Testimony taken at KidsSpeak Jan. 26

Testimony taken at KidsSpeak Jan. 26.

Nearly 40% of the 13,500 children in the Michigan foster care system are from the Detroit area. On Jan 26 many real life stories of foster kids and adult foster children will be presented at the annual KidSpeak event.

About Jim Black

Jim Black is the founder of Angel Eyes over Texas (AEovrT). Jim is a former Manufacturing Engineer turned CPS Watchdog. Jim spent more than 32 years studying manufacturing companies, their procedures and the proper application of their resources with heavy emphasis on Quality Control, Automated Systems and Resource Management. Now those same skills are applied toward analyzing Texas DFPS and it's functions; breaking down the mechanics of how the agency fails to follow the policies, statutes and rules set forth by the State of Texas. Jim tracks all changes to the Texas CPS Handbook on www.aeovrt.org. Jim often consults with CPS defense attorneys on handbook research.
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7 Responses to Testimony taken at KidsSpeak Jan. 26

  1. Daniel Coleman says:

    Are there any organizations that will assist victimized families by providing financial assistance to fight the battle in courts?


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  3. Wow!

    It’s so refreshing to see this blog coming to life again.

    Another note: Just read an article a day or two ago, about some states’s “CPS’s” now going after parents for their use of “unapproved supplements” instead of the often dangerous medications and pharmaceutical “drugs” for their children. How much do you want to bet that the “illustrious” FDA is behind this latest gambit, in concert with the “CPS’s”???

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


  4. DFCS can and will do what they want until we take a stand. Iam the Grandparent of 3 children. The bullshit they come up with to not place them with us was because iam Medicine that the doctor gives me that had too be the stupid reason I have ever heard.It took them 6 months to tell us that after we had put out over 3000.00 on moving like they told us to do. So now we are sitting in a 3 bedroom home with no kids.The caseworker has lied since the kids were taken . Something needs to chage if we dont take a stand they will keep taken our children. Helpless in Georgia


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