The Abuse and Corruption in Johnson County Indiana DCS

This is a complaint from another mother who has finally had the courage to stand up against the abuse -greed and corruption of Child Protective Services. It is nationwide – it has to be stopped.

FCM Erin Henderson (Marion Co)
FCM Teddi Adams
FCM Joe Erickson
FCM (Stupidvisor) Gayle Green
Regional Director Laura Gentry
Receptionist Mike at DCS Office
Judge K. Mark LLoyd, Johnson County Circuit Court
Attorney Carrie Miles
Attorney Michael T. Bohn
Attorney Dan Vandiver
Attorney Anne K. McGuinness
CASA/GAL Tammi Fearin-Hickman

For too long this country, as well as the State of Indiana, we have turned a blind eye and been Bamboozled by the Child Protection Agencies into believing that it is an agency that protects children from harm.

Thousands upon thousands of documented cases prove that time and time again, children suffer at the hands of despicably unfit foster parents, and when said abuse is reported to DCS or any other child protection agency, nothing is done. Furthermore, on numerous occasions when reporting known abuse, the children are left with their abusive parents, with horrific consequences. Very often children die in state custody, while DCS and every other child protection agency plays the role of innocence, as though ignoring policies, procedures and protocol is the order of the day, as it has been for more than 30 years.

The Indiana Department of Child services commits abuse on children when it needlessly and unnecessarily removes them from their parents on flimsy allegations and very often on personal bias against the parent. Not only is this unconstitutional, it is against Indiana Law, and the Department’s own policies and procedures. But just TRY bringing this to the attention of ANY Senator, Congressman, or Governor, and you will be ignored, laughed at or even possibly thrown in jail for having the unmitigated gall to speak out against this child-abusing agency.

They then continue this emotional abuse of children by keeping them separated from their parents for extended periods of time, placing the children on numerous drugs due to the emotional issues they are suffering as a direct result of DCS treating parents like garbage!!

The Indiana Department of Child Services only focuses on the child, and ignores the parents. NO SERVICES ARE EVER Genuinely or legitimately put into place to assist families to be re-unified, to get Mom off crack or to get Dad clean and sober!! That would mean that they actually CARE ABOUT FAMILIES!! It is clearly obvious from abundant evidence THAT THEY DO NOT!! The ONLY thing DCS or any other child welfare agency cares about IS THE MONEY it receives from taking children from parents, PERIOD!!

My name is Sherri D and this is what happened;

The information above outlines alot of things that happened in the case of my son, T.F.D.
He was taken from his very loving mother who ended up in a mess for a minute, needed help and instead, became victimized by DCS. The Judge, K. Mark Lloyd automatically GRANTED their every motion, while court-appointed counsel stood there at the bench as though he had just woken up, and never discussed my case with me or ways i could effectively get my son returned to me. DCS played on this lack of knowledge TO THE SERIOUS DETRIMENT of the well-being of my son, while i was mercilessly thrown in jail by the foster mother who was also greedily seeking the $95./day she was receiving to keep a child away from a mother, during which time he suffered break down after break down, being put in mental hospitals for his serious emotional issues that DCS refused to attribute to the fact that were directly related to his forced separation from his mother and the intentional refusal of ALL PARTIES involved in this ABUSE OF PROCESS, at the expense of the well-being of a child!!


If you think this is the ranting of someone who is just upset over the fact that the agency took a child from his mother, THINK AGAIN!!
There exist ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO Charges of child abuse or neglect against me, NOR am i strung out on drugs or alcohol or seeking revenge against the Department. What the purpose of this is is to EXPOSE THE FACT that i, along with countless other individuals are mercilessly victimized by this Department, with NO COMPASSION to the effect that this may be having on both mother and son, FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF OBTAINING BONUS MONIES AND FEDERAL GRANTS. “Best interest of the Child” is nothing more than a Marketing phrase, and one person had the insight to ask “if this is in the “Best interest” of the child, then why are there such large financial incentives?”

My Case plans ALWAYS called for reunification, but were intentionally fraught with services that required attending things that directly interfered with my ability to earn a living. I have since learned that this is par for the course. Reunification plans are SET UP TO FAIL!! This is nothing short of disgusting!!
I was NEVER GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to participate in the creation of the ‘Case Plan” because case wrecker Erin Henderson WOULD NOT EVEN TALK TO ME, and then repeatedly told me to “Call me if you have any quuestions”!! HOW IDIOTIC IS THIS STRATEGY, that has done nothing but inflict emotional abuse upon a minor child who was experincing TERRIBLE AND TREMENDOUS EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS as a direct result of not being able to have any kind of meaningful relationship with his mother????

