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An Update on the Child Snatching in Jackson County Ga of Autumn Destiny DeShawana Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn

May 18, 2010 5 comments

Alice Samantha Thomason with her children who have been snatched by Jackson County Ga DFCS Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn

There have been several things happeing lately in the child snatching of Autumn Destiny DeShawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Louvelle Texanna Wilfawn by the Jackson County Georgia DFCS. It seems that this Sat will be Katie Bice’s last day. She is their current caseworker. One in a line of many. The next one up is a woman named Felica. Her last name is not yet known to me. However, when I get it I will be sure and post it.
I am not sure why they keep losing case workers from this case unless it is because they know this case is bogus and that they have no case.
Are they still trying to cover their tracks? Are they still trying to find someone who they think can successfully intimidate Samantha enough so that she will give up and therefore they can say they have made “reasonable effort” to “reunify” and it failed? If that is the case they are in for a fight. As of yesterday afternoon, Samantha had finally aquired work. She will be working in an assited living facality. She has done this work before and she loves it. She will also continue to work on the chicken farm where she lives with her sister until she can find suitable housing.
Had it not been for her theapist who shall remain nameless to respect her privacy, Samantha would not have found this job. She took Samantha to the library several times and helped her look on line. She helped with the updating of Samantha’s resume and even placed the call to see if they were indeed still hiring. This therapist is going above and beyond her prescribed job duties to help Samantha get her children back from the talons of Jackson County DFCS. She is to be applauded and commended for her belief in Samantha.
On the other hand, Samantha will go in front of the panel of “concerned” citizens tomorrow May 19th at 11:30am. These people are hand picked by Judge Kevin Guidry who is the Juvenile Court Judge. Since this is a very small county and an even smaller town the likely hood of all of the players involved know each other quite well.
Samantha will be facing these people without her public defender who has lied and told her that he was not allowed in the panel review also known as a review hearing. As of January 2010 under GA Statute 15-11-78 that hearing is open. He is supposed to be there. Under the handbook for laywers which has been written by judges he is supposed to be there.
He told me that her case was closed because she was on a case plan. Again he lied. He is supposed to be actively involved with her and her case plan. Again this is according to Barton Law Clinic State Bar of Georgia, and Parent Attorney Trial Notebook for Deprivation Cases in Juvenile Courts.
Samantha’s therapist has once again agreed to step up to the plate so she doesn’t have to fight this battle alone. Mary Mahoney, Katie Bice and the newcase worker whom Samantha has not yet even met as well as Judge Guidry and the panel will be surprised to learn that she has a job. The only thing lacking is a place to live. They can help her with that in fact they are supposed to under Title IV-E funding.
When she saw her daughers yesterday the oldest one, Shawna who is nine years old, was asked if she had gotten into any trouble for her behavior on Friday when Samantha saw her at the ball game and she had acted up. She told her mother no. But she had cried herself to sleep because she wanted to come home. The thearpist was with Samantha when Shawna made this statement to her mother. I is my hope and desire that she tells the panel what she heard being said.
on the other matter of the broken arm of Carly, there has been no investigation, nothing. It has been shut down. My question is why?
There is no reason no to return the girls to their mother- so if Jackson County DFS tries to terminate Samantha’s rights, we will know and it will be posted here in all the details – These three children are not for sale. They are going back home where they belong. The $12,000.00 that the county would earn for them is not going to happen.

The Shoe Never Wears Well When it is on the Other Foot!!! I wonder if she got Her Kids Back

March 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Alice Samantha Thomason, Shawan Thomason, Carly and Sara Wilfawn

Is Fayette County, Ga. the Child Removal Capital of America?

I remember when this happened. Now I wonder if this woman understands the feeling that parents feel when their children are snatched by DFCS. And no Fayette County is not the Highest County with Child Snatching, that would be Jackson County. Where was the crowds, the candlelight vigils, the civil rights organizers, and concerned citizens when Shawna Thomason, Carly and Sara Wifawn got snatched from their Mother Alice Samantha Thomason? Didn’t she have a right to newspaper support, filmed at six? No, she didn’t and the reason is because she is poor, uneducated and doesn’t work for DFCS. So here is the support for her. She can no longer take pictures of her children because of this support. Jackson County DFCS, Mary Mahoney , supervisor, Katie Bice caseworker, and the people at the Tree house are denying her that right.

