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This Article is a Couple Years Old

This article while a couple years old – lets us know that even the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit believes the same thing that we as advocates for families have said all along. Our children are … Continue reading

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I was Asked to Share This

http://medicalkidnap.com/2015/11/08/north-carolina-child-medically-kidnapped-starving-to-death-in-foster-care/ North Carolina Child Medically Kidnapped Starving to Death in Foster Care Join the Discussion(3) UPDATE 12/5/2015 From the Help Save Malakai Facebook page: GOOD NEWS I JUST GOT A LETTER FROM JOHNSTON COUNTY CPS. THEY SAID THAT MY CONCERNS … Continue reading

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The Stovepipe A Review by Best Selling Florida Author Yvonne Mason

Corruption in Child Protective Services is as much a part of the system as the money they earn off the backs of the children they steal for profit. This is one woman’s story of how she and her siblings, at … Continue reading

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Yet Another Defender of This Broken System feels the Need for Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I got this in my in box this morning from yet another defender of this broken and corrupt system known as Child Protective Services. This is another foster care provider who believes everything they are told by the caseworker, earn … Continue reading

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Things keep on getting Better and Better It Seems that Someone Else now Wants their 15 minutes of fame

It never ceases to amaze me how when the heat gets turned up and the kitchen gets hot people tend to show their true colors. Apparently the guilty always scream the loudest when the truth is reveled. The same guilty people … Continue reading

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Ms Beth Rogan Apparently didn’t think her first 15 minutes of fame was Enough

Ms. Beth Rogan as most of you know attacked Samantha on this blog. She apparently didn’t think that her first fifteen minutes of fame were enough. So she has once again opened her mouth and stuck her foot in it … Continue reading

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A Comment From An Attorney Who Tried to Buck The Broken System of CPS

I received this comment this morning on one of my post. This attorney is in the same state where the Cash for Kids Scandal is brewing and boiling over. He is not afraid to speak up. In fact he almost … Continue reading

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The Child Abuse Laws Which Could Destroy Your Reputation

By Dr. Mercola Child abuse is a horrific act, no matter how you define it. That’s why we have so many laws, and public and private agencies, set up specifically with the charge to protect children and maintain their safety. … Continue reading

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How Safe is Foster Care? Conclusion It Isn’t!

This article was borrowed from Lifting the Veil.org. I could not have said it any better. We are losing our children to the abuse and murder in foster care. They are scarred for life in foster care. The system is … Continue reading

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DA: Social worker stole death benefits from foster child

This act has to be one of most asinine acts of all time by a caseworker. First she steals the child for profit and then she steals his money. This is the kind of thing that caseworkers are known for. … Continue reading

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