This is called Parental alienation and IS A REAL FORM OF CHILD ABUSE!!

The point is is that MY SON HAS RIGHTS, AND DCS doesn’t seem to care that he has the RIGHT TO BE FREE From abuse and cruelty, which is EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS!! My son has the RIGHT to have a relationship with a mother who loves him very much,

About Yvonne Mason Sewell

Background:  The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.  Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia. Education:  After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate’s degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006. Awards:  Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one’s major. Affiliations:  Beta Sigma Phi Sorority  Member of The Florida Writer’s Association – Group Leader for St Lucie County The Dream:  Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan’s Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006. The Inspiration:  Yvonne’s brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up The Author: Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:  Stan’s Story- the true story of her brother’s accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.  Tangled Minds - a riveting story about a young girl’s bad decision and how it taints everyone’s life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009  Brilliant Insanity – released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008  Silent Scream – Released by October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie Yvonne’s Philosophy in Life - “Pay it Forward”: “In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is ‘pay it forward’. It is a simple
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  2. Cat Sullivan says:

    Believe me Hon, many of us know you are telling the truth. In WA state these greedy agencies (public, non-profit and private) are so ravenous, they take 1/3 of our TANF money designed for desperate families in need along with the millions they already receive from Title IV funding. Instead of supporting families, they employ a whole court system, foster care (who receives literally 100X more in wages rather than helping a real parent) CASA and CPS workers, all with wide open maws lining up with hands out to receive their blood money so they have a job. While child abuse exists, they ignore the real threats but think they are so wonderful when all they are is welfare queens looking for work based on lies. Cat in Seattle

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  3. LOVING MOTHER says:

    Senior Policy Director for Human Services Programs, Lawren Mills REFUSED to do her job and instead threatened to have me arrested. So i posted a nice little comment about this slovenly drunk fool’s actions on the Indianapolis Monthly site that featured her. It’s time people LIKE HER were exposed, as well. It is her job to investigate complaints that DCS is not following policies and procedures, and clearly she is NOT interested in doing her job, she is more interested in having another round of Martini’s, Cosmopolitans and shots of Cherry Vodka and schmoozing with her buddies. WHO CARES that children are suffering at the hand of this despicable agency that OUTRIGHT REFUSES To follow it’s own policies and procedures and ends up harming children in the process??!!
    After all, getting slovenly drunk on a daily basis is WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN, Isn’t it, Miss Mills??

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  5. Kathy W says:

    We are experiencing the same thing in Indiana. They system is not helping our child at all. He needs help, so what do they offer, glorified babysitters who allow him to be taken advantage of sexually and allow him to cut himself and harm others. Who oversees the “professionals”.

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    • IN-AmberAlertMom says:

      CONTACT THE FBI (FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS)-Report and be persistent!!!! The State of Indiana is not America. It’s ran by these people like a third-world country, Indiana is a third world State. Fight! Fight! Fight! Never quit fighting for your children and don’t give up!! Persistence is key!! File complaints!!!

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  6. Cheryl Phillips says:

    My great neices and nephew were taken from their mom when she reacted to prescription drugs. The grandfather was present but DCS would not give him the children. He took his daughter to the emergency room and asked to have her admitted to a drug rehab and the doctor said she was ok and did not need to be admitted. She walked out of the hospital and was fine. The children’s father had called DCS when she called for help. He volunteered to terminate his rights and hers were terminated because she did have a drug overdose later when she could no longer fight. Recently the father has been seeing the baby since she is not terminated yet, DCS went with him to criminal court for charges of strangling his girl friend and beating her up . He confessed guilty and was given 18 months on house arrest. I do believe they reversed his rights and he is now seeing he kids.
    DCS In CASS COUNTY LOGANSPORT INDIANA are terminating children like farmers harvesting their crops. WE are not allowed to see the children anymore or have any contact. I asked to leave things for them at the office and they told me to find other children who needed them because my nieces and nephews were being taken care of very well. I miss them so much and they wont’ let us have them because they have made a personal case against my niece.


