grow into place. She did not listen, instead I was given an ultimatum to find a relative to take him or he’d be place in fostercare. Thank God my 60+ year old grandmother took him. He was gone for 30 days and in that time I was never given a court date to attend. Then in Oct. 2013 my grandson was placed in foster care and CPS said that I am unable to get him because of this former cps case. I was never aware that it was a requirement that I must see a judge before they could legally remove my son. I lived in a small town and CPS did whatever they want. There was no access to computers to look up your rights and they damn sure didn’t tell me or followed the law. So in actuallity, CPS kidnaped my son in 2002 for 30 days and then marked me for life on the Central Registry List and I am still being punished for something that I did not do and didn’t have a court date on.


  33. You Document all you want I can write things down as I go in front of the caseworker and it will hold up as hear say if I try and record or interviews they say no.So what every I turn iam screwed.


  34. april barry says:

    I need advice, on how to get my children from my husband. The law will not help me. Because we r still married, he abused my oldest daughter who doesn’t belong to him. He’s also hit me. He moved to Dallas ga. Without telling me, he want let me see r talk to my children I need help please.


  35. leticia says:

    Please call me i need some advice 909-572-4847


  36. Tracy Thies says:

    I’m searching for a lawyer to help me get my daughter back. Is there a lawyer that can help me soon?


  37. heather says:

    my grandbaby was taken on june 19th a given to her mom my son and i found a photo of her(baby) with her teen mom and her(teen moms) new step dad and it looked like he was pouring beer on her baba nipple as baby was crying what do I do we haven’t got to court yet do I turn it in these are the kind of people they took and gave baby to after she lived in my home safe and sound for 10 mos since she was born ? help please advice is needed my son babys teen father is a mess worrying now


  38. Jennifer says:

    I really regret not showing this to my poor naive husband last week before cps showed up about our 14 yr old. daughter. The look of dissappointment on his face after he found out how corrupt these case workers can be was so sad. I can only hope they don’t manipulate or tamper with the mouth swab(drug test) that I warned him not to take comes back negative. These ppl are despicable.


  39. Marylou says:

    Have an open cps case n my kids may be adopted my mother. Currently pregnant can I have my baby in another county to keep them away from this baby???


  40. Jennifer says:

    They took my grandchild she is 3 days old from the mother i tryed to get her but was not able to because of a dwi in 2006 is there anything i can do


  41. Suzan Jeter says:

    Make cps prove their case. I have listened to case after case, and have never ever seen then have to prove their case against the parents. The judges just take their word for whatever the allegations are. And make them stick to the case at hand. They can not add other allegations. That would be another case. The have to prove the original charges. And you have the right to be presented with the original accusers in the case; ( the person that called cps on you in the first place) . Do not let the judges railroad you. If they do not give you due process turn them into the legal board.


  42. Tara says:

    My landlord was on me cuz I lost my copy of keys so I got his key he needed me to make a key I didn’t for a couple weeks to the plumbing as backing up my 4 year old was sleep so my 9 yeat old watched him while I ran to Wal-Mart took about 35mins well the maintenance MAN called Dcfs said it Was two hours an that’s a LIE..THEY TOOK MY KIDS OUTTS MY HOUSE NO SOCKS NO SHITS HIS ,9year old brothers pants I drove past them in the car an followed them..they placed my kids with someone I didn’t know an now I’m waiting till court Date witch is tomorrow ..was this right turned out I never handed landlord a key an he already had one so I feel like this was set up I need advice I want my babies home


  43. Kirsten says:

    my children are on a otc and lucky staying with family. ive done everything dcf has asked me too even proven them worng about my mental health I dont have any of the illnesses there claiming and have it proven by three diffrent pycs evals does anyone else know I can do next to up my chances of getting my kids home soon. their babies and just want to come home.


