If You Believe that CPS Does Not Rush To Judgement Think Again!!!!!!!

The story below is just one example of what happens when CPS rushes to judgement with the help of the medical field. They destroy entire families in ways that can never be recovered. And yet they go home at night and lay down and go to sleep without ever thinking of what they have done.


Rare Disease Mimics Child Abuse and Tears Family Apart

By SUSAN DONALDSON JAMES | Good Morning America – Wed, Apr 4, 2012 5:04 PM EDT

  • Rare Disease Mimics Child Abuse and Tears Family Apart (ABC News)Rare Disease Mimics Child Abuse and Tears Family Apart (ABC News)

William “Dave” O’Shell, distraught over charges of child abuse that were being leveled against him, snapped on June 30, 2008, killing his wife, Tiffany O’Shell, in their Henderson, Colo., home before taking his own life.

Just a few weeks earlier, their green-eyed, 3-month-old daughter, Alyssa, had been placed in a foster home because x-rays revealed 11 broken bones and doctors assumed that she had been beaten.

But they were wrong.

On the same day as the murder-suicide, a doctor at Colorado Children’s Hospital suspected something else and was later proved right: Alyssa had a rare genetic disorder that caused her bones to fracture — one that authorities had confused for abuse.

Alyssa died of spinal muscular atrophy on Oct. 28, 2008, but the tragedy has rippled through a family and an aggressive social services system that is meant to protect children.

Now, four years later after all lawsuits have been unsuccessful, Alyssa’s maternal grandparents are saying the tragedy could have been averted.

“We were looking for action. We could care less about the money,” said Paul Cuin, Tiffany O’Shell’s adoptive father. “We wanted someone to sit up and say, ‘This is wrong and we need to change things.'”

Cuin said there were no avenues for the O’Shells, both respected police officers, to plead their innocence.

“If our kids had some sort of outlet or grievance process or gone to someone, we would have a whole different story today,” he said. “The system has to change.”

A judge gave Cuin, 59, and his wife, Jackie Cuin, 50, custody of Alyssa after the death of their daughter and son-in-law, despite the objections of social services, according to a story first published in the Denver Post.

The newspaper obtained medical, social services and police records in their investigation, as well as court documents on the Cuins’ lawsuits.

“They were wonderful parents,” said Paul Cuin, who is a supermarket manager. “We never had a single doubt in our minds [over whether] abuse was involved. We knew from the beginning, they loved that baby.”

They nursed Alyssa until her death and are convinced that if doctors knew more about SMA, the disease might never again be confused with child abuse.

Spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA, is a genetic neuromuscular disease characterized by muscle atrophy and weakness. It is caused by a mutation in the gene on the long arm of chromosome 5, which makes a protein that is important in the cells of the spinal cord and lower brain stem.

It is not always a death sentence, but those with the most serious form, like Alyssa, can suffer respiratory failure.

The disease is the leading genetic cause of death in infants and toddlers, affecting as many as 10,000 to 25,000 children and adults in the United States, according to the SMA Foundation.

“It took seven months to diagnose my 12-year-old daughter, and my husband is a scientist and we live in New York City,” said Loren Eng, president of the SMA Foundation. “So few doctors are aware of the disease and it causes a wide variety of symptoms. It’s really an awareness problem.”

Dr. Darryl De Vivo, a professor of neurology and pediatrics at Columbia University, said SMA can “masquerade to some degree” as child abuse, “at least to the uneducated eye.”

“The nature of this disease is such that it allows the bone to be unduly susceptible to fractures in the normal handling of the infant,” he said.

De Vivo added that with heightened awareness to child abuse, “people jump in and say guilty before being proven innocent.”

The Colorado case began in on June 16, 2008, when Tiffany O’Shell noticed that Alyssa cried when she lifted her right leg. The baby was referred to Children’s Hospital of Colorado, where x-rays revealed fractures, but no bruises or abrasions.

“We pleaded with the doctor at Children’s Hospital and social service to look for something else other than child abuse,” said Paul Cuin. “They should have waited and not jumped to conclusions.”

Elizabeth Whitehead of Children’s Hospital Colorado said the hospital would not comment “on alleged child abuse cases, past or present.”

Child protective services took Alyssa immediately and placed her in a foster home. Her grandparents were ruled out as guardians because Jackie Cuin had spent time babysitting the child and was considered a suspect.

SMA Broken Bones Looked Like Abuse

The O’Shells had one supervised visit with Alyssa, according to Paul Cuin. The baby turned her head away from her parents several times and authorities interpreted that as confirmation of abuse.

Dave O’Shell became a chief suspect when he admitted that he often held her by the legs upside down — which he said made the baby smile, according to the Post.

Cuin said the signs of SMA were evident in Alyssa, “but no one saw it” until the baby’s foster mother took her to the doctor because she was failing to thrive.

A pediatrician at Children’s Hospital noticed the classic symptoms: the baby’s thumb turned inward, a “bell-shaped” stomach and “frogs legs” that wouldn’t straighten, according to Cuin. Alyssa’s breathing was labored and she struggled to hold her head up.

Suspicious, the doctor called for genetic tests, but no one alerted Alyssa’s parents, according to Cuin.

“If they had had a little bit of hope,” Cuin said, “this all would have been different.

On July 9, the results confirmed SMA, and on July 11, a caseworker called the Cuins’ lawyer. The O’Shells had been dead nearly two weeks.