  7. theresa taylor says:


    Man threatens suicide by knife in domestic incident
    Printer friendly Email this story

    Source: Daily Journal DJ
    December 17, 2003
    , Section: NEW, Page A3

    Man threatens suicide by knife in domestic incident
    Daily Journal staff report

    A suicidal man wielding a butcher knife held sheriff’s deputies at bay for more than two hours Monday night before finally giving up. The SWAT team was called out but didn’t have to storm the man’s mobile home.

    The incident happened at Lot 223 of Friendly Village Mobile Home Community in White River Township.

    At 5:20 p.m. Thursday, Johnson County sheriff’s deputies were called to a complaint that a man had beaten his wife inside the trailer. She had fled to a neighbor’s home.

    Deputy Ted McElyea was the first to speak to the suspect, Jerry Triplett, 29. A friend of Triplett’s warned the deputy that Triplett was armed with a 10-inch butcher knife. Triplett told McElyea that he would not be taken from the trailer alive.

    The SWAT team was summoned and was standing by. In the meantime, Deputy Ted Belser tried to speak with the suspect, still inside, through the screen door and negotiate an end to the standoff. Triplett reportedly said he would stab himself with the knife if deputies tried to enter the trailer.

    “He stated he was going out in a body bag and that’s the only way he could come out. … He stated that he had already told his kids goodbye,” Belser’s police report said.

    After a long conversation, Belser eventually persuaded the suspect to come out by telling him he would get help. Triplett finally gave up at 8:03 p.m. He was taken to Community Hospital North for a mental evaluation, then brought to the Johnson County jail.

    Triplett was booked on two counts of domestic battery and one count of resisting arrest. He was held on $3,000 bond.

    Before the standoff began, Triplett reportedly punched and choked his wife. Another friend reported Triplett hit her when she tried to break up the fight. Once in jail, Triplett admitted striking his wife, McElyea’s report said.
    Photo Caption: Man threatens suicide by knife in domestic incident
    Daily Journal staff report

    A suicidal man wielding a butcher knife held sheriff’s deputies at bay for more than two hours Monday night before finally giving up. The SWAT team was called out but didn’t have to storm the man’s mobile home.
    The incident happened at Lot 223 of Friendly Village Mobile Home Community in White River Township

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  8. Jason Engle says:

    I have been in the SAME exact issues with Karen Shaffer, Gayle Green, Tammi Hickman, Lizzy Gamboa, Judge Mark Loyd, so on and so on. Both of my daughters are getting sexually touched by there step father while they are at there mothers home and this has been proven by not only one hospital but 3 hospitals, Both opf my girls are getting mentally & fisically abused while at there mothers home by there step father, mother, & the grandparents on there mothers side of the family. I have made police report after police report and dcs report after dcs report finally Riley Hospital said that my girls needed to be removed from there mothers home and so Karren Shaffer went to the home and removed them and put them into there grandmothers home WHO ALSO ABUSES them. I was threaten and treated like I was the one that did the abuse. I was kept from my children for over a month with NO contact. I went in front of Judge Loyd and DCS and fought for my girls to come to my home. Since Karen Shaffer is friends with the mother of my children she would not say to the judge that my girls could come to my home. The judge set a time frame for DCS to finish there investigation. Judge Loyd gave 30 days for this to happen the day before the 30 day was up DCS droppe dthere investigation and tried to turn it on to me for tring to protect my children. They said they were going to prosucute me because of the things I have put my children threw by getting them help. It is a very sick thing what DCS is doing to these kids and I want to make this known by ALL some way!! If you can message me back when you get this I would love to sit and speak to you to see if there is a way to make them acountable for there actions and abuse. Also I am not sure if you know but Tammi Hickman & Teddi Adams are friends on facebook and they have posted things on there facebook to each other stating something like ” You nab them and we grab them” It is a very sick world we live in!!!

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    • LOVING MOTHER says:

      JASON,We Need to talk, stat!! what is a way to contact you??


      • deja vue says:

        all i can say is wow…… teddi adams is a friend of mines ex wife and karen shafer is the same one that watched my lil girl hide under a table screaming for dear life in her office when told she had to return to her mothers home after being questioned for the mothers ex fiance beating her with a magnifying glass, i have made numerous reports to dcs in jonhson county involving physical abuse, mental abuse and even known drug use in the home and domestic battery in front of the children to no avail……needless to say the ex is friends with teddi adams and judge k mark lloyd is involved as well…..i feel for you mr engle and oddly enough i think i might know you not sure though small world

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      • bunny b says:

        can you please help us?!!! our kids were taken for false allegations made…which our drug screens proved from the night they were taken & even within the 2 months they’ve been gone now we keep proving to them they’re wrong but they refuse to give our children back!!! please help!!!

