Letter of Support from Child Advocacy Planning Retreat Participants to Governor Roy Barnes

Even though this letter was written in 2001 it shows who is in bed with who in the corruption of DFCS in Ga.

Letter of Support from
Child Advocacy Planning Retreat Participants
to Governor Roy Barnes
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November 30, 2001
Honorable Roy Barnes
Governor, State of Georgia
State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30303

Dear Governor Barnes:

We, as stakeholders in the child welfare system, are very grateful for your leadership and commitment to reform as shown by your FY 2002 budget recommendations. You listened to our requests and you added even more funds. We thank you, and we look forward to working with you on the second installment of your special child welfare initiative.

Your vision for an improved child welfare system requires more resources. The 2001 federal review of Georgia’s child welfare system highlights the system’s continuing failure to protect children. We know that maltreated children are significantly more likely to become involved in delinquent or criminal behavior and otherwise consume a disproportionate share of state resources. We support your efforts to remedy the deficiencies of our system.

On your desk, you have a budget request from DHR to improve and strengthen the child welfare system. Unfortunately that request does not reflect the actual need. During our meeting on November 30, 2001, we agreed that, in addition to DHR’s budget request, the following items are critical to the welfare of our children.

Exempt all items in the child welfare initiative as defined in your original proposal from budget reductions, for both FY 2002 and FY 2003.

Invest a portion of the reserves, which are currently estimated to exceed one billion dollars, in the child welfare initiative.

Expand prevention services and placement options for children that will save state resources in the future.

Strengthen the mental health system for children, which is interdependent with the child welfare system.

We know you understand child welfare reform requires a multi-year commitment. We will continue to advocate and to monitor the progress of our system toward achieving these goals. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this dialogue and look forward to further budget and policy discussions.

cc: Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor, House Speaker Tom Murphy, Sen. George Hooks, Rep. Terry Coleman, Sen. Charles Walker, Rep. Larry Walker, Sen. Terrell Starr, Rep. Tom Buck

Hon. Stephanie Stuckey
Georgia House of Representatives

Judge James Morris
Juvenile Court of Cobb County
President, Council of Juvenile Court Judges

Judge Tom Rawlings
Middle Circuit Juvenile Court

Judge Peggy H. Walker
Juvenile Court of Douglas County

Judge Nikki Marr
Juvenile Court of Dekalb County

Robert Grayson
Cobb County, Special Assistant Attorney General
Edwards, Friedewald & Grayson

Michelle Barclay
Child Placement Project Director

Andrew Barclay
Advisory Committee Chair
Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic

John Carter, Ph.D.
Emory University
School of Public Health, Epidemiology

Peter Lyons, Ph.D.
GA State University
School of Social Work
Georgia Professional Society on the Abuse of Children

Sandra Alexander
Executive Director
Prevent Child Abuse Georgia

Mike Buchholz
Executive Director
Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia

Eric John
Executive Director
Council of Juvenile Court Judges

Shawn Huff
Assistant Director
Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative

Allyson Anderson
Director of Advocacy
Georgia CASA

Duaine Hathaway
Executive Director
Georgia CASA

Jan Pratt
Emory School of Law

Ellen Williams, Esq.
Williams Consulting Group
Karen Worthington
Clinic Director
Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic

Mary Margaret Oliver
Former Senator & Visiting Professor
Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic

Normer Adams
Executive Director
Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children

Dr. James Logan
Pediatric Pulmonologist
CPS Task Force Member

Eva Patillo
Executive Director
Georgia Child Fatality Review Panel

DeAlvah Simms, Esq.
Office of the Child Advocate

James M. Gaudin, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
The University of Georgia School of Social Work

Dr. Nancy Fajman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Emory University School of Medicine

Kim Anderson, Esq.
Adoptive Parent

Victoria Ann Embs
Attorney Guardian At Litem

Mary Frances Williams
Child Advocate

Cathalene Teahan, R.N., M.S.N.
Public Policy Consultant

Susan Teaster
Director, Juvenile Advocacy Division
Georgia Indigent Defense Council

Lynn Grindall, Esq.
Managing Attorney, Southern Juvenile Defender Center
Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic

Will Crossley, Esq.
Policy Fellow
Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic

Dr. Patrice Harris
Senior Policy Fellow
Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic

Laura Haskins
Barton Clinic Intern

Katherine Parsons
Barton Clinic Intern


Web Endorsements of Letter Above:
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W. Terence Walsh, Chair of the State Bar Committee , Children and the Courts, 12/3/2001.

Terry Howell, Foster Parent, Lord, Bissell & Brook, 12/3/2001.

Jason Airman, Social Services Supervisor, Cobb County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/3/2001.

Quintus W. Sibley, Chairperson, Ocmulgee CASA, Inc., 12/3/2001.

Ann Eagerton, Executive Director, DeKalb Juvenile Foundation/DeKalb CASA, 12/3/2001.


Lori Derhammer, Communications & Marketing Manager, Georgia CASA, Inc., 12/3/2001.

Sally A. Thigpen, Advocacy Coordinator, DeKalb County CASA, 12/3/2001.

Sandi Johnson, Social Services Case Manager, Cobb County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/3/2001.

Melissa Traylor, Social Services Case Manager, Cobb County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/3/2001.

Tara K. Daniels, Program Assistant, DeKalb County CASA, 12/3/2001.

Carmen Nance, LMSW, Quality Assurance Specialist, Cobb County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/3/2001.

Amanda Bristol, Program Director, Carroll County CASA, Inc., 12/3/2001.

Sherri Howard, Executive Director, TLC CASA, 12/3/2001.

Leslie Kopel, Volunteer, DeKalb County CASA, 12/3/2001.

Kathy O’Neal, LMSW, Executive Director, Family Counseling Center of Central GA, 12/3/2001.

William Schneider, Juvenile Court Judge, Rockdale Juvenile Court, 12/3/2001.

B.J. Strickland, Executive Director, Piedmont CASA, Inc., 12/3/2001.

Eddie Slay, Judicial Program Coordinator, Cobb County Juvenile Court CASA, 12/3/2001.

Andrew Spires, Math Teacher, Washington County High School, 12/3/2001, 12/3/2001.

Mary Acland Sarner, Volunteer, 12/3/2001.

Kimberly Fuqua, Social Services Case Manager, Cobb County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/3/2001.

Sandy Torres, Staff Attorney, Council of Juvenile Court Judges, 12/3/2001.

Dinah H. McClymonds, Board Member, Georgia CASA, 12/3/2001.


Marsha Belflower, Volunteer Coordinator, Clayton County CASA Program, 12/3/2001.

Bogus Miller, Volunteer Coordinator, Clayton County CASA, 12/3/2001.

J. Russell Jackson, Juvenile Court Judge, Forsyth County Juvenile Court, 12/3/2001.

Judge Timothy A. Pape, Judge, Floyd County Juvenile Court, 12/3/2001.

Benjamin P. Brinson, Judge, Juvenile Court, Atlantic Judical Circuit, 12/3/2001.

Miesha L. Tatum, Child Advocate, Dekalb County CASA, 12/3/2001.

Jack Farrar, Ph.D. , Director, Fairview Day Hospital, 12/3/2001.

Mark Crowe, Concerned Citizen, 30312, 12/3/2001.

Malenka Warner, Volunteer, 12/3/2001.

Kathy Colbenson, CEO, CHRIS Homes, Inc., 12/3/2001.

Patricia Nealy, Social Services Supervisor, Clayton Co. DFCS, 12/3/2001.

Ann Shannon, MSW student, 12/3/2001.

Joy Withers Brown, Elementary Music Teacher, Henry County School System, 12/4/2001.

Patricia W. Showell, President & CEO, Families First, 12/4/2001.

Cara Fox, Director of Special Programs, Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children, 12/4/2001.

Jewel W. Norman, Child Advocate, 30318, 12/4/2001.

Gary D. Smith, Director, Ben Hill County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/4/2001.

Patricia Robinson, Independent Consultant, 12/4/2001.

Robin Nash, Judge, DeKalb County Juvenile Court, 12/4/2001.

Leila H. Anderson, Executive Director, Kids’ Journey, 12/4/2001.

J. Hatcher Graham, Attorney, Borad Member, Kids Journey, 12/4/2001.

Ellen McElyea, Judge, Cherokee County Juvenile Court, 12/4/2001.

kathie lyon, volunteer, CASA, 12/4/2001.

Lloyd W. Zook, Executive Director, Goshen Valley Boys Ranch, 12/4/2001.

Linda Smith Lowe, Public Policy Advocate, 30316, 12/4/2001.

English Norman, VP-Elect, Community Outreach Council, The Junior League of Atlanta, Inc., 12/4/2001.

Sharon Smith, Graduate student-psychology, Georgia State University, 12/4/2001.

Mark Rudel, Product Evaluation Director, UPS , 12/4/2001.

Tammy Varnadore-Taylor, MS,LPC , Assistant Child Advocate , Office of the Child Advocate, 12/4/2001.

Deidra L. Schad, Public Affairs Committee Chair, Junior League of Athens, 12/4/2001.

