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Foster to Adopt Subsidies and Payments

Directly from a family  who adopted “foster children” from the “system”  in their own words— Posted at : http://www.nathhan.com/fosterart.htm For us there have been many benefits to adopting “through the system”. 1. We had the protection of the court from … Continue reading

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Another Foolish Person Who Is Drinking the Kool Aid

I received this insane comment today on this site and it was attached to the blog that talks about Foster Care Providers and the fact that they do not have to pay taxes on the money they get from stolen children each … Continue reading

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Go Here To Rate Judge Kevin Guidry Juvenile Judge of the Piedmont District of Georgia

http://www.therobingroom.com/georgia/Judge.aspx?id=8658 You will have to cut and paste the link to get to the site but below is what you will find – go and rate this judge. Hon. Kevin Guidry See Rating Details Judge Juvenile Court Banks County Piedmont … Continue reading

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DFC In Colorado Failed these two children for Eleven Years Now they are missing and presumed DEAD!

When are we going to stop allowing DCF to be immune from prosectution for the abuse, greed and corruption stealing children for profit. These two boys were never reported missing and the adoptive parents continued to draw a check on … Continue reading

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