Fighting CPS with Oranges, Lemons and Limes

June 7, 2014 4 comments

Worldwide Child Protective Services appears to be out of control. While most countries fall under the UN-CRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child), but the United States never ratified it. Furthermore, while the US has set up federal guidelines, each state manages it’s own program. So battling CPS has us fighting on International, National and State fronts.

When it comes to fighting on the International front, I am not even going to attempt to go there right now. Within the United States there has been efforts to counteract the UN-CRC with the main focus being on Their 20 Things You Need to Know About the CRC is a good read. Time spent researching this issue is well spent.

Even on the National front I am hesitant to spend too much time and energy, other than to acknowledge efforts that is working in various states, needs to be applied universally when possible. This may not always be possible but a few things that I suggest.

  1. Each state have an independent Ombudsman that answers directly to the Governor or Attorney General of that state, insuring integrity and accountability.
  2. Define by statute the rights and responsibilities of the parent. (Texas Family Code §151.001)
  3. Place limitations on an agencies ability to interfere with a parent. (Texas Family Code §151.003)
  4. Violations of state or federal law results in revocation of their immunity. (Texas Human Resource Code §40.061) Included in that a mandate to clear a family when it is proven no abuse occurred.
  5. Require through the “Public Information Act” that all procedure and policy handbooks and manuals be placed online, updated and maintained in a timely manner. (Texas DFPS Handbooks) Citizens have the right to know exactly what these state employees can and can’t do with our children. They have the right to know what the social workers job actually consists of.
  6. Twelve (12) states already have a route to reinstate parental rights. This needs to be extended to all 50 states.

There is a number of other areas that can be addressed, but the intent of this article was to look at states.


Hash tags to be used to differentiate between each state's CPS system.

Hash tags to be used to differentiate between each state’s CPS system.

As you can tell, most of my research comes from working with Angel Eyes over Texas. But I spend a great deal of time on Facebook floating among other groups. One thing that I see in common, people do not identify the state they are dealing with. Many, for privacy reasons do not include where they are currently living. And that is understood completely. Problem is unless people know what agency you are dealing with it is hard to help. What works in Texas, may not work in California, but will in Maine. We are working with 50+ states and territories all operating independently.

So about 6 months ago, I designed this graphic. Hash-tags are allowed in most social media. So let us devise a system where we can tell people the agency we are dealing with without saying where you live. I primarily deal with Texas so instead of simply saying CPS, I should write it #CPS_TX. I have a good friend that deals with South Carolina; for him it is #CPS_SC. California= #CPS_CA, Michigan=#CPS_MI… and so forth.

In learning to do this we enable others to help each other without having to inquire the state name. It seems like a simple task.

TX:Sunset Releases Staff Report on DFPS

May 29, 2014 2 comments

Earlier this week Watchdog Wire – Texas ran an article pointing out the current findings of the Texas Sunset Commission on the review of the Department of Family and Protective Services as a staff report. That article can be viewed at:

TX: Sunset Commission report releases include Family, Protective Services – Watchdog Wire: Texas

Most of the information on the 9 issues addressed by the Sunset Commission is best gathered from the original Watchdog Wire article. The key purpose behind my writing this post is to draw attention to the fact that Texas is requesting public input by June 6th, 2014.

The report draws attention to a number of problems within DFPS. Some internal management issues. Problems collecting data. Along with many others.

Please go to the article to get a summery of the issues. Go on to the actual staff report to gather even more details.


Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014 3 comments

Mother’s Day- a day that is supposed to be filled with accolades to mothers. A day that children heap praise and thanks to the one who gave birth to them- However, this is also a day filled with sadness, pain and hurt by some of those same mothers who no longer have their children due to the theft and lies and corruption by Child Protective Services. This day for these mothers is one they would prefer to sleep through or just pass on by. This day is not a happy day for them. In fact, it is a painful reminder that their children were stolen for profit.

Now before anyone gets on their soapbox and declares “But they deserved to lose their children” let me say that is not always the case. Many mothers in fact most mothers lose their children due to the lies and corruption. These are the mothers who cry on this day- who feel pain like the pain of a death of their child. Because in a way it is a death- it is a living death.

This is a day when the arms of children should be wrapped around the necks of those mothers who have been torn from their children in the name of dollars. It is a reminder that these mothers would just as soon forget. It is not a Happy Mother’s day for them. It is far from it.

So the next time someone decides it is in the best interest of a child to report a mother for some infraction ask yourself this question “Would I want to never be able to call my mother and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day? Would I want to be the mother who cried because I had no arms wrapped around my neck this day? Would I miss that phone call because I no longer had my child because it had been sold for money?”

Yes, today is not a Happy Mother’s Day for thousands and thousands of mothers who through no fault of their own no longer have their children.

Article 5 Page 564 Georgia Law Enforcement Handbook 2003-04

April 3, 2014 3 comments

Article 5 on page 564 of the Georgia Law Enforcement Handbook is titled Section Code 16-5-70 Cruelty to Children:

(a) A parent, guardian or other person supervising the welfare of having immediate charge or custody of a child under the age of 18 commits the offense of cruelty to children  in the first degree when such person willfully deprives the child of necessary sustenance to the extent that the child’s health or well-being is jeopardized.

(b) Any person commits the offense of cruelty to children in the first degree when such person maliciously causes a child under the age of 18 cruel or excessive physical or mental pain.

(2) Such person, who is the primary aggressor, having knowledge that a child under the age of 18 is present an see or hears the act, commits a forcible felony, battery or family violence battery.