Susan Hammack-Cooper, Concerned Citizen, 31707, 12/4/2001.

Susan S. Allhusen, Child Advocate, Board Member, The Bridge, 12/4/2001.

Amy K. O’Neill, MD, Emory University, Egleston Children’s Hospital, 12/4/2001.

Diane H. Harrell, Subject Matter Expert, DFCS, 12/4/2001.

Joan U. Smeltzer, Legislative Chair, Medical Association of Atlanta Alliance, 12/4/2001.

Kimberly Odums, Subject Matter Expert, DFCS, 12/4/2001.

Jennifer L. Williams, Statistical Analyst, Division of Family and Children Services, 12/4/2001.

Garry Hammontree, Social Services Case Manager, DFCS Business Process Reengineering Project, 12/4/2001.


Pamela M. Talley, Family Independence Case Manager I, Troup County DFCS, 12/4/2001.

Nancy M. Bruce, Social Services Supervisor, DFCS, 12/4/2001.

Patty Eagar, , Executive Director, Advocates for Bartow’s Children, 12/4/2001.

Kelli Stone, , CPRS Project Manager, DFCS, 12/4/2001.

Walter E. Glore, Information Engineer, COMSYS, Inc., 12/4/2001.

John Harrell, Community Resource Specialist, DFCS, 12/4/2001.

Kristen O. Harrison, Executive Director, The Alcove, Inc., 12/4/2001.

Ellen Holland, board member, The Bridge, 12/4/2001.

Virginia B. Carroll, Director, Lowndes DFCS, 12/4/2001.

Dr. Paul Winum, Board Member, The Bridge, 12/4/2001.

Sharon Nelson Hill, Associate Judge, Fulton County Juvenile Court, 12/4/2001.

Brenda Florence, Social Services Generalist, Troup County DFCS, 12/4/2001.

Sue Milburn, Retired Reading Specialist, CASA, 12/4/2001.

Melissa Royals, Social Services Case Manager, Macon County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/4/2001.

Jeffrey L. Tobias, Executive Director, The Potter’s House Homes For Children, Inc., 12/4/2001.

Adrienne Whitely Radulovic, Child Advocate Attorney, Fulton County Juvenile Court, 12/4/2001.

Jennifer Foster, Forensic Interview Specialist, Rainbow Connection Child Advocacy and Assessment Center, 12/4/2001.

Christine Chimera, DeKalb County Court Appointed Special Advocate, DeKalb County CASA, 12/4/2001.

Carol Orleck, Attorney, Coweta and Carroll County, 12/4/2001.

Marilyn M. Rosenberg, Chair, Advocacy Committee, Families First, Board of Directors, 12/4/2001.

Cynthia Patterson, Adoptive and Foster Parent, 30217, 12/4/2001.

Eddie Gordon, Graduate Intern , Former Foster Youth, 12/4/2001.

Beverly Blakely, CASA, Clayton County CASA Program, 12/4/2001.

Charles D. Boyd, Adoptive and Foster Parent, 30039, 12/5/2001.

Richard B. Russell,Jr., Attorney at Law, Barrow County Children’s Advocacy Center, 12/5/2001.

Marie Gabrielle Vincent, Secretary Executive, GA SACWIS, 12/5/2001.

Kelley Harmon, Consultant/SME SACWIS Projects, Department of Family and Children Services, 12/5/2001.


Linda and Virgil Costley, Child Advocates, 12/5/2001.

M. Dianne Guy, Director, Polk County DFCS, 12/5/2001.

Juanita Evans, IT Project Assistant, Ga SACWIS, 12/5/2001.

Robert Agnew, Professor of Sociology, Former Direct of the Violence Studies Program, Emory University, 12/5/2001.

Amy Gaylor, Program Director, Child Enrichment, Inc, 12/5/2001.

Angela Holloway Saturday, Social Services Supervisor, Worth County DFCS, 12/5/2001.

Michele M. Brown, Former DFCS CPS employee, Parent, citizen, human being, 12/5/2001.

Karen Hochman, MD, Assistant Professor, Emory University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, 12/5/2001.

Kristen M. Hart, Director, Appalachian Children’s Center, 12/5/2001.

Janice M. Garrett, Ed.S., NCC, LPC, Site Supervisor, Pathways/Meriwether County/MH/SA/CBR, 12/5/2001.

Ann S. Barrett, Program Operations Director, Georgia CASA, 12/5/2001.

Abe M. Wilkinson, Executive Director, Elks Aidmore Children’s Center, 12/5/2001.

Holly Nelson, Concerned Citizen, 30321, 12/5/2001.

Christopher B. Hall, Concerned Citizen, 12/5/2001.

Debbie Spangler, Administrative Assistant, Lord, Bissell & Brook, 12/5/2001.

Cheryl, Legal Secretary, Lord, Bissell & Brook, 12/5/2001.

Bonnie Lockwood, Director, Cornerstones Counseling Center, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Kristy Snedden, LCSW, Therapist, Cornerstones Counseling Center, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Leah J. Zammit, Attorney and Concerned Citizen, Lord, Bissell, & Brook, 12/5/2001.

Cindy Driggers, CAC, Director, Cornerstones Counseling Center, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Frances Grizzle, Office Manager, Cornerstones Counseling Center, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Sandy Philp, Paralegal, Lord Bissell & Brook, 12/5/2001.

Cheri Young, Accounting, Cornerstones Counseling Center, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Mat Lockwood, Communications Mgr., Cornerstones Counseling Center, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Jane Rainey, Therapist, Cornerstones Counseling Center, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Kelli Farrell, Social Services Case Manager, Worth County DFCS, 12/5/2001.

Marsha Klevickis, Of Counsel, Lord Bissell & Brook, 12/5/2001.

Lynn S. Bickley, Attorney and Former Child Advocate, Lord, Bissell & Brook, 12/5/2001.


Ronnie Goldman, Board Member, The Bridge , 12/5/2001.

Kirby Wood, Educator and former Guardian Ad Litem, 12/5/2001.

Nancy Friauf, Executive Director, Gwinnett Children’s Shelter, 12/5/2001.

Joyce J. Durand, Retired educator, 12/5/2001.

Laura A. Cochling, Safe Place Coordinator, Gwinnett Children’s Shelter, 12/5/2001.

Gracie Schwartzman, Executive Director, CASA Glynn, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Elizabeth Poppell, Advocate Coordinator, CASA Glynn, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Dorothy Murphy, Chief Child Advocate Attorney, DeKalb County, 12/5/2001.

Alberta J. Ellett, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, UGA School of Social Work, 12/5/2001.

Tammy M. Griner, Special Assistant Attorney General, Spalding County DFACS, 12/5/2001.

Geneva F. Wiggs, MSW, Program Manager , YWCA of Greater Atlanta, 12/5/2001.

Marianne Boston, attorney, Lord, Bissell & Broook, 12/5/2001.

Earline Hall, Job Retention Specialist, Clarke County DFCS, 12/5/2001.

Christina Garrett, Service Coordinator, DHR/DFCS/RSM Project, 12/5/2001.

Denise L. Houston, Therapist/Trainer, National Children’s Advocacy Center, 12/5/2001.

Kim Phillips, Assistant Director, Gwinnett Children’s Shelter, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Samantha Purcell, Spanish Teacher, Walton County Brd. of Ed., 12/5/2001.

Susie Ryan, Development Director, The Gwinnett Children’s Shelter, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Anna Svircev, MPH Student, Emory University, 12/5/2001.

Kim Scholes, Public Affairs Co-Chair, Junior League of Atlanta, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Lisa A. Wicker, Director, Wilkinson County DFCS, 12/5/2001.

Philip B. Spivey, Juvenile Court Judge, Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit, 12/5/2001.

Velma C. Tilley, Judge, Bartow County Juvenile Court, 12/5/2001.

Belinda Prawdzik, MPH Student, Barton Child Law & Policy Clinic, Southern Juvenile Defender Center, 12/5/2001.

Nicole Trentacoste, Graduate Student, Rollins School of Public Health, 12/5/2001.

Kari Greene, Research Assistant, Rollins School of Public Health, 12/5/2001.

Andrea Denice Brooks, MSW Intern at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, MSW Intern , University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 12/5/2001.

Christina Cutshaw, Public Health Student, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health , 12/5/2001.

Deborah Phillips, social work doctoral student, University of Georgia, 12/5/2001.

Stephen F. Fusco, Volunteer and Attorney, Truancy Intervention Project, Seyfarth Shaw, 12/5/2001.

Jessica Pennington, Director, Kids In Need of Dreams, 12/5/2001.

Laura V. Lloyd, Research Study Coordinator, Rollins School of Public Health, 12/5/2001.

Brianne J. Gorod, Student, Emory University, 12/5/2001.

Cliff Jolliff, Judge, Hall County Juvenile Court, 12/5/2001.

Zelma Smith, Director of Program Development, Child Welfare Institute, 12/5/2001.

Aimee Webb, student, emory university div of pediatric genetics, 12/5/2001.

