March 2013 Pike County Times Online Reports:
Hearings To Be Held on DFCS Case
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON – There will be three days of hearings concerning the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) and the granddaughter of Pike resident Randall Moss. Mr. Moss filed civil warrants through Pike County Magistrate Court against several former and current DFCS employees which will be heard in the main courtroom of the Pike County Courthouse in April.

Mr. Moss spoke to DFCS board members in January about problems that he has had over the past 1 1/2 years with Pike County DFCS alleging click here that accusations against him and his daughter were false and that he was denied defense in a jury trial twice. He said in a Pike County Board of Commissioner’s meeting in January click here (section 9a) that he can prove perjury, subjugation of testimony, fabrication, and colloboration as well as hearsay evidence with those involved in the removal of his granddaughter from his home and said that the judge in this case has denied him his constitutional rights and his Georgia state law civil right to have a jury trial.

The first three cases will be heard on April 3rd at 10 a.m. and will continue until all three are finished that day. Charles O’Neill, who is the Guardian Ad Litem for the Moss grandchild will be the first case heard that day. Michelle Madewell will be the second case heard that day. Ms. Madewell has filed a counterclaim against Mr. Moss. The third case that will be heard is Pike County DFACS Director LaResa Price.

Three more cases will be heard on April 4th beginning at 10 a.m. and will continue until all three cases are heard: Sue Coffin, Joan Oxley, and former DFCS employee Jeannie Griggers who was fired in 2012, according to the Pike Journal Reporter, after being charged with criminal damage to property, second degree simple battery and disorderly conduct in Griffin.

The final day of court as currently scheduled is Friday, April 5th with Liz Fordham, and Deanna Neill.

According to Open Records information obtained yesterday by Pike County Times, Ms. Madewell’s case is scheduled to be heard at this time by Magistrate Judge William Thomas from Lamar County. There is no final determination on who will hear the remaining seven cases at this time. These cases will all be heard in the main courtroom of the Pike County Courthouse in order to ensure that there is enough accommodations for those involved as well as any member of the public who would like to listen to these cases. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PROVIDE SUPPORT PLEASE EMAIL sav.ethechild@yahoo.com

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  1. Monika says:

    Dear SaveTheChild. My daughter was questioned by CPS at school yesterday. She has been traumatized and we feel her rights have been violated. I have the email she wrote to the CPS supervisor and want to know if I should get an attorney, and what kind should I get? Iam speechless that someone who is out there to protect kids can cause harm. This woman RELISHED torturing my kid. This is all over my 16 son who is trying to get his girlfriend back. We stopped their relationship when he had a pregnancy scare. He’s telling school counselors whatever he can to run away. When I told him that the result of all of his lies would end him in a foster home 50 miles away from his gf he stopped all of this nonsense. –>

    Dear Supervisor,

    My young daughter feels her rights were violated. She feels traumatized by the interrogation that she went thru yesterday at school. We have an issue in our home with my 16yo son who is upset that we ended his relationship with his girlfriend after a pregnancy scare. He’s pulling every trick in the book so he can leave. But this issue is about my daughters feelings of violation. I will let her write to you below. I am refusing to meet with this woman. She can take a look at the police reports from our emergency doctor’s appointment after school last night when I tried to get Tanner some immediate counseling.I will also answer any and all questions via email. I am unable to handle this type of person after hearing how she treated my daughter.

    From Lindsey:

    Dr Supervisor. My name is Lindsey. I am 14yo. Yesterday I was called down to the office and questioned by a lady I didn’t know. I thought she was a school counselor. I was not told that I didn’t have to answer questions, and I now know that she had that right.

    However, what she asked and how she asked them, and how she treated me, and how she didn’t treat me. She belittled me. She made me feel that I was at fault. She made me feel like I was betraying my mom. She gave me her own personal opinion which belittled me and I dont think anyone should belittle a kid. There are laws to keep that stopped.

    I was not spoken to gently. No kind words were offered. I was interrogated for 50 minutes, 50 minutes of none stop questions with no break. The first 40 min I was not offered any Kleenex. I cried the ENTIRE time. I had to wipe my nose and my face with my hands n sleeves. I was Covered in snots.

    I was not told that I did NOT have to answer any questions she didn’t feel comfortable answering. I would stop talking because I couldn’t take it anymore n the lady kept repeating the questions to wear me down. She would NOT move on to the next questions. I didn’t feel I had the right to give out personal information about my brothers girlfriend because she’s just a kid too. The lady got angry with me. I was scared and wanted to run out the door but i wasn’t sure if i’d get kicked out of school or if the police would be called. I wanted to scream. Not talking didn’t make her go on to the next question. I was so frustrated and felt so trapped and that made me sob harder.

    The lady was hyper, nshe was fishing for answers I didnt have. Finally i just started to give her the answers she wanted to hear. I don’t think she’s supposed to do that. I think I saw that in a movie once.