Atlanta Voice, News Report, Wali Muhammad, Posted: Apr 09, 2008

Fayetteville, Ga. – Statements of pain from grieving families echoed against the solid brick walls of the Fayetteville’s City Hall as parents, pastors, politicians, civil rights organizers and concerned citizens gathered on the steps to voice concerns about the removal of children from their families by Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS).

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) sponsored this candlelight vigil to bring attention to the alarming rate of children who are being removed from their family homes in Fayette County.

Voices choked with emotion as organizers and parents repeatedly told nearly fifty listeners and supporters that Fayette County must end the disturbing trend of removing children from homes at such a high rate.

Fayette County came under increased scrutiny recently for the way the county handled the Cylenthia Clark case. Ms. Clark, a former deputy director of Fulton County’s DFCS, had her children permanently taken from her by Fayette County authorities, even though state DFCS officials said that the charges against her didn’t rise to the level of having her children removed from her custody.

Back in March 2007, Clark’s four daughters were removed from her home after her eight-year-old daughter’s teacher discovered bruises. Clark said she punished her by spanking her with a belt three or four times and said the bruises disappeared within 24 hours. An investigation ensued and Clark was arrested.

According to an independent study by the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (NCCPR), the Fayette County Department of Family & Children Services leads the nation, per capita, in removing minority children from their homes. In the year leading up to February 28, 2007, 107 kids were taken. That resulted in a high rate of removal, which is 5.5 times higher than the national average. In their report, the NCCPR rhetorically asked: “Is Fayette County, GA. the child removal capital of America?”

NAACP State President Ed Dubose and State Rep. Virgil Fludd reported holding meetings with the Governor and Department of Human Resources (DHR), which oversees DFCS, and announced that DHR head BJ Walker will launch an investigation into Fayette County’s practices regarding child removal.

Rep. Fludd, who has lived in Fayette County since 1995, explained that despite the county commissioners’ statements of it being the best place to live, “The County is not perfect. The State is not looking out for your best interest!”

He went on to encourage listeners to act in their own interest, emphasizing continued action on the part of individuals and groups as a necessary component.

“You must do all you can to hold elected officials accountable. The mayor, sheriff, county commissioners are all hired by you. Hold them accountable,” he said. “If they’re not responsive run for office yourself.”

Dubose brought demands for an investigation of the entire Fayette County DAFCS officials and staff. “Some children need to be removed from an unsafe environment,” he said, but challenged the ability of officials in Fayette County to make that determination.

“I can’t tell you that I understand what it’s like to have my child ripped from my home, but I can tell you the damage that happens when they are removed,” stating that the child suffers and its removal must be done with caution.”

As the crowd chanted, “Judge Sams must go!” Dubose alleged that some court cases in the county are handled on a “who you know” basis. Not naming any judges in particular, he said, “…they don’t have to be Black; they can be poor. They don’t have to be poor; they can be well off – just not the right person…” alleging that the same judge that authorizes someone he knows to take his or her child home with a warning will say “take ‘em away” to another person with the same circumstances.

He pointed to Cylenthia Clark as an example “because sometimes God has a strange way of [using] a person to bring light to all of the other families that are assembled here today.”

Clark, choking with emotion, described the 363 days away from her four daughters that nobody can give back to her. “Nobody can give me back Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Fourth of July away from my children. Nobody can explain to my children why I can’t come and pick them up, not even me, because I can’t explain. I did nothing…” she said unable to continue.

In addition to having her children removed, Clark still faces criminal child abuse charges and possible jail time. She was able to keep her Fulton County DFCS job and is assigned only to administrative duties. She described the struggle “to make myself get up and go to work at a place that wants to eat me; to look at people who look at me every day and don’t want me to say anything.”