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  9. Jennifer S. says:

    I went thru the same thing with Karen Bullington and the head of CASA prior to Tammi. Judge Loyd finally figured out the truth and then we got moved into Emkes court. She completely messed up the case. Come to find out she used to be law partners with my ex’s attorney’s husband. But that is how it is in Johnson county. They all know each other. Good luck to all of you. Never ever stop fighting no matter what anyone says or threatens. THESE ARE YOUR CHILDREN.


  10. shonna dyke says:

    im dealing withe the same crap dcs took my 4 kids also and placed then in foster care due to the fact that there aunt lied to the cops and dcs saying I battered her which in fact there aunt agreed to keep them until I got my stuff together cause I also suffer from depression and was seeking help for it well she deciedes to call me and ask me for money when she told me she would keep them I went over to pick my kids up and she assulted me and cops came ofcourse they believed her over me I got arrested for battery and dcs was called cause the kids father was unable to keep the kids cause of a medical condition so they were placed in fostor care the point is dcs like to fabercate things and they try to get all up in your life just because they want to take your kids away because they don’t like the way u live

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  11. mike says:

    My 7 year old daughter had to have her ovary removed while in foster care. Dcs brushed it off as a ecoli infection. Case is still ongoing.


  12. savana says:

    I have been dealing with dcs since december its june now they make the case plan so hard to follow they have me in gallahue for addictions i was prescribed medicine.and its 3days a week and then want a home based theripast out here to talk to me wtf am I supposed to work and pay to live its almost like its set up to fail and never get kids back.

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  13. Crystal says:

    I live in Elkhart County and my son lives with his dad is Wabash co. On Christmas eve my sons father got him for Christmas and then I got him back on Jan. 3rd.He is 4 and still in diapers. My husband was changing my sons diaper and found four fingerprint bruises on his left thigh. I called DCS and the police and took him to the hospital. Police here did nothing because it happened in Wabash County. At the hospital the nurses told me fingerprint bruises and the doc wouldnt say much other than make sure I follow up with DCS. DCS from my county checked him and said fingerprint bruises as well. The doc report says that the bruises are several days old hard to tell what from whether a direct mark or a grab mark. To me this means by the hand either being abusive. DCS is trying to say that the doc isnt sure what it is. They also are saying that there are 4 adults in that house and they can not figure out who did it so of course they are trying to do nothing. There was also a report made in October who contacted DCS. Because of confusion between the two counties my son was not checked on for a week and then bruises gone. Then acted like I had no reason to call. I have pics of these bruises as well. I had a meeting with them yesterday and the first thing out of the directors mouth was we dont help with custody. Where did that come from. I filed for emergency custody yesterday after the meeting when I found out they were trying to let it go. Then they said the father and I need to have better communication. What does this have to do with fingerprint bruises? The father first told them they were from a slide. a slide never game him fingerprint bruises. Such a joke. Now he is saying he has no idea what happened. you can not tell me my son didnt cry when he got 4 fingerprint bruises on his upper left thigh. How would he not know. If they cant get him for child abuse because he wont admit it get him for neglect. He was in his care not to mention get him out of there. Stop trying with the petty excuses of lack of communication and not sure who did it. I have court comming up and no attorney and he will and everyone is trying to forget the bruises and make it out to be something else. Remember the bruises!!! he is a 4 year old who needs help.Please pray for my son to get the help he needs and please pray for me to be strong.The Indiana system needs help and now. If I wouldnt have reported it I could have had charges. If they dont do anything they should have charges as well.I really wish I could post the pics on here you wouldnt believe it.

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  14. Jerri Thompson says:

    Yes I need this Complaint right now and they have done some very underhanded things.

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    On Monday, September 17th, 2012 I went to my first divorce provisional hearing; a divorce in which I had originally been contesting.

    On Thursday afternoon, September 20th, I disciplined my seven year old son, Ethan, with a slap on his cheek for making a sarcastic comment coupled with a roll of his eyes. I have never, ever slapped any of my children. I immediately fell to my knees and proclaimed incessantly to Ethan that what I had done was wrong and how sorry that I was. He was not crying. We were both hugging and I was the one crying.

