Article 5 Page 564 Georgia Law Enforcement Handbook 2003-04

April 3, 2014 3 comments

Article 5 on page 564 of the Georgia Law Enforcement Handbook is titled Section Code 16-5-70 Cruelty to Children:

(a) A parent, guardian or other person supervising the welfare of having immediate charge or custody of a child under the age of 18 commits the offense of cruelty to children  in the first degree when such person willfully deprives the child of necessary sustenance to the extent that the child’s health or well-being is jeopardized.

(b) Any person commits the offense of cruelty to children in the first degree when such person maliciously causes a child under the age of 18 cruel or excessive physical or mental pain.

(2) Such person, who is the primary aggressor, having knowledge that a child under the age of 18 is present an see or hears the act, commits a forcible felony, battery or family violence battery.


Now I write this because CPS is the worst offender. The Code plainly states that any person who is supervising the welfare of a child under 18 commits the offense of cruelty to children in the first degree when such person WILLFULLY deprives that child of necessary sustenance to the extent that the child’s health and well-being is jeopardized. When children are taken from parents whose only crimes are being poor and uneducated they are willfully being deprived of necessary sustenance to the extent that the child’s health and well being is jeopardized. They are the primary aggressor and they have the knowledge and the see and hear the act as does all involved. Children who have been potty trained return to wetting the bed and their clothes, they have nightmares of never seeing their parents again, crying themselves to sleep because they are placed with strangers,  p they are lied to over and over again by the Caseworker who tells them that the foster care provider is a nice and loving person and they will go home to their parents as soon as they get fixed. (Like they are a broken clock) They act out after seeing their parents because they know they have to leave them after that one hour a week visit (at the leisure of the foster care provider). They are put through evaluations, given meds  they don’t need just to keep them under control so they won’t act out – the foster care provider doesn’t want to deal with these very real emotions. They are convinced that their parents do not really love them and they are better off in this new forever family (which is stupid, children are not puppies).

CPS is indeed the biggest offenders of Cruelty to Children as are those who are paid by them, The courts, CASA, GAL, attorneys for the state, doctors, psychiatrists, teachers, doctors you name it.

The most necessary sustenance is the love of that child’s BIRTH parent not one bought by the state.

In the State of Georgia How Can a Child be Taken Under “Depravation” and the Parent Not Be Charged in Criminal Court?

April 3, 2014 1 comment

As someone who has a degree in Criminal Justice this question has bothered me since day one. In the Georgia Law Enforcement Handbook it 2003-04 clearly states under Chapter 12 titled “Offenses Against  Public Health and Morals”

This: Code 16-2-1 Contributing to delinquency, unruliness, or deprivation of a minor

A person commits the offense of contributing to the delinquency, unruliness, or deprivation of a minor when such person:…..

(3) Willfully commits a act or acts or willfully fails to act when such act or omission would cause a minor to be found to be a deprived child as such is defined in Code Section 15-11-2, relating in juvenile proceedings.

Now the code for Section 15-11-2 under the chapter of Courts i.e. Family Court  states:  (8) “Deprived Child” means a child who:

(A) Is without proper parental care or control, subsistence, education as required by law, or other care or control necessary for the child’s physical, mental or emotional health or morals…..

Section 15- 11-7 Other Basic Rights:

(a) a party is entitled to the opportunity to introduce evidence and otherwise be heard in his or her own behalf and to cross-examine adverse witnesses.

Now the problem here is that child deprivation cases while considered criminal are argued in civil court. My question is why? If a parent is charged by Child Protective Services with Deprivation that is a criminal charge and should be heard in a criminal court. As to the “Other Basic Rights” in Section 15-11-7 that is a joke. The reason is simple the case is heard in civil court and the defendant in this case the parent is not allowed to cross examine or to call their own witnesses. In fact in Jackson County Judge Guidry will not allow it.

The reason that a deprivation case is not heard in a criminal court is two fold. One in most cases the term “deprivation” is so broad and sweeping that if it went to criminal court it would be thrown out. Second they use the excuse in the best interest of the child. That again is a lie, it is in the best interest of CPS and all of the entities that are paid with Federal Dollars under the Adoption and Safe Families Act.

It would appear that in Georgia they make the law fit their agenda. It cannot be both ways ,it can not be a misdemeanor for the first or second offense and a felony of the third offense and be tried in civil court. It cannot be tried in civil court if is listed as a misdemeanor and a felony depending on the times the same offense occurs. So which is it? Bottom line it is what ever brings in the money.

