Yes They Have Way To Much Power!

State taking your kids… Too much power?

(WXYZ) – All parents make mistakes. But in Michigan, one mistake can cost you your child. Critics say it’s happening all too often.

Legal experts say one of the reasons kids are getting wrenched from their parents is because we have one of the worst laws in the country when it comes to how and when the state can take your children.

You probably remember the “Mike’s Hard Lemonade” case – where a University of Michigan professor accidentally gave his 7-year-old son alcoholic lemonade at a Tiger’s game. By all accounts it was an honest mistake.

The dad in that case had never heard of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and had no idea it was for adults.

But legal experts tell Action News the chain of events that led to that boy being put in foster care isn’t unique.

On Sunday, on Action News at 11, Investigator Heather Catallo digs deep into what many call a broken system.

Catallo also takes a close look at something called the “guilt by association” problem – where even a parent who isn’t accused of anything can get caught up in the court system and risks losing the rights to their own child.

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One Response to Yes They Have Way To Much Power!

  1. Sherri Duncan says:

    Apparently that is the way it is in the State of Indiana; get your life in a mess for a minute and POOF< there goes your ONLY CHILD, NO Substantiation of abuse, neglect or finding of parental unfitness, TOO BAD, SO SAD, WE are selling your child to a politician's daughter, never mind what the law requires us to do, we will flagrantly victimize you, and bury you with enough ILLEGAL issues, due to our ILLEGAL activities, deprive you of your God-given rights and lie to your child so he will never want to come home to his LOVING mother; and LAUGH All the way to the bank while we cash our bonus check for STEALING a child from a mother who ONLY NEEDED HELP, which was never given to her!! OH happy day, we get to steal tax payer dollars for NOT doing our jobs, TOUGH BREAK!!! —WE, On this blog, don't think so, it is time to bring ALL CPS Agencies TO THEIR KNEES And answer for the crimes they commit ON A DAILY BASIS!!!

    here is an over view of the story;


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