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Jackson County Georgia DFCS Assigns the Eleventh Caseworker to Alice Samantha Thomason’s Case

The insane saga of this mother and her three children who were stolen by Jackson County Ga DCF has once again taken a new road. Samantha received a phone call this morning and a perky voice said, “Hi, my name … Continue reading

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The Collusion In Jackson County, Ga DFCS between the Guardian Ad Liteum and Foster Care Provider

Once again I have it on excellent authority that collusion is the norm in Jackson County DFCS. It is amazing how I find out things when it is all supposed to be secret. But that is the problem with secrecy … Continue reading

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Tempra Fields Caseworker Jackson County GA DFCS and Judge Kevin Guidry Strike Again!

About twenty minutes ago Samantha was served court papers again, this time for Feb 9,2011. These papers are for child support. This is so asinine. She goes to court later this month for them to take away her rights as … Continue reading

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Jackson County, Ga DFCS Threatens Alice Samantha Thomason in Front of The Panel Today!

Today Samantha had a panel hearing. The people present at that hearing were Tempra Fields, her caseworker, the tenth one, Rebecca Boles the representative from CASA, Deidra Sands the Guardian et lideum, and Donna Webb the Foster Care Provider. It … Continue reading

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Jackson County Ga DFCS is Falling Apart at the Seams

As most of you know I have many eyes and ears still in Jackson County Ga. I find out things that most don’t. Tonight I found out something of interest to those of you in that county that have lost … Continue reading

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This Letter was Sent Via Registered Mail to Jackson County Ga DFCS Demanding the release of Samantha’s Files

These are the children who are being held hostage by Jackson Count DFCS This letter was sent registered mail to Jackson County Ga DFCS demanding the release of Samantha’s files under freedom of Information act. As you can see it … Continue reading

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Update on Jackson County Ga DFCS

Last night I received and interesting email. Actuall it was a comment on this site. The comment stated that the writer of the comment had a one time worked for Jackson County GA DFCS. So if I had any doubt … Continue reading

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