This Article is So Wrong on So Many Levels!

This article is wrong on so many levels. The author of this article states that the letter of the law is followed when children are taken. She also says that caseworkers don’t have the ability to snatch children without a signed order from the judge.
There are so many things wrong it is almost laughable.
To begin with children are snatched daily just on the word of a caseworker and we know they lie. It has been proven over and over again. The Bahrona Case is a prime example the caseworker and guardian et libum both stated there was no family trying to get the children when in fact the Aunt and Uncle in Texas had been trying almost since day one. They had even written the judge several times.
The next dumb statement is that the letter of the law is followed- really! Parents are denied their constitutional rights on every level, Their 4th, 6th, and 1st rights under the Constitution are violated from the get go. Parents are threatened, harrassed and abused by CPS from day one.
They are considered guilty before they ever get in front of a biased judge who also stands to gain under Title IV funding.
Maura Corrigan can try to spin this anyway she wants to- it still walks like a duck- looks like a duck and smells like a duck. In other words children are stolen for profit on a daily basis especially since the economy is in the tank. Parents are charged with deprivation and neglect which are criminal charges but yet they are never charged criminally- if they were the case would be open as it would be in criminal court. We who are fighting this corrupt system know they all including the judges work under the veil of secreacy in order to be able to steal children for profit. Ms. Corrigan needs to quit while she is still ahead. Before she gets in over her head.

Maura Corrigan Director Michigan Department of Human Services


Issues of child welfare have dominated the headlines in the past few months. As the current director of the Department of Human Services and a former justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, I appreciate any spotlight on the plight of our state’s most vulnerable children. But if we are all to work together to protect children and ensure that they are living in safe and stable homes, we must understand the system in place to protect them.

Contrary to popular belief, our Child Protective Services caseworkers do not decide on their own to remove children from their homes. Only judges can issue orders removing children from their homes; such orders are issued only in the most extreme circumstances.

In fact, fewer than 8% of the cases investigated by CPS in 2010 result in children being placed in another home to protect their safety. Law enforcement sometimes removes children from home in emergencies to protect them from immediate threats of harm. In those situations, CPS still must obtain a court order before accepting the child from law enforcement for purposes of placement in a safe home.

A dramatic picture is often painted of parents being caught unaware when their child is to be removed from the home. Sometimes the parents cannot be provided advance notice of an order of removal, as it may threaten the safety of the child.

Both the parents and the child are represented by an attorney before the judge when the case is being weighed. The parents’ attorney is responsible for bringing to light relevant facts, and only when all the evidence is considered will a judge make the determination whether to place a child away from his or her home.

The best place for children is with their own families. Many programs are in place to help parents acquire the skills they need to care for their children — and these are the most prescribed actions when dealing with child abuse and neglect cases. But in that small percentage of cases where children are unsafe or at imminent risk of harm, we must take action to find a safe haven.

Under Michigan law, DHS is bound to protect the privacy of the children in our care. We cannot share the background that led to our actions or the facts that would make the court’s decision to remove a child clear. This can lead to the perpetuation of misinformation and/or a mischaracterization of the actions taken in a case. Sadly, our social workers who are so committed that they are willing to face horrors each day to protect children are demonized.

A child’s welfare is first and foremost the responsibility of the family. But when a family is unable, or unwilling, to care for their children, the courts, law enforcement, community partners and DHS all share responsibility for ensuring that children are safe and that families receive the support and services needed to achieve successful reunification.

Maura D. Corrigan became the director of the Michigan Department of Human Services in January and is a former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice.

About yvonnemason

Background:  The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.  Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia. Education:  After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate’s degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006. Awards:  Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one’s major. Affiliations:  Beta Sigma Phi Sorority  Member of The Florida Writer’s Association – Group Leader for St Lucie County The Dream:  Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan’s Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006. The Inspiration:  Yvonne’s brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up The Author: Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:  Stan’s Story- the true story of her brother’s accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.  Tangled Minds - a riveting story about a young girl’s bad decision and how it taints everyone’s life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009  Brilliant Insanity – released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008  Silent Scream – Released by October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie Yvonne’s Philosophy in Life - “Pay it Forward”: “In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is ‘pay it forward’. It is a simple
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2 Responses to This Article is So Wrong on So Many Levels!

  1. William Draper says:

    I can relate to what is said in refute, as such was my experience .


  2. Christina says:

    Hark; do I hear the perfidy voice of the non-delusional speaker with a malice treachery tongue driven by pure acknowledgement of evil itself? I had written this article not so long ago. Through the years I must admit I thought of revenge once or twice.
    Knowing that there will never be any real justice for our child(ren) who have suffered, while the life sucking bottom feeder child snatchers who have already hurt our child, beyond our imagination continues to seek out new victims every day, every hour, scheming and drooling . The thought process of taking the law in my own hands emerges from the realization that it is the state who continues pay the cash bonus incentives which fuels the illegal removals of our children and it is the state who continues to allow these criminals to have immunity for profiting and putting our children in harm’s way.
    These bottom feeders actually enjoy watching little children suffer while begging with tears in their eyes crying out for their parents to come and save them. They actually receive satisfaction and delight when adding to their suffering, by ripping their world apart and breaking their little hearts by whispering hurtful lies of how their parents, whom no longer want them and have abandon them for drugs, alcohol or another person. They might even tell them that they found another child that they prefer over them, and they have gone away on vacation to Disneyland and they will never come back again.
    The bottom feeder continues to use harsh statements that will demean your child, making your child feel ugly, unwanted, unloved, completely alone, forgotten and they become angry.
    The bottom feeder continues to salivate just thinking about the first auction your child will be in, fantasying which comes from the greed of money and the pleasures it can buy.
    The first stop will be the repugnant pedophile who will take pleasure in destroying your child’s innocence. This low life oozes with disease and remains deaf to your child’s screams as he plays out his demented physical desires which becomes heighten with your child’s continued mental and physical pain, soon there is nothing left. The damage is permanent and affects both body and soul.
    The thought of a child being torture, for the pure enjoyment of a temporary high, resulting from the power and total control over a small child’s will which becomes broken.
    The stench from the abuse mixed with the greed of money, continues to fill the air.
    The child is now placed on the medical auction block.
    The child’s DNA and the damages sustain from the prior abuse and neglect (which the parent will eventually be accused of doing) will determine if the child will be used as a LAB RAT or an ORGAN DONOR.
    I would actually be doing society a favor by eliminating this type of monsters who feeds of our children.

    Now with that in mind,


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