  44. mia says:

    Has anyone gotten there kids back sooner then was said my kids are living with there step grandma. And Im almost done with services just wondering


  45. Ebony Foster says:

    Im a mother of 2 my rights were terminated.I was aware of my childrens name being changed recently and later on during the month i seen the news with my son and daughters name being changed,but they were no longer living.if u can help me with some info i would appreciate it.thank u


  46. I have served for nearly eight months as a therapist for a single mom who had her two children stolen by CPS and who, after complying with all of their demands regarding parenting classes and mandated counseling with a CPS contracted “therapist,” still has not been reunited with them after almost 11 months and still does not have regular visitation with them. Thus, I was delighted to find an attorney who not only recognizes the fascist nature of CPS but who has also reached out to help parents like my client. I shall pass your advice and information along to her and recommend your post to other similar clients. It will give her and others a way to be proactive and not drown in tsunami of emotions and potentially self-destructive behaviors. I am currently in Southern California and for those desiring assistance and support I can be reached privately at


    • yvonnemason says:

      Dr. Price there are no words to express my thanks for your comment. This site has close to a millions hits and so many are hurting. So many children have become part of the system due to the corruption of CPS all over the country. IF we can save one family through all of this, if we can keep CPS from destroying one family then this site has been successful. The corruption goes much deeper – it involves attorneys, courts and other professionals. We are losing so many children that could be our future.


      • Cjnk says:

        Yvonnemason I been trying to get in touch with you I don’t know what to do my girlfriend she’s with my 3 week old baby boy and my 2 year old daughter is staying with my mother in law they are not letting me see or have any contact with them not even with my girlfriend,I’m so scare that they are gonna take our kids away from us I don’t know if I should get a attorney or which attorney please can you help me or someone else,we live in Jefferson Georgia .my email is please someone help me


  47. Beth says:

    My daughters vibration officer came over and her and a couple friends were smoking marijuana in her room officer told me he was going to call DCFS we have a clean home a clean record for Christians we go to church we work jobs what can I expect


  48. Amber says:

    Help please I need a lawyer to fight cps in federal court and sue Adams county.


  49. pen says:

    Wish I saw this sooner. These assholes destroyed my family. I did not know what I was up against until I found out they all conspire. Every single one down to the judge.

    It was even testified too on the stand by the guardian adlitem through my attorney.

    The judge still did what they told her too.


  50. Ron DeShazo says:

    Johnny Brown is my brother who last night had his 2 daughters removed from his home. His wife Sam came to his work and told him. They don’t have the money to hire a lawyer but need one desperately.


  51. Chris says:

    This guy Karl Lentz has gotten kids back for people several times, look him up, he’s an expert with law and courts. , CPS is a corrupt, pedophile, satanic parasite that needs to be stopped!


  52. I need help asap. My kids were taken due to a addient well under the care of my brother. Cps gas ruined our lives and now their trying to keep my kids forever. I have had three lawyers and not one of them has even try to fight for me at all. And the cps judge has something person against me so no matter what she will do anything to make me suffer.IDK what to do all I know is my kids are my world my everything and I’m losing them and IDK what to do


  53. Hazel says:

    My name is Angel and this is my story,
    6 years ago I had a crappy boyfriend (he cheated n we broke up after 3 yrs short of it) anyway I took my son and daughter n went to my best friends house a lil while when u came home one weekend I had a migraine n I fixed the kids something to eat n something to drink. Turned on cartoons n sat down, a knock came to,my door so I get up n answer it n guess who it is????? Yup CPS they come in talk to,me a sec telling me the allegations n that they wanna look around. I didn’t Kno anythi,g about my rights because as far as I Kno in the state of Kentucky if u love in government housing if a official of the government like the police, or CPS doesn’t have to,have a warrant to,enter the premises, so they take pics n all which btw when they went upstairs I was just as surprised as they were by wht they saw that crappy boyfriend I was talking about earlier he and his friends broke into,my apartment while i was gone to my best friends n stoll my kids stuff all the stuff I had just baught bed spreads, sheets, my daughter’s day bed, her clothes, my sones clothes, my son’s xbox, my laptop, even my dishes (except the dirty ones) , all my fredgerater food. So ultimately they took my kids outta the home, they convinced me my mother included that i might as well give custody to my mom bc I was never gonna win n they would b put into foster care if I didnt, I ultimately gave full custody of my daughter n sin to my mom, well threw all these years I’ve never missed a birthday/holiday, n I usually get them every weekend of they wanted to come my daughter hardly ever missed a weekend n my son came most of the time, I am living with my fiancee we have been together 5 years I can’t work I have really bad back,problems, we love a cross the street from my parents n my kids so we could b a daily part of their lives now they r here all the time after school till it’s time to get ready for bed n dinner n my mom wants to give me custody back we think, it’s for the best but not sure how to go about doing it anyone have any advice?