    On that Sunday, September 23rd, my soon-to-be ex-husband, was told by Ethan that I had slapped him a few days ago. Nico immediately took Ethan to the emergency room > the doctor called DCS > DCS took photos and came to my home to tell me that my boys are NOT coming home tonight > nor for six weeks…

    On Tuesday, September 25th, I went to DCS court and the judge ruled in favor of DCS’s recommendation for my three, young boys to stay with their father for six weeks!

    On Tuesday, October 30th, my case worker came to my home to pick up a document she said that she had left with me in a prior visit to fill out. She arrived an hour and a half late. She presented me with the document she needed filled out. I had never seen this document before and certainly if I had, I would have had it filled out and posted in the mail on the same day. As I completed the form she dropped her pen two times, she thought it was Monday as she doodled (and admitted to this and I have the paper) during our interview. As she stood up to leave, she stumbled. As she walked to the front door, she swayed. At that moment, I was convinced that she was drunk. Although, I could not smell alcohol, she did wreak of cigarette smoke. I reported this immediately to her supervisor. I followed up on Thursday, November 1st with DCS and they assigned me with a new case worker.

    On November 5th I called DCS and they said that I would not meet with my new case worker until our court date. Parenting classes still had not even been initiated. There was much work to be done and no one was doing anything. The supervisor ended our conversation by stating that I may not be awarded my children for another six months! Imagine my surprise and sorrow.

    On November 9th I appeared in court. Nothing at all came from it except that the CASA (Court Appointed State Advocate) allowed my boys to be removed from their wonderful school & enrolled in a school/daycare in GARY, Indiana (please realize that she did this without any knowledge/personal visit to either location)! A new court date was placed > March 4th 2013.

    Parenting/Counseling sessions finally began shortly after the November 9th court date, as well as, four hour-a-week supervised visits. Both the counselor and supervisor are through an outsource department called Family Focus. Both of these women, Kimberly Brown & Sonya Brubaker are advocates for me and see me as an incredibly loving, great mother. They advised me to hold a Family Team Meeting to move things along faster.

    On December 10th, we held a Family Team Meeting. In attendance were: my second Case Worker-Caryn Timmons, two best friends, two neighbors, our piano teacher and the two aforementioned women from Family Focus. This meeting was very positive and we all felt that things were moving forward toward reunification. In fact, nothing came of the meeting as Miss Timmons was without our knowledge being considered for a promotion and she completely dropped my case load and over-looked it completely. By doing this, she failed to follow up on court appointed recommendations, two of which were absolutely required in order to receive reunification 1) psychological evaluation and 2) psychiatric evaluation. Upon my waiting for something to occur, I followed up with Miss Timmons and learned of her not scheduling these very important evaluations. As she left the position, she finally made the schedules > of course they were far off to the future and much precious time was lost.

    On January 4th, 2013 I was appointed a THIRD Case Worker, Eugene Wilson. Although he is a sweet, old gentleman, he is incompetent. I have three examples; 1) In giving Mr. Wilson directions to my home, he interrupted me and said, “And, then I will be in Illinois”. I replied, “No, Mr. Wilson, I definitely live in Indiana and that is why I am in your system and not Illinois’s.” 2) Mr. Wilson showed up to my home on another occasion thinking that we had a family team meeting scheduled that evening when we did not. 3) When we did finally have our family team meeting, my case workers supervisor also presented herself. Quickly in the meeting, the supervisor took control of the meeting, as Mr. Wilson was clearly in over his head.

    On January 18th I had the psychological evaluation with Dr. Christine Mendenhall. This was a five hour evaluation and very fatiguing mentally and emotionally. At the departure of our meeting Dr. Mendenhall stated two very upsetting things: 1) “I find it strange that you only receive four hours a week-supervised visits, as I have known many worse cases, sexual abuse cases that receive far more visitation time.” 2) “My report will take four to six weeks for processing.” Let me remind you, Dr. Mendenhall’s report is vital in order for me to get anything more than the four hours/week visitations. I calculated this and worst case scenario I would not have more visitation time with my precious children until the end of February! The court date is March 4th. This only proved that my case worker Miss Timmons not scheduling this appointment immediately severely delayed my children’s time with their mother/home.