A cross section of ministers and community representatives all spoke encouraging words to the six families present that suffered having their children and grandchildren removed from their homes. Imam Furqan Muhammad, speaking briefly for the local Islamic Center, encouraged listeners to strive for justice and fairness. Pointing out that if you boil America down, it’s just “a group of families. We have to protect the family.”

Best Practices in Termination and Adoption Cases- This Tells CPS and Judges How to Sell Kids

March 16, 2010 4 comments

I have in my hands a procedure manual which was designed and approved by:

Judge Michael Key, Troup County Juvenile Court
Judge Van Banke, Clayton County Juvenile Court
Judge Velma Tilley, Bartow County Juvenile Court
Sandy Gobel, Supervisor from Cobb County Department of Family and Children Services
Sheila Waterman, from the Office of Adoptions
Mary Hermann, From the Child Advocates Office of the Fulton County Juvenile Court
Tania Brooke, Supervisor from the Troup County Department of Family and Children Services
Lori Bramlett, Model Court Coordinator
Tammy Reed, Region Adoption Coordinator for the Office of Adoptions

The purpose of the manual is to review current practices realtive to termination of parental rights and adoption in deprivation cases and to begin to idenify best practices designed to move children to permanency through adoption more timely and efficiently.

As I read through this manual I became physically sick. The reason, this manual is a license to sell children.

It has sections like Resource Guidlines of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Early Identification of Absent Parents. Then we get to the nuts and bolts

“Ensuring Quality Plans and Services Available to the Family to Assist with Reunification. This is what the manual says” If the needs of a child and family have not been throughly assessed and appropriate services made availabe to families to assist with reunificatipn, the parents may have a valid argument at the permanency hearing that reasonable efforts have not been made to reunify them with their child. This situation can cause a significant delay in achieving permancency for the child by delaying the child’s reunification, delaying the Court’s ability to terminate parental rightrs, or settin up the possiblity of reversal by the cour of appeals.”
This is called a CYA ( or Cover Your ASS tatic) CPS has no intention of ever reunifing families. Their entent is to sell children.

Next there is Best Practices in Termination and Adoption, How does a Case Move to Termination and Adoption, What Triggers the best practices in termination and adoption, How and when should the decision to move to termination and adoption be made, What is involved in staffing a case and when should it be done, When should the case be turned over to the Agency Counsel, What can be done to avoid delays once the case has been turned over to the Agency Counsel,

Then We have:

At What Point should reunification services be discontinued?

The manual says this: The best practice is to continue to offer reunification services until the petition to terminate parental rights is heard unless there is a specific finding by the Court that continuation of reunification efforts is, in fact, detrimental to the child. This is a high threshhold that should not be compromised. Discontinuation of reunification services is not a condition precedent to the filing of a termination action and, in fact, discontinuation of renification services prior to termination seems to be in disfavor with Court of Appeals. The Workgroup believes that, unless actual harm would result to the child, reunification services should continue to be offered up to the time parental rights are terminated. There was some concern expressed about this practice making for unncessary work for the Agency and the panels. However, the reunificiation plan is already in place and all that has to be done is to monitor progress.
(Now this is where it gets interesting) The manual continues, Also, is most cases, the parents are not , in fact accessing the services offered anyway, so there is not a lot of work involved in offering and monitoring services. We believe that the value of offering the services and the impact that may have in appellate courts outweighs the diadvantages of continuing to offer services. This approact also allows us to avid the necessity of haing a permanency hearing except in cases where it is absolutly necessary,that is where actual dertiment ot the child can be cearly established. Keep in mind also, that, if the time frames proposed herin are met, we arenot tlaking about continuing to offer the services for an extend period of time.

The next sections include, When Must the Agency Counsel File the Petition to Terminate Parental Rights, What can the Court do to ensure that peitions are filed timely, When Should the hearing be Set, What can bedone to avoid service related delays in the trial, When should the termination of parental rights be held, How can the court ensure effective representation fo parents and children, What can be done to avoid delays in trial, Should the Court conduct pretrial conference, What can be done to avoid lawyer conflict, What should be done when a termination case has to be continued, What are the frames for getting orders terminating perental rights signed and filed.

