Profane Justice by Suzanne Shell


Profane justice

A comprehensive guide to asserting your parental rights

by Suzanne Shell

In today’s society, if your parenting style is not politically correct (or just doesnt suit your particular social worker) you may well lose your kids. Among the practices being interpreted as abuse — home schooling, scolding, spanking and other “emotionally controlling” methods of discipline, Bible reading, and even breast-feeding. This results in the persecution of many innocent parents. Most parents accept plea bargains without knowing the dreadful consequences. They don’t know that they are being deceived and manipulated in the name of Federal dollars, and they don’t know how to protect their families and their rights. They don’t even know they can fight and the odds are overwhelmingly in their favor that they would win.

This book is unique in that it is not an expose’ of abuses perpetrated on families by the agents of the state. Rather, it is an intensive how-to manual that teaches exactly how the child savers’ use the color of law to violate the rights of parents and destroy the family, and how parents can fight the corrupt child protection system and win. Once the you have learned about the deceitful and illegal tactics that are employed against you in the state’s hysterical endeavors to protect children who don’t need protecting, the author gives specific actions to take to defend your family and thwart agency tactics. Sadly, most people don’t know their rights, and in not knowing their rights, they effectively have no rights. This book teaches you just what your rights are, and how to peacefully and lawfully protect your rights. It covers all manner of aspects related to parental rights and false allegations of child abuse.

The author of Profane Justice defends parents who have spanked their kids, in defiance of the pontifications of so-called ‘experts.’ In spite of spanking being glegal, it is often classified as abuse by the agents of the state, and parents who spank often face child abuse charges for their disciplinary actions. This book examines the fallacy that spanking a child teaches him violence’ and discusses when, why and how-to spank effectively, safely and defensively, including disciplining the child who misbehaves in public. It examines other discipline techniques in light of their effectiveness and their potential risks for being charged with child abuse when parents employ them.

The book provides in-depth coverage of what activities put parents at risk of child abuse charges, including a discussion of warning signs that indicate a child could be considering turning them in for abuse. Innocent medical emergencies are often the trigger for abuse charges, and this book teaches how to protect yourself in that situation. It also discusses exactly how the schools are involved in the child protection scam – from actively teaching children that spanking is abuse to casually turning children over to the custody of social services without the parents’ knowledge. Once again, the reader is given specific tactics to take to thwart these actions. It exposes the little known truth that social services has little statutory authority, and mainly operates on bluff and intimidation.

Other topics discussed include an examination of the statutory law relating to child abuse, what to expect and how to react when you are under investigation; what to expect when facing criminal or civil court and the ramifications of each venue; what to expect during the trial and how to act in court; how to prepare your defense; how to find a lawyer and what he should be doing in your defense; the benefits, risks and requirements for defending yourself; how to sue the agents of the state when your rights are violated; and a discussion of the jury and Grand Jury. It also contains a section on Supreme Court rulings which uphold parental rights and information on state-employed interview tactics that taint children’s testimony. The book closes with nineteen ways to change the law and a plea from a young girl who was dragged into the child protective system after falsely accusing her father of sexual abuse. She claims she learned to do that at school, and when she recanted, nobo! dy would believe her. The appendix includes a list of resources for the falsely accused and a bibliography.

Be Prepared
Something for all parents to consider, BEFORE they take your children.

Being forewarned is like an insurance policy: you don’t buy fire insurance after the house burns down. By the same token, it’s smart to know what to do BEFORE a social worker shows up on your doorstep accusing you of child abuse. Many of the tactics in this book will prevent Child Protective Services (CPS) from even being able to take your children. It teaches you what your rights are and what the statutory limits on the social workers are. And if CPS already have your children, it tells you how to successfully fight the false accusations of child abuse. If you are considering accepting a false plea bargain because you have been told it’s cheaper and easier, you will learn exactly why it is more expensive and more difficult than fighting the false charges.

About the Author

Suzanne Shell is the author of “Profane Justice: A Comprehensive Guide to Asserting Your Parental Rights.” She writes from first-hand experience, her son was removed from her home for a spanking in 1992. Her family’s story was featured on a November 1992 CBS Evening News with Dan Rather Eye on America report on false allegations of child abuse.

She is an active advocate of family rights and consults and speaks nationwide on issues involving CPS (Child Protective Services) interventions and family rights.

She is also the director and founder of the newly formed Family Advocacy Center.

20 Responses to Profane Justice by Suzanne Shell

  1. Claire fitzgerald says:

    I cried after i read your article it shook me to the bone my daughter and i were ripped from each other our experience is so complex and has left us both deeply traumatised and utterly despaired i ache for my girl and the suffering she feels everyday she does this in silence now she knows nobody will take any notice, and im not allowed close enough to be able to help her or comfort my poor sweet love please with desperate hope and deterrmination i would love to hear from you.