Chris Hughes, Judge of Juvenile Courts, Cordele Judicial Circuit, 12/5/2001.

Barry Jenkins, Director of Community Services, The Methodist Home for Children & Youth, 12/5/2001.

David White, Boys’ Wing Manager, Gwinnett Children shelter, 12/5/2001.

Ken Allen, Juvenile Circuit Coordinator, The Laurens County CASA Program, 12/5/2001.

Lindsay McCorkle, MSW student, University of Georgia, 12/5/2001.

Ken Washington, Program Director, Chattahoochee CASA (Muscogee County), 12/5/2001.

Margaret Robinson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Georgia, 12/5/2001.

Amy Fasula, MPH and sociology Ph.D. student, Emory University, 12/5/2001.

Andrew R. Diamond, Attorney, Lord, Bissell & Brook, 12/5/2001.

Pamela Williams-Berger, CASA Volunteer, Rockdale County CASA, 12/5/2001.

Wendi Clifton, Director of Advocacy, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/5/2001.

Ruth F. Claiborne, Attorney, Magistrate Judge, Claiborne, Outman & Surmay, P.C., 12/5/2001.

Lee Lynch, Adovocate for Women’s & Children’s Issues, Jr. League of Atlanta, 12/5/2001.

Joan R. Rubesch, Project Aware Ministry Coordinator, Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, 12/5/2001.

Sally K. Sheppard, member and student, NASW, 12/5/2001.

Natasha N. Coby, Minister, Student, Member, Interdenominational Theological Center, 12/5/2001.

Angie McGeachy, MSW Intern, Office of Adoptions, 12/5/2001.

David M Wall, Chairman, Clayton County CASA advisory Board, 12/5/2001.

Susan W. Krysalka, Pediatric Social Worker, Medical Center of Central Georgia, 12/5/2001.

Martha K. Glaze, Senior Judge, Clayton County, 12/5/2001.

Joan Nelson, Foster Parent, Troup County Foster Parent Association, 12/5/2001.

Rachel Ewald, Chairman, North Georgia Foster Parent Support Group Foundation, Inc., 12/5/2001.

Lauren Blanchard, Social Services Case Manager, Dekalb County DFCS, 12/5/2001.

Glinda Self, Asst. Prog. Mgr., Family Support Council, Adoptive Parent/Foster Parent, 30720, 12/5/2001.

Katherine Fortunato, Director, Project Aware, Archdiocese of Atlanta, 12/5/2001.

Brian Bellamy, Special Assistant Attorney General, Clark & Bellamy, 12/5/2001.

Brandy Star Bryson, MSW Child Welfare Student, University of Georgia, 12/5/2001.

Jeffrey Charles Wilson, Concerned Citizen, 31210, 12/5/2001.

Jennifer Lynn Wilcox, Concerned Student, Georgia College, 12/5/2001.

Shelley Bostwick, Concerned Citizen and Parent, 31024, 12/5/2001.

Larry Pellegrini, Interim Executive Director, GEORGIA RURAL URBAN SUMMIT, 12/6/2001.

Richard Paolillo, CASA, Union County, 12/6/2001.

Rev. Anthony Johns, Pastor, Richmond Oaks Church of God, 12/6/2001.

Edea M. Caldwell, SAAG, Fayette County DFCS, 12/6/2001.

Vicky O. Kimbrell , Family Law Attorney, 30047, 12/6/2001.

Tim Strickland, Counselor, Wayne County Board of Education, 12/6/2001.

Betty P. Cason, Counselor, Arthur Williams Middle School, 12/6/2001.

Jennifer R. O’Leary, CPS SSCM, Troup DFCS, 12/6/2001.

Kris Rice, executive director, Coastal Children’s Advocacy Center, 12/6/2001.

Stephanie Davis, Executive Director, atlanta Women’s Foundation, 12/6/2001.

Danny H. Fowler, County Director, Upson County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/6/2001.

Ellen Garrard, Co-Chair Legislative Committee, Georgia County Welfare Association (GCWA), 12/6/2001.

Dana M. Thompson, Cherokee, Pickens, Gilmer, Fannin and Forsyth Counties; Special Assistant Attorney General, Dana M. Thompson and Associates, P. C., 12/6/2001.

Sarah Martin, Public Affairs Committee Member, Junior League of Atlanta, 12/6/2001.

Aleta M. Wolf, Advocate for Women’s and Children’s Issues, Junior League of Atlanta, 12/6/2001.

John R. Taylor, Attorney, U.S. Department of Defense, 12/6/2001.

Kathy R. Bowen, SSCM, Troup Co. DFCS, 12/6/2001.

Adam Darnell, Graduate Student, Department of Psychology, Georgia State University, 12/6/2001.

Denise L. Levy, member and student, NASW, 12/6/2001.

Katherine Diamandis, Public Affair Chair-Elect, Junior League of Atlanta, 12/6/2001.

Ray MacNair, Associate Professor, University of Georgia, 12/6/2001.

Valerie Edwards, Candidate, House Seat #42, November 2002, 30306, 12/6/2001.

Paulette Sybblis Jones, Program Consultant, State DFCS, 12/6/2001.

Kristin Layman, Junior League of Atlanta, 12/6/2001.

Bonnie L. Yegidis, Dean, School of Social Work , The University of Georgia, 12/6/2001.

Steve Linowes, President, TechBridge, 12/6/2001.

Glenda J. Culpepper, Special Investigations Unit Manager, State DFCS, 12/6/2001.

Lori Loncon, Assistant District Attorney, Eastern Judicial Circuit, 12/6/2001.

Christine Copley, DFCS Liaison to Grady Health System, State DFCS, 12/6/2001.

Larry Nackerud, Associate Dean, School of Social Work, University of Georgia, 12/6/2001.

Marilyn E. Gootman, Educational Consultant, Gootman Education Associates, 12/6/2001.

Senator Donzella J. James, Senator GA 35th District, State of Georgia, 12/6/2001.

Pam Johnson, Program Coordinator, Morehouse School of Medicine, 12/6/2001.

Kimberly Gray, 30907, 12/6/2001.

Valerie Condit, Early Intervention Coordinator, Truancy Intervention Project, 12/6/2001.

Stephanie Herring, School Social Worker, 12/6/2001.

Nina R. Hickson, Judge, Fulton County Juvenile Court, 12/6/2001.

Arden D Dingle, MD, Training Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Emory University School of Medicine, 12/6/2001.

Mirna Geha, Second year law student, Emory University, 12/6/2001.

Jamie D. Swain, SSCM, Worth Co. DFCS, 12/6/2001.

Janet T. Rushing, Bryan County DFCS Director, County Director, Bryan County DFCS, 12/6/2001.

Todd C. Hughes, Attorney, Richmond County, 12/6/2001.

Sherri McDonald, SAAG, Toombs, Candler, Tattnall, Evans, & Treutlen Counties, 12/6/2001.

Deva Hirsch, Co-Director, The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, 12/6/2001.

Andrew William Clark, Special Assistant Attorney General – Thomas, Colquitt, Mitchell, Grady, Seminole & Decatur Counties, Clark & Bellamy, P.C., 12/6/2001.

Jenny McDade, Director, Juvenile Programs Administration Department, 12/6/2001.

Pam Brown, Director of Programs, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/6/2001.

Caren E. Cloud, Staff Attorney, Kids in Need of Dreams, Inc., 12/6/2001.

Ali B. Marin, Concerned Citizen, 12/6/2001.

David Adelman, Partner, Sutherland Asbill and Brennan LLP, 12/6/2001.

Alice Holmes, Masters of Social Work Candidate, University of Georgia, 12/6/2001.

Lori Jeansonne, MSW candidate, UGA, 12/6/2001.

Katharine Barrett, Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology, Emory University, 12/6/2001.

Susan Allison, Volunteer, concerned citizen, 12/6/2001.

Lori G. Strong, Residnetial Services Director, Gwinnett Children’s Shelter, 12/6/2001.

Dr. Curtis Holmes, Content Coordinator http://childabuse.gactr.uga.edu, Psychologist, 12/6/2001.

Temika Williams, Legal Advocate, Aid to Children of Imprisoned Mothers, Inc. (AIM), 12/6/2001.

Tony D. Coy, atorney, adoptive parent, S.A.A.G. Western Judicial Circuit, adoptive parent, Spec. Assistant Attorney General, 12/6/2001.

Brent Henderson, candidate for M.Ed., University of Georgia, 12/6/2001.

Mary H. Squires, Representative, Georgia General Assembly, 12/6/2001.

Panke Bradley Miller, Commission on the Child, Episcopal Diocese of Atalnta, 12/6/2001.

Janet E. Wright, Admin. Asst. Fulton County Juvenile Court, Program Developement & Management, Admin. Asst. II, Fulton County Juvenile Court/Program Development & Management, 12/6/2001.

Angela E. Brown, Social Services Supervisor, Bibb County DFCS, 12/6/2001.

Janet Buchheit, M.Ed. Candidate, University of Georgia, 12/6/2001.

