The Person Who Wrote this Comment on One of the Blogs Can’t Even Use Her Real Name

I received this comment on one of the blogs on this site earlier after she had already made a snide comment about her comments disappearing. I told her that this blog was for informational purposes and was not a format for bashing parents who had lost their children to the legal kidnapping by the government.  This was her response. She goes on and on about how these parents are not telling the ” truth” and that she would chew her arm off to keep her kids and blah – blah- blah – The first question is how does she know their situation? But before that question comes this one. She goes on and on about truth when she hides behind a fake name. Where is that truth? Who names their child “Just Me?””  Really?! IF she has the fire in her belly to tear down others the least she should do is use her real name. That is one thing I absolutely detest is the fact (which is much different than truth) that people who have no clue as to what they are talking about hide behind autonomy. They do not have the “balls” to use their christian name for fear of reprisal.

Now let me just explain the difference between “truth” and “fact”

Truth is a perception and that perception is as varied as there are people. For instance three people could be a witness to the same robbery, however each one will have a different truth. The reason is each one will see something different and it will be a truth but not necessarily a fact.

A Fact is indisputable. For instance those same three people might describe the perpetrator differently but they all knew he fled in a brown car. The Brown car is the fact. This person who is spouting her “truth” has no facts to back up her statements and the fact that she uses autonomy tells me she is not credible at all – I would never use her as a witness.

So Ms. “Just Me” before you preach your truths- take stock in the name you call yourself. Your truths are not facts. They are just your perception and no one will listen or believe you at all.

IF you truly have a conviction have balls enough to stand behind it using your real name. I am sure that mother is very proud of you if she gave you the name of “Just Me.”

New comment on your post “Information About the Child Protective Services Program of the Department of Human Services”
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Hey, whatever makes you feel better – most of these people leave out the real reason their kids were taken.  If it makes you feel better to sit here and have all these lies posted day in and out, then knock yourself out!  No state just waltzes in and takes a child for NO REASON!  At least 90% of these people leave out the REAL reason their kids were taken or they downplay it like crazy!  If someone’s child were truly taken for NO reason, they would contact news stations or can even research attorneys who hate DCF and may take their case for free.  But they don’t, you know why?  Because they are LYING!!!!

My brother and his wife smoke crack, pop pills, have a filthy, disgusting home with roaches crawling everywhere, their 10-year-old daughter has the social skills of a 3-year-old, yet they will tell you they are fantastic parents and that the state just has it out for them!  They tell people their daughter was taken due to “being late to school!”  It’s been nearly two years and they have not completed their case plans!  They have every excuse you could think of as to why they couldn’t.  They both continue to test positive on hair shaft tests (yet they manage to pass their urine drug screens)!

Like I told one of your other lying-ass posters, I don’t care if the state told me to gnaw my own fucking arm off, I’D DO IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE TO GET MY KIDS BACK!  Did you not see what she said?  She REFUSED to do the substance abuse class, which means she tested positive for drugs!  There is no other class that she could be talking about.  Everyone hates that particular class because not only are you drug tested on a consistent basis, but it takes up a great deal of time.  Therefore, just like my ignorant brother and his POS wife, that girl basically said, “fuck my kid, he/she is not worth the time!”

Also, rights are not terminated so easily.  It has to be PROVEN to a judge why a parent loses their parental rights!  I don’t care what you say, everyone is given, not only a case plan, but ample time to complete their case plans!  All these people who claim otherwise are lying!  Most of these people are drug addicts or scumbags who have abused their kids!

In Florida alone over 20 children have DIED at the hands of their own parents this year alone!!!  If you want to defend these people, then you’re an asshole, too!  One thing I hate more than anything in this world is child neglect, abuse, and murder!  I for one am sick of seeing Nancy Grace on TV stating how yet another baby has just mysteriously come up missing from their bed or crib!  You seriously defend people like this?  WTF is wrong with you!?

Do you really think people come on here and tell the truth??  Are you seriously that delusional?  They won’t because they know if they did, no one would have sympathy for them…and that’s all these cockroaches are looking for.  Lick their wounds if you wish, I personally would like to slap the shit out of each and every sorry ass parent that chooses their lifestyle over their children!  Once you have a child, “it’s” not about you anymore!  Period!