Then we have: What is the Court’s Responsiblity to make the Office of Adoptions aware that a termination of parental rights order has been entered.
It states: By statute, the Juvenile Court clerk should send orders terminating parental rights to the Office of Adoptions within fifteen days following entry of the order. Note the Agency policy encourages that courny agencies register children without identified adoptove resources with My Turn Now Photo listing when they notify the Office of Adoptions that a child is free, which is five to twelve days following termination. (So DFCS puts up children to sell even before they lose their families)

The next section: What is the responsiblity of the Office of Adoptions to keep the Court informed of the identity of children not adopted.
” Although the Court, through its post-termination reviews, should have a good idea of the identity of children available for adoption, the participants agreed that, in order to assist the Court with its over sight responsibilities, the Adoption Office should provide to each judge a list of all children from that county awaiting adoption at least annually. However, there was a recognition that there are currently some policy and, perhaps, legal barriers to implementing this practice, but that we should work to elimiahte those barriers.”

Now they move to When Can the Agency submit a request to the Office of Adoptions for funding a life history(adoption study), What can de done to speed u pthe adoption studh, When should post-termination judicial review be conducted then we have

Within What timeframe should the Form 33 be signed: ” The Form 33 is the Adoption Placement Agreement. The time frame depends on whether htere is an identified adoptive resources. From the time of the entry of the orer, 105 days is the maximum time under regulations to ge tthe Form 33signed by the adoptive parent. Best practice is get the Form 33 signed within 90 days. The permission to file for adiption shouoold be given to the adoptive parents the day the form 33 is signed. The attorney should have been identified by the time the Form 33 is signed, and the adoptive parents hould contact the attorney within two weeks. Immediately upon receipt of the permission to file, the attorney call the County Director. The County Director should prepare the package within five working days afater notification from the attorney. Actually, in a foster/adopt adoption case, there is no reason that the Form 33 could not be issued within 30 days from the time the termination order is filed. For a child who does not have an identified adoptive resource, the only time limits that can be set are those for completion would be to submit pictures at the same time they register the life hsitory. Please note that hthese time frames do not apply to foster and foster/adopt adoptions. Where the child is placed with a new adoptive family, the Agency must supervise the placement, usually for six months before the release is given.”

Next we have : When should the serarch for adoptive resources begin: “The search for relatives willing to adopt or take permanent relative custody should be initiated at the very beginning of the case. The initial placement within a foster home should be made taking into account the likelihood of successful reunification, and the wllingness of the foster parents to adopt. Recruitment efforts should begin in ernest as soon as hte decision is made that termination is a plan, even a concrrent plan.”

I love this one: What Efforts should be made to identify adoptive resources:” County agencies should contact the State Adoption Exchange, their regional adoption corrdinatior, other resource development workers, and private adoption agencies under contract with the Office of Adoptions to solicit family assessments for their children. County Agencies should schedule children for video- confernece and Wednesday’s Child apperances. County Agencies hould make a Tale of 2 States Liaison referral so that a search for families can be made nationwide. All of t his should be completed prior to the first judicial review which again is not later than three months following termination. Once family assessments are received by a county Agency, they should be reviewed and, if at all possible, a family selected within thirty days.

Next is the “What can be done about relatives who surface at the last minute,either prior to the hearing on the peititon to terminate parental rights or after termination, but prior to dispostiton
But my favorite and the one that tells the tale is this one:

Is “Best Practices” the same as reasonable efforts:” IT should be kept in mind,although most of these practices have reasonable efforts implications, the Agency does not need to meet these standards in order to be determined that hte Agency has made reasonable efforts.”

So what this manual is saying is it does not matter what the parent does or does not do- they will lose their child to the system and their child will be sold.
They are angry at me because I post their picture because of the abuse they have suffered at the hands of Jackson County DFCS but yet they are perpatrating more abuse than a parent every could. They post their pictures and sell them to the highest bidder. The Courts sign off on this and so do the lawyers.