Kirby Lawrence Hill, Rev., Presbyterian Church of the Resurrection, 12/6/2001.

Scott Geller, Executive Director, TechBridge, 12/6/2001.

Dori Shaffer, Elementary School Teacher, Rockdale County School System, 12/7/2001.

Angie McGeachy, MSW intern , Office of Adodptions, 12/7/2001.

Lauren McElhannon, Graduate Student, University of Georgia, 12/7/2001.

Christine Wren, School Counselor, Jackson Co. School System, 12/7/2001.

Catherine Foster, Co-chair of Political Education Committee, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Metropolitian Atlanta Chapter, 12/7/2001.

Candace McCaffery, Public Affairs Committee, Jr. League of Atlanta, 12/7/2001.

evelyn abron, program administrator, dfcs, 12/7/2001.

Kanta Subbarao, Adjunct Associate Professor, Emory University, 12/7/2001.

George Herring, Social Services Supervisor, Muscogee Co. DFCS, 12/7/2001.

Gwen Woods, General Manager, Thumbprint Communications, Inc., 12/7/2001.

Mary Migliaro, M.Ed., Interim Executive Director, Child Enrichment, Inc., 12/7/2001.

James T. Harris, Board Member, Child Enrichment, Inc, 12/7/2001.

Heidi Davison, 30606, 12/7/2001.

W. Cameron Nixon, Board Member, Child Enrichment, Inc., Augusta, 12/7/2001.

Ronn M. Ross, special investigator, special investigations unit-south, 12/7/2001.

Christina Stump, Program Manager, Child Enrichment, INC., 12/7/2001.

Deborah Staniszewski, Ph.D., Professional School Counselor, Clarke County School District, 12/7/2001.

Shirl Morris, Technical Consultant, CJCJ, 12/7/2001.

Philip G. Morris, Parent, grandparent, foster parent, Georgia Taxpayer, 12/7/2001.

Jason Woodruff, Sales Representative, Wire Source, LLC, 12/7/2001.

Sarah Brownlee, Manager, C & S unit, North, Division of Family and Children Services, 12/7/2001.

Sherry Lee, Adoptive Parent, 12/7/2001.

Nelta E. Clements, MSW, Fatherhood Coordinator, DeKalb EOA Head Start/Early Head Start, 12/7/2001.

Tom Anderson, School Counseling Program, University of Georgia, 12/7/2001.

N. Jackson Harris, Judge, Superior Court, Blue Ridge Judicial Circuit, 12/7/2001.

Monica Crossley, School Counselor, Public Education, 12/7/2001.

James W. Hurt, SAAG, Crisp, Dooly & Wilcox DFCS, 12/7/2001.

Carole Steele, Program Director, Georgia Children’s Trust Fund Commission, 12/7/2001.

Susan Phillips, Executive Director, Georgia Children’s Trust Fund Commission, 12/7/2001.

Suzanne Gregory, Leasing Manager, AmericasMart*Atlanta, 12/7/2001.

Peggy S. Woodruff, President, The Woodruff Group, Inc., 12/7/2001.

Kay Leaumont — Grandparent — Georgia Taxpayer 12/7/01, CPA, G H & I, P.C., 12/7/2001.

Kerry P. Thomas, Public Affairs Committee, Junior League of Atlanta, Inc., 12/7/2001.

Elaine Bailey, Consultant , Right Management Consultants, 12/7/2001.

Rebecca Geer, Director, Worth County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/7/2001.

Kathryn Brown, Public Affairs Comm., Junior League of Atl, Public Affairs Committee, Junior League of Atlanta, 12/7/2001.

Jeanne Stickels, Regional Construction Claim Manager, Zurich North America, 12/7/2001.

Stacy Davy, Executive Director, Enotah CASA, Inc., 12/7/2001.

Sandra T. Haisten, Executive Director, Butts County Life Enrichment Team, 12/7/2001.

Jessica Crawford Gibson, Attorney, 12/7/2001.

Sonny Quinn, Supervisor, Transitional Family Services, 12/7/2001.

Edgar J. Perkerson, Guardian ad Litem, Juvenile Court of Gwinnett County, 12/7/2001.

Jennifer Hadden, Social Services Supervisor, Gwinnett County DFCS, 12/7/2001.

Gail Neiswanger, Director, Stepping Stone CAC, 12/7/2001.

Charlenne Carl, concerned taxpayer, 30339, 12/7/2001.

Sherri L. Wright, Public Affairs Committee, Atlanta Junior League, 12/7/2001.

Athol B. Burns, Social Srvices Case Manager, Putnam County DFCS, 12/7/2001.

Martin Inman, CPS Investigator, Georgia DFCS, 12/7/2001.

Bo Chagnon, Member, Drew Valley Civic Association, 12/8/2001.

Linda Warner, 3rd grade teacher, Cherokee Co Schools, 12/8/2001.

Belinda Conner, Child Advocate Volunteer, Child Enrichment, Inc., 12/8/2001.

Missy De Luca, MSW, Hall County DFCS, 12/8/2001.

Steven De Luca, Financial Manager, WorldCom, 12/8/2001.

Marcus D. Gamble, MS Candidate, TSU, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Euricka Consultin Services, 12/8/2001.

Pamela A. Keene, President, Pamela A. Keene Public Relations, 12/8/2001.

Mark Nuhfer, 12/8/2001.

Sonny Quinn, Supervisor, Transitional Family Services, 12/8/2001.

Jane G. Boyers, Family Nurse Practitioner, 12/8/2001.

Jeff Richards, Anesthetist , Grady Hospital, 12/9/2001.

Terri Bailey, Social Services Supervisor, Bulloch County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/9/2001.

Charm McCall , Executive Board of Directors, Child Enrichment, Inc.,Augusta, Ga., 12/9/2001.

Heidi Huelskoetter, Social Services Administrator, Gwinnett Co. DFCS, 12/9/2001.

Melinda M. Katz, Attorney, Melinda M. Katz, Attorney at Law, 12/9/2001.

Amanda Fischer, M Ed. Candidate in School Counseling, University of Georgia, 12/9/2001.

Carol A. Davis, LMSW, CFLE, Counselor 30907, 12/9/2001.

Susan Platt, counselor, Jesup Elementary School, 12/10/2001.

Laura M. Ramay, Account Executive, MSI, International, 12/10/2001.

Albert S. Boyers, Director Software Architecture and Infrastructure, Witness Systems, 12/10/2001.

suzie datka, lmsw, medical college of georgia, 12/10/2001.

Kelly Canady, Chairman, Prevent Child Abuse- Laurens County, 12/10/2001.

Bradley J. Russell, President, The Wire Source, LLC, 12/10/2001.

Marti Caputa, Child Development Specialist, Babies Can’t Wait, 12/10/2001.

Kathleen A. Dumitrescu, Attorney at Law, Child Advocate, 12/10/2001.

Linda H. Campo, Social Services Administrator, Cobb County DFCS, 12/10/2001.

Mary Anne Adams, MSW Student, Georgia State University, 12/10/2001.

Loretta Clinton, Social Services Case Manger, Troup DFCS, 12/10/2001.

Andrea M. Turner, LCSW,DCSW, Private Practice, Augusta, Ga, 12/10/2001.

Joyce Johnson, Clinical Director, Open Arms, Inc., 12/10/2001.

Dr. Stephaun E.R. Wallace, Chairman/CEO, Wallace Development Group, Inc., 12/10/2001.

Theresa Barr, Director, Lee County DFCS, 12/10/2001.

Linda Hargett, Social Service Case Manager, DFCS, 12/10/2001.

D’Anna Liber, Manager, DFCS Special Investigative Unit, 12/10/2001.

Mary Hines, Staff Attorney, Georgia Court of Appeals, 12/10/2001.

Charlotte McRanie, Board Member and Concerned Citizen, Partnership Against Domestic Violence, 12/10/2001.

Debra S. Kuhl, Director, Bowman & Associates, 12/10/2001.

Olivia Cammack, Proprietor, Law & Automation, 12/10/2001.

Jodi Lashley, MSW Student, 12/10/2001.

Sarah Yvonne Russell, MSW student, Geogia State University, 12/10/2001.

Maisha Peterson, BSW Student, Georgia State University, 12/11/2001.

Alice , RN, Carl Vinson VAMC; Stepping Stone, 12/11/2001.

Mike & Marcie Meisenheimer, Concerned Citizen, 30097, 12/11/2001.

Kim Lovett Sellers, Foster Care Worker, Paulding Co. DFCS, 12/11/2001.

Mary P. Havick, MSW, Foster Care and Adoptions Supervisor, Barrow County DFCS, 12/11/2001.

Denise Alexander, Concerned Citizen, 12/11/2001.

Mark H. Murphy, Juvenile Court Judge, Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit, 12/11/2001.

Diana Willis, Staff Attorney, Georgia Court of Appeals, 12/11/2001.

Gail D. Anderson, R.N., B.S., 12/11/2001.

Pamela Pittman, CPS/APS Investigator, SSCM, Candler Co. DFCS, 12/11/2001.