Quit lying to yourself and everyone else who has to read this crap. I was looking to see what the chances were that my douchebag of a brother had at getting his kids back…and this is the garbage I see!  So if it pisses me off that I know most of this is deceitful, too bad.  You can stop me from telling the truth on your shitty little blog, but believe me, there are more places to post…and I will speak the TRUTH unlike all the skanks on here!  And yes, sometimes the truth hurts! So delete away, it will not take away from the fact that most of these responses are bullshit…

About Yvonne Mason Sewell

Background:  The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.  Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia. Education:  After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate’s degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006. Awards:  Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one’s major. Affiliations:  Beta Sigma Phi Sorority  Member of The Florida Writer’s Association – Group Leader for St Lucie County The Dream:  Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan’s Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006. The Inspiration:  Yvonne’s brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up The Author: Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:  Stan’s Story- the true story of her brother’s accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.  Tangled Minds - a riveting story about a young girl’s bad decision and how it taints everyone’s life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009  Brilliant Insanity – released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008  Silent Scream – Released by October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie Yvonne’s Philosophy in Life - “Pay it Forward”: “In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is ‘pay it forward’. It is a simple
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  1. I am speechless on this one.


  2. Harold Wilson says:

    I too was like this, until I was run through the ringer by CPS. Soon after my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes, I learned of the ignorance & inability of schools to care for students with any special needs. Since 2007, I have been “investigated” by CPS 7 times (all unsubstantiated). They show up & tell you a complaint has been made, but have to protect the identity of the caller; even if the call was falsified. They proceed to defame the character of the family & destroy any further respect. The local school district refused to hire me for a coaching job, based soley upon investigations by CPS; even though they were closed as unsubstantiated. It didn’t help that the school called in a couple of the reports.
    In 2007, my daughter came down with strep throat, which is dangerous for Type 1 diabetes. She went into ketoacidosis (higher than acceptable fat & acid in the system & dehydration). I took her to the hospital & a few hours later, with insulin drips & lactate ringers IV’s, she was back to normal. However, at 6 AM the next morning, without my permission or even consulting me, the hospital gave her a bicarbonate. Just remember in jr high science, mixing vinegar, an acid, with baking soda, a bicarbonate, & all the fizzing that occurred. This is what the hospital did to my daughter. Luckily, no serious damage. But, she relapsed into the memory loss. The hospital called CPS & told them this wasn’t even my daughter & she was afraid of me, so she was faking the memory loss. CPS showed up, “interviewed, called my daughter a psychotic bitch, then left.
    The next day, at the follow up at the clinic, local police & CPS showed up. An off duty officer received a call from her sister, a hospital social worker. The officer called in & said there was a warrant from another state for kidnapping & child molestation; but didn’t know my name because I was using an alias & she didn’t know that, either.. Also, my name was misspelled on my ID. Nobody ever explained to me how a hospital employee could know a warrant was out for me if she didn’t know my real name or alias & how they could know if a name is misspelled on an ID. Turns out there was not now, nor ever a warrant for my real name or my “alias”. I never did find ort the alias I was supposed to have been using.
    I had other complaints that we were homeless & CPS illegally searched a vehicle that looked like mine, but wasn’t. They found out we had a home.
    I had “abandoned” my daughter because I went out of town for a weekend job. I left the contact info for where I would be & the people watching my daughter for the weekend. My daughter asked a friend if she could stay at their house, as my friends were boring. A girl that didn’t like my daughter told the school counselor the abandonment story. The counselor went to the principal. Even though they knew the story was made up & the school had all contact numbers, they chose to call CPS. CPS conducted their “interview”. Because my daughter refused to talk until I returned home, CPS could go no further. But the CPS worker stood in my front yard & in front of witnesses, loudly called my daughter a “Ghetto Girl”.
    Another time, while I was at work, my daughter had friends over for movies & lunch. A CPS worker showed up & knocked on the door. My daughter didn’t answer, as she didn’t know who he was. This man tried to open the door & walked around the entire house trying to open doors & windows. He even looked in all the windows. He even tried the same thing with the connecting duplex. CPS & local police defended his actions, even though he did not have a court order to enter the house.
    Last fall, my daughter had the strep throat again. Hospital, again. In an incoherent state, she told the staff that she had not taken insulin in over a week, but didn’t know what day it was. She also told them her doctor told her to stop taking the insulin. ER doctors are not knowledgeable enough to fully understand everything; this includes diabetes. A call to CPS. Another “interview”. Even though her statements were physically impossible to occur, CPS must know more about diabetes than a family that has dealt with it for 7 years & the endocrinologists, who are experts in the field. CPS laughingly took custody. Two hours later in court, produced a court order that was never signed by the judge (illegal) & admitted they had no evidence. After 13 days, the judge agreed & set her free, but defended CPS’ action. To this day, nobody can explain how CPS can remove a child without ANY evidence & without a SIGNED court order.
    CPS removes children because the federal government pays CPS to remove a child, even if abuse & neglect do not exist. They are also paid to keep the child for as long as they can & even revoke parental rights & put the child up “for sale” (adoption to a non relative, who gets paid until the child turns 18).
    Parental rights are revoked all the time without the parent ever having legal due process. CPS either keeps adding requirements once the list is completed; or, CPS delays in setting up a parenting plan, then tells the court the parent is in non compliance.
    The court & CPS may tell you to cut off your arm to get your children back, but when you do, they ask you to cut off your leg next.
    Yes, I too thought only bad parents lost their children to CPS. But the real story is “How much money will this child bring us?” CPS also will put children on medications without eve getting a diagnosis. A doctor that works with CPS will prescribe medications & never diagnose the child with any problems. This is all because, now the child has problems & CPS gets more money for medicated children. Does the parent have money to hire a “real” attorney, rather than a court appointed attorney that the child & parent may never see or even talk to prior to entering the courtroom. Court appointed attorneys are paid by CPS (indirectly) & represent the best interest of CPS & not “Best interest of the child.”
    The poster also is concerned about how many children die at home due to abuse & neglect. The Department of Health & Human Services, which supposedly oversees CPS, conducted studies & proved that:
    1) More children are abused, neglected, raped & murdered in “protection” rather than at home.
    2) Children left at home during a CPS case fare better in the long run emotionally & psychologically than do children removed & paced with an uncaring, unloving foster home. Even if there is evidence of mild abuse & neglect in the home.


