Angel Eyes over Texas: The Statue in the Park

Thank you to our friend Wilbur Witt for this blog on CPS.

Angel Eyes over Texas: The Statue in the Park.


The fight to align CPS with the civilized world is a long and hard one. History has shown again and again that once a person, or group of persons has a power base they tend not to let it go. And any bureaucracy will, with time, move farther and farther away from its original intent until the only evidence or that original purpose is only the name and that in itself is a heresy. 

Combine this with the same group of people who subscribe to what they perceive to be a mandate to change society so that it conforms with some utopian vision that exist nowhere but their crazy minds. Add a mantra, “It’s all about the children,” mix in the possibility of huge blocks of funding, immunity, and a dash of sexual divination and there you have it. Big Brother, National Socialism and Chairman Mao all rolled into one. Dante’s perfect picture of hell!

With the willing cooperation of family court judges and shyster lawyers CPS has had a good, long run, longer even than Adolph Hitler and just as depraved and deadly. If it were one child, or two here and there, even that would not be acceptable, but that is not the case. The illegal removal of children, the trampling of the constitution, the rape and deaths of children, and the ultimate dissolving of the American family has become the norm, the benchmark of the Child Protective Services. And why do the American people allow this?

I don’t have the time or the patience to enumerate all of the crimes, offenses and lies that have been generated by this organization. One of our problems is the masses of parents who have lost their children screaming for justice just look like bad parents with a bad case of sour grapes. We must get people involved with our cause who have not previously touched by the CPS. But the veiled threat is always there. “If you come at us we will destroy YOUR family,”  because it IS all about the children. YOUR children! No one is safe, and the sooner middle America realizes that the sooner we can fix this problem!

I know that some of you think that somehow, somewhere there are good CPS workers. I wish this were so, but it is not. I remind people every day that not all Nazis worked in the gas chambers. A lot of them worked in nice offices in Berlin keeping the body count and making sure the supply of ZYCLON D didn’t run out. The nicest, smiling CPS lady, the one who comes to your parties, the one who helps you coach soccer, the one who helped you arrange your daughter’s birthday party, that nice lady has wrenched a baby from a young mother’s arms because it’s all about the children!  Wake up! You are next!

So what do we do? First, and foremost we recognize among ourselves that there is basically nothing good about the current system. The last Sunset Commission proved that. Witness after witness paraded before them and all the CPS director had to say was, “Mistakes will be made!” The unspoken truth was they need to hide the bodies a little better next time. Take the blinders off. Know these people for what they really are. Don’t trust them, don’t cooperate with them and let everyone you know who they are and what they do! The same with foster parents. They are just one more branch of the evil machine. They are not nice people who are trying to help, they have assisted in the destruction of an American family. Little Johnny will never see his mother again because they put in an order for a blonde haired, blue eyed little boy. The Fuhrer would  be so proud!

Next, we legislate! We destroy the system that has perpetuated this atrocity. We force CPS to abide by the law, and not just when we catch them lying and stealing but all the time. And put real penalties for those caught misusing the system. Real jail. Real cotton fields and real prison yards! Have watchdog agencies to monitor the actions of Family Court judges and when a disproportionate number of children are removed by that judge, then that judge should be impeached and jailed!  I sat and watched court proceedings just one day and the judge removed one hundred percent of the children brought before her.  I never saw a colder, more unfeeling animal in my life. She literally fed from the human misery she helped to perpetuate.  God forgives, I don’t!

Then track down, arrest, and incarcerate all criminals from the old CPS system. No statute of limitations. No probation and no plea bargains! Just good old fashioned justice. But before we can do this we must sway the hearts and minds of mainstream America. We must make them see and what they eventually see will be so horrific, so alien, so damning that hopefully when it’s all over no child will every be subjected ever again to the abomination we have come to know as the CPS!

I wish that one day there is a statue on the Capitol grounds in Austin. A stone bench with an old man sitting on it. Beside him there’s a little girl, looking up at him, holding an ice cream cone, and on the base the words, “In memory of the unknown child,” to honor all the babies who were forever lost to the CPS killing machine.