    On January 22nd I had my psychiatric evaluation with Dr. Sonia Yballe. This meeting was supposed to be a one hour meeting. I left her office within fifteen minutes. She was laughing and smiling and curious to why I had even been sent there.

    On January 25th we had another family team meeting. Nothing that was confirmed to be set into motion at this meeting has begun as of today 03.17; 1) counseling for Ethan & I and 2) co-parenting classes for Nico (my husband) & I.

    On February 6th my middle son came home with hives. He and his father were up until 3am in the morning. Their father decided to take the following day off of work to get some sleep. Meanwhile, he sent my son who had hives and little sleep to school and daycare. Is this in the best interest of my child? I say “NO!” This is only one example.

    On February 13th my DCS caseworker, his supervisor and the regional director called for a meeting with my two service providers from Family Focus today. From my service provider, Miss Kimberly Brown, I learned that DCS failed to recognize that I had completed a parenting assessment and have lost this certificate. They are also asking my service providers to complete their reports in a different manner now; bullet pointing my accomplishments. In essence, still no movement forward > rather back-peddling as now my two service providers from Family Focus must ONE) resend the Parenting certificate and TWO) redo their reports, back-dating to November in bullet point format. I saw my second service provider on this night, Miss Sonya Brubaker, and she said that both she and Kimberly left the meeting with DCS feeling very frustrated. They have long wanted the children’s reunification with me/home.

    On March 4th we had a hearing with Judge Commons who awarded unsupervised visits rather than reunification. Another court hearing is set for April 3rd. Although, this is a nice thing, inevitably it is a very small win. My boys only get to come home on Wednesdays after school and every other Weekend.

    On March 19th we had a Family Team Meeting. After much emotional testimony from myself and three invites (two friends drove in from out of state & the boys piano teacher) absolutely nothing was done on the DCS side. Nothing was accomplished.

    On March 26th, I learned from my attorney after he had a meeting with DCS that my children may not be returned until the Fall. That will be one whole year that my poor children have been without me. Let me state again that my children want to come home.

    On April 3rd, I went to court for a status hearing. My case worker was not present. His supervisor Ms. Elizabeth Woods was in his stead. The Judge asked DCS the status of the case. Ms. Woods stated that they were still waiting on the psychiatric evaluation report. The Judge said, “Where is it?” Ms. Woods stated that she did not know. The Judge asked, “How long would it take you to secure this report?” Ms. Woods replied, “I do not know.” Again, we were delayed for lack of having necessary reports. Another status hearing was placed for April 29th @ 9am.

    On April 4th, I called Dr. Sonia Yballe of Regional Mental Health. She recalled me and we had a jovial conversation. Then I asked her about the report. She stated that she had submitted it right away to DCS and that they should have it. She had no problem with me requesting additional copies to be sent. I immediately contacted Kelly @ the Medical Records Department of RMH. She confirmed that this was not a problem. I gave her Mr. Richard Ban’s name and address at DCS. She said she would have a copy sent out ASAP.

    On April 8th, I called Kelly at the Medical Records Department of RMH to confirm the sending of the report, which she did.

    On April 11th, Nico called to update me on the boys health report. Oliver had been complaining of stomach aches & Uriah’s bowel movements looked odd, therefore Nico complied to have stool samples taken. Oliver has too much fat in his diet from too much processed foods & cereals. Uriah has an iron deficiency most likely due to the sudden stop in breast feeding and not receiving enough green leafy vegetables coupled with too much milk.

    On April 11th, I emailed Mr. Richard Ban the following and as of today, April 22nd I have received no response.
    From: Joanna Marie Halinski []
    Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 5:37 PM
    To: ‘Ban, Richard L’
    Cc: ‘’
    Subject: Halinski – psychiatric evaluation report
    Importance: High

    Hello Mr. Ban,

    By this time today, I am sure that you have received my Psychiatric Evaluation Report.

    At last week’s hearing, held on Wednesday, April 3rd, Judge Commons asked about this report. Miss Woods stated that she didn’t know where it was or how long it would take to obtain.

    On Thursday, I spoke with Regional Mental Health and Dr. Sonia Yballe, who stated that they indeed had immediately sent the report following our meeting of January 22nd. I asked Kelly of the Medical Records Department if she would so kindly send you another copy, which she complied and confirmed of its being sent.

    Please be sure to forward a copy to each Attorney David Matsey, Judge Commons and myself.

    I appreciate your cooperation in this matter, as we have another status hearing on April 29th at 9am and the Judge will most certainly want to see this report.