  3. yvonnemason says:

    Thank you Harold for Sharing your story. I am so so sorry you had to go through this. Know that this site is open to you anytime my new friend.


  4. Angel says:

    I am so pissed after reading this post this person sounds like shr has not had the privledhe ofvdealing with cps and when I say privalege its pure hell
    I have 4 child and when my kids were taken its vuz I asked for help with my eldest who was 7 at the time I didn’t know where elsr to yurn and they decided they would help by taking them from me my youngest was only 2
    I have completed the treatment plan and I’m still fighting to get them home its been 2yrs 4 1/2 months
    While thee has had my children my boys were sexually abused, physically abused in thier current home with people that say they want to adopt both my boys and yet he has bruises on him
    My kids have been mentally, abused and manipulated.
    I know there r children that do not belong with thier bio parents but cps/dcf is like a cult they don’t answer to anyone and for the person that wrote they can’t terminate ur rights for nothing try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes that has lost or still fighting for thier kids


    • Harold Wilson says:

      My daughter went through hell for 13 days. We both now see how MANY families deal with worse than we did.
      The day she was removed, she asked the foster home if she could be at the hearing. She was told that she probably could, but CPS didn’t want her there. Also, the foster caregiver said she was too tired to drive to the court to find out.
      She was given insulin by a doctor. She told the doctor that it wasn’t going to be enough (there was enough for only about 5 days). She was told that it was enough. (More later)
      A few days later they went to the clinic to “teach” the caregiver how to manage diabetes. After an hour & a half, the nurse gave up & told my daughter that she was on her own. The caregiver was also told to take my daughter to the emergency room, which was in the same complex. Instead, they got into the vehicle & drove back to the foster home. When my daughter asked why they didn’t go to the emergency room, she was told that there were too many things to do.
      The next day, my daughter ran out of insulin (5 days!). She told the caregiver & was told it is late & we can deal with it tomorrow & she wasn’t going to drive all over to find insulin. She had just eaten a snack & needed to cover for it. (The insulin was under lock & key & was not available in case of emergency, as was an emergency injection in event of extremely low blood sugars. The caregiver had no idea on how to use this if my daughter did bottom out. CPS told her just to call 911. Unfortunately, a child could be dead by the time emergency arrives; but CPS could care less.) A simple call to the 24 hour contact line, as was required by law, was all that needed to be done & the insulin would have been available. My daughter started to get dry heaves, a sign of going into ketoacidosis. Was told to just shut up & go to bed.
      The next morning, the caregiver drove my daughter to CPS for a visit, walked her to the door & went back to her vehicle. She had no intention of telling CPS there was no insulin. I was told as soon as my daughter walked into the room. When I complained that she needed insulin IMMEDIATELY, I was asked what needed to be done. I told them to call the clinic & a supply would be available. I was told CPS protocol did not allow for incidental medications! I never realized that insulin was an incidental. I was told it could be 2-3 days before insulin would be available. CPS supervisors claimed that since the foster home & CPS were in custody when the insulin ran out, this was not neglect or child endangerment; just CPS doing their job! Her blood sugar rose to 543, well above her acceptable ceiling of 180. (Many diabetics will have readings in the 200’s & that is not out of line as long as it is back under the high for that diabetic, but for her, the 180 is the comfort level.)
