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Is where most people live.


People who think we must have done something to deserve this. People who do not believe the children when the children say they are being abused where they are at. DENIAL is very comfortable for people. Especially when it comes to sexual abuse. Any child abuse. People go to denial. It’s easy, warm, comfortable place for people. It’s warm like a pile of shit. People blame the victim and support the abusers and live in denial. Most of us have lots of friends and family who are in denial. If you do not, your very lucky. People do not want to admit that there government is not out for the best interest, well being of the children. People believed in Hitler for a long time. People want to believe that the system, the courts, the police, the government is doing what’s in the children’s best interest. People believe this even when the truth is right in front of their face. People do not want to believe the truth. Not when the truth is evil, frightening, or scary. People want to pretend everything is just fine. It is mentally hard to realize good children are taken and it is hard to swallow. But it’s the facts and it’s the truth. But humans just love DENIAL

The judges are just evil. They do not look at us at human. We are less than. They do not care if we suffer because they think we don’t matter. They think they are above us and we pay or die, and they don’t care not at all, not one bit. We better love each other because the judges, the government, the very rich, the elite, don’t care if we suffer, if our children suffer, if we die. They really don’t care about us because they think we are less than them. Every person that comes into a court room is looked at as a criminal, even if its family court. Every judge thinks we are less than, we don’t matter, we are expendable, we are to make money for them or die. They do not care if we and our children suffer or die because they look at is as less than them. As no good. As tiny meaningless people. This is how the courts look at us. No matter what your profession or job. If your not a lawyer or a judge or in the government then you are less than and they don’t care if we suffer or die. The only thing we can do is come together in numbers because all of us together can fight this. Not alone. Just telling your story no one cares but if we tell all our stories then they might listen.

About Jim Black

Jim Black is the founder of Angel Eyes over Texas (AEovrT). Jim is a former Manufacturing Engineer turned CPS Watchdog. Jim spent more than 32 years studying manufacturing companies, their procedures and the proper application of their resources with heavy emphasis on Quality Control, Automated Systems and Resource Management. Now those same skills are applied toward analyzing Texas DFPS and it's functions; breaking down the mechanics of how the agency fails to follow the policies, statutes and rules set forth by the State of Texas. Jim tracks all changes to the Texas CPS Handbook on Jim often consults with CPS defense attorneys on handbook research.
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  1. I love this post because it speaks the TRUTH OF THE MATTERS AT HAND!

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  2. Cindy says:

    We are going through some really hard stuff and CPS thinks we are the bad guys. My son in law took over the children because his ex was cheating and left him with the kids. She hooked up with some guy who sexually abused my granddaughter and so did the mom. Mac ordinal to the child who was 7. Well with all the sexual abuse CPS said yes the boyfriend may have abused but not conclusive on the mom. But no charges were brought to either. Well now that my daughter is in the picture with the dad mom now wants to be a mom. A previous judge had made a no contact order but this CPS judge said well…..depends on the therapist. Well now the ex and her mom are now badgering the caseworkers and the other caseworker and have moved their way in to see my granddaughter. As if CPS doesn’t even acknowledge that my son in law is the good guy and the mom the bad person. They are now on her side and because the other grandmother works for amtv station she threaten them with putting it on tv. We are amazed as how these caseworkers are so easily influenced and now judgemental towards my son in law. Well he doesn’t talk to his mom for a very good reason but they think since he doesn’t talk to his mom he is not a good person. I’m so discusted. They are now imposing on my granddaughters rights. She was adamant that she didn’t want to see her mom not more than 6weeks ago. The other grandmother have seen my granddaughter but I have not because I’m just step grandparent. I have been the only grandparent on her live for the past 4 years. I’m lost, we have an attorney but the process is slow and so one sided. any ideas would help. The other grandparent say they are going to take ,y granddaughter even though my son in law is not a bad parent. He still has the second child who is a special needs 7 year old. Baffled ūüė¶


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