    When she asked about my dad, she gave her personal opinion and said my mother was wrong to tell my dad he couldn’t stop by for a month because he got wasted the last time he was here to visit. My mom did it to protect us from a drunk. The lady said that he is not an alcoholic if he drinks. I told her yes he was an alcoholic, we are learning about it in health class right now and he has every sign. (His sister and father both died of alcoholism and it is his native american trait. he cant go one night without getting drunk and when my mom says you can stay in the driveway overnight to see the kids but you can drink..he leaves because he wants his drink. so he IS an addict who needs help and my mom doesn’t think kids should be in the same room with someone who is wasted.) But this lady goes on and on about how i need a father in my life to guide me and belittles me and my intelligence because there is really nothing I can dot o GET me a father!!! There is nothing my family can do to get my dad to stop drinking.

    I got super angry and frustrated when this lady blamed my mother for the reason I didn’t have a father and that it was my moms fault for keeping him away. She had me sobbing even more.

    Then the lady made me give out my “moms” address and number. I thought the lady was going to have my mom arrested and brought into questioning. I felt like i was betraying my mother and putting her into danger as sick as she is. That lady MADE me answer her and I didn’t realize until later that she probably already had my address from school if she was from school and if she wasnt from school she could still get it from school. I felt her doing this to me was wrong. I feel she was trying to break me. Trying to wear me down. Trying to show me that she has power over me. I dont know how to explain it but maybe since u work with kids u know what i mean.

    I was not once offered a break from the questions. i was not offered a drink. i was not offered a tissue. I was not asked if I was okay. I was not given a chance to catch my breath from all of the crying. i got a HUGE headache that I had to later go to the office for meds for. I was unable to stop this situation and I felt trapped and scared and small. I was also kept through my lunch and did not get anything to eat. I had to go into the cafeteria covered in snot on my clothes and with a red and puffy face and was still crying and had to face my entire cafeteria.Not once did she consider that I needed a tissue. She did not get up to go get me one until FOURTY minutes of me bawling.

    This lady never asked if I was okay. She never said, I’m sorry this is happening to you. This lady looked wicked and like she enjoyed non stop the questions!!!! i believe she had fun torturing me. I believe she chose to question me first instead of my brother who started this whole stupid mess because she thought I was weak and she could break me or trick me. I dont think any lady, especially one who is supposed to be out there PROTECTING kids should act like this. They should act like your friend. They should ask if you need to go to the bathroom or if you need a break to catch your breath from crying so hard. They should give you a tissue the moment you start crying!!!!
    I was not just upset during this. I was upset after it. And even at 10pm last night I was still crying and told my mom everything and that i felt my rights were violated and that I was belittled because that is what we are learning in vocabulary this week.

    i want an apology. i dont want to be questioned again. I dont want her near me, I am afraid of her. I had a bad dream about her last night. I think she should lose her job. I think I need an attorney, but I dont know cuz this is all new to me n I’m just a kid. Do you think my rights were violated? I hear on TV, Do No Harm. I dunno if that just applies to doctors, but i should THINK that social worker ladys like this should live by the same oath and not harm children. She harmed me and she shouldnnt be allowed to harm other kids, especially younger kids then me. I want to stop this from happening to other kids.

    My name is Lindsey N********. I am a Catholic. I do not lie. I have never been in trouble with school or anywhere. I never get into trouble at home. i dont talk back to my mom. My mom would NEVER hurt me. These is my email writing. This is my story, my truth. My mom has not and will not edit it.I wouldnt be dishonest about this because this email is very important to me to wrtie.
    My birthday is 1.21.99 and I think when I grow up now after yesterday that I want to be an attorney to protect kids. I am ANGRY, and I feel belittled and violated and trapped. I want you to do something about it.

    Lindsey N*********

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    • This may cause you and your teens a lot of problems.. Cps doesn’t usually let go easily. Find the best lawyer you can find that does nothing but juvenile/family law court cases in your state ASAP.. Do not use a general practice attorney..

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  2. not required says:

    Thee is much to be understood regarding the criminal organization know as juvenile court and CPS, DFCS, etc. Most important is to comprehend that these organizations are money making kidnapping machines merely pretending to care for children. A de jure grand jury is the peaceful way to deal with these criminals. You must document everything as I have done much of which can be found at my scribd account. Having a BAR attorney can be counterproductive as they profit mightily from the corruption.

