Child Protective Services Information Managment

This is straight from the Manual that belongs to Georgia Dartment of Family and Children Services. Parents you can get copies of the stuff in your file. However, they will redacted those things that will keep their corruption from being seen

Release of Information When Parent/Guardian is Alleged Maltreater
If the parent/guardian requesting the information is the alleged maltreater, additional decisions are required prior to allowing access to case files.

• First determine if the release of information will put the child at risk of harm. If risk will likely occur to the child, information should not be released.

• If the child will not be placed at risk, contact the District Attorney or local law enforcement to determine if criminal action is likely to be brought against the parent. Case material is not released if law enforcement officials believe that the criminal case will be placed in jeopardy.

Release of information when the alleged abuse occurs in a third party setting
Information may be shared with parents when their child was abused in a third party setting: e.g. a school, child care center or residential facility.

Parents may request information if their child is interviewed, as part of an investigation being conducted in such a setting, even if their child was not abused. In this case, information that an investigation is occurring may be released, and non-identifying information concerning the outcome of the investigation after it is completed may be shared.

Instructions for releasing information
Follow these steps when releasing information to a parent/guardian:

• Provide copies of the following at no charge:
 Form Safety Plan
 Case Review Forms/Summaries
 Service Plan, Goals and Objectives
 Service Agreements
 Court petitions and orders

• Provide any other releasable material at a cost of no more than 25 cents a single side and/or duplex page. Advise the parent in advance of the cost of items that are not free and that payment for material is made upon receipt. Payment may be requested in advance of copying. Establish procedures within county departments to assure accountability for any funds collected;

• Edit information provided to the parent. Obliterate any information not releasable. Accompany expunged portions by a statement informing the parent of the type of report or information being withheld and why;

• Provide releasable material to the parent within ten (10) working days of the receipt of the oral or written request;

• If the parent originally or later requests to see/review information which the county department cannot release, give the parent a list of primary sources and a general statement of the type of information being withheld. Complete the “Non-Objection to Subsequent Release of Information by Primary Source” Form and give this to the parent/guardian (See Section X, Forms); and,

• Information in the case file on a spouse or other adult family member will only be released with a written authorization signed by the person that the requested information concerns.

2109.7 Responsibility for Case Confidentiality in Court Testimony


Protect the confidentiality of case records at court proceedings.

Procedures/Practice Issues

Testimony based on information recalled from one’s own independent memory, or from reviewing the record prior to giving testimony, falls within the statutory requirements regarding the confidentiality of records. Testimony based on reading from the case record allows a court to obtain, by testimony, confidential information it might otherwise be unable to obtain.

To meet statutory requirements and to protect the confidentiality of records, notify the SAAG, when subpoenaed to court, of whether the case record is also subpoenaed. The SAAG should advise the judge that records are confidential (O.C.G.A. 49 5 40) and that the case manager is unable to produce these records or to testify from them or to their content unless the judge makes a judicial determination, after an in camera inspection of the record, that information in the record or the case manager’s testimony is necessary for a judicial determination of an issue before the court.

Do not divulge, under any circumstances, information regarding the reporter of child maltreatment. Prior to taking a record to court, replace documents that identify reporters with copies that have reporter identifiers removed, and label these as replacement documents. Replace original documents back into the case record when it is returned from the court.

2104.38 Employment Services Responsibility at Investigation


Make an employment referral if, during the investigation, it is determined that alleged maltreatment or neglect is directly related to the parents’ inability to provide for the needs of the child because of financial problems.

Procedures/Practice Issues

A parent is participating in employment services when being served by TANF.

Refer a parent, who is not receiving TANF and who is not eligible for the Employment Services program, to the Department of Labor for employment possibilities. Document this referral in the case file.

Document on Form 452 (Contact Form) any referral made to the Department of Labor or any other employment service. Include this in any case plan developed with the parent.
Unemployed parents who are able to work must have employment services as part of the case plan, if there is not another legitimate means of support.

If the parent is eligible to receive child support from a non-resident spouse or parent and is not receiving or is having difficulty collecting the court ordered support, refer the parent to the local Office of Child Support Enforcement. Document this referral in the case file.

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