      My daughter had residual issues from being hospitalized. The caregiver told her to take an allergy medicine, even though she had no allergies. My daughter told the caregiver that medications can throw off the diabetes & the clinic should be consulted first. The caregiver told my daughter that she would be reported to CPS & they could not allow the visits with her father. She took it & became extremely nauseous, but the caregiver ignored it.
      The foster worker shoed up & my daughter said the foster home didn’t know how to take care of the diabetes. He told her if she didn’t like it he would throw her in a residential home where she would get beat up every day & her belongings would be stolen. His supervisor condoned his threat! In fact, I was told CPS could send her anywhere in the state they wanted & force me to drive another hour & a half for visits. That is how CPS protects children & works with parents.
      I was also told that if CPS wanted to put her on medications they could & would force them down her throat if they had to. They also told me they didn’t care about religious beliefs to not take medications, because now they are in charge.
      There was an 18 month old baby in the house. The caregiver told my daughter that she couldn’t wait until the mother’s rights were revoked so she could adopt. When she found out that CPS planned to return the child to the mother, the caregiver became angry & asked how CPS could do this to her! Not that she should want the family reunited. Also, she would have been paid monthly until the child turned 18 if she did adopt!
      A CASA (court appointed special advocate that is supposed to be mentor to the child & help the child through this ordeal) showed up to see other children. No CASA had been assigned for my daughter, so CASA could not talk to her at this point. However, the CASA told the caregiver she wanted to talk to my daughter. The caregiver told my daughter she had to talk to this woman. My daughter told them she didn’t have to talk to anyone & went into the bedroom & closed the door. The CASA walked into the room without knocking & told my daughter she wanted to get information & was there to help her. (Not sure what not supposed to talk to my daughter meant to this woman.) My daughter said that if she wanted to help, she could get her back home & that she was being verbally abused & medically neglected by CPS & the foster home. The woman turned around & walked out of the room. My daughter sarcastically thanked the woman for her help. The CASA admitted to her supervisor what my daughter had said, but they chose not to report it to anyone!
      CPS is allowed to ignore the laws in place for conducting investigations & are allowed to remove children at their whim & we can’t do anything about it. From now on, my daughter’s name is in the state system. When she decides to have children, CPS now has a reason to show up at the hospital & open an investigation on my daughter! If I ever have another child, CPS can show up to the hospital & start an investigation on me! CPS is corrupt & they only care about the bonus money they get for kidnapping children.


    • yvonnemason says:

      Angel I wasn’t going to bother with even answering her comment but when I thought about it I decided that it needed to be answered and I wanted you guys to do it. So thank you for your input.


    • Harold Wilson says:

      CPS will twist any situation to make a parent look bad. Ask for help & you are not a good parent. Don’t ask for help & you are not a good parent. They ask you children misleading questions with a CPS worker all alone with the child! No matter what a child says, CPS will twist it to look like the complaint is true! They ask the child if the parent is molesting them. If the child says no, the child is lying to protect the parent. CPS is corrupt & MUST be changed for the sake of our children!


  5. If I may be so bold as to provide my “two-cents” on this general issue.

    Number one,

    It is a known, demonstrable, provable, ADMITTED FACT that the various “child-protection-rackets (err – “agencies”)” are illegitimate organizations that masquerade as “government agencies”, and are payed, BY CONTRACT no less, based on how many children they seize from families – regardless of any evidence or not of any wrong-doing.


