The Cruelty and Inhumaness of Foster Care and The Broken System it is a Part of

Last night I finished reading a true story of a woman who along with several of her siblings were stolen by the system in Canada several years ago. The book is titled “The Stovepipe”.  Bonnie E Virag was much kinder to her tormentors than I would have been she changed the names of the foster care providers in order to protect family members. I would not have been so kind. Because the family members were a cruel as the foster care providers were. She and her sisters were treated as slaves on a tobacco farm, they were not given proper food, clothing or shelter and yet the family earned a check of their backs. These same girls were made to work in a tobacco field without proper food or clothes. They often had to eat Sassafrass leaves in order to starve to death while working the fields. One sister  was raped by the youngest boy of the family and it was covered up – she was  only seven years old. This was just one of the many families they were shuffled to as they were split up. There were two sets of twin, several brothers and an older sister, some of which the writer has never seen again,

No, this didn’t happen in the present day and age it happened in the 1930-1940’s – yes DCF cruelty has been going on for a very long time- it started when they government decided to take young American Indian children away from their parents and put them in schools to teach them the way of the White Man. That didn’t work and neither does it work now. Children want to know who they are- they need to know their blood family- these children in The Stovepipe were moved from home to home by the system when their usefullness was gone. They were used as unpaid servants in homes of women who were disabled, who were elderly and on farms where the livestock was treated better.

If you think that DCF has changed that when children are stolen they are placed in a better more loving home- think again. They are worse off, they are beaten, raped, assaulted, and abused and murdered more in foster care than any other place. But yet, there is no consequences for the actions of those caseworkers who place them  there or the families who cause the abuse- The consequences fall on the children and their blood family. The emotional and mental damage done to these children can never be reversed – no amount of therapy can give them back their lives which are forever destroyed by a system that is corrupt and broken. The emotional and mental damage done to the parent is lasting they never get over the loss of that child or children. It is worse than a death- the grief never fades. Every time that parent looks at a picture or hears a song or sees another child the grief rushes to the surface like a tidal wave. It is like opening a wound again, which never heals.

Ms. Virag states that the day she and her siblings were stolen and forced into a big black car by strangers, she watched out the back window at her older sister who was chasing the car with an ax trying to get her siblings back. Ms. Virag states “We wondered what we had done wrong to be taken away.” That feeling and question never leaves that child no matter how old they get. They will always wonder what they did wrong. They always live in fear that the caseworker will show up again at the door and force them in a car with a small bag to go to yet another stranger’s house.

As children we are taught not to talk to strangers because we could be hurt or killed. Daily almost hourly thousands of children are stolen by strangers from their homes put in stranger’s cars and taken to a stranger’s home where they are hurt, abused and killed. This is all done under “Best Interest of the Child”.

It is not the Best Interest of the child, it is in the best interest of the criminals who perpetrate these crimes with the blessing of the Federal Government. It is all about the money that is earned off the backs of these children as they are shuffled like a deck of cards through a system that is rife with corruption. A cess pool of greedy humans selling children for a profit to feather their own coffers due to the fear of losing a job.

Children who are abused worse than they would have ever been in their own homes no matter how poor. Children who are forever damaged and no amount of therapy will ever make them whole again. Children who spend their entire life asking why and receiving no answers. Just platitudes.

These children are taken from homes where the family is for the most part poor, and uneducated who don’t know or have the resources to fight the maze of paperwork, accusations and so called case plans that caseworkers  have become so proficient at the shell game of hiding the children.

While I agree that some children are truly abused by their parents and need to be removed, it is such a small percentage compared to how many are actually stolen for profit. We are losing our children to a government agency which is corrupt and dangerous. They are saying your children are not really ours and they have the right to come and get them anytime they feel like it under the guise of “Best interest of the child”.

I applaud Mrs. Virag for her courage to speak out- I hurt for her loss of not having a life with all of her siblings- I am angry at a system that allows foster care to be used for self serving purposes where the abuse is hidden and runs rampant like a pandemic. Where there are no consequences for the murder and assault on children where were allegedly taken out of a bad enviorment and placed in one even worse.

It is way past time to stop this corruption to shut down this illegal child stealing machine to take our children and our future back.

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4 Responses to The Cruelty and Inhumaness of Foster Care and The Broken System it is a Part of

  1. Thank you for this post. I have added a link to it on my own blog. Please feel free to add similar posts here: – Velvet Martin, mother of angel, Samantha – SAMANTHA’S LAW


  2. integrityisyou says:

    GodI , AMEN. Honestly ever since our situation I am so scared to even sign on to the internet because I know that each day I will have read more horror stories. It makes me so heartbroken. Right now I can only focus on getting my son back, but I hope to be a part of stopping this corruption.


  3. Thank you for the post. I have added a link to it on my own blog: Please feel free to add similar discussions here as well. – Velvet Martin, Protecting Canadian Children, mother of Samantha – SAMANTHA’S LAW


  4. integrityisyou says:

    They said that exact same thing to me. ‘Noah isn’t really your son. Biologically but you are not his parents’


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