    Thank you,

    On April 15th, at 1:25 pm I received a phone call from DCS. It was Jorie, my new and fourth case worker. She said that we will have to see how things play out at court on April 29th. We spoke for 20 minutes – bring her up to speed on my case as she had not yet read my file. I recommended that she take my file home and read it. I asked her to make certain that the psychiatric report is in hand and copies distributed. I asked her for a copy of these supposed photos of scratches on my sons face which riddle my report and are not from me. She said that she would call me in a week or so, in which I replied for her to please call me to update me on Wednesday. She didn’t think this was possible. I asked her then, if she would please call me on Thursday with an update. As of today, I have not received any further communication from DCS caseworker, Jorie.

    On April 29th, I went to the court house for my status hearing and learned that “The Court in it’s (yes, this is how they spelled what should have been its) own Motion because of Mother not yet retaining new Counsel continues the above cause.” I had procured an attorney and he was also there at 8:30am. A new hearing is set for June 3rd at 1pm. This only means more devastating time for my poor children to be away from their lovely home and stuck in daycare; twelve hours a day.

    On May 22, @ 2:05 pm I received a phone call from Jorie, my caseworker. This is her follow up call since April 15th. She wanted to know if she could come out to see the boys this week. I apologized and told her that I did not have the boys this week. She asked me how everything was going and I said, “Terribly. I don’t have my three children.” How could anything be okay when you lose your own children?

    May 23rd, I received no phone call from Jorie.

    May 31st, Received UPS from DCS – letter motioning the case to be dropped and give permanent custody of children to father.
    Same day CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocate > Carrine Arwood: showed up at the house unannounced. I graciously offered her entrance into our home and showed her all that our home has to offer. The boys were with me, so she saw them too, and had private time with them.

    June 3rd, Court hearing > DCS Attorney motioned for case to be dropped & father to receive permanency. Judge awarded case dropped, but for a temporary provision for father to have custody until our divorce custody hearing. Until then, I only see my children Wednesday evenings 5pm to 7am (the majority of time they are sleeping) and every other weekend.

    November 25th, 2013 > Still today, my dear boys are not in their loving home, only allowed to visit every Wednesday evening and every other weekend. May I mention that Uriah, my youngest was born in this home and Oliver and Ethan have lived here since they were 6 months and 2 and half years old respectively. The boys are now three, six and eight years old.

    February 5/6, 2014 > Our final divorce custody hearing. The fifth was cancelled by husband’s attorney, Mr. Matsey; apparently unable to leave his town due to a snow storm.

    March, 2014 > My attorney cancelled due to kidney stones.

    May 1st, 2014 > My attorney cancelled due to conflicts

    June 24th, 2014 > final divorce/custody hearing > did not finish/continued

    August 5th, 2014 > Final > continued due to court recorder malfunction (need Nicholas’s re-testimony from February 6th)

    August 18th, 2014 > FINAL > awaiting Judge’s determination (this may take six to twelve months)

    Most importantly in this case is the fact that I provided DCS with a written letter from my counselor, Mark Hicks (faxed to DCS on September 24th) that on the day of the occurrence I was filled with deep remorse – wanting to work with him toward the best parenting I can provide and avoid a situation as one that had occurred that day. Again, let me stress that this occurred the day of the slap, before DCS involvement. I wanted to make things right. I have always wanted to be the best mom (from birthing my children at home, home schooling, and so on.) DCS is preventing my working with my children, caring for my children, giving my children the best that they deserve.

    Two years has been far too severe a sentence for a slap. I am not diminishing the devastation of that occurrence, but this sentence of my children, my very young children, being away from me for over two years is hurting my three boys far more than the slap.

    I have complied with everything that DCS has asked of me. Our being apart is affecting my three sons in the most horrific way. My two year old asks if I am his Mommy. My five year old wails uncontrollably at the departure of our meetings. And, my seven year old is deeply affected; he has built up a wall against me upon our initial meetings. Once we are together for an hour, he is himself again. My boys are so confused and so hurt and so sad. They want to come home.

