The Collusion Between Jackson County Ga DCF and Stephens County GA DCF a Follow up Blog from Yesterday

Newborn Nathan and Payton with their Mom and Dad

Yesterday I wrote a blog about how a week old baby was literaly torn from his mother’s breast as she was feeding him. This baby’s name is Nathan and it was the first time his older sister had met him.
The background is Jackson County DCF snatch Payton a while back. They snatched her becasue her mother was accused of deprivation- this is their standard method of operation. This way they don’t have to charge the parent crminally. If they had there would have been no case.
Fast forward to Monday May2,2011. Leigh had taken the new baby Nathan to visit his sister at the Tree House in Jackson County. Leigh currently lives in Stephens County.
While she was gone a Stephens County Deputy and a caseworker showed up at the house demanding to know where Leigh and Nathan were. Her mother in law told them she was visiting Payton. They didn’t want to see the baby’s room but they did take picutures of the mother in law’s van and the house.
From there the insanity proceeded to the Tree House. That is where a Jackson county deputy and one Maria Ryder a caseworker from Jackson County stripped baby Nathan from his mother’s breast while he was feeding and put him in a car seat in the transporter’s van and let him continue to cry for thirty minutes because he was hungry. This child had health issues when he was born and was supposed to receive breast milk as oppsed to formula.
Now there is more abuse on Jackson County and Stephen County’s part. They have taken a newborn put him in a van hungry- let him cry without feeding him, he has health issues and to add more to that other children in the facility saw this abuse taking place. His sister saw this abuse taking place. They were all tramatized.
Maria Ryder is the caseworker in Jackson County who stole Payten from her mother when sought medicla attentiion for her daughter. She fell off the radar after Leigh moved to Stephens County but yet she was the one who showed up to steal Nathan. The Supervisor of Jackson County is A Heather Murray.

Now the back story on Nathan – Doug Haines who is the attorney for Jackson County DCF told Leigh before Nathan was born that if there was any way he could get the new baby he would. Between him, Maria Ryder and Heather Murray they managed it.
This is how they did it. They found out when the baby was born when Leigh was going to visit Payton then then contacted Garth Rivers with Stephens County DCF and feed him lies. He told Leigh that he just couldn’t let Nathan stay with his mom.
Right- like he went to a nice foster home. IF you notice the bandaid under Payton’s eye. There is a story that will make you sick. It appears that the foster care pvoider was supposed to be on vaction in Ga with Payton- but instead they were at a soccor game for their 11 year old daughter. Payton Fell from the bleacher’s and was bitten by a dog. She is now going to require plastic surgery the wound is so bad. But yet they put this new baby in this same home. They didn’t even tell Leigh what happened – She found out when they brought Payton to the Tree House to visit her mom. The transportor told her. The foster care provider was nowhere to be found.
Now we do know that Jackson County is under investigation and from all the sources I have talked to the investigation is very ugly. We know there is corruption, greed and abuse in that county by DCF. We know they sell children for profit. We have known this for a long time. It is time to return these children back to their family. They have no case, if they really had a deprivation case they would have charged Leigh and arrested her. In fact she told Garth Rivers to do just that he refused. That is proof postive that there is no case. If they had a case and charged Leigh then it would go to criminal court and all the evidence would be public knowledge. Time to stop the corruption Time get these kids home where they belong.

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