  54. Trisha says:

    Can anyone help me out? I live in phoenix Az. And my 15 year old daughter ran away and finally got caught by police after 2 months. Before she ran away she said if i didnt leave her alone she would ruin my life and do whatever it takes to stay on the streets with boyfriend and friends. Well she got caught three days ago and said my two step sons molested her one we knew they experimented with touching 11 years ago and immediately removed him from the home until she said she was ok with seeing him again. The other one i havent heard nothing of ever. And she hasnt said anything the 2 months on the street to any authorities? So it sounds malicious. So dcs (cps) takes my other daughter who knows nothing of either incidents btw out of school and doesn’t inform me. And still hasnt? The way i found out was she didnt come home on the bus and i called her school who said the cops got her at 9am? Wtf Two unbadged men came to my house and stated they were taking my 5 year old whos standing behind me in fear screaming no mommy no. So we said wheres your court document? He says we dont beed one and hands me a hand filled out form nd says hes ; “not going to get into it with me” at this point we ask them to leave and they hesitated and then we screamed leave or property now and then they went to the portch and i have them on video refusing to go to the edge of the property. I called 911 and the cops came and i told them all that had happened anx that the two boys accused dont even live here etc. Finally they left cause the police informed them a hand written form is not sufficient. Anyway i still have my smallest cause we stood our ground. But i still have no idea where my 11 yr old is? And believe it or not have found even more discrepancies in the one form givin and no call back from ombudsman and supervisors. Does anyone know the laws here or just wanna help a family fight this injustice? God i hope i reach someone who can help even just to talk to about this.


  55. Tammy says:

    I know how everyone feels I have six boys and they was taken by cps and now cps is trying to take my right way to my new born baby and make me have to live my sons father so he can get him cps don’t look at everything I wood know my son Jasper had RSV and they side I overdose him when at birth he was born die so I just wanted to say I am going to sue the shit out of cps and maybe then they will stop talking kids away from family that didn’t need to have there kids taken my heart goes out to all of you


  56. Vickie Marie Racer Brookover says:

    My daughter recently lost custody of her four children three were placed with the father who abused her violently in front of the children. I was told that he didn’t hit the children so therefore they were safe. The youngest of the four went to her father who also had hit and push my daughter into a wall but none of that was exposed. My daughter was very ill with pleurisy but she also used medication that she was not supposed to be using and drugs. With that in mind she always kept her elder brother or her youngest sister with her if the house to help her care for the children. The childrens house was clean they always had food they were the top students in their school until they were yanked away from my daughter and put in the homes of the fathers.
    I spoke to the case manager and told him as the grandmother I wanted to be considered so that all the children would be kept together. There was a meeting which I was not invited to and during that meeting my daughter didn’t show up so they made a decision to to sever legal rights of my daughter and to give them to the fathers and I was never ever considered or even brought up.
    The father of the three older children had never paid one penny of child support in 9 years I challenge cps to have him arrested as they had Sheriff on site they said that that was none of their business.
    I do have a Masters in counseling I’m highly educated and very good at parenting. It is my belief that it is detrimental to tear the youngest one from her older brothers and sisters.