  2. Kathryn Brown says:

    The CPS worker that took me and my sisters away from my parents when i was 4 years old, put us in the back seat of her car, (all four of us crying uncontrolably, and confused) and told us that our parents didnt want us anymore, and we had to leave with her.
    I will never, ever, forget that day, how i felt inside, the look on that womans face or the sound of her voice as she said that to us.
    My parents fought for 5 years to get us back, and CPS only ended up giving me and my younger sister back, but my twin sisters were never returned. The reason they gave was that my parents had missed too many visits with the twins and they felt that my parents didnt want the twins back.
    WHAT IN GODS NAME DOES THAT MEAN? IT DOESNT EVEN MAKE! But they are CPS, they can do and say whatever they want to, and get away with it. Its your word against theres and we are always guilty until proven innocent. Where are the social workers that want to see children reunite with there parents? The social workers that help parents when they are in need and not look down on them for there mistakes?
    Its a shame that they are able to RIP families apart, and cause more harm than good in soo many lives, and do it legally!! Its unbelievable.


  3. Suzanne, I need you to contact me. The federal judge in Fort Worth just agreed that I have a constitutional claim to my grandchildren. Deborah Lynne Connor Deborah lynne Connor facebook


  4. Suzanne Shell and I were on a talk show in Contra Costa County, CA. Suzanne Shell’s book is “Profane-Justice. Please visit her website to find out more.


  5. jennifer johnson says:

    ocs (cps)up here in alaska has taken my 3 youngest children their 3,5,and6 all we have is public defenders who dont believe cps really wants to “keep” my kids and i know thats what their trying to do…they make us out to be monsters in the paperwork and everything they say is lies im terrified….i need your book were can i order it?our case is out of anchorage.we live in chugiak alaska . we need help and prayer. we have our adjudication contested hearing on may 14 but im terrified the judge will be in their pocket like everyone else employed by their lies!!!!! yours trully…..jennifer and jim


  6. Angel craig gray says:

    I have been fighting system for 14 years. Who governs these people.


    • Saoirse says:

      we would simply like to know : WHO empowered THEM. we,the people sure as hell didn’t !

      and this includes the bs states allowing ANYONE to file applicant for guardian regarding adults w/disabilities. same bs ON STEROIDS. they don’t even require allegations of abuse, simply to find out your adult aged disabled son or daughter DOES NOT HAVE a court appointed guardian and WHAM your kid is theirs until THEY DECIDE who gets to be appointed and some of these court appointees are subhuman removing your son or daughter, isolating them on and on IT’S ALL ILLEGAL and a big time MONEY MAKER SAME AS CPS..our adult aged disabled CRY for mommie the SAME.
      and ALL the guardianship DOES is make them WARDS OF THESE CORRUPT COURTS.


  7. Angel craig gray says:

    Im ready to go to the media.


  8. Taylor says:

    Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative.
    I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. A lot of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!


  9. Lisa Jefferson says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book. cause ive had my kids taken and i want to know what my rights are.


  10. candy courchesne says:

    i know in mass.we the people need to push our reps to have judges elected by the people, accountable to the people. NOT appointed for a lifetime like it is now. The judges are burnt out and dont care anymore. they just do whatever DCF wants. forget hard evidence. we dont go by that. we must stand together! maybe a class action law suit against the state.


  11. candy courchesne says:



  12. Denise G says:

    I’m dealing with dfcs because of a dui, to which I have proved I dont have a drug or alcohol problem. They keep my daughter away from me and keep adding to the things I nees to do to end this. My life is my children, and always has been. I’ve been victimized and most of all so has my daughter. I’m fed up and I’m getting a lawyer! I can’t do this anymore.


  13. Molly says:

    Fremont county dhs has forced my sons ‘out of placement home’ to Keep my son’s. After 3 repeated attempts of said ‘Home’ shoving them out the door with their belongings along with a many voiced regards TO dhs that they did not want them there. One resident of said ‘Home’ is a habitual drug user (meth) and had almost been arrested on the day of placement said ‘Home’ . She drinks her alcohol from a children’s bug juice bottle around the children. It was ‘ordered’ that the children not be left in sole care of this said person which order WAS violated numerous times. My sons are two and seven taken from me because I attempted to take my life. My sons need back up!


  14. I’ve finally found someone who understands !!! I have very little time before the judge makes his decision on adopting my boys ages 11 & 7 yrs. to their older sister and the foster mother who has committed perjury on the stand under god and dog faced lied who made hanus allegations on me I’ve spent nine months in jail and was aquitted a half hour into my court case the judge threw it out !! It’s been two an a half years and I’m still fighting cps for my boys please help me with advice my boys are my life I’ve not spoken or seen them in two an a half years a mother crying out for help!!!!! Hagerstown md please it was in the newspaper look it up may 2012


  15. jeanne says:

    i have.


  16. Sarah says:

    Suzanne it is Sarah Short AK sarahdshort


  17. James lilly says:

    My lawyer says he can’t really help me he says he can send dss a paper saying I will comply with dss I am getting the shafts never was charged with nothing dss has not even let me have a supervised visit or call if I comply does that mean they will be returned


  18. James lilly says:

    I have a attorney but tried to hire one in family law he is just criminal called 45 lawyers no returned calls or no one could help me that’s cash money how bad is that


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