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How Many More Lies is Jackson County DFCS going to Tell?

October 23, 2010 66 comments

Alice Samantha Thomason with her girls Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Sara Louvele Texanna and Carly Nicole Wilfawn

A few days ago I bloggged that Jackson County DFCS specificily Ms. Fields. Samantha’s 10th case worker has told her they were going to start the paper work so the girls could go to their aunt and uncle in Texas. On that blog I stated would they really do it? The answer is NO!
The latest lie is this ” You and your family will have to make trips to Ga to build a relationship with the girls before we will allow them to go to Texas.”
Okay there are several things wrong with that statement. First and foremost when they steal children and place them in Foster Homes, where do they think they are placing them? They go to “strangers”. there is no relationship built before they dump these children at the feet of people they have never seen before. So their excuse well- as the the old redneck would say “That Dog Don’t Hunt.”
The next thing wrong with that statement is the money. The current foster care provider Donna Webb is making money hand over fist from title IV funding which is tax free. She pays no taxes on the $16,000.00 she makes of the three girls in a year. She is also building a new house in Madison County and she needs that income for that house.
Next Jackson County DFCS will lose it’s chunk of change as well as all the othe little entities with their hands out. The money for those girls would go to their aunt and uncle and the State of Texas.
Again they have lied to Samantha and her aunt and uncle.
There has been another development that has come to my attention in this on going theft of the girls. Sara the middle child went she got ready to tell her mother by on Monday said, “We were told that you might not ever get us back.” This child is only seven years old. Now where did she hear that? I can only imagine, The Foster Care Provider is a very likely suspect as well has her children both grown and little and Ms. Fields, the 10th case worker is also a very likely suspect.
I wonder just how stupid they really believe we are to believe their lies? How do they justify dropping kids into strangers homes after stealing them but yet have the nerve and audicity to say that their aunt and uncle have to build a relationship with the kids before they will send them to Texas?
We all know the real reason, the time is more than past for them to either be given back to their mother and she give that money so she can support her girls and get them a place to live or to send them to Texas to family. It is past time to stop making money off their backs. It is way past time to stop violating the 13th Amendment “No Man shall be held in Slavery”


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