  57. Me says:

    6 years ago my 3 children were removed from my care 2 weeks before Christmas. Both of my daughter’s in one home and my son in another. My oldest 2 (son 14 and daughter 12) had been getting increasingly and increasingly distant and mean. Both had cell phones and tv’s in their rooms. We can’t give them everything but we tried to give them what we could. Well after a while they discontinued any household commitments, started in with the back talking, bad mouthing, backbiting attitudes. So I explained to them that if they couldn’t suck it up I would remove all games and cell phones from the house. Long story short they didn’t do what they were supposed to do so I removed everything. But my daughter had a strong adverse reaction to me requesting for cell phone, basically she tried to rip it out of my hand once I had it out of hers. And that would be the beginning of a huge long terrible horrifying ordeal. I have since come to know that while in foster care my oldest daughter was raped by the biological son of the foster parents she was living with. Originally I had thought it was just molestation, that doesn’t make it any less traumatizing. Initially I had planned on filing a report and letting it move forward through our city government. But as time went on she confided in me and my husband( her stepdad ) there was much more to it than that. After learning these things I took the time to spend a little extra time with my youngest daughter talk to her for a bit and found out that there was several times she couldn’t find her sister. I asked her if she had gone and talk to the foster mom. She told me yes but she said that she was probably just outside playing with her toys. So, I am currently beginning to contact attorneys from major law firms in my state. I am hoping that I can get justice for her. I am hoping also that my youngest daughter, didn’t receive the same attentions. But the way she was talking I am beginning to believe that she did. When CPS came to my house to remove my children they brought the police with them. But when I asked to view the warrant I was told I would receive my copy before they left. So I contacted my attorney, and he asked to speak with the officer. Again the officer told him they had a warrant which gave them legal right to be there and remove my children. So I packed their bags and let them go… When all was said and done and I received my paperwork there was no warrant that I could view. But when we went to court there was a copy of a warrant dated the exact same day they came and took my kids . I am pretty sure , no I am positive that that was not in the documentation that I got . I don’t understand how they can get away with that?! But they did anyway. And I swear that the paperwork that was in the file when I went to court was not the paperwork that I got on that day. Just a suggestion to all of you, if you have school age children, elementary school especially, make sure that you have a notarized letter in each child’s file replaced regularly at the beginning of every school year that states: my child is not to be removed from any class, extracurricular activity, or educational group approved by myself . If the school request their presence, I must be notified 24 hours in advance to give permission. They are not to be removed by any other person other than myself or name of significant other. For any reason school related or not. When my children were removed from my home and I begin to read the file that they put together on our situation, I realized that majority of the stuff on this report was fabricated, and sounded much like A child was speaking. They had called my oldest son into the counselor’s office at school, where he was badgered and guided until they receive the answers that they were looking for. He also had told me about times after that, where said counselor had asked him if I had a new boyfriend and all kinds of things that school counselors scope does not include. Fair warning to all! I figured that out the hard way. When we went to court they had falsely accused me and my husband of sending our children to school dirty, underfed, and just generally unkempt. Needless to say I blew CPS out of the freaking water that day. Even the judge laughed and told him to get their act together. I am just thankful it wasn’t my first rodeo. Another thing to be watchful of: when you go to court, if they change your abuse and neglect charge to no parent capable, make sure you verify with your attorney on that day if you have to turn in any extra paperwork or request to have it changed permanently. These people live on the fact that parents are uneducated on their procedures. That I also learned the hard way. It didn’t take me long to get my children home, but the damage that came from it… That’ll last a lifetime. And the guilt, remorse and anger that I feel will never go away.


  58. stefanie strickland says:

    Hi my name is Stefanie Strickland and I did everything they told me to do and more I also did NOT make conversations with any cps worker! But they still set me up by them doing a court date with a substitute judge and they LIED LIED LIED!! they said the total opposite and falslie accused me of stuff I don’t do and cps has no proof or evidence! Yes some is my fault my house was not the cleaniest at that moment of time but I don’t do street drugs and my drug test came out negative so how in the he’ll do cps keep getting away with things they do? Not just to me but other families that are in the same situation! I’m looking for an attorney but I’m doing my research because I want a lawyer that knows how to fight cps system and to do it with out cps knowing till court time!! I know there is something in my record file cps put in it that’s not suppose to be there like a LIE!!! I want to fight my rights back and get my record clean with cps system! I don’t have a criminal back ground of any kind but a petty theft misdaminer from 6 years ago but the cps case worker that I had has a criminal record of family domestic violence!!! What the heck is that about??? Seriously!!! But I want to fight and take them down but in the correct intelligent way!! I know I’m looking for an attorney because I need one but also when I do pick out my lawyer what is the BEST way to keep cps from trying to stop my battle with them so I can succeed to my rights please help me so I can gain my knowledge of the right way to fight these cps demons!! Put it this way I do accept the things I can not change but I do have the COURAGE. to CHANGE THE THINGS I CAN!!! in the name of JESUS AMEN!!!


