A Time To Be Heard

My name is Shawna. August 28, 2020 will be 11 years to the day that I was taken from my family. For the last ten years I’ve been made to keep quiet about what really went on behind closed doors in the home of Vince and Donna Webb. For ten years I was mentally and emotionally ridiculed and abused and sometimes when it got bad enough it became physical too. For those of you who don’t know Vince and Donna were my foster parents. 3 years after taking me in they finalized the adoption of me and my two sisters Sarah and Karly. Although many of you think that I had it made. It is not true. I didn’t. My life was a constant façade. Growing up I will not lie to you and tell you I was perfect and that I never deserved discipline. I wont tell you that I never made mistakes because I’ve made my share of mistake, I sent things I shouldn’t have, I took things I shouldn’t have and I said things I shouldnt have. Hasn’t everyone though? Theres not a person who reads this blog that cant tell me that they’ve never done something stupid. The truth is I was not adopted of selfless love because when the money ran out I was kicked out. When they no longer could control me I was made to leave. Vince and Donna tell people that I left willingly. I was not given an option. almost 2 months before I graduated I was kicked out. Even before then my life was a constant battle. I’ve been punched in the jaw and body slammed for standing up for myself. When arguments happened they blamed me. When I stood up for myself I was told to shut up that I had no voice in the matter. When my sisters grades started to fall it was my fault. I was shipped off to group homes twice. I was so medicated that when I went a day without ,my medication I was as sick as a dog, all because they had everyone including myself that I was mentally ill. I had alarms in my bedroom that prevented me from getting up to go to the restroom. I was stalked everywhere I went. Even when I was 18 years old they stalked my cellphone and even had an app where they could block everything on my phone. When I was 18 I walked out and even when I was of legal age Donna called the law and told them I was a run away and that I was mentally unstable and told them to bring me back. She failed. However, I went back after I left because when I left I was told that the car I paid for was in their name and they could keep it and no one could say anything. At 18 years old my bank account was still in their names too and they told me if I left before they said I could I would never see any of the money in my account ever again. Money that I worked for. Vince and Donna didnt work for it I did. When I came out about being molested I was called a liar and told that I only said that for attention. When my brother died I was asked why I had to wait until he died to make him proud. I was called an embarrassment and a failure. I was told just about everyday that I was pathetic. When I was suicidal I wasn’t taken seriously. I was told by their adoptive daughter Brittany that if I was going to die, I was going to die in front of her. I wasn’t allowed to talk to those whom I wanted or love who I wanted. When I wanted my mother I was told that not even she wanted me. I was told nobody would love or want me for who I was. When I was kicked out I found my biological mother and yes I stayed with her for three months, but where I choose to stay and who I stay with is none of any bodys business. Ten years were stolen from me and my family and I wont let anyone take any more time from me. My mother is amazing and her and my family have never stopped loving and fighting for me. My fiancé who everyone doubted loves me and has never stopped fighting for me and still stands by me and always will stand by me. The truth is coming out and by the time Im done theres nothing that the world wont know about you and the people you surround yourself with. Im glad to be home where I belong. Its time for me to be heard.

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