    Here is a list of all of the attributes of my children’s life here at our home – the place in which they have wrongfully been removed from for more than TWO YEARS, now. These were established, consistent, positive activities that the boys WERE involved in – in and around our home. I do my best to keep continuity with these activities during our short visits.
    • Winter Baseball camp > Monday nights
    • Spring Little League > practice 2 nights per week/game Saturdays
    • Piano > Tuesday nights
    • Gymnastics > Wednesday nights (six week classes – on & off)
    • Singing classes > Wednesday nights (six week classes – on & off)
    • Dance > Saturday mornings
    • Full-time Nanny
    • A family counselor (to deal with the loss of Dad in our home)
    • Harrison Park immediately across the street with
    o tennis courts
    o pond/bridge
    o jungle gyms
    • Our huge home with several rooms loaded with amazing activities
    o Bounce house
    o Books
    o Piano
    o Guitars
    o School sized chalk board
    o Full front porch where we often play Red light/Green light
    o Uncountable toys, puzzles, games
    o Music
    • Our huge yard
    o tree swing
    o garden
    • A wonderful school with
    o great teachers
    o great schoolmates
    o great after school activities (read with Mommy)
    o We walk to and from for school every day and often visit FireStation 5.

    NOW my boys live in Gary, IN and are driven to daycare and left for extended hours Monday through Friday. Like Gary, IN the daycare is not a viable place for my boys.

    Another example > On Good Friday both my children’s school and the daycare are closed for the Easter Holiday. My husband had to work. Rather than be willing to letting them come home to be with me, he sent them to a co-workers friend whom he has never met, nor knows nothing of her home or background. I stated to him that he has no idea how this impacts our poor children – for them to be placed in the care of an absolute stranger. I begged him to consider allowing them to come home, for their happiness. He has refused. It breaks their hearts.

    Each day, I struggle to survive – feeling like I will certainly die from missing my children so. In the hours alone, in our home without my boys I recall all of the beauty that I have as a parent. I feel now, more than ever a great belief in myself as a wonderful mother; from the songs I sing, my method of teaching, the food I feed, the beds I tuck tight and how many times in the night I easily wake to watch my boys breath. I pray every single day that my children are safe in the care of strangers. They have been forced into daycare 7am to 6pm when they could be safe at home with me. There is no threat greater than their care being provided for by people who are in over their heads and do not have true unconditional love and responsibility for their welfare. I have this.

    My children want to come home.

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  16. Victoria says:

    God bless you and your son….

    Liked by 1 person

  17. trish marie says:
    emergency help. …. child taken from me while I was in hospital with life threatening illness.

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  18. Melody says:

    I need some help! My four kids under the age of three were illegally taken from me while I was a high risk pregnancy (the baby passed away from fetal stress 8/26/2016). DCS labelled me as neglect due to services. My three year old daughter is being forced to attend preschool for “developmental delays”, speech problems. My two year old is crying out to come home. My one year old twins are in foster care. They violated three Indiana Stature Codes and DCS is forcing my children to receive immunizations. My parental rights have been violated.
    This Indiana DCS is wrong! They removed my kids on heresay. I have never harmed my children and I want my babies back home!

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  19. Jen says:

    Not just a problem in Indiana.
    Phoenix, AZ
    DCS Corruption
    In October of 2015, my life turned into an extremely painful nightmare.  A DCS investigator took custody of my 3 month old baby.  She submitted false allegations to a juvenile court judge.  I’m a medical professional and my husband is a local attorney.  I have medical documents to disprove the discrepancies.  The painful experience has gone on for over 10 months due to staff turn over and other issues with the system.  I was involved in a major vehicular  accident on May 17th, which was not my fault.  There is current litigation.  I had to retain an attorney because my medical bills were high and I was unable to work at the time.  I suffered concussion with complication among other injuries.  I had short-term memory loss for some time, but was cleared by neurologist.  DCS took advantage of this.  In, the beginning my immune system was failing, due to stress, I had a miscarriage while my baby was gone, probably due to stress.  When I reached out to the Ombudsman, it only made my 2nd case worker more upset with me.  I don’t think anyone who didn’t do wrong should have to go through this.  It’s also very painful because it appears my caseworker wants to give my baby over to the foster parents.  The foster parent said she would be willing to adopt.  Words cannot express how I feel. 

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  20. Joanna Halinski says:

    Interestingly, the photo that DCS claimed to have, was also never “available” in court. In the 7 years that have passed since my children were taken away from me over ONE disciplinary slap, I have since tried to Foster/Adopt and sadly cannot. DCS ruined my life & DCS ruined my children’s lives. I truly hope for change within DCS so this does not happen to others!


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