From the Mouths of Children Who Have been Stolen

February 20, 2014 7 comments

There are no winners here except for CPS and those people who get paid to adopt children who have been stolen



This is Just the Tip of The Corrupt Iceberg Known as CPS in Georgia

December 15, 2013 5 comments

Child Protective Services is out of control in so many ways. The very reason they use to remove children from loving homes they are doing themselves and saying it is okay. CPS is a corrupt money making business it has never been and will never be about the children or  their families. Social workers get away with everything from kidnapping to drugs, to accessory to murder. There is no accountability no controls and no concern for the families or the children it is all about the money. Shame on all of them. It is so way past time to take back our children
If this child has been injured or killed in the car under the “care” of this caseworker, there would have been no accountability at all.

Police: DFCS worker arrested for drugs during stop


Posted: Dec 14, 2013 5:57 PM ESTUpdated: Dec 14, 2013 7:53 PM EST

JONESBORO, Ga. -Police say an employee for the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services driving a mentally disabled adult was arrest Saturday for drug possession after being pulled over in Jonesboro.

Jonesboro Police Chief Franklin Allen says officers pulled over Ericka Thompson near the intersection of Georgia Highway 138 and Tara Blvd after noticing her vehicle had suspended registration. During the stop, they got wind of the heavy smell of marijuana. After a brief search, they found the source along with cocaine and Oxytocin.

Police say there was confusion on Thompson’s identity given her credentials did not match her license. They eventually were able to determine that she worked for Henry County DFCS. They say she was driving for a group home.

“This is a person that people with disabilities have been entrusted to care for and provide for. If this person is out using drugs, selling drugs, possessing drugs or has them in her system, that creates a very alarming instance for us,” said Chief Allen.

Police say the person in her care was not hurt. They say they had a hard time trying to reach any one with DFCS to ensure the person’s safety. The group home where he stays eventually was able to get someone out to the scene to pick him and return him safely home.

Thompson faces possession charges as well as driving without registration. Police will determine if she was under the influence while she was driving.

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The Comment in this Post Was Received on Another Blog I Run

December 5, 2013 3 comments

Amber Has No Clue As to What She is Talking About

 This comment was left on a post that had been posted a couple of years ago about my grandchildren – my three granddaughters who were stolen by Jackson County, Ga DCF. Yes, they were stolen and yes they were given to a new family. And yes this family gets a check for them every month until they turn 18. The woman they live with Donna Webb is not their real mother. She is the woman who in collusion with Jackson County DCF stole and my grandchildren so she could make money off them until they turned 18. So Amber before you go making statements you know nothing about you better do your homework. I know they exactly where they live and this kidnapping started out in Jackson County. Yes I do know this story is true I lived every nightmare of  every  day of it. As did their mother. So do not tell me that I do not know what I am talking about. You are the one who does not know what you are talking about. Get your facts straight before you make statements like this. And no they were never abused by their mother.

Amber commented on Jackson County Georgia DFCS You Have Been Put On Notice- You Are Going to Be Exposed for Your Abuse

The 3 girls in this pic ARE NOT in DFCS custody! They are in full custody of their mother! This pic isn’t even current… Are you sure this story is even true! Because I know that part isn’t! For a fact! They don’t even live in Jackson county!

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The Person Who Wrote this Comment on One of the Blogs Can’t Even Use Her Real Name

August 27, 2013 20 comments

I received this comment on one of the blogs on this site earlier after she had already made a snide comment about her comments disappearing. I told her that this blog was for informational purposes and was not a format for bashing parents who had lost their children to the legal kidnapping by the government.  This was her response. She goes on and on about how these parents are not telling the ” truth” and that she would chew her arm off to keep her kids and blah – blah- blah – The first question is how does she know their situation? But before that question comes this one. She goes on and on about truth when she hides behind a fake name. Where is that truth? Who names their child “Just Me?””  Really?! IF she has the fire in her belly to tear down others the least she should do is use her real name. That is one thing I absolutely detest is the fact (which is much different than truth) that people who have no clue as to what they are talking about hide behind autonomy. They do not have the “balls” to use their christian name for fear of reprisal.

Now let me just explain the difference between “truth” and “fact”

Truth is a perception and that perception is as varied as there are people. For instance three people could be a witness to the same robbery, however each one will have a different truth. The reason is each one will see something different and it will be a truth but not necessarily a fact.

A Fact is indisputable. For instance those same three people might describe the perpetrator differently but they all knew he fled in a brown car. The Brown car is the fact. This person who is spouting her “truth” has no facts to back up her statements and the fact that she uses autonomy tells me she is not credible at all – I would never use her as a witness.

So Ms. “Just Me” before you preach your truths- take stock in the name you call yourself. Your truths are not facts. They are just your perception and no one will listen or believe you at all.

IF you truly have a conviction have balls enough to stand behind it using your real name. I am sure that mother is very proud of you if she gave you the name of “Just Me.”