Now I write this because CPS is the worst offender. The Code plainly states that any person who is supervising the welfare of a child under 18 commits the offense of cruelty to children in the first degree when such person WILLFULLY deprives that child of necessary sustenance to the extent that the child’s health and well-being is jeopardized. When children are taken from parents whose only crimes are being poor and uneducated they are willfully being deprived of necessary sustenance to the extent that the child’s health and well being is jeopardized. They are the primary aggressor and they have the knowledge and the see and hear the act as does all involved. Children who have been potty trained return to wetting the bed and their clothes, they have nightmares of never seeing their parents again, crying themselves to sleep because they are placed with strangers,  p they are lied to over and over again by the Caseworker who tells them that the foster care provider is a nice and loving person and they will go home to their parents as soon as they get fixed. (Like they are a broken clock) They act out after seeing their parents because they know they have to leave them after that one hour a week visit (at the leisure of the foster care provider). They are put through evaluations, given meds  they don’t need just to keep them under control so they won’t act out – the foster care provider doesn’t want to deal with these very real emotions. They are convinced that their parents do not really love them and they are better off in this new forever family (which is stupid, children are not puppies).

CPS is indeed the biggest offenders of Cruelty to Children as are those who are paid by them, The courts, CASA, GAL, attorneys for the state, doctors, psychiatrists, teachers, doctors you name it.

The most necessary sustenance is the love of that child’s BIRTH parent not one bought by the state.

In the State of Georgia How Can a Child be Taken Under “Depravation” and the Parent Not Be Charged in Criminal Court?

April 3, 2014 2 comments

As someone who has a degree in Criminal Justice this question has bothered me since day one. In the Georgia Law Enforcement Handbook it 2003-04 clearly states under Chapter 12 titled “Offenses Against  Public Health and Morals”

This: Code 16-2-1 Contributing to delinquency, unruliness, or deprivation of a minor

A person commits the offense of contributing to the delinquency, unruliness, or deprivation of a minor when such person:…..

(3) Willfully commits a act or acts or willfully fails to act when such act or omission would cause a minor to be found to be a deprived child as such is defined in Code Section 15-11-2, relating in juvenile proceedings.

Now the code for Section 15-11-2 under the chapter of Courts i.e. Family Court  states:  (8) “Deprived Child” means a child who:

(A) Is without proper parental care or control, subsistence, education as required by law, or other care or control necessary for the child’s physical, mental or emotional health or morals…..

Section 15- 11-7 Other Basic Rights:

(a) a party is entitled to the opportunity to introduce evidence and otherwise be heard in his or her own behalf and to cross-examine adverse witnesses.

Now the problem here is that child deprivation cases while considered criminal are argued in civil court. My question is why? If a parent is charged by Child Protective Services with Deprivation that is a criminal charge and should be heard in a criminal court. As to the “Other Basic Rights” in Section 15-11-7 that is a joke. The reason is simple the case is heard in civil court and the defendant in this case the parent is not allowed to cross examine or to call their own witnesses. In fact in Jackson County Judge Guidry will not allow it.

The reason that a deprivation case is not heard in a criminal court is two fold. One in most cases the term “deprivation” is so broad and sweeping that if it went to criminal court it would be thrown out. Second they use the excuse in the best interest of the child. That again is a lie, it is in the best interest of CPS and all of the entities that are paid with Federal Dollars under the Adoption and Safe Families Act.

It would appear that in Georgia they make the law fit their agenda. It cannot be both ways ,it can not be a misdemeanor for the first or second offense and a felony of the third offense and be tried in civil court. It cannot be tried in civil court if is listed as a misdemeanor and a felony depending on the times the same offense occurs. So which is it? Bottom line it is what ever brings in the money.

From the Mouths of Children Who Have been Stolen

February 20, 2014 9 comments

There are no winners here except for CPS and those people who get paid to adopt children who have been stolen



This is Just the Tip of The Corrupt Iceberg Known as CPS in Georgia

December 15, 2013 5 comments

Child Protective Services is out of control in so many ways. The very reason they use to remove children from loving homes they are doing themselves and saying it is okay. CPS is a corrupt money making business it has never been and will never be about the children or  their families. Social workers get away with everything from kidnapping to drugs, to accessory to murder. There is no accountability no controls and no concern for the families or the children it is all about the money. Shame on all of them. It is so way past time to take back our children
If this child has been injured or killed in the car under the “care” of this caseworker, there would have been no accountability at all.

Police: DFCS worker arrested for drugs during stop


Posted: Dec 14, 2013 5:57 PM ESTUpdated: Dec 14, 2013 7:53 PM EST

JONESBORO, Ga. -Police say an employee for the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services driving a mentally disabled adult was arrest Saturday for drug possession after being pulled over in Jonesboro.

Jonesboro Police Chief Franklin Allen says officers pulled over Ericka Thompson near the intersection of Georgia Highway 138 and Tara Blvd after noticing her vehicle had suspended registration. During the stop, they got wind of the heavy smell of marijuana. After a brief search, they found the source along with cocaine and Oxytocin.

Police say there was confusion on Thompson’s identity given her credentials did not match her license. They eventually were able to determine that she worked for Henry County DFCS. They say she was driving for a group home.

“This is a person that people with disabilities have been entrusted to care for and provide for. If this person is out using drugs, selling drugs, possessing drugs or has them in her system, that creates a very alarming instance for us,” said Chief Allen.

Police say the person in her care was not hurt. They say they had a hard time trying to reach any one with DFCS to ensure the person’s safety. The group home where he stays eventually was able to get someone out to the scene to pick him and return him safely home.

Thompson faces possession charges as well as driving without registration. Police will determine if she was under the influence while she was driving.

Read more:
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