Yet Another Defender of This Broken System feels the Need for Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I got this in my in box this morning from yet another defender of this broken and corrupt system known as Child Protective Services. This is another foster care provider who believes everything they are told by the caseworker, earn money off the backs of children whose rights and the rights of their parents have been violated under the sixth amendment. These are the same people who believe that the parent is always guilty even without the ablity to face their accuser under our judicial system because family court is a secret court. The comment was made on the post about Foster families making money off the kids and not have to pay taxes on it as income.

These are the same people who have never had their own children snatched by an illegal system for money. Who have not had the opprotunity to see their children wave to them from the back seat of a caseworker’s car with tears streaming down their faces as they are driven to homes of complete strangers. These are the same people who fill the children with drugs so they can  control them because the children have been so tramatized they act out the only way they know how.

She wants to know how dare I post things I know nothing about she needs to think again. I was raising other people’s children since before she was an itch in her daddy’s pants. Ms. Jessica let me just go down your litney of statements.

You stated that you don’t get rich off the children, I beg to differ, you might not get rich but you sure do live well. I know exactly how much you make and that you are re-embursed for every dime you spend. If you don’t keep your receipts then – you lose. As for you taking my grandchildren at your expense. Well, that just lets me know that you are indeed in it for the money. As for your comment about CPS helping my daughter get one her feet, that is a joke within itself. The only thing they did was drag her down further.

She had a job , a car and a place to live when they stole her children. She lost it all includeding her children She has had to scratch and claw her way back up to the top and she still didn’t get her children back. So don’t even go there. CPS never helps in any way.

As for your comment about my being bitter that I am not on the beach with them. Grow up. I have traveled more in my lifetime than you will ever travel. It has nothing to do with vacations. It has to do with destroying a family. Until you have been there you have no idea. And by the way it is my tax dollars that is paying you to be a glorified baby sitter.

So once again, here is your fifteen minutes of fame. Next time you might want to think about what you are spouting off about before you make yourself look foolish.


“Wow! I just want to say that instead of sitting there at your computer and pretending that you know what it’s like to take someone elses child into your home and care for them as if they were yours………….you should stop and think about what that means for the family doing it. We don’t sit here and get rich off of other peoples children and tragedies!! What an insult! It is alot of work to raise your own children, let alone raise the child of someone else who has been exposed to who knows what. Do you think that someone else should take on the resonsibility of caring for your grandchildren out of their own pocket and at their own expense. We open our homes, lives and hearts to these children, and YES I think it is only fair that we not have to burden our own bank accounts to do it. I understand that you are upset that your grandchildren were taken, but just be grateful that there are people out there who are willing to step up and help these children when it really matters. I’m
sure it’s difficult for you, but help your daughter get on her feet so that she can get her children back, and in the meantime you should go to bed every night thanking the Lord that your grandchildren are safe and being cared for. Foster parents aren’t the ones who took them away, and they certainly are nobodys enemy!! Work with them to care for the children you love and support them and be happy that they are having great experiences like beach vacations instead of sitting back and being bitter that you aren’t the one at the beach with them. Make the best of the situation rather than blaming everyone around you and taking our your frustration on them.”

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7 Responses to Yet Another Defender of This Broken System feels the Need for Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame

  1. shelley says:

    I need help in fighting Sonoma County CPS. I am a mother of a four year old who is currently in foster care. Until I get my daughter back, I have elected to refrain from going after this corrupt system but am so traumatized by this nightmare that at times it is unbearable.


  2. I had the caseworker that took my grandson from me tell the judge that I had Munchausen and the judge believed her. I had to go to my doctor to prove that she just flat out lied. CPS/YFS/DSS are all a bunch of horrid people. My grandsons abuse only happened when he was with his father and his fathers family. So she just lied. I could have punched her in the face. The caseworker said that the dad and his family were such sweet people that it was hard to believe that they did that to my grandson. I was so angry at her lack of being objective.


  3. disclosed says:

    Jessica i am not a foster parent but i am a mother and let me tell you i practically raise one thats not my own. a teenager… i use my own bank account for her. i could ask for assistance but i dont. bc God knows the good in my heart and he blesses us double… you sold yourself away with your statement ” its only fair we dont have to burden our own bank accounts for these children.” your a sick bitch! and just proved to me what being a foster parent is about to some of you. i have a friend who is a foster mother and a wonderful one. she gets a check but only bc that is how it set up. but she digs into her own money and spends it on her foster child like its candy! she doesnt want the money from the state. i feel for the mothers whos kids are in care right now esp yours bc i know after they rad your statement their sleep deprivation will soon turn into insomnia


  4. angIe says:

    Has anyone on this blog had experience with spalding, pike, upson or fayette county juvenile courts? Need contacts for news to investigate corruption or prejudice.


  5. John Dresel says:

    To the Foster mother I believe you maybe one of the few out there that loves your child. Look you need to look on the other side of things. CHILDREN are being taken from there parents and there is alot of money being floated around. O I know children cost money and you should get help but there is a bigger picture. They have there own counsling workers who get paid to lie for them they keep eachother in buisness. wake up people john dresel 912-980-0205 o and i have my kids back and I am still going to fight DFCS to the end.


  6. photographess says:

    I’ve had my children (4) taken from me 3 times in 2 years. My husband and I are stable, not on drugs, employed and sane. I can’t believe we still do not have our children and there’s NOTHING we can do about it. Oct 17th 2011 is our final court date and cps is still against us having our children. I just found out today about the bonuses etc and I am appalled. With that info, I know we’ll never get them back.


  7. File a 388 motion to tell the judge that your situation has changed. Collect letters from everyone who believes you should have your children and attach the letters to the 388 motion. You will have to insist that your attorney help you with a 388 motion because it is usually something that is used against birth parents not by them.

    Fund raise enough money to hire your own independent custody evaluator to assess the situation and make a unbiased recommendation to the judge. A forensic psychologist who does custody evaluations is one title of such an expert.

    If you are one of the women who has lost your children due to domestic violence; do not put your mate above your children no matter how much you love him. One out of every two guys will become abusive. It will take half the number of years you were with your man for it to stop hurting; but you have to hurt to save your children. A broken heart and a broke wallet are not reasons to lose your kids.


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