This Child Was Not Removed and Should have Been – My Grandchildren Shouldn’t have been and were removed Why?

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This kids should not have been taken but were.

Michael Levigne was a kindergarten student at Commerce Primary School.Funeral scheduled for murdered child
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Monday, June 8. 2009
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Funeral services have been schedule for Michael Levigne, the 6-year-old Commerce boy who was killed Sunday. Visitation will be held from 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 10, at Ginn Funeral Home, located at 90 Church Street in Carnesville. The funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 11, in the chapel of the funeral home.

A memorial fund has been established to help with the funeral expenses. Donations to the Michael Levigne Memorial Fund may be taken to Community Bank & Trust in Commerce. Contributions may also be mailed to: Michael Levigne Memorial Fund, c/o Community Bank & Trust, P.O. Box 59, Commerce, Ga., 30529.

Police believe Robert L. Clark shot and killed his 6-year-old grandson Sunday in a fit of rage over a dropped watermelon. Michael Levigne, a kindergarten student at Commerce Primary School was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest in the Troy Street, Commerce, home of his grandparents. Police say Clark shot his wife, Linda Dale Clarke, 58, in the chest/stomach area before he himself was shot by police officers after he fired a weapon at them.

Your Tax Dollars are Paying for the Buying and Selling of Our Children By CPS

November 21, 2009 1 comment

The Adoption and Safe Families Act signed into law by Bill Clinton in the 1990′s states that when a child is placed for adoption the State Child Protective Services is given between 4,000 and 6,000.00 per child. This money is increased using a scale of certain criteria. Once the child is placed in a adopted home the families are paid by the government amounts beginning at 500.00 per child. CPS is told not to work on reunification but to immediatly start working on forcing the parents to sign over their children for adoption especially now with most states broke.

This amount increases when there are special needs and multiple siblings. This money is paid on a monthly basis to the family until the child is 18 years old. The adoptive family can make thousands of dollars a month on procurement of adopted children.

Now, the thing is. This money for the buying and selling of children from parents whose only crime is they are poor and uneducated comes out of the pocket of taxpayers. We are culpable in crime of buying and selling children under the umbrella of CPS.

We as taxpayers are just as guilty in the trama and life altering personalities of children literally ripped from their parents without due process. The parents are not given the discovery also know as evidence, they are not allowed witnesses in court, on in front of the kangaroo panel. This panel determines the so fitness of the parent.
The charges are not considered criminal so they appear in family court and not in a court of law. Child Protective Services hide behind the guise of “confidentality” to keep the so called evidence hidden. They harass, threaten and intimadate the parent so they will be afraid not sign over their children for adoption.

We as taxpayers are part of this abuse on the poor and uneducated. We pay the money to the States and the adoptive parents. We encourage this behavior simply by not standing up to them and saying we are tired of them abusing our children and grandchildren. None of us are safe. At any time CPS can walk in your home take your child and put it up for adoption with out a warrant, a trial by your peers or handing evidence over to you. None of us are safe from this abuse.
Any one can call CPS give a report and your life and the life of your family as you know ceases to exist.
You pay for this abuse when you pay taxes. Your hard earned money pays for you and your family and those you love to be abused by the CPS. IT is time to put a stop to this abuse. It is time to say enough. It is time to give the kids back to their parents.

Yvonne Masonm, Author

Why Would a Four Year Old In Foster Care start having accidents in her underwear after she had been potty trained for two years????

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I asked my daughter Samantha that question after she told me her little one Carly was having accidents. Carly is four years old and has been potty trained for two years. My first thought is the most obvious one.That being is she being abused in the foster home? If not then the idea of being away from her mother is causing her severe mental and emotional stress. This again is just one of the many ways DFCS abuses the children of the parents they take away. Samantha has no idea what is wrong with her child. She has no idea if she is being abused. This is agonizing for her. It is torture for her.