Alice M Jackson, RN, MSN, County Nurse Manager, Coweta County Health Dept, 12/11/2001.

James A. Evans, Investigator, Candler County Sheriff’s Department, 12/11/2001.

William R. Garpow, Treasurer, Alliance for Children’s Enrichment, 12/11/2001.

Trish McCann, Attorney, Juvenile Advocacy Division, Georgia Indigent Defense Council, 12/11/2001.

Hank Griffin, President Elect, Child Enrichment, Inc., 12/11/2001.

Mary Barrett Hatch, Social Services Supervisor, Barrow County DFCS, 12/11/2001.

Jennifer Whitney, Resource Development Case Manager, Barrow County DFCS, 12/11/2001.

Jennifer Hendrix, CPS/APS Ongoing Services, SSCM, Candler Co. DFCS, 12/11/2001.

Linda Gragg, Director, Rabun County DFCS, 12/11/2001.

Ava Lipscomb, Program Director, Bartow County CASA, 12/11/2001.

Patricia H. Brinson, Child Placement (Foster Care & Adoptions), Child Protective Services & Adult Protective Services, Social Services Case Manager , Candler County Department of Family and Children Services , 12/11/2001.

Jeannie Pitts, Secretary, Emory University School of Law , 12/11/2001.

Merita Sapp, Administrative Assistant, Emory University School of Law, 12/11/2001.

Alice-Marie Hutchison, Independent Living Program Coordinator, GA. Department of Human Resources, 12/11/2001.

Sonia K. Ladd, Independent Living Program Coordinator, GA. Department of Human Resources, 12/11/2001.

Tanya Jisa, Aunt, Program Coordinator, Emory University School of Medicine, 12/11/2001.

Sonja Ebron, 30274, 12/11/2001.

Melissa Wolf, Intern, Henry County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/11/2001.

alice l. higginbottom, rn, none, 12/12/2001.

Malik M.L. Williams, Resident, Atlanta, Georgia, 12/12/2001.

Edwin Baker, Child Advocate, 30315, 12/12/2001.

Mindi Elliott, Social Services Case Manager, Cobb County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/12/2001.

Susan K. Campbell, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, 30030, Former CAC Director 1994-2001, 12/12/2001.

Cynthia B. Smith, Staff Attorney , Georgia Court of Appeals, 12/12/2001.

Natalee Miles, Social Services Case Manager, Putnam County DFCS, 12/12/2001.

sean mclaren, Vice President, Bank of America, 12/12/2001.

Jan A. Wheeler, Assistant Public Defender, DeKalb County Juvenile Court, 12/12/2001.

Jeanette S. Mann, Jr. League of Atlanta, Fulton Co. Juv. Court Panel Member, 12/12/2001.

Deidre H. Carmichael, MSW, Continuing Education Specialist, The University of Georgia School of Social Work , 12/12/2001.

Jana Thompson, Social Services Case Manager, Emanuel Co. DFCS, 12/12/2001.

Gus Taylor, Concerned Citizen, 12/12/2001.

Linda D. Elkins, Concerned Citizen, Jonesboro, Georgia, 12/12/2001.

Melissa Mullinax Abbott, Principal, The Edison Group, 12/12/2001.

Lila L. Hertz, Community Activist and volunteer, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/12/2001.

Jamelyn A.T. Sprayberry, Public Affairs Committee Member, Junior League of Atlanta, 12/12/2001.

George Woodward, Board Member, Family Support Council, 12/12/2001.

Julia Bloodworth, Executive Director, Augusta Child Advocates, 12/12/2001.

Kimberley Brown, Child advocate and realtor, 12/12/2001.

Mary L. Smith, Child Abuse Prevention Specialist, Family Support Council, 12/12/2001.


Carol Vedrody, Executive Director, Gordon County Commission on Children & Youth, Inc., 12/12/2001.

Cindy Rhodes, Pre-K teacher in Burke County, Pre-K teacher in Burke County, 12/12/2001.

Holly Rice, Executive Director, Family Support Council, 12/12/2001.

William Renshaw, CPA, MBA, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/13/2001.

Carol Gregg, Sr. Admin. Assistant, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/13/2001.

Michael Schoppenhorst, Special Events Coordinator, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/13/2001.

Stacey Schoppenhorst, Project Manager, 30075, 12/13/2001.

Melanie M. Goodwin, Administrative Assistant, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/13/2001.

Renee Arocho, Volunteer Coordinator, Children’s Voice: CASA, Inc. (Douglas County), 12/13/2001.

Karen Cobham-Owens, Healthy Families Georgia, State Coordinator, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/13/2001.


Sheila White, Social Services Supervisor, Douglas County DFCS, 12/13/2001.

John Heavener, Director of Resource Development, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/13/2001.

Liz McDermott, Services Coordinator, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/13/2001.

Suzy B. Revell, Social Services Case Manager, Muscogee County DFCS, 12/13/2001.

Beverli L. Horton, Executive Director, Anna Crawford Children’s Center, 12/13/2001.

Jereto R. Henderson, Chief Executive Officer, Light House Foundation, 12/13/2001.

Chevara Orrin, Director of Fund Development, The Global Exchange Foundation, 12/13/2001.

Suzanne McDermott, Volunteer, Prevent Child Abuse GA, 12/13/2001.

Thomas A. Bartley, Success By 6 Director, Family Support Council, Dalton, GA, 12/13/2001.

Mary Wilson, Healthy Families Associate, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/13/2001.

Val Archer, Board Member, Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale, 12/13/2001.

Becky Cheatham, Member, Children’s Trust Fund of Georgia, 12/13/2001.


Deb Salter, Concerned Citizen, Clayton County, 12/13/2001.

Antiwan Tucker, Concerned Citizen, Clayton County, 12/13/2001.

Ginny Sparrow, Program Manager, The Link Counseling Center, 12/13/2001.

Douglas S. Munro, Citizen, 30309, 12/13/2001.

Fran Scott, paralegal, citizen, 12/13/2001.

Mary P.Hood, Healthy Families Associate, Prevent Child Abuse GA, 12/13/2001.

Lauren C. Williams, Project Manager, Georgia CASA, 12/13/2001.

Linda Walker, Coordinator, Bartow County Family Connection Collaborative, 12/13/2001.

Sue C. Johnson, Member Board of Directors, Prevent Child Abuse – Georgia, 12/13/2001.

Lynn Walker, Teacher, Bartow County School System, 12/13/2001.

Malcolm Smith, NW Healthy Families Associate, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/13/2001.

Myra Corcoran, Coordinator of Child & Family Intervention Services, University Hospital – Augusta, 12/13/2001.

Tara Samples, Guardian Ad Litem, Douglas County Juvenile Programs, 12/13/2001.

Jackie Crum-Slay, Volunteer, Prevent Child Abuse Paulding, 12/13/2001.

Jeffrey H. Brickman, Member, Georgia Children’s Trust Fund Commission, 12/13/2001.

Tony Swink, President, Gordon County Commission on Children and Youth, 12/13/2001.

Shellee Draper, RN, BSN Child Health Coordinator, Paulding County, 12/13/2001.

Susan Schultz, Volunteer Coordinator, The Laurens County CASA Program, 12/13/2001.

Ginger Moore, Secretary, Eighth Judicial Admin. District, 12/13/2001.

Stephen Dixon, Advisory Board Member, Cobb County CASA, 12/13/2001.

Cyndi Puckett, Coordinator, Murray County Family Connection, 12/13/2001.

Jennifer Hill, Program Director, Ocmulgee CASA, Inc., 12/13/2001.

Daniel W. Groves, Accountant, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 12/13/2001.

Carolyn B. Hanna, Executive Director, Rainbow House Children’s Resource Center, 12/13/2001.

Karlyn R Holt, CASA Volunteer, CASA for Children, Inc. Cherokee County, 12/13/2001.

Patty Kilgore, homemaker, 12/13/2001.

Ross Collins, Director, Murray County DFCS, 12/13/2001.

Gala S Chase, Parent & concerned taxpayer, 30189, 12/13/2001.

Gary S Holt, Grandparent, taxpayer and voter , 30189, 12/13/2001.

Ross Collins, Director, Murray County DFCS, 12/13/2001.

Tiffany Kingsfield, mother, 12/13/2001.

Carmen Quezada , Project Manager, Elbert County Family Connection Early Childhood Initiative, 12/13/2001.

Susan C. Barton, attorney, 12/13/2001.

Martha D. Carver, Executive Director Tallapoosa CASA 12/12-2001, Executive Director, Tallapoosa CASA, serving Haralson, Paulding & Polk , 12/13/2001.

Jamie McClain, Program Manager, Tallapoosa CASA, 12/13/2001.

Katherine McClymonds, UGA Student, 12/13/2001.

Frank E. Barranco, Retired Attorney, Volunteer, DeKalb County Juvenile Court, Citizens Review Panel, 12/13/2001.

Marcy Lipscomb, CASA Volunteer, Talapoosa CASA Polk County, 12/13/2001.

Melissa M. Mitchell, CASA Volunteer, Bell-Forsyth CASA Program, 12/13/2001.

