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When Will People Learn if They Want their Fifteen Minutes of Fame All They Have to Do is Ask

This morning I received to comments on this site once again telling me how ignorant and stupid I was and asking the age old question of why I didn’t take my granddaughters. Once again the stupidity falls in the laps … Continue reading

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This Article is So Wrong on So Many Levels!

This article is wrong on so many levels. The author of this article states that the letter of the law is followed when children are taken. She also says that caseworkers don’t have the ability to snatch children without a … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Child An Adoption Site Run By Freddie Mac

Oh yes, your tax dollars at work. Just when you thought it was safe. In my research I have uncovered Non-Profit” Freddie Mac which is already under water with the housing industry now is in the child selling business using … Continue reading

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There is Just One Question Here WHY?????

By By Leader Staff Pontiac Daily Leader Posted May 06, 2011 @ 08:50 AM http://www.pontiacdailyleader.com/news/x242752293/Cullom-girl-s-death-probed A 4-year-old girl was taken unresponsive from her foster care home in Cullom Tuesday and died the next day in a Peoria hospital, said the … Continue reading

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Yes They Have Way To Much Power!

State taking your kids… Too much power? http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/state-taking-your-kids (WXYZ) – All parents make mistakes. But in Michigan, one mistake can cost you your child. Critics say it’s happening all too often. Legal experts say one of the reasons kids are … Continue reading

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Now California Promotes CSP Caseworkers Who Lie to Judges and then teaches other Caseworkers how to do the Samen

by Kimberly Edds, Staff Writer An Orange County social worker who lied to a juvenile court commissioner in order to take away a woman’s two daughters — and cost the county $4.9 million in a court judgment — was later … Continue reading

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Time to Vote McNamara out he refuses to listen to a victim of CPS

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Another Injustice by CPS

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Government Agencies Attack an Honorable Marine and His Family (This is a new low even for CPS)!

by Amelia Foxwell 04/05/2011 Imagine you are a United States Marine. You can trace your families’ proud military service back to the civil war. You have answered your call of duty in a nasty world of unrelenting sand, sleeplessness and … Continue reading

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Protection against Prosecution under the First Amendment

For those of you fighting CPS and are threatened with jail because of your pages, blogs, facebook etc, here is the proof they can not prosecute you for speaking out. You Are protected! The First Amendment’s Glass Half Full Those … Continue reading

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