I also found out that the foster parents Donna and Vince Webb of Commerce Ga make my daughters three children call them mom and dad. They are not the children’s parents- Samantha is. Again this is just another way for DFCS to separate the children from their mother.

Samantha’s go between at Tree house where she visits her children sent an email to Stephanie Smith the case worker for Jackson County GA DFCS to ask for Samantha to have more time with her children when she goes to visit them – Stephanie didn’t even have the professional manners to respond. Still another tatic to separate Samantha from her children.

It is these sly and underhanded tatics used to force Samantha to sign away her rights. This is not going to happen. They are going to have to charge her with criminal charges and hand over the evidence of which there is not any. Because they entered her home illegally without a warrent. So any evidence is tainted. Hence no case.
Last but not least Samantha’s PD Crandell Heard has washed his lazy hands of her. He has now become part of the problem – Next step calling him out. He refuses to answer any emails or phone calls.

Newest update: Stephanie Smith Samantha’s case worker went by her house today. What a surprise- Stephanie told Samantha she was leaving at the end of December. This will make the 8th case worker Samantha has been inolved with. Talking about abuse. Or wait, maybe they know what they are doing and know it is wrong. No, I don’t think so.

I also found out that when they came to Samantha’s house to pick up the children they had no warrant. hmmm illegal search and seizure. I am pushing for them to charge her with a crime- and when they do it all will be tossed out – Why hasn’t the PD Crandell Heard picked up on this information and used it – Can we say colussion

Jackson County Georgia Department of Family and Children Services Have Been Put On Notice

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Jackson County DFCS you have been put on notice. We are coming after you through TV, Government, letters and newspapers. We are tired of you buying and selling our children and grandchildren. A copy of this letter has been sent to the Atlanta Journal, Senator Lee Hawkins, Gov. Sonny Perdue, Jackson Herald, WSB TV, WXIA TV, Channel Five Fox News. It is time to expose the crimes of the State of Ga. in the buying and selling of children. The three children in the picture are next on the auction block of Jackson County DFCS – They are trying to put them up for sale.

1601 W Peachtree St
Atlanta, Ga.

Yvonne Mason
578 SE Ocean Spray Ter
Port St Lucie, Fl. 34983

Dear News Director,

My name is Yvonne Mason. I am a published author but most importantly I am a mother and a grand -mother.
The purpose of this letter is to let your news station know about a travesty that is getting ready to occur in Jackson County,Ga. A travesty that should be criminal.
That travesty is this. My youngest daughter Alice Samantha Thomason had her three small children taken from her by Jackson County DFCS. They refuse to charge her with criminal charges, but yet they continue to threaten her about signing over her rights as a parent.
From the first day these children were placed in the home of the foster mother Donna Webb who also lives in Jackson County she was told they would be available for adoption by the children’s advocate Dedra Shands and Rebecca Boles of COSA. They are not up for adoption.
I couldn’t figure out how or why they would make this kind of statement. Well, after much research I found out. There was an act signed into law in the 1990’s when Bill Clinton was in the White House. This law is named Adoption and Safe Families Act. This act states that instead of DFCS acting to help reunite families they are to work to have the parents sign them over. The reason is the DFCS receives between $4000.00 to 18000.00 per child when they go up for adoption (legal buying of children) Then the adoptive parents receive between 500.00- 700.00 per child until that child is 18 years old. This amount is even more when there are special needs involved. This is allowed under the TITLE IV Funding Act.

In my grandchildren’s case they created special needs. The oldest child was placed on meds for Alledged ADHD.

The state preys on the poor and uneducated to gain the buying and selling of children to line their coffers. The people at the County level involved in this are Stephanie Smith Case Work. She is the sixth case worker my daughter has had. She is now on her seventh case plan. Whenever she gets one plan almost completed they throw another one at her so she will never get done. This is to make it easier to beat her down. They are also forcing her to take mind altering drugs because they say she is bipolar. They are doing this so she will be in a zombie like state so she will sign over her children.