    The “family court” is just as much a totalitarian sham as the “juvenile courts”, “tax courts”, “bankruptcy courts”, “vaccine courts”, and any other similitude to a “court system”. As with each type of “court system”, they have their particular “rules of the court” which stipulate what can and can not be used as evidence, how any submitted evidence is contested (by the accused parties), and by what process the “court” operates under. Each one operates completely different from either the criminal court and the civil court. Most of these “courts” are purely “courts of record” in that they have no real legal authority. Any “authority” is merely assumed by these “courts” and those appearing to “testify”. Most of them also operate under a variation of the civil court rules of procedure with a little of the criminal procedure thrown. You might say, they operate very much like our “traffic courts”?!?


    For the ones who state that, “all parents lose their children for a good reason”, OR “these parents who have lost their children, are lying about their own culpability”, they are obviously NOT seeing the bigger picture! Are these particular folks trying to say that these “child-welfare agents” are above and beyond reproach??? Are they trying to say that these agents are super-human and better than the rest of us because they are so high above any trivialities of self-interest, egoism, and vengefulness??? I think some folks seriously need a reality check! These “agents” ARE human, like us all, and are just as capable of wrong-doing, and willing to hide from the results of their actions by trying escape accountability by using the “legal system” and the privilege of position to do it. EVERY person in a position of “authority” can be easily tempted to use and abuse that “power” over others. This is a common refrain from human history.

    Maybe someone ought to clue in the “denier-of-evils” (my label to “them”) that our children are put into MORE stress, are in GREATER danger while in the state’s custody – because most of the states simply do NOT carefully and fully screen their prospective “foster-care providers” and employees of these “child-protection organizations”. I still find it astonishing that the highest percentage of KNOWN child-sex-predators and KNOWN pederasts are employed in many states’ “child-protection organizations”! And we thought it astonishing that DISNEY LAND and DISNEY WORLD theme parks were remiss in fully checking their applicants for such criminal histories!

    I’m sorry but,

    I truly feel that the state has done more than enough damage to the American family as it is! The child-protection RACKET (because that is what it all really IS) must go!

    As for constantly blaming the victims of an overly-powerful state instead of squaring on the overly-powerful state,

    THAT is just pure, outright ignorance and/or a serious case of laziness to not be ignorant of the fact that many of our families are wrongly accused of various wrongful acts, without due process and without the ample opportunity to challenge the state’s allegations of such against them! This is WHY we are keeping in contact with our lawyers for the purpose of trying to right a wrong that was committed over THIRTEEN YEARS AGO. And it looks like a few relatives may also be involved in this committed wrong right along with the state!

    So if you may please tell this “pollyanna” that YES the sky is blue and the grass is green – and YES, there ARE bad people in this world, many of them in government and its “partner organizations” like the DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY AND CHILDRENS’ SERVICES in the STATE OF GEORGIA (as only one example).


    • Harold Wilson says:

      You are truly accurate. The court that I had to face admitted their court order may not be legal, as it was not signed by the judge, “But we do this all the time.” CPS ADMITTED they had no evidence & legally had no cause for custody, but made a blanket statement “Best interest of the child,” but could not or would not define that statement.
      As you mentioned, more children are abused, neglected, murdered and raped in state custody than at home. But that is a risk CPS is willing to take with your child’s life!
      When I expressed up the chain of command through CPS, then DHS, then Administration for Children & Families Regional office in Chicago that my daughter almost died due to the withholding of insulin as punishment & running out of insulin for 17 ½ hours; all anyone could comment was “Children die in foster care all the time. It happens.” That is supposed to ease my mind. CPS admits abuse & neglect; but it is not abuse & neglect, because it is CPS committing the act.
      Also CPS violates Civil & Constitutional Rights. I was told by a CPS field supervisor in Lansing “When CPS shows up, the child & parents have no Civil or Constitutional Rights. We are above the Constitution.” “Parents & children who exercise their rights are admitting guilt & give us cause to remove your child.” “You should be happy we took your child, because it shows how much we really care.” “We would rather emotionally destroy one child to protect a few.” Each of these quotes by 3 different individuals shows just how heartless CPS is. Even law enforcement (local, county, state, FBI) told me that if a CPS worker commits a crime, that is a civil, not a criminal infraction!
      Even though abuse & neglect are criminal acts, most parents are never criminally charged. If they were, then CPS could not just turn over their “evidence” to the prosecutor, as they do now. CPS would have to read Miranda Rights. CPS could not protect the identity of the reporter. CPS, the courts & law enforcement violate your rights, by taking your child, but never really accusing you legally. If they did, they could not take or keep your child, as they currently do!
      An incident that made my skin crawl involved an attorney that volunteers for the American Diabetes Association. She contacted me in regards to my issues with CPS. She told me she had adopted a diabetic girl from foster care. But then admitted that the child should NEVER have been in foster care & the mother’s rights should NEVER have been terminated. “But I just can’t give the girl back to her mother.” Why not? You are an attorney; you can prove the whole situation should never have happened; you tell me even the endocrinologist that treated the girl REFUSED to testify on behalf of CPS. What a wonderful story it would make to represent the mother, reunite the family & expose the corruption of CPS.
      Child molesters have more rights in the eyes of the law than do parents in CPS investigations! You can rape a child that is not yours; but don’t you dare upset a neighbor or school official & face a false investigation by CPS. Parents & children have no due process in the eyes of CPS, the courts, law enforcement & even the state & federal governments!


