Another Comment From a UnEducated Reader

It never ceases to amaze me at the stupidity of some people. There really should be a law against it because there certainly is no cure. I received this comment on the post”Government Trampling on Constitutional Rights of Parents ”
“So… we should not investigate reports of child abuse and just hope that the children live? If all CPS complaints were turned over to law enforcement, the police would be so overburdened that we would have to double their budget. The ridiculousness of asserting that the privacy rights of parents usurp the right of children to be safe is just one indication of how anti-government folk have lost ther minds.”
When I read it – I had to read it three times to see if Sarah the writer really said what I thought she said. And it appears she did.

Apparently this young woman whose IP address was from the Wisconsin Ed department has no clue of our criminal justice system, our rights under the constitution- or the rights of our children. She assumed and I quote ” So… we should not investigate reports of child abuse and just hope that the children live? If all CPS complaints were turned over to law enforcement, the police would be so overburdened that we would have to double their budget”

Apparently she has not followed this blog since the beginning and obviously she has no children and has never ever had to deal with the lies, and corruption of CPS. I am not an advocate of children being removed if they are truely abused, and that means, raped, assaulted, beaten, chained, burned, etc. All of you are smart enough to understand that. However, I am against CPS using their unfettered authority to steal children simply because they can based on allegations made by someone who lives in the darkness. I am against the rights of the parents being violated in that they have no due procees, they are not charged with a crime, are not allowed access to the charges which are alleged, are not allowed to face their accusors in court, cannot examine them on the stand and are robbed of their 4th and 6th amendments.

For Sarah’s information those rights are guarenteed under the Constitution of the United States. People who commit capital crimes are allowed due process in a court of law. They are allowed to face their accusor. I am against children being stolen for profit on false allegations and placed in the homes of strangers who profit off them. I am against children being stolen by the state so the state can profit off them. Again Sarah needs to read this blog and the post on Title IV-E Funding under the Adoption and Safe Families Act.
I am against parents being forced to jump through hoops to regain their children because they are poor and uneducated and are intimadated by CPS. I am against children being sold under Title IV-E Funding in violation of the 13th Amendment which states “No man shall be held in slavery.”
Apparently Sarah is the one who has no clue. She undoublty is not as educated as she assertains because it shows in her statement which paints all parents who are abused by CPS with a very wide brush – She states, “The ridiculousness of asserting that the privacy rights of parents usurp the right of children to be safe is just one indication of how anti-government folk have lost ther minds.”

She doesn’t seem to understand that the children’s rights have been usurped in violation of the 13th amendment. To add insult to injury her refenece to “anti- government folk have lost their minds.’ is both an insult and proof that she is the one who is lacking in a full deck. It is not about government it is about the non accountablity- and the non oversite that CPS has aquired. More children die in foster care and in adoptive homes who were taken by CPS then die in their own family. When a child dies in foster care or in the home of an adoptive parent the caseworkers involved are not held accountable. They are not charged as accessories as they should be. In 9 out of 10 cases where a child had died or been abuse in foster care of the adoptive home- the caseworkers excuse was “we didn’t know”. But yet they knew enough to steal the child from it’s natural parent. Hardly!

Sarah, while I appreicate the fact that you disagree – you need to go back and do your homework and then come back and have intelligent discussion before you make statements that you can’t defend. We have done our homework. We know the facts, we know the rights granted under the Consitituiton. We know the corruption and greed and abuse that goes on in CPS. We have seen the underbelly of CPS. We know the facts and we are going to change it.

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2 Responses to Another Comment From a UnEducated Reader

  1. Kelley S. Seabolt says:

    As a parent who’s rights have been violated as well I can say we do not always have the ability to face our accuser. If the judge or any of the CPS workers are on their own agenda we as the accused will suffer for it. We are the scapegoats in all of it. No matter what we do or say, no matter how many times we jump through their hoops we will not change their minds if they are making money off our children being in CPS custody. All our children are to them are big dollar signs.
    My son was with me every day, went to work with me every day until he was almost 3 and even then he was not at the small home run day care for only when I was at work. Then it was him and I. His father and I had a parting of the ways when he was 6 mths old. Although he was not a constant part of his life he did support him monetarily through his parents. I did fine. My son did not lack for ANYTHING. When I married again he did not lack for anything, 100 acres to play on, dogs, cats and his own pony…. Until his step daddy and I had problems and I became a victim of his step grand parents bid to make me look bad. Their money assured my credibility would be shot to hell and back by bringing a case against me saying my son, who was 7 at the time, was deprived. Funny thing. They did not say it about my daughter, who was 12, and she was living with us too.
    I was railroaded. My story is on this site too and we are in the middle of trying to find help ourselves. SARAH Until you walk a mile in my boots (or push yourself a mile in my wheelchair now as I am now in a chair) Don’t jump the parents until you actually do all the research. I can back EVERYTHING I posted before and I post now. I can show all the mistakes in COURT documents and bring witnesses to the judge verbally assaulting me for bringing a dog in her courtroom. By that I mean screaming and yelling at me as well as cussing and saying I was F**king stupid.
    Sarah come roll a mile in my place. Or in Samantha’s or any other woman/man’s on here who has to watch someone else raise their children. Hear that someone else Paddled their kids when they do not believe in paddling. Hear that the other person tells their daughter that the daughter does not have to come see them if they don’t want to. That is a knife in your heart. It will physically knock the wind out of you.


    • yvonnemason says:

      Kelly I could not have said it any better myself. Thank you my friend, and what you have stated is so true. We must continue the fight for the children. Well said very well said. WE stand strong!


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