Foster to Adopt Subsidies and Payments

Directly from a family  who adopted “foster children” from the “system”  in their own words—

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For us there have been many benefits to adopting “through the system”.

1. We had the protection of the court from the birth family members.

2. Our children all qualified for Medicaid–which will cover all medical care not covered by our insurance, including co-pays and preexisting conditions. This can be very important when adopting a child with many medical issues. Another important aspect of the medicaid coverage is that it will cover mental health treatment and hospitalization for mental illnesses.

3. Our children qualify for an adoption subsidy. The daily rate is typically $13.85-28.85 PER DAY until the child graduates from high school or is 18 and not in school. 2 of our children qualify for a much higher daily rate as they have intensive medical and emotional needs. This allows me the financial freedom to stay home full time and my husband to take a job working 35 hours a week, 40 weeks a year teaching auto mechanics to high school students. Daddy can now be home more and be more involved with the kids.

4. As part of the adoption medical subsidy the kids qualify for therapy–speech, OT, PT, and tutoring during the summer if needed. It also pays for a therapist/counselor. Our one daughter has attachment issues (among many other issues). We are working with a specially trained attachment therapist. Her sessions run 1-4 hours in length and cost $80-320 each. Most of that cost is covered.

5. Each adopted child can get a scholarship to a camp or camps of their choice for up to $300 total. This can include church camps, specialty camps, YMCA day sports camps, etc.

6. The children up to age 5 qualify for WIC and related services.

7. The adoptions were FREE. We had to pay about $100 per child for court papers but that was refunded back to us when we filled out a form with the state. All home studies, physicals, etc. were covered.

We currently have NO state involvement in our lives or the lives of our adopted children. The subsidy checks come once a month and I can just submit bills if needed. We have never had to report how we spend the money, etc. I know that some families do not wish to take money from the government and that is fine. I just want prospective adoptive parents to realize what services are available if they adopt a child that has been “in the system” versus a private adoption (some of those do qualify for the above benefits IF the child was in foster care).

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  1. sjb4djustice says:

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    Not Only Do They Get Your Precious Child, They GET THE MONEY TOO!
    If CPS would give this money to parents to stay home and care for their children the world would be a better place. And for those people who cannot have children and if CPS was not stealing children for you, they could pay women to be surrogates. I would have seriously considered it if I had known then what would happen and then maybe I would at least be able to see the child once in a while or get pictures..


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