  6. Harold Wilson says:

    These are some things you as a parent can be investigated for:
    1) If your child gets into a fight at school & comes home with cuts & bruises, you can be charged with failure to protect. Local law enforcement told me a child purposely hitting my child in the face with a jump rope that has a wooden handle while at recess is not within their jurisdiction. That was on school grounds. I have to be careful, I was told, because CPS could hold me responsible for those bruises! The school is not responsible for your child’s safety while in their “care”.
    2) You can’t joke around with your child. While at school meeting with the counselor discussing my child’s diabetes my child & I made jokes with each other. On her way out of the room, she said I love you. In the normal response we had been making with each other for her whole life, I responded back, “I love me too.” My daughter laughed & went back to class. The counselor, being new to the school, was appalled & accused me of emotionally traumatizing my daughter!
    3) Your child gets hurt at a sports practice or game. Again, you failed to protect.
    4) Your child is outside playing & falls. Again, failure to protect.
    5) Your child gets sick & ends up in the hospital. (Happened with my diabetic daughter). I was medically negligent! How dare she catch strep throat? Another time, the school was having count day. The superintendent sent a general recording to all homes, insisting all children be in school that day. The call came at 5:30 AM Sunday! A computer glitch, I was told. It was February & at least a dozen sick children were in the office. My daughter went down to do her blood sugar checks. Plus, she wasn’t feeling well, but the school was very threatening if your child didn’t show. I showed up to take her home & was told she was not allowed to leave until the end of the day. We walked out without signing out. The school called CPS, but was told that was not abuse or neglect, but allowing a sick diabetic to attend school could be!! The school threatens if your child doesn’t show up for count day & then threaten if you send your child on count day!
    6) Your child picking a few clothes as favorites & washes them regularly to wear to school. Your child has clean clothes, but only has 2-3 sets they choose to wear regularly, ignoring maybe 8-10 other sets of clothes. This is a sign of neglect on the part of the parent!


  7. First of all, that is well put yvonne mason! Love it and you!! Second for the people that have no clue of what and how (scary) powerful the Cps in O.C. are you just say the wrong thing or look at them crooked and you will learn! They are the most corrupt along side them are the rest of the clowns in there circus like the many (liying/scandalous) unneeded attorneys, judges, social workers, clerks, interpreters, …. etc… every single one of them and there assistants and supervisors etc… are involved in complete corruption while kidnapping and putting the children in complete danger! They should all be put behind bars with the child molesters and murderers! For the ignorant people who want to say that I’m wrong I can’t wait for judgement day on them and you for judging me and the majority of these victims of child distortion and kidnapping! It is sad to see how many ignorant or should I say plain dumbasses or stupid idiots that would possibly believe that taking children from an nurturing, willing and able parent is justifiable by any means will rot in hell as far as I’m concerned! I know! I have had the unpleasant experience of them do so and put me in prison for 4 years to shut my mouth. I had all the evidence to bankrupt both O.C. and S.D.C. after they kidnapped my children and collected on more than 15 Federal Grants and changing my childs juvenile number (J- number) 15 different ways to collect on grants for things that were never used for my child like interpreters for the court hearings when my children were too small to even go to court, or for there parents being latino, or drug addicts when I tested clean every single test! So the next time you think your so smart and are playing the role of GOD, just stop and think about what I am saying and if you still feel that way you are one sorry ass you know what STUPID! Rights Abuse is Life Abuse! DREY


    • Harold Wilson says:

      It is sad that you were put in jail, probably in violation of many civil & constitutional rights, along with violation of due process. Too many people think CPS cannot or will not take a child without cause or evidence. THINK AGAIN! I have read several stories like yours, but CPS, law enforcement & the court are able to keep your situation out of the press. That way, the public looks at you as the bad guy.

