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Yet Another Defender of This Broken System feels the Need for Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I got this in my in box this morning from yet another defender of this broken and corrupt system known as Child Protective Services. This is another foster care provider who believes everything they are told by the caseworker, earn … Continue reading

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Ms Beth Rogan Apparently didn’t think her first 15 minutes of fame was Enough

Ms. Beth Rogan as most of you know attacked Samantha on this blog. She apparently didn’t think that her first fifteen minutes of fame were enough. So she has once again opened her mouth and stuck her foot in it … Continue reading

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A Comment From An Attorney Who Tried to Buck The Broken System of CPS

I received this comment this morning on one of my post. This attorney is in the same state where the Cash for Kids Scandal is brewing and boiling over. He is not afraid to speak up. In fact he almost … Continue reading

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Yuba social worker sentenced in molestation plot

I had to read this story twice when I found it posted in a friend’s page. I read it twice to make sure I really understood what this caseworkere and then read it again to let it soak in. This … Continue reading

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The People Some of Them Caseworkers for CPS Protected Children in Their Care to DEATH!

These are the faces of those who protected children to death. All of these adults were given children to care for all of them but three were paid to take care of these children, several of these adults were employees … Continue reading

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Another Comment From a UnEducated Reader

It never ceases to amaze me at the stupidity of some people. There really should be a law against it because there certainly is no cure. I received this comment on the post”Government Trampling on Constitutional Rights of Parents ” … Continue reading

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