By July 16 the Cuins went to court and a judge granted them custody.

The Cuins defend their son-in-law against abuse charges, but are still struggling to understand why he murdered their daughter.

“David was a very stable individual,” said Cuin. “It shocked us. But I fully understand the pressures he was under.”

Cuin said O’Shell had lost all hope, told by his lawyer that he would go to prison and lose not only his daughter, but his wife, his job and his military status. If arrested on felony abuse, he would have had to raise $50,000 bail.

Two days before the murder-suicide, O’Shell told his wife he was “going to shoot people” so police would have a reason to arrest him, according to the Denver Post. He became increasingly despondent.

One June 30, the couple was scheduled to meet with lawyers and a criminal investigator about the abuse charges. Jackie Cuin tried to call her daughter but got no answer.

She went to check on her at the house, but was too afraid to enter, calling her husband.

Paul Cuin found the bodies: Tiffany, who had been shot in the head twice, was covered in blood in bed. Dave’s legs were sticking out the bedroom doorway.

“I haven’t forgiven him,” said Cuin. “And I don’t know if I will ever be able to.”

Cuin and his wife now live day-by-day, and their awareness campaign is what keeps them going.

“We don’t want the kids’ death to be in vain,” he said. “We want something good to come of it.”

“I don’t have a problem at all with social services coming and taking a child and doing an investigation,” said Cuin. “There is a need for this service. There are bad people out there and kids need to be protected.”

“But the system did the opposite,” he said. “It tore a family apart.”

When I read this story my heart broke. It broke because a family unit was totally wiped out simply because CPS with the help of the medical field rushed to judgement and condemned a family for something that they didn’t do. The criminals in this case are CPS and  the medical field. The medical field didn’t do their homework to find out the child had the disorder. They simply said that she was abused. CPS didn’t do due diligence when they were called. They simply said the father did it and the mother allowed it to happen.
 Not only was a child unjustly stolen by CPS- but two families lost their children in the process. A piece of our future is forever silenced by the hands of CPS and the family court system.
IF this child had been murdered the murderer would have been given a more fair trial than this family. When a rape happen the defendant is given a more fair trial than this family ever saw. The CPS system is based on money from federally funded sources ie the Adoption and Safe Families Act. The winners in this mess is CPS, Foster Care Providers, the different agencies that are paid by CPS and the family court system. They all make money off the backs of children they steal in the name of “Best Interest of the Child”. It is really the best interest of the System. The losers are families like this one which will never see their child grown, the parents of the parents who will never see their children grow older or have more children.
This is not just a travesty it should be criminal. There is not enough money in the world to restore this family to its former self. Lives forever silenced by CPS!

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2 Responses to If You Believe that CPS Does Not Rush To Judgement Think Again!!!!!!!

  1. andrew says:

    yes the cps in the usa are the same as uk social services they rush in to silly descions its because they have to kidnapp as many kids as possible facebook one voice for the kids and join us to take on the uk goverment and social workers come on america you can do this as well http://www.parentsinjustice.co.uk


  2. Cristine says:

    This is heart retching. The fate of our children is unknown. The state and government have become the parents. Cps workers answer to no higher power. Any power gone unchecked shall eventually become corrupt. There have been numerous political figures who have attempted to wipe out the corrupt child trafficking business of cps and have all turned up dead. Strange. Cps workers quite often are not even actual social workers. You think it
    would be obvious with so many people complaining about the corruption that something would be done about it. It will not stop as long as there is money to be made from seizing those children, ” MAINTENANCE FUNDS, FOSTER CARE FUNDS, FOSTER PREVENTION FUNDS, ADOPTION FUNDS, ADMINISTRATIVE FUNDS. THE LAWS WERE INITIALLY SET UP UNDER THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT IN A WAY THAT WOULD GUARD CHILDREN AS WELL AS PARENTAL RIGHTS IF THE CRITERIA AND PROVISIONS DEFINED AND LAYED OUT WITHIN THE ACT WERE EVER PROPERLY FOLLOWED BY CPS… unfortunately they are not in a large percentage of cps cases and removals. Once the funds are rolling in on behalf of those “kidnapped” children you are not going to get the children back. The children are money in the bank. This was explained to me by a social worker that worked for cps in Virginia. She was appalled at how corrupt cps was and switched departments within the state. She did not speak out for fear. Family court needs to eliminated as it is in Violation of parents Constitutional rights of due process and familial rights. It furthermore is a court of no record whereas a indigent person most likely would not be able to attain a court reporter to obtain a record of the corrupt hearings held in these courts. It’s like a cult. We would have to compare it to that of a cult. The cps cult. Thus the family court is in violation of the Supreme Law of The Land… The Constitution of the United States. You want cps to leave you alone. Don’t send your children to public school, don’t apply for any assistance from the government as cps targets low income parents as they will not have the financial means to defend themselves. Never let them into your home. Never speak with them without an attorney; If they kick your door in, as they often do, start the recorder rolling. Good luck with changes. It will change when the government goes bankrupt which we are pretty much already there. The damage done to children and parents by cps can never be fixed. For the very small portion of children actually rescued compared to the deaths caused by cps it is a worthless agency that feeds off our children and has outlived any useful purpose other than the extortion of funds from the government. This is probably why Nancy Shaeffer is not longer with us. So sad is this world and our children’s future.



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