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Do You Want to Know Who Is In Bed With Child Protective Services? If So Join me Friday Night May 28th at 8:00 on Blog Talk Radio

I will be on this show on Friday May 28th for a three hour show, I will name names, I will show you the money trail, I will show you how our children are sold in violation of the 13th … Continue reading

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This is How Much Was Spent Nation Wide in 2008 to Snatch and Sell Children by CPS

This is your tax dollars at work. Child Abuse and Neglect Cost Nation over $100 Billion per Year Contact: Gina Russo, 202.421.3578 Washington, DC – 01/29/2008 – An economic impact analysis released today estimates the costs of child abuse and … Continue reading

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This Was A Press Release in 2000 About the Reforms in CPS It is Scary

This is a press release which was sent out in 2000 about CPS and the latitude the states have. I have highlighted the part which plainly states – That each state has great latitude in determining abuse. Now this is … Continue reading

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Foster Parents Do Not Claim their Monthly Stimed from CPS as Income They Pay No Taxes on This Money

Child Protective Services are not the only ones making a killing off the backs of our children in violaton of the 13th Amendment that “No Man shall be enslaved”- but so are the Foster Care Providers. The information I pulled … Continue reading

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Following the money – Fast Tracking Adoptions

http://www.metroactive.com/papers/metro/07.13.00/cover/adoption1-0028.html Adorable & Adoptable A spate of new laws and financial incentives has made it easier (and more profitable) for Child Protective Services to take ostensibly abused kids away from their parents. But has the new system for fast-tracking adoptions … Continue reading

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Parents You Need to Follow the Money- That is the Money CPS is Making off the backs of Our Children

In all of the blogs I have read or looked at or studied in my research I have never read anything about following the money. When I say follow the money what I mean is this. Where do you think … Continue reading

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