She was in a very abusive relationship and has just gotten out of it. She doesn’t need any more abuse from the state. That is a whole different story. The bottom line is the state has become the abuser instead of the father of her children. Instead of helping her get out – get a place to live and get her grounded they are abusing her by threats, intimidation and lack of legal council.

The other people from the state involved are Judge Joe Guidry, Family Court, Elizabeth Patrick Supervisor DFCS Jackson County, D.M. Brandon COSA.

Once someone has their children yanked by DFCS they are not allowed to see any alleged evidence, they are not allowed to bring witnesses in court to testify on their behalf, they are not allowed discovery ergo they have no way to fight the alleged charges against them. DFCS will never file criminal charges because if they do then they have to turn over the evidence and this is not something they want to do. The reason, they will be found out.

Samantha’s PD is one Candrell Heard who is with the Jackson County PD’s office. He can’t even get the records from DFCS – They say they are covered under the confidentiality clause. Even a murderer or rapist or pedophile is allowed discovery and allowed to face their accuser.

I have contacted the Governor’s office several times – to no avail they keep passing the buck to The STATE OF GEORGIA . They in turn pass the buck. The reason is simple they are covering up the fact that they are trying to make money off of my three grandchildren. A Total of up to 18,000.00

Samantha is currently living with her older sister. She has tried to get in touch with SECTION 8 Housing and can never get through. She has applied for several jobs, but as we all know the economy is so bad most people can’t even get a job paying attention.
When she was in front of the kangaroo Panel last Friday which consisted of Elizabeth Patrick, D.M. Brandon and a few others she was again threatened, harassed and intimidated. She was not allowed to have her attorney with her. She was not allowed to have witnesses present and she was not allowed to fight for her children. They told her she had until the end of the month before they demanded she sign them over.
I need your help in exposing the buying and selling of her children by the State of Georgia. I need your help in showing what they do to the poor and uneducated. This is not the first time it is happening all over the country. I have hundreds of stories. They prey on the poor and uneducated they beat them down and rip them apart. They abuse the parent and the child.

In Samantha’s case, they took the place of her abusive boyfriend only they are worse.
She can be reached at her sister’s house 706- 983-1171 – They live on Grove Level Rd in Maysville, Ga.

I will be leaving to go out of the County from Nov 22-Dec 6 I can be reached at my home phone is 772-879-3400 my cell is 770-289-9537.

This is not right. I will be sending a copy of this letter to the other stations , as well as others.
I am begging for your help. She nor her children deserve this abuse. They love her and she loves them. Her only crime was she is poor and she was abused.


Yvonne Mason

Jackson County Georgia Department of Family and Children Services Conitues to try and Buy and Sell These Children

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Samantha and the girls

These Are the Children Jackson County Georgia is Trying to Buy and Sell

Last week Samantha had to go before a panel in Jackson County, Georgia. This panel was comprised of Elizabeth Patrick the superivsor of Jackson County, Ga. DFCS and D. M. Brandon of COSA. Along with others.

The job of this panel was set up to emotionally abuse my daughter Samantha even more. Now for those of you who have no idea what happens when someone loses their children, they are not allowed to face their accusers, they are not allowed to see the charges and they are not allowed to present their witnesses either in court or in front of this kangaroo panel. The parent can been threatned, insulted and verbally abused and they can’t do anything about it.

   When Samantha was in front of this panel Rebecca Boles from COSA told Samantha that it was time she signed over her rights as a parent to basicly the three girls could be sold to an adoptive family for the sum of roughly $18,000.00 per the Adoptin and Safe Families Act.

  To add to the abuse of Samantha, DFCS is trying to force her to take meds for a bi polar disorder which she doesn’t have.  None of these people are qualifed to make that kind of decision. They don’t understand that our family is very drug sensitive and drugs affect us differently than most people. Samantha has told them the drugs make her like a zombie. This is just another trick to keep her from being on her toes to fight the injustice and the crimes DFCS is trying to perpatrate on her. They figure if she is drugged up then she will sign over her children. That is not going to happen.      