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    • Randall Moss says:

      I am Randall Moss, Just finished my first samester of college. Yeap because of this i am going after my law degree, there apparently alot of corruption on this matter I just sent more certified mail to all the main players who are letting this happen, this comes from the mondale act 1974. our federal tax dollars pay the state that pays the county for these entities that are suppose to help families, rather than tear them apart with lies and hearsay evidence, I am getting ready to file in federal court.my warning was 30 days to get the child home I can prove conspiracy and i am going to call all the political plkayers out. let me explain a little more, there are 3 branches of goverment each with its own power, it was ment that way when the constitution was signed you have executive legislative judicial. if only one of these entities had all the power it would be total corruption, well i watched half the dfcs people lie and the judges own casa on the stand and falsefing a report. and the judge still denied me 4th 5th constitutional right and am looking at more this was a conspiracy when i asked for an investigation i was the one investigated inspecting gen, comes out of this group human resourses is that a conflict or what but just to start pointing fingers, the judge did all the attorney genera asst, wanted and a legistlator did investigate and said to high ranking people the department screwed up when asked why he didmt come foward on a supinea, his andwear qas he was advised not to by who ? the attorney generals office now sounds like all 3 powers collaberated as 1 wich spells corruption.i made all b in summer samester and i like it this is one former soldier that is not going to quit, and yea i have alot more my parental rights were circomnented by the pike county court judge edwards kicked it to ben miller who has been prejudice in this case, thats 2 names for you and yea i voted fior him but this executive attorney general is placed by the govenor and nathon deal can tell him put the breaks on this or you will be replaced there are other victims i been in touch with. check ourinstantmatter @ gmail.com i am focusing with others as well and i am not a lawyer yet, and cant put more money out to them, so ready or not im going to fight every legal way i can wich the stress cost me 2 heart attacks and 3 surgeries. these people had no right ton take the child from my home, charlie oniel jr. said it was meeting of the minds . yea dumb a.. try corersion and cullersion by a particular judge, they think i will file in newnan fedral court but when i get ther to that point. they will find out were it will be herd, and charlie ni asked the county lawyer why or how do you have best intrest in any child 4 yrs ago i understand grand jury found enough to indite you why didnt that happen? i would ask my freind scott ballard why he didnt persue that but he is not my freind anylonger. and i promise you aint seen nothing yet there are people that have some records of mine, and if the child isnt returned soon i promise to bring all the names out of the shadows, this time i will see a judge and jury, that does have the athourity to change ben millers decession
      who by the way was appointed by judge chris edwards, and the reason i called them out by name, sue me for slander but the truth is not slander and most know im sitting on the truth. when i get my law degree i plan on running for govenor why icant be bought and i am not corrupt. and i will use this as my drive to the law degree and to run for gov..my email rmoss69@hotmail.com. my po box 607 williamson ga 30292. thoe im not a lawyer yet i feel if given half the chance i can prevail. now evn if i wanted to do a favor i cant now unless they get smart and return my grand child, i have a couple weeks to wait to see if they want to find a peaceful solution the fed ct, likes that, so im giving that my best shot, sorry mental anguish kind of getting in my way, i was someone no one herd of and now im going to make this shine even if it kills me, read also senator nancy schaffer and see what she was fixing to expose, why cant my lawyer freinds help in the game to long one has something over the other down the line and i understand and far as i know they are still my freinds and well, hope they know that my train engine is full of steam fire is stoked and i have no breaks and still throwing wood on the fire this is my grandchild you had no rites to.. i sure would like to know who is telling the sheriff he cant investigate this crime it is his county, and this is a major crime these people act above the law. and to them it is about the buck, thanks for letting me rant on the attack on parental rights scott like you said in the papper, its time to help the citisens and the day will come when i have that degree, and i know me well enough i wouldnt want to be any of you when i memorize whats in that ga, code of law. no disrespect intended but bufford pusser ball bat will look like something you widdle on the porch, now all know what there dealing with, and no i cant shoot or fight like i use to, but to me already a trained fighter, this is another fight now like the rest i have to learn the rules, wrestling in school, no kicking ,pulling hair no punching ect…martial arts good ones go by code of ethics,,, in the military rules of janieva convention, court another fight different set of rules, and i will learn them, Bet on it…them surgeries took alot out of me so gbi quit pis…. up a rope, my fight will be in court with all the media i can get and your all own demise will be your fall.
      p.s.have a good day and time is ticking and i am getting anxcious, i wasnt my grand child home miller has his kidds hell they all do but yet miller seemed amazed when i told the lady a child can go 2 or 3 wks before a bath, true with newborns read the book i left as evidence that i memorized, maybe you will learn something like i apparently know more about babies than you or the dfcs people envolved, and i do have alott you dont know about and am saving for court federal court state would be conflict of intrest, beings im planning on sueing the county and the state…Randall.

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  3. janet says:

    We are dealing with the same people taking kids from their mother and not letting her see them and NON CONTACTING ANY INTERESTED FAMILY TO TAKE THE CHILDREN AS I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO.THEY DO NOT DO WHAT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE KIDS. I have left messages for 3 years to take the kids and adopt them They will not let us have any contact. Refusing any help. It is all about the all might dollar to them.

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  4. chris says:

    I am going thru the same thing here in Oklahoma .case workers lieing.caps lieing..& caps investigaters are all liers..what does one do I need my G-children back here were I no that are cared for and loved properly ..call me with advice please 405-655-2098 .what to do ??? .

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