Felicia J. Browder, Child Advocate, Former Foster Youth, 12/13/2001.

Annissa Woodson, Former Foster Kid, 12/13/2001.

Patricia Santhuff, CASA Volunteer, Talapoosa CASA, 12/13/2001.

Pat Flammini, Intake/Probation Officer, Whitfield County Juvenile Court, 12/13/2001.

Rosanne Patton, Assistant Dean, Emory University School of Law, 12/13/2001.

Randell Alexander, MD, Director, Center for Child Abuse, Morehouse School of Medicine, 12/13/2001.

Belva Barnhardt, Retired school principal and Director of Special Education, Dalton Public Schools 30721, 12/13/2001.

Beth Grant Nugent, volunteer, 30064, 12/13/2001.

Darryl Smith, Owner, Castles For Kids Playgrounds, 12/13/2001.

Nancy Dilly, CASA Volunteer, Bell-Forsyth CASA Program, 12/13/2001.

Pam Whiteside, Director for Polk County, Tallapoosa CASA, 12/13/2001.

Leonard E. Duval, CASA Volunteer, Bartow County CASA, 12/14/2001.

Elaine Mizell, Volunteer, CASA, 12/14/2001.

Nancy Masters-Lester , Program Director, Murray/Whitfield CASA, 12/14/2001.

Quinn Thomas, Program Specialist, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/14/2001.

Bobby Hughes, Director, Dalton RYDC, 12/14/2001.

Kristy Henry, LPN, Healthy Families Assessment Worker, Douglas County , 12/14/2001.

Candice Allchin, CASA Volunteer, CASA/Forsyth County, 12/14/2001.

Rhonda B. Heuer, Vice- Chair , Tallapoosa CASA Board , 12/14/2001.

Jeremy Burnette, Program Manager, Atlanta Outreach Center, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/14/2001.

Michelle Marlow, Executive Director, Prevent Child Abuse Heart of Georgia, 12/14/2001.

Danette M. Hill, Social Services Case Manager, Paulding County Department of Family and Children Services, 12/14/2001.

Wendy Brooks, Foster Parent, Douglas County, 12/14/2001.

Courtney McAfee, Research & Evaluation Coordinator, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/14/2001.

Susan Milam, Executive Director, Communities In Schools of Macon/Bibb County, 12/14/2001.

Donald G. Myers, Board Member, Georgia CASA, 12/14/2001.

Bettye Jo Isherwood, Director Communty Investments, United Way of Central GA, 12/14/2001.

Richard W. Turner, President, Prevent Child Abuse Heart of Georgia, 12/14/2001.

Yolanda Archuletta Law, Director of Success By 6, United Way of Central Georgia, 12/14/2001.

Theresa S. Davis, MSN, RN, NP-CS, PNP, Neonatal Outreach Coordinator, The Medical Center of Central Georgia, 12/14/2001.

Ursula Harris, Program Coordinator, Communities In Schools of Macon/Bibb County, 12/14/2001.

Emily H. Cole, Volunteer and Board Member, Carroll County CASA, 12/14/2001.

Larry Fennelly, Board Member, Revent Child Abuse Heart of Georgia, 12/14/2001.

June Adcock, SSCM, Dekalb DFCS, 12/14/2001.

Cindy Aycock, Social Services Supervisor, Washington County DFCS, 12/14/2001.

Karen Baynes Galvin, Associate Judge, Fulton County Juvenile Court, 12/14/2001.

Mary Hermann, Child Advocate Attorney, Fulton County Juvenile Court, 12/14/2001.

Brad Butler, Court Administrator, Murray County Juvenile Court, 12/14/2001.

Katie Tolleson, graduate student in professional counseling program, Georgia State University, 12/14/2001.

Kelly Canady, President, Prevent Child Abuse- Laurens County, 12/14/2001.

Robert J. Thoresen, Ph.D., LCSW, Retired U. S. Army (LTC) Social Worker, 12/14/2001 , 12/14/2001.

Saunya Bishop, CASA Volunteer, Murray/WhitfieldCo.CASA, 12/14/2001.

Vonnia Harris, Speech Therapist , Communicative Solutions Group, Inc., 12/14/2001.

Garland A, Harris, Retiree, 12/14/2001.

Curtiss Samuel, Network Engineer, BellSouth.Net, 12/14/2001.

Steve Benton, Independent Contractor, Self Employed, 12/14/2001.

Billie Shuman, Secretary, Prevent Child Abuse Glynn County, 12/15/2001.

Lisa Borders, MHA, President, Board of Directors, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/15/2001.

K. Small, Speech-Language Path., Public School System, 12/16/2001.

Kristina M. Simms, Executive Director, NAMI-Central Georgia, 12/16/2001.

Dorothy Stevens, R. N., Panel member, Glynn County Juvenile Court Foster Review Panel, 12/16/2001.

Alicia Waller, Board member for Laurens County CASA, Child Abuse Council and Stepping Stone, 12/16/2001.

Connie Cousins-Baker, LCSW, MPH, Emory University Department of Pediatrics, 12/16/2001.

Linda Stacy, Child Advocate, CASA, 12/17/2001.

Monica Ferguson, Executive Director, Cherished Children, 12/17/2001.

Anne Rehfuss, past board member, GA CASA, GA CASA, 12/17/2001.

Leah A. Rehberg, Community Education Coordinator, The Sunshine House CAC, 12/17/2001.

Brent Carter, Program Director, CASA, 12/17/2001.

Marcia P. Moore, Social Services Supervisor, Toombs Co. DFCS, 12/17/2001.

Leslie Y. Abbott-Smith, Child Advocate Attorney, Fulton County Juvenile Court, 12/17/2001.

Natalia Taylor, Education Librarian, Pullen Library, Georgia State University, 12/17/2001.

Elizabeth Reimels, Attorney, 12/17/2001.

Gail Carter, Child Advocate, Sunshine House CAC, 12/17/2001.

winifred Hughes, Program Director, Bartow County Juvenile Court, 12/17/2001.

Karen Ashley Bright, UGA student and mental health professional, University of Georgia, 12/17/2001.

Jaquie Algee, Executive Director of Program Development, Making Our Way Better, Inc., 12/17/2001.

Rebecca J. Salloum, Court Administrator, Forsyth County Juvenile Court, 12/18/2001.

Dianne M. Thomas, Statewide Resource Development Spec., Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/18/2001.

Kim Ward, Administrative Assistant, Georgia Council on Moral and Civic Concerns, 12/18/2001.

Caroline Pence, Healthy Families Program Manager, Family Support Council, 12/18/2001.

Jack Terrell-Wilkes, Student and future clergy, Candler School of Theology at Emory University, 12/18/2001.

Meghan Hale, Board Member, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/18/2001.

Jennifer Nash, Development Director, University of Georgia, 12/18/2001.

Erin R. Byrd, Social Services Case Manager, Cherokee County DFCS, 12/18/2001.

Rose Bergman, Panel Coordinator, CJCJ of Georgia, 12/18/2001.

David Mathis, Social Services Case Manager, Union County DFCS, 12/19/2001.

Diane H. Murphy, Social Services Case Manager, Union County DFCS, 12/19/2001.

Diana Waters, program coordinator/Bibb County, CASA, 12/19/2001.

Jennie Sparrow, Training and Technical Assistance Manager, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/19/2001.

Stephany L. Zaic, Attorney, Bach, Carver, Dewberry & McNaull, 12/19/2001.

Ken Padgett, Retired Police Detective, Calhoun Police Dept., 12/20/2001.

Marie Padgett, Concerned Citizen, Bell South, 12/20/2001.

Linda Renton, Admin. Asst., Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/20/2001.

Marilyn Howard, Law Development Coordinator, Emory University School of Law, 12/20/2001.

Michael Axelrod, Chairman of the Board, Prevent Child Abuse America, 12/20/2001.

Shari Adam, President, Prevent Child Abuse Toombs, 12/20/2001.

pam mullis, foster parent, 31019, 12/20/2001.

Anna Curtis, Advocacy Coordinator, DeKalb County CASA, 12/20/2001.

Lora Cooper, Program Director, Prevent Child Abuse Bulloch County, 12/20/2001.

Hollie Clark, MPH, former DFCS employee, 12/20/2001.

Marcia Wessels, Healthy Families Georgia/First Steps Associate, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/21/2001.

adrienne k. smith, social services case manager , washington county dfcs, 12/21/2001.

Beth T. Dessem, Director, Central Georgia CASA, 12/21/2001.

Legare Nadelman, Social Services Administrator, Chatham Co. DFCS, 12/26/2001.

Mary D. paramoure, Registered Nurse, Retired Pediatric Nurse, 12/26/2001.

Katherine M. Mason, Assistant Solicitor General, Office of the Solicitor General, Augusta, GA, 12/26/01, 12/26/2001.

Lisa A. Spivey, Social Services Supervisor, 12/26/2001.

Eric Tillirson, Concerned Citizen, 12/26/2001.