      Look at the woman in Detroit where Detroit Police rolled up the street with a tank, SWAT & had a helicopter hovering overhead. All because a mother refused to put her child on psychotropic medications. CPS put the girl on these medications to “protect” her. A few months later the FDA ruled that medication was dangerous to children! But CPS did their job- they profited from this child’s situation & possibly damaged her for life. But that’s what CPS does.

      Look at the couple in CA where they wanted a second opinion & were refused, a clear violation of their parental rights. They left the hospital & took their child to another hospital, where that doctor had no problem sending the baby home. A couple of days later, CPS & the police showed up. The parents had set up a video camera. It shows the father walking outside to talk to the police. You can hear a scuffle & an officer yelling “I think I have the keys.” Then you see two CPS workers cowering near the door & police taking the baby. Later it was determined that nobody had a court order or warrant & had acted illegally! The baby was later returned, but the case was not closed.

      I faced the same thing. Asked for & refused a second opinion. CPS & the police showed up to the hospital without a court order or a warrant. My teenage daughter was denied her legal rights to be in court & at meetings at the CPS office. I was told by a court referee that it was up to CPS whether my child could exercise her legal rights! I asked him who ran his courtroom, him or CPS. No answer, just smirks from the referee, CPS, bailiff & clerk. They knew that CPS is in charge & the court is just a show piece.

      CPS makes huge money off innocent parents. The state intake lines encourage anonymous calls. CPS protects the caller, even though their number shows up on caller id. Most states have a 800 number, which you cannot block your number from showing up on their caller id; but they lie & say they don’t know the number. It is a $5,000 fine & 4 years in jail for knowingly filing a falsified report. But it will never happen. I have a recording of a police officer calling in a report & she & the dispatcher are laughing through the entire phone call. The officer claimed there was a warrant for my arrest in another state for kidnapping & molestation. She didn’t know my name because I was using an alias. She didn’t know the alias, either. Also, my name was misspelled on my ID. She knew there was a a warrant, but didn’t know what name the warrant was under & knew that I didn’t know how to spell my own name, but she didn’t know it.

      The woman who posted the original defense of CPS doesn’t understand how the laws work. Attorneys will not fight CPS unless they can win or unless you pay them thousands of dollars upfront. Because, 99% of cases suing CPS don’t win, because CPS is outside the law! In 2008, State Senator Roger Kahn of Michigan wrote a bill that requires CPS to follow the laws & CPS protocol & to use a checklist. However, the checklist is very short. Also, Senator Kahn placed stipulations that if CPS does break the law or violate protocol, as long as they can rationalize to themselves why they broke the law or violated protocol, they are allowed to close the case & take no further than their own offices.

      Michigan DHS Director Maura Corrigan used to sit on the State Supreme Court. She made a statement that she was appalled at the number of children dying in foster “care”. She really was not concerned about the number of children dying or why they died; just the deaths needed to be recorded better so they could keep track better!


      • Thank you for a great response, at least I don’t feel so alone now. I have suffered for many years for the love of my children but after 13 years I finally got to see my daughter who is 19 now. She had to leave her mothers home because she was being mentally and physically abused. This I knew would happen when the court gave her custody of them after testing dirty for drugs 7 times in a row the last less than a week before the hearing. The last court report said she need close supervision because she could barely take care of herself let alone 2 small children and herself! She moved to san Diego and within 2 weeks had the case closed. My complaint has been that she didn’t want the children but for only welfare money. I read the Policy and Procedures Manual for CPS workers ,which I had ordered from Sacramento cover to cover and found that it says to give the child to the parent “Least likely to succeed”! Yes this is true, so that the parent is still associated with welfare and they can keep the case going or bring them back in as well. She was Satan’s spawn and brought my daughter up just like she is so when my daughter came to live with me it was nothing that I had hoped for after all these years. She began to lie to me and be deceitful, just like her mother. This completely shattered my heart! It got so bad that I had to ask her to leave. As she left I told her that I love her unconditionally and that I pray that this will never happen to her but one day she could have the same thing happen to her and only then could she possibly know what it was like to have your baby girl who was daddy’s little angel. turn out to be such a mean person. I was destroyed after she left, I just only can pray that my son is not like this he will turn 18 next may. We will see then.