    Diedra Shands who is an advocate for the children sat in that room and never opened her mouth. Stephanie Smith Samantha’s case worker dropped her head and remained silent as well. These two women have been part of the abuse of Samantha since day one along with Rebeeca Boles and the entire office of Jackson County Georgia DFCS.

    I have written four letters to Judge Guidry who is the Family Court Judge in Samantha’s defense and he hasn’t even had the professional courtesty to respond. When she went to court she had witnesses there to speak on her behalf and Diedra Shands asked the Judge not to allow them in the courtroom.

    The day of the panel the Foster Mother Donna Webb brought Samantha’s girls and the little one who is five refused to have anything to do with her mother. This is abuse in it’s simplest and worst form. The state is the abuser. The foster mother is not far behind. She was told by Deidra and Rebecca that the children would be up for adoption. To add insult to injury Samantha’s lawyer was not there to watch her back. I have no idea where he was. He is becoming part of the problem as well. He doesn’t return emails or phone calls.  

     When Samantha went in front of the panel she was told that her oldest childest Shawna had been put on Ritlin as well as another mind altering drug simply because the foster mother didn’t want to deal with her. Sam was never notified. Again abuse. Shawna has never been tested by a psychologist who speicilizes in children with disiblities. It was prescribed by a regular doctor. They are going to not only retard her brain, but break her spirit as well. Again the abuse continues.

         This is just the beginning. My next blog will be about all the letters I have sent out to Gov. Sonny Perdue, the  senator for that district, all the TV stations in Atlanta and the newspapers. It is time for the abuse to come to a halt. It is time for DFCS to learn they have no right to steal children and then sell them to the highest bidder. They can’t continue to make their payroll on the backs of poor women.

         Not only is Samantha being abused by DFCS her children are too. They are being denined their mother and a quality of life they are entitled to with her. They are being denined the love of their mother. They are being rasied by strangers who could care less about them. All they want is the money they will receive if they adopt them which comes to between 500-700.00 per month per child until they are 18 years old again this is thanks to the Adoption and Safe Famlies Act which was Signed into law by William Jefferson Clinton when he was in the White House.

       This is more than a tragedy it is a travesty. It should be criminal. Even rapist and murders are allowed to face their accusers. They can’t hide behind the clock of anninimity – It is time to make DFCS face the fact that they have no right to do this to women who have children and who are poor or abused by their partners.

    IT is time to fight back

Jackson County Department of Family and Children Servcies is in the Business of Buying and Selling Children

November 8, 2009 5 comments

Samantha and the girls

These are the children Jackson County DFCS is in the process of selling to the highest bidder

As most of you know my daughter Samantha Thomason has written a couple of blogs on this site. Well things for her have gotten worse. Jackson County Georgia Department of Family and Children Services are trying to strong arm her into signing over her children. They have no grounds for this stealing of her children. However, they are going to try and sell her children under the guise of the Adoption and Safe Families Act which was signed into law by Bill Clinton which gives the county up to 6000.00 per child that is adopted out. To add insult to injury the adopting family will make between 500- 700.00 per month per child until they reach 18 years old.

  They have become bigger abusers than her boyfriend ever was.    

  Jackson County Georgia along with Rebecca last name unknown, Stephanine Smith DFCS case worker and Deidre last name unknown  have now become the abusers. Instead of giving Samantha a hand up they are punishing her because she is poor, the economy is bad and jobs are non existent in Jackson County – and housing  has a waiting line three days long. The family court judge refuses to listen and refuses to allow her any witnesses.

    DFCS uses the excuse that the records are protected and her laywer can’t even get them as discovery. The reason they have no case. However, they continue to brow beat her- mentally abuse her threaten her and intimadate her – trying to force he to sign away her children.

    This should be illegal they should be charged with abuse.

   They won’t charge her with a criminal act because if they do then they have to turn over the files in discovery and they have no case.

    It is time for her to stop being abused by the system. It is time they give her the children back and shut this thing down.


Yvonne Mason,


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