Callie Pogue, Board of Directors, Advocates for Bartow’s Children, 12/26/2001.

jonathan cato, 31082, 12/26/2001.

Perry LeBlanc, 30342, 12/27/2001.

J. S. Morgan, III, Board Member, Advocates for Bartow’s Children, 12/27/2001.

Evelyn M. Gifford, Pastor, Presbyterian Church USA, 12/27/2001.

Sherry Brinson, 31904, 12/27/2001.

Teresa Ramey, Director, Flowering Branch Children’s Shelter, 12/27/2001.

John Paul Gibson, Architect, Gibson Architecture & Design, 12/27/2001.

Rebecca Jarvis, Program Consultant, State DFCS, 12/27/2001.

Janice M. Lester, Office Manager, DFCS Protective Services Unit, 12/27/2001.

Claude C. Fox, Vice President/ CFO, Meritas Yarns, 12/27/2001.

Hope F. Daniel, Speech/Language Pathologist, 31204, 12/28/2001.

Lila L. Hertz, Community Volunteer, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 12/29/2001.

Nancy K. Newman, Former Board Chairman, Advocates for Bartow’s Children, 12/30/2001.

Karen Thatcher, Parent-aid services,Dawson County, Ga., Choices for Growth, 12/30/2001.

Susan Simonton, Board of Directors, Advocates for Bartow’s Children, 12/31/2001.

Dixie Ann Hanes, Board of Directors/VP Adm., Prevent Child Abuse-GA, 12/31/2001.

Beth Stitt, Mother, 30134, 12/31/2001.

Katie Tolleson, M.S., 1/1/2002.

Tracy K. Bigner, Executive Director, Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale, Inc., 1/2/2002.

Rhonda Hall, Volunteer Coordinator, The Center for Children and Young Adults, Inc., 1/2/2002.

Jan Taylor, Executive Director, Alliance for Children’s Enrichment/Coweta Family Connection, 1/2/2002.

Paul Weir, Owner, National Sod, 1/2/2002.

Ronald J.Magbee, Child Welfare Administrator, Dekalb County Department of Family and Children Services, 1/3/2002.

Beth Anne Moore, Past President, Advocates for Bartow’s Children, 1/3/2002.

Bettieanne Childers Hart, Former State Representative and Coordinator, Juvenile Justice Ministry, Big Bethel A.M.E. Church, 1/4/2002.

Kay Wiley, Paraprofessional, Cornerstones Counseling Center, 1/4/2002.

Jodi Mosher, Social Worker, Cornerstones Counseling Center, 1/4/2002.

Sandy Riggin, Therapist, Cornerstones Counseling Center, 1/4/2002.

Deana Wilbanks, Therapist, Cornerstones Counseling Center, 1/4/2002.

Legend Wilcox, Cash Receipts & Information Systems Specialist, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 1/4/2002.

Kelly C. Crisp, Volunteer, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 1/4/2002.

Margaret A. Walden, LCSW, ATR, Helpline Associate, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 1/4/2002.

Jim Triandiflou, 1/5/2002.

Janet E. Babcock, Corporate Education, Carllisle, 1/5/2002.

Martha Hill, Teacher, Fulton County Board of Education, 1/5/2002.

Susan Wade, 1/5/2002.

Bonnie Brantley, Toombs Co. Safe Kids, 1/6/2002.

Pamela B. Witter, Program Director, Domestic Violence Intervention Center of the CSRA, 1/7/2002.

Laura R. Haskins, Court Appointed Special Advocate, Cherokee County CASA, 1/7/2002.

Claire Bennett, CPS SSCM, Clayton Co. DFCS, 1/7/2002.

Cheryl B. McDunnell, Adoptive parent, 31326, 1/7/2002.

Jane E. Fahey, Associate Pastor for Mission, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1/8/2002.

Norma Driebe, Member, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1/8/2002.

William T. McCorkle, Director, Coweta County DFCS, 1/9/2002.

Katie Foster, Executive Director, Service Employees International Union Local 1985, 1/10/2002.

Marcella Tillett, BSW Student Intern, Georgia Association of Homes and Services for Children, 1/11/2002.

Kathy Ashe, State Representative, Georgia House of Representatives, 1/11/2002.

Melanie Gunn, L.C.S.W., President, Stepping Stone Child Advocacy Center, 1/11/2002.

Janice G. Hayes, Consultation and Support Unit, DFCS, 1/14/2002.

Andre Johnson, Assistant Public Defender, Dekalb Public Defender, 1/14/2002.

Gina Ryan Johnson, Assistant Clinical Prof., Mercer University School of Pharmacy, 1/14/2002.

Mark A. Newman, Social Services Program Consultant, Area XII Division of Family and Children Services, 1/14/2002.

Marihelen T. Newman, Social Worker, Pre-Kindergarten Program, Glynn County Schools/Glynn County DFCS, 1/14/2002.

Sharon M. S. Gibson, Board Member, Kids Advocacy Coallition, 1/14/2002.

Sherry P. Bryant, Victim Advocate, Office of the Child Advocate, 1/15/2002.

Russell A. Lewis, Sr., Chief Investigator, Office of the Child Advocate, 1/15/2002.

Tammie W. Collins, Senior Vice President, United Way of Central Georgia, 1/15/2002.

Glenda J. Culpepper, Special Investigations Unit Chief – South, DHR – DFCS, 1/15/2002.

Maria M. Johnson, Assistant to Director, DFCS, 1/15/2002.

Vivian Harrell, Concerned Citizen, 31833, 1/15/2002.

Neelam K. Sell, M.D., Emory Pediatrics, 1/15/2002.

Lura Hammock, Concerned Citizen, 30263, 1/15/2002.

Lori Harrell, Concerned Citizen, 31833, 1/15/2002.

Deborah A. Cobb, Social Services Administrator, Muscogee County DFCS, 1/15/2002.

Kim Cook-Crockett, Attorney Assistant, 30240, 1/15/2002.

Signe Grushovenko, Artist, Artists in Residence, 1/15/2002.

Genna Grushovenko, Artist, Artists in Residence, 1/15/2002.

Lori S. Reeves, Subject Matter Expert, DFCS, 1/15/2002.

Kenny Gray, 31833, 1/15/2002.

Cindy Hart, Coordinator of Heard County Community Partnership, Family Connection Partnership, 1/15/2002.

Shirley A. Tate, SACWIS Project Program Manager, DHR – DFCS, 1/15/2002.

Catherine Kostilnik, Executive Director, Center for Community Studies at LaGrange College, 1/15/2002.

Kitty M. Crawford, Behavior Specialist, Troup County School System, 1/15/2002.

Tiffany R. Benincosa, Learning Specialist, Cobb County Schools, 1/15/2002.

Ricardo Hayes, Counselor/Recruiter, Morehouse College Upward Bound Program, 1/15/2002.

Soledad A. McGrath, Student, Emory University School of Law, 1/16/2002.

Kimberley E. Bond, Ed.D., Program Administrator, Twin Cedars Youth Services, Inc., 1/16/2002.

Pauline Hutchinson, Principal-Rosemont Elem., Troup County, 1/16/2002.

Brenda Florence, Social Services Generalist, Troup County DFCS, 1/16/2002.

Bryant Rogowski, Social Services Supervisor, Banks Co. DFCS, 1/16/2002.

Ethan Eldredge, Director, Adolescent Achievement Program, GCSS, 1/16/2002.

Mary Lynn Bracewell, Social Services Supervisor, Ben Hill County DFCS, 1/16/2002.

Teresa Hammock, Teacher: Early Childhood, Rosemont Elementary, 1/16/2002.

Sandra T. Haisten, Executive Director, Butts County Life Enrichment Team, 1/16/2002.

Mary Lynn Bracewell, Social Services Supervisor, Ben Hill County DFCS, 1/16/2002.

Michelle Bradfield, Administrative Assistant, Twin Cedars Youth Services, Inc., 1/16/2002.

Becky Shinholster, R.EDT., Fairview Park Hospital, 1/16/2002.

Carla J. Cook, Teacher, Rosemont Elementary, 1/16/2002.

William G. , Executive Director, Atlanta Regional Health Forum, 1/17/2002.

Joy Rooks, Adoptive/Foster Parent Advocate, 31525, 1/17/2002.

Linda Dickerson, Former Foster Parent and child Advocate, 31520, 1/17/2002.

Christopher Rooks, Adoptive/Foster Parent, 31525, 1/17/2002.

Bobby Dickerson, Former Foster Parent, Brunswcik Lyons Club, 1/17/2002.

David M. Kelley, Field Director, Area II, DFCS, 1/17/2002.

Anne P. Krueger, Special Investigations, Area 1, Department of Family and Children Services, 1/17/2002.

Cecelia L. Jordan, Special Investigator,Area X, Dept. of Family and Children Services, 1/17/2002.

Samantha L. Moeller, Social Services Supervisor, Gordon County DFCS, 1/17/2002.

Shirley P. Chastain, R.N., District #13,GNA, 1/18/2002.

Saketha VeShawn Butts, Social Services Case Manager, Investigator, Washington County Department of Family and Children Services, 1/18/2002.