About Jim Black

Jim Black is the founder of Angel Eyes over Texas (AEovrT). Jim is a former Manufacturing Engineer turned CPS Watchdog. Jim spent more than 32 years studying manufacturing companies, their procedures and the proper application of their resources with heavy emphasis on Quality Control, Automated Systems and Resource Management. Now those same skills are applied toward analyzing Texas DFPS and it's functions; breaking down the mechanics of how the agency fails to follow the policies, statutes and rules set forth by the State of Texas. Jim tracks all changes to the Texas CPS Handbook on Jim often consults with CPS defense attorneys on handbook research.
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3 Responses to Angel Eyes over Texas: The Statue in the Park

  1. Cory OConnor says:

    This couldn’t be said better. I’m glad to see that people like Mr. Black not only see the light, but aren’t afraid to bring the story out in front of everyone. Thank you Mr. Black. And for the people that think this only takes place in Texis, think again. Texis, Missouri, and the states that make up the “bible belt” are the worst of them all. As a side note, It has been said before, time and time again If you have never had anything to do with the nasty people of CPS, DFPS, DSS, MCD, or any ever changing name for the kidnappers in your state, remember one thing when they come for you. You have a right to remain silent, use it! For those that don’t know what I am saying, Shut up Shut up, Shut up, Shut-up!don’t say a word, not even one stinking word. They will use your one word to twest a string of lyes that they spin into a web to give to the judge, yes the judge that is going to take your kids. That one sitting up on his, or her little bench in his, or her black little moo-moo. ( the robe) banging that gavel to the steady beat of the swish of the pen as you kiss your kids good-buy. Remember you are not only in the fight of your life, but you are fighting for the lives of your children. It’s do or dye, and you would want to dye fighting for your kids now wouldn’t you? I have done it for two years, every day, even when they take a day off, or it’s a weekend, I am still working on the fight for my kids. It’s because of the fight day in and day out, I got one back, and I am less then a month away from getting the other one back as long as I keep playing my cards right.

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  2. Jim Black says:

    Thank you, but the writing skills are those of a dear friend Wilbur Witt. He is a great writer that has assisted me for years. I give him a topic and he puts it into words.


  3. Patricia Morrison says:

    I resent the comment people make about foster parents are all corrupt. Me and my husband were foster parents for 30 children in 5 years. We did not abuse , molest or harm our foster children. We loved them and kept them safe while they were in our home. And never had a problem with CPS until we adopted a teenage boy and my husband died. Then was when we learned how corrupt CPS is. My adopted son got mad at me because I would not get rid of his 1/2 sister and called and told lies to CPS. The next thing I knew they were taking my children away from me and trying to prove me insane. When they had just placed a new girl in my home a few weeks before my husband died. They help my son make me lose my home and land. They never prove I was guilty because I did not abuse or neglect my children. My lawyer did not like me because I told her my son was a con man. He told me the only reason he wanted us to adopt him was because he thought we were rich. And they gave me my daughter back nine months after taking her away so mentally damaged that she still has problems. Now the state of Texas has taken her insurance away from her. I am 61 and can not get insurance because I do not file a income tax return. In the end he found out if he got rid of me then he could draw social security from my husband so he refused to come home and I was forced to sign my rights away or they threatened to not leave me along till they took my daughter away. That is the crime of the century., Plus they put my name on a Texas child abuse Registry and they never prove me gulilty and destroy my ability to work in the one field that I was good at helping children when they were suffering. My foster children stayed in touch with me until I was forced to lose my home and had to change phone numbers. I would love to meet a lawyer that had the guts to take my case. I have all my paperwork from dealing with CPS to prove what I am saying. I had to pay for all my classes myself or they would have kept my daughter longer.. Johnson County in Texas has the most corrupt CPS worker in the world and I have had several lawyers say this to me. Where are the real men and women of today that are lawyers instead of chicken’s with degree’s.


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