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Your Voice For Family Rights Can Be Heard Now is the Time

These three little girls will soon go on the auction block in Jackson County Ga. If you plan to go to Washington to protest please use their picture – these children and others like them are what families are fighting … Continue reading

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Felica Johnson Jackson County GA DFCS Caseworker tries to CYA

Well it seems that Felica Johnson the latest in a long list of caseworkers for Samantha has finally decided that she needs a face to face with Samantha. She has been the newest case worker since the end of May … Continue reading

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These Children Will Soon Be Sold by Jackson County Ga DFCS to The Foster Care Provider

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Listen to me in Archives on Blog Talk Radio- I explain how the Abuse- Greed and Corruption of Child Protective Services is Destroying Families

These children are scheduled to go on the aution block in Jackson County Ga. There hearing is June 28th at 9:00AM in Judge Kevin Guidry’s courtroom in Jackson County. Rebecca Boles from CASA has recommended these children be sold into … Continue reading

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This Award Meant Millions of Dollars in the Coffers of Georgia DFCS

DFCS case worker Rita Goodman receives National Adoption Award August 13, 2009 ATLANTA (GA) – Rita Goodman, a Clayton County adoption case manager for the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS), has received … Continue reading

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Taken Straight from the “Working With Child Deprivation Cases’s in Georgia’s Juvenile Courts, A Reference Manual for Department of Family and Children Services Case Manager

Once again Jackson County DFCS is not going by the very manual their case managers are given as a tool. In my research I got my hands on the Manual titled “Working with Child Deprivation Cases in Georgia’s Juvenile Courts, … Continue reading

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Forcing Parents Who Had Their Children Snatched by CPS to Stay Quiet

I have been researching the abuse in the Child Protection Services for a while now. I have talked to many parents who have had their children snatched by Child Protection Services. I find the main theme that runs through our … Continue reading

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The Heat has Been Turned Up in Jackson County Ga. they Have violated my 1st Amendment and Sam’s 4th, 6th and 14th Amendment Rights

As most of you know my daughter Alice Samantha Thomason had her children taken by Jackson County DFCS two years ago on a hot August day. And as most of you know I started this site because I knew that … Continue reading

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