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In the State of Georgia How Can a Child be Taken Under “Depravation” and the Parent Not Be Charged in Criminal Court?

As someone who has a degree in Criminal Justice this question has bothered me since day one. In the Georgia Law Enforcement Handbook it 2003-04 clearly states under Chapter 12 titled “Offenses Against  Public Health and Morals” This: Code 16-2-1 … Continue reading

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It is One Thing to Present a Case with Facts- But it is Another to Come Off Looking Extremely Foolish

“You claim lies that I have proof of is not lies so when the girls are old enough I can and will prove to them why they couldnt see there mom and yes there is family that loves them and … Continue reading

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The Truth Always Wins Out No Matter How Much Some One Tries to Hide It!

  The time has come to  tell the public what has happened to these three children who were kidnapped and sold and yes sold to Donna Dills Webb. Their Mother Alice Samantha Thomason fought for two years to get her … Continue reading

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