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This is Just the Tip of The Corrupt Iceberg Known as CPS in Georgia

Child Protective Services is out of control in so many ways. The very reason they use to remove children from loving homes they are doing themselves and saying it is okay. CPS is a corrupt money making business it has … Continue reading

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There Is So Much Money to Be Made By Kidnapping our Children

On June 3, a 17-year-old Staffordshire girl, living with her parents and seven months pregnant, was horrified to receive a letter which began: “Dear Corrinne, I am the new allocated social worker for your unborn child. We have serious concerns … Continue reading

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If You as a Parent don’t think this can happen to you THINK AGAIN!

http://www.infowars.com/government-seizes-newborn-baby-over-political-beliefs-of-parents/ A newborn baby was ripped from its mother’s arms by officials from the New Hampshire Division of Family Child Services accompanied by police after authorities cited the parents’ association with the Oath Keepers organization as one of the primary … Continue reading

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This is Just One State that is Guilty of Taking Our Children

TEXAS CPS USES ADHD TO TAKE CHILDREN AWAY FROM PARENTS! N @cs.com wrote: see this link http://www.tdprs.state.tx.us/Children_Available_for_Adoption/Special_Features/adhd.asp TEXAS CPS USES ADHD to take CHILDREN AWAY FROM PARENTS! More than half of the 200+ kids listed here have ADD/ADHD. THEY ARE … Continue reading

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