New comment on your post “Information About the Child Protective Services Program of the Department of Human Services”
Author : JustMe (IP: ,
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Hey, whatever makes you feel better – most of these people leave out the real reason their kids were taken.  If it makes you feel better to sit here and have all these lies posted day in and out, then knock yourself out!  No state just waltzes in and takes a child for NO REASON!  At least 90% of these people leave out the REAL reason their kids were taken or they downplay it like crazy!  If someone’s child were truly taken for NO reason, they would contact news stations or can even research attorneys who hate DCF and may take their case for free.  But they don’t, you know why?  Because they are LYING!!!!

My brother and his wife smoke crack, pop pills, have a filthy, disgusting home with roaches crawling everywhere, their 10-year-old daughter has the social skills of a 3-year-old, yet they will tell you they are fantastic parents and that the state just has it out for them!  They tell people their daughter was taken due to “being late to school!”  It’s been nearly two years and they have not completed their case plans!  They have every excuse you could think of as to why they couldn’t.  They both continue to test positive on hair shaft tests (yet they manage to pass their urine drug screens)!

Like I told one of your other lying-ass posters, I don’t care if the state told me to gnaw my own fucking arm off, I’D DO IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE TO GET MY KIDS BACK!  Did you not see what she said?  She REFUSED to do the substance abuse class, which means she tested positive for drugs!  There is no other class that she could be talking about.  Everyone hates that particular class because not only are you drug tested on a consistent basis, but it takes up a great deal of time.  Therefore, just like my ignorant brother and his POS wife, that girl basically said, “fuck my kid, he/she is not worth the time!”

Also, rights are not terminated so easily.  It has to be PROVEN to a judge why a parent loses their parental rights!  I don’t care what you say, everyone is given, not only a case plan, but ample time to complete their case plans!  All these people who claim otherwise are lying!  Most of these people are drug addicts or scumbags who have abused their kids!

In Florida alone over 20 children have DIED at the hands of their own parents this year alone!!!  If you want to defend these people, then you’re an asshole, too!  One thing I hate more than anything in this world is child neglect, abuse, and murder!  I for one am sick of seeing Nancy Grace on TV stating how yet another baby has just mysteriously come up missing from their bed or crib!  You seriously defend people like this?  WTF is wrong with you!?

Do you really think people come on here and tell the truth??  Are you seriously that delusional?  They won’t because they know if they did, no one would have sympathy for them…and that’s all these cockroaches are looking for.  Lick their wounds if you wish, I personally would like to slap the shit out of each and every sorry ass parent that chooses their lifestyle over their children!  Once you have a child, “it’s” not about you anymore!  Period!

Quit lying to yourself and everyone else who has to read this crap. I was looking to see what the chances were that my douchebag of a brother had at getting his kids back…and this is the garbage I see!  So if it pisses me off that I know most of this is deceitful, too bad.  You can stop me from telling the truth on your shitty little blog, but believe me, there are more places to post…and I will speak the TRUTH unlike all the skanks on here!  And yes, sometimes the truth hurts! So delete away, it will not take away from the fact that most of these responses are bullshit…

Foster to Adopt Subsidies and Payments

March 25, 2013 1 comment

Directly from a family  who adopted “foster children” from the “system”  in their own words—

Posted at :

For us there have been many benefits to adopting “through the system”.

1. We had the protection of the court from the birth family members.

2. Our children all qualified for Medicaid–which will cover all medical care not covered by our insurance, including co-pays and preexisting conditions. This can be very important when adopting a child with many medical issues. Another important aspect of the medicaid coverage is that it will cover mental health treatment and hospitalization for mental illnesses.

3. Our children qualify for an adoption subsidy. The daily rate is typically $13.85-28.85 PER DAY until the child graduates from high school or is 18 and not in school. 2 of our children qualify for a much higher daily rate as they have intensive medical and emotional needs. This allows me the financial freedom to stay home full time and my husband to take a job working 35 hours a week, 40 weeks a year teaching auto mechanics to high school students. Daddy can now be home more and be more involved with the kids.

4. As part of the adoption medical subsidy the kids qualify for therapy–speech, OT, PT, and tutoring during the summer if needed. It also pays for a therapist/counselor. Our one daughter has attachment issues (among many other issues). We are working with a specially trained attachment therapist. Her sessions run 1-4 hours in length and cost $80-320 each. Most of that cost is covered.

5. Each adopted child can get a scholarship to a camp or camps of their choice for up to $300 total. This can include church camps, specialty camps, YMCA day sports camps, etc.

6. The children up to age 5 qualify for WIC and related services.

7. The adoptions were FREE. We had to pay about $100 per child for court papers but that was refunded back to us when we filled out a form with the state. All home studies, physicals, etc. were covered.

We currently have NO state involvement in our lives or the lives of our adopted children. The subsidy checks come once a month and I can just submit bills if needed. We have never had to report how we spend the money, etc. I know that some families do not wish to take money from the government and that is fine. I just want prospective adoptive parents to realize what services are available if they adopt a child that has been “in the system” versus a private adoption (some of those do qualify for the above benefits IF the child was in foster care).


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