Ken Sosinsky, Regional Program Specialist, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, 1/22/2002.

Jamie Lackey, Student, UGA Masters of Social Work , 1/23/2002.

Denese A. Rodgers, President, Prevent Child Abuse Henry County, 1/31/2002.

Emma Head, Board Member, Prevent Child Abuse Henry County , 2/4/2002.

Betty Thurman, Vocational Director, Upson-Lee High School, 2/4/2002.

LeAnn Shaw, 30305, 2/6/2002.

Sheila Fountain, Chief Resident, Emory Pediatrics, 2/6/2002.

Victoria Pierce, Cobb NOW Actions Vice President, Cobb County NOW, 2/20/2002.

Amy Fishman Smith, MSN, RN, Policy Director, Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, 4/5/2002.

Bradley Carter, Law student, 5/13/2002.

Melissa Lang, Ph.D., School Psychologist/CASA volunteer, Cherokee County, 6/25/2002.

(name withheld), non custodial mother, 7/17/2002.

dr. khan, 7/30/2002.

Jenifer Phillippo, Foster Parent and Child Advocate, Oglethorpe County, 7/30/2002.

Antonio Phillippo, Foster Parent, Oglethorpe County, 7/30/2002.

Judy Hammett, Foster/Adoptive Parent, 30088, 10/25/2002.

Elbert Lewis, Church Administrator, Outreach Mission Church of God of Macon, Inc., 10/26/2002.

Christine Carolan, , Resource Development Coordinator, Prevent Child Abuse GA, 11/27/2002.

Talena Renee Fowler, Teen Advocate Counselor, Teen Resource Center, Dalton, GA, 1/11/2003.

Dianne Boyington, Public Awareness, CASA for Children, Inc., 2/7/2003.

Patricia e LaFreniere, social Services Case Manager, Glynn County DFCS, 2/27/2003.

Loren Robinson, Student, Spelman College, 2/28/2003.

Debbie Wilhelm, Assisant teacher , head start, 6/15/2003.

Nicole Turner, Mother of 4/ MaximCrane Works, 8/15/2003.



michele mistisshen,homemaker/non-custodial step-mother of adopted special needs child, homemaker, concerned parent, 9/25/2003.

Tonya D. Hogue, General Manager, Step mother to 4 year old abused child, 9/30/2003.

Susan Brochin, MSW and concerned parent, 10/29/2003.

Katie Paulk, case worker, Georgia Parent Support Network, 10/31/2003, case worker, georgia Parent support network, 10/31/2003.

Dwon Moss, Chairman, The Partnership for Community Wellness, 12/11/2003.

Amanda Sanchez, President, Equador, 1/22/2004.

Sheryl Giddens, School Counselor, S. L. Mason Elementary School, 1/27/2004.

James Allen Byrd Jr., Citizen, 3/12/2004.

Tara Fulcher, Advocate, 5/25/2004.

Robin Stiles. Mother, 6/3/2004.

Tracey Watts, AS-ED, AA-Arts, BA-Sociology, concerned citizens, 6/24/2004.

Skye Sanchez, Former President, Prevent Child Abuse Crisp County, 7/20/2004.

Scott & Jerri Dutton, Parent, Advocate, 9/8/2004.

Elizabeth Brown, former foster child, 30252, 9/25/2004.

Carrie Kerr, Denatl Assistant, Paralegal, Survivor of abuse, Mother of an abused child, 11/1/2004.

Brenda Vaughn, Concerned Mother Of Two Children, Life, 12/2/2004.

Alicia Edmondson, mother of 1 and aunt of an abused child, 1/30/2005.

Monica Longood, mother of child with Autism, 30040, 2/5/2005.

Mary Jane Paolillo, Volunteer, Enotah CASA, 2/25/2005.

Brenda Parson, Aunt of abused yet unborn child, 3/24/2005.

Elizabeth Harbin, LMSW, BHS, 4/3/2005.

Janet Clark-Tisdol, Parent/ Friend / Family of Foster Children, 6/2/2005.

Judith Duke, fostor, adoptive, biological mother, 6/17/2005.

Mary Ann D’Amico, 7/1/2005.

Melanie Richardson, Mother of 2, victum of failing DFACS System, Douglas County & Walker County, Ga, 7/24/2005.

Theresa Lloyd , Mother of 1, Advocate for Domestic Violence, 7/27/2005.

Beth Shepherd, Mother, 7/31/2005.

Harald Warr, Single, Father of sexually abused daughter., Concerned Father, Single Parent, I Have Custudy NOW., 8/17/2005.

Amy Traylor, MSW, Doctoral student- UGA, 9/22/2005, 9/22/2005.

LaShawn Woods, Investigator, FCCD, 9/28/2005.

Ruth Kornahrens/Mother of a neglected disabled child living in a foster home, Worried mom, worried moms, 12/23/2005.

sheila, sisters & brothers, cool, 2/16/2006.

sheila bracewell, cool stuff, 2/16/06, 2/16/2006.

anthony, mr, privat, 2/21/2006.

anthony, mr, privat, 2/21/2006.

Pimpen Ken Folk, Pimp, Streets, 6/14/2006.

Rachel Fields, FT Homemaker, Co-owner small business, 8/26/2006.

Pamela Brown, Correction Officer, Turning Point Work release Center, 10/6/2006.

James Brown, Godfather of Soul, Beach Island, SC – – It’s a Man’s World Baby and Papa’s got a brand new bag!, 11/7/2006.

Larry Bowen, Need to get our leave reports done right now! Please give me some work to do!!!, Number crunchers for *&^%$&^&*^ Technical College, 11/7/2006.

Lester Cornwell, James Rowell, Percy Sledge, Bob Dorman, June Bug, Tadpole, et. al., Tipper Sippers, AA, or AAA, wait a minute….I can’t see straight…, 11/7/2006.

Gene Waters, Not so nice of a person, Not so nice people, Inc., 11/7/2006.

Sherryl Fountain, Case Manager, Heartland Academy, A psychoeducational facility, 4/4/2007.

Jody Todd , Coordinator, Heartland Academy, A psychoeducational facility, 4/4/2007.

Joanna Lewis, Director, Heartland Academy, a psychoeducational facility, 4/4/2007.

Terry Horne, Paraprofessional, Heartland Academy, a psychoeducational facility, 4/4/2007.

Frank Morris, Teacher, Heartland Academy, 4/4/2007.

Janice M. Webb, Paralegal, GateCity Bar Paralegal Section 7/4/2007, Paralegal, GateCity Bar Paralegal Section, 7/4/2007.

Danny L. Burney, Director, Baptist Children Protection Charity, 9/3/2007.

LaQueda Pace, Mother, N/A, 9/20/2007.

harris, harris, 10/24/2007.

Benna Fripp,BSW candidate,NASW member,11/01/2007., BSW candidate, NASW member, 11/1/2007.

bobby dixon, father, 11/16/2007.

Roberta Jones, Secretary, Conserned Parent, 1/24/2008.

Brenda Holcombe, Foster Parent, Reg. Nurse, 2/2/2008.

Nina Davis, SEBD Teacher, River Quest GNETS Center, 3/10/2008.

Chris Colwell, Forcing, no negotiating!, Sales, Church, 6/6/2008.

Brenda Rushing, Teacher / Owner, Wonder Years Pre-school, 8/5/2008.

Adrienne Moutassim, MSIT, 8/8/2008.

Gregory Smith, 3rd Yr. Law Student, Mr., 12-19-08, 12/19/2008.

Gregory Smith, 3rd Yr. Law Student, MPA, 12-19-08, 12/19/2008.

charlene hill, parent, 4/15/2009.

Vincent Cesair, Teacher, North Metro, 11/22/2009.

About yvonnemason

Background:  The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.  Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia. Education:  After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate’s degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006. Awards:  Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one’s major. Affiliations:  Beta Sigma Phi Sorority  Member of The Florida Writer’s Association – Group Leader for St Lucie County The Dream:  Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan’s Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006. The Inspiration:  Yvonne’s brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up The Author: Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:  Stan’s Story- the true story of her brother’s accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.  Tangled Minds - a riveting story about a young girl’s bad decision and how it taints everyone’s life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009  Brilliant Insanity – released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008  Silent Scream – Released by Lulu.com October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie Yvonne’s Philosophy in Life - “Pay it Forward”: “In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is ‘pay it forward’. It is a simple
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3 Responses to Letter of Support from Child Advocacy Planning Retreat Participants to Governor Roy Barnes

  1. Divotdawg says:

    All I can say is OMFG. This is a lot of freaking people. Thank you for doing this blog and thanks for letting me steal your posts. Your work is greatly appreciated.


  2. mutuelle says:

    This web site is really a walk-through for all of the info you wanted about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and you’ll definitely discover it.


  3. jimmy says:

    judge velma “judge judy wannabe” tilly should be removed from the bench drug into the streets and hanged from a flagpole, lowlife loves to turn kids over to people that molest them, abuse them and get them strung out on meth, of course her faamily is a bunch of methheads so not surprising


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