    • Megaahn says:

      You should be able to go to your local office and request a copy of your file. You may have to fill out some paperwork and pay for the copy to be made but you would be able to get everything they currently have. Every interview they have done and how they wrote down answers to anything that was asked. I am sorry you are going through this. No one should have to. Good luck in the future.


  59. Catina says:

    I am in my third week of dealing with CPS. They have taken my kids out of my home and placed them with my grandmother.. Is there a good lawyer in South Carolina??


  60. Worried Mother says:

    HELP!!!!!! I currently reside in Texas near San Antonio if anyone can help I would be so grateful. My six year old son was taken from us placed w/my daughter then removed from her she has no criminal history, no cps history, does not use drugs, has a good job and they still remove him from her care I hired her an attorney the attorney ended up not doing anything or us now we’re left with filing a complaint with the bar association on the lawyer and not having the money to hire another lawyer and don’t know what to do from this point and he’s already been adopted by the foster care oh and the adoption was done illegally because State CPS nor the DA or the attorney for the foster parents told the judge that my daughter was fighting for him as well so he granted the adoption under the impression that there was no one else that had a party to this the suit. Please please anybody can advise me on what to do at this point I would so appreciate it


  61. Amanda ros says:

    Help me find a lawyer


  62. burgundymi says:

    My daughter is going through this right now! Our entire family is heart broken. Seems the agency’s favorite thing to do is LIE!


  63. Michelle Absalon says:

    I’m in the beginning stages of a cps nightmare right now and need some help. If I would have known half of what I know now 1 month ago, my daughter would be here with me. Luckily, I think, she is staying with my parents close by. I need some assistance on where to turn next though.


  64. Opal Alice Monkfield says:

    I have been trying to get my kids back since October 22 2015 when social service came in my home without my permission from the start of the case i was actually bringing groceries in with a hurt ankle at the time when they just went in without asking my permission and since then i had already found a nicer place no roaches or anything and repeatedly tried to get my case moved closer because i have to walk 54 miles to each visit and court date and they would not move it to my county of residence now i have been doing as asked but still they are holding against me a pychological that my medical has to approve that has yet to be approved i took a online parenting class for 25 dollars because i dont have much time at home with all the walking but they dont want to approve that! I was put into the hospital because i have a infection in my lungs from sleeping outside so i can visit my children on the 15th of this month they have had the goal changed ti adoption my son has been molested in care! I desperately need help i have no help and if someone dont help me i will lose my seven year old son and two year old daughter even tho Im doing everything to get them back please help me!


  65. Cordell Simpson says:

    My child is temporary n CPS n they saying I can’t get her back untill I pay my fines from another state can they do this?


  66. Renee says:

    I’m going through hell with them they took my kids for no reason I need help I’m a fighting parent


  67. Shauna says:

    OMG! I am so sorry to all of you! ” I know how you feel” when someone says that to me. I want to throw something at them! Because they don’t know how it feels untill you’ve been there! I wonder how these people sleep at night! How could they do this to these poor kids! And what gives them the right to come into OUR homes and take OUR babies and then sell them for a profit???? I can see them sending in someone to show you how to clean or cook, or communicate with your child, ect but if you can’t charge the parent in court and u are not in titled to a jury then u don’t have any right to take this child away from his family! There are going to be thousand kids out there who aren’t going to know who they are, where they came from, thier relatives are, medical back grounds, they are going to be unknown! I miss my grandsons so much, I wonder if I’ll ever see them again? I get scared they will move away and we won’t see him again. I think what if something happens and I die or even worse he dies, we won’t even know. This has really damaged my daughter, for 12 mo she tried so hard and did everything they wanted and it was all for nothing! She realized then that it wouldn’t have mattered! I wish u all the best and just remember that it’s your case, do what fills right to you, fight when you need to and kiss but when u need to, there’s no rules! Stay strong!


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