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Time to bring these children home!

It is way past time to get these girls home to their real mother not the paid baby sitter who has a new house thanks to the money she is making off their backs. When she files her taxes for … Continue reading

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Tempra Fields Caseworker Jackson County GA DFCS and Judge Kevin Guidry Strike Again!

About twenty minutes ago Samantha was served court papers again, this time for Feb 9,2011. These papers are for child support. This is so asinine. She goes to court later this month for them to take away her rights as … Continue reading

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These three girls will be sold by Jackson County DFCS in Jan the day before their Mother’s Birthday

These three girls, Autumn Destiny Deshanwa. Carly Nicole and Sara Louvelle Texanna( her great grandmother and great great grandmother’s name sake) will be placed on the auction block on Jan 24th in Jackson County Ga by Tempa Fields Caseworker, Doug … Continue reading

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Reply to a comment by one Sally Baker who is clueless

I received this comment in my box today about one of the blogs that was posted about returning Samantha’s girls back to her. The writer of this comment whose name is Sally Baker and who wrote it from BlackShear Baptist … Continue reading

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Jackson County DFCS Has Promised to Send These Children to Their Aunt and Uncle in Texas- But Will They?

According to my eyes and ears and Jackson County I was told that the new caseworker (Ms. Fields)- the tenth one to be exact told Samantha that she was going to have the paper work ready this Friday so the … Continue reading

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Jackson County Ga DFCS is Falling Apart at the Seams

As most of you know I have many eyes and ears still in Jackson County Ga. I find out things that most don’t. Tonight I found out something of interest to those of you in that county that have lost … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Think One Person Can Make a Difference Think Again

They tried to intimidate this mother. Time for these kids to go home!!!!!! Parents, if you don’t think one person can make a difference think again. If you don’t think that CPS/DFCS can be put on notice think again. If … Continue reading

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The Foster Care Provider Is Paying for her new House in Madison County with the Salvery of three little girls

I don’t know when Jackson County GA DFCS is going to realize that I still have eyes and ears in that county. I found out about an hour ago why they have not contacted Deshawna, Carly and Sara Aunt and … Continue reading

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And If you Think This is Only for Palding County Think Again it is for Jackson County as well.

You are under official notice and warning. Federal law provides that it is a crime to violate the Constitutional Rights of a citizen under the Color of Law. You can be arrested for this crime and you can also be … Continue reading

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This Law Allows Parents To Demand and Recieve thier files from CPS and other Agencies

Parents who have had their children snatched by CPS can ask for and recieve their files that CPs is keeping from them – if they don’t give them to the parents use this law. Office of the Law Revision Counsel, … Continue reading

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