  8. Harold Wilson says:

    CPS will decide for what is the most profitable for CPS. They can leave a child with a parent on welfare, because they make money. Or they must place the children with a non relative. Keeping the child at home or with relatives does not make money for CPS.
    CPS is paid over $5 billion a year to take children away from parents, many who did nithing wrong. CPS has to take a child, even if abuse & neglect don’t occur. Otherwise, they make no money. The federal government & CPS are involved in human trafficking & child slavery.
    My daughter refused to do any work at the foster home. The caregiver threatened her, telling her, “We are taking care of you because your father can’t. You owe it to us to work around the house.” Her response- “I was kidnapped & am being held hostage. I refuse to be your slave.”
    The federal government & CPS are in collusion to take children away, keep them as long as they can & to sell them to the highest bidder.
    The problem is is that CPS can never repay you for taking away your children’s lives. But, they don’t care. They made a ton of money & that is all that matters to them. They admitted to me that they don’t care about my child.
    They destroyed you & your children. Mission accomplished! Look up Carol Rhodes. She used to work in CPS. Now she travels the country, admitting that CPS is all about profit! Her office received a bonus for having the highest profit margin in Michigan! Disgusting!


  9. This is all so wrong!

    WHY are WE the only species to have so many problems with protecting our own children? All other mammalians and even many reptilians risk life and limb to protect their children from ALL THREATS to them.

    I’ll tell you why.

    It’s this “wonderful” invention called politics and its systems of political-control. It is this “wonderful” invention that gave way to the “social engineers”, and crowning them the “experts” of everything “human”.

    It is this “wonderful” sham-of-science that we see practiced these days, all under the cloak of “legitimate science”. It is this so-called “science” that now dictates that “free-will” is nothing more than a “myth”. After all, according to all these “experts”, we are all nothing more than a “bag of chemicals and chemical-reactions”!

    Common sense, and common decency say: ” P-TOO! “.

    And we must also say the same! Living by the Natural Law requires us to live by Common Sense, and have the critical thinking skills to question everything were told was “the truth”. The political system, like most (if not virtually ALL) of churches, and other “institutions” – the reigning “experts” expect all to “believe on pure faith, without question or doubt, in everything they say”. – – That is the language told to slaves!

    Are we slaves, or are sentient and lively Human Beings???

    Let this be reflected in the faces of our very young children. If they are aware, in their own way, that “something is wrong”, shouldn’t we also be aware that “something is wrong”?

    * * *

    I can not wait for our household opportunity to “ruffle some feathers”, if you will. A young daughter who finally gets to see her own mother, and finally have more answers and more questions to ask the guilty co-conspirators! This is going to become very interesting to say the least. I really hope to be there when these so-called “experts” are put in the “hot-seat” and start sweating as they fumble for ever more lies to cover for the ones about to be exposed!

    I am never known for vengeful attitudes toward anyone, but exposing the lies and deceit that were used to ruin a family relationship on the flimsiest of pretexts in the court, I relish the the thought of seeing ’em squirm!

    My prayers continue to go out to all the folks here and others who have been similarly burned by this “system”.

    Rev. Jim (aka: the “Dragon’s Eye”)


  10. Harold Wilson says:

    What I don’t understand & have yet to get a legitimate response from the state to this question:
    If CPS admitted to the court they had no evidence abuse or neglect existed & after 13 days the judge ruled no probable cause; how was my daughter taken & held hostage for 13 days?
    All anyone from CPS would say is “Because we can.”
    They violated several laws, civil & constitutional rights. But they told me “CPS is above the Constitution & Civil Rights.”
    When told my daughter almost died in “protection” I was told “Children die in foster care all the time. It happens.” I guess that heartless & crass comment is supposed to make me feel better.
    When asked why CPS is allowed to force medication on my child in violation of religious beliefs I was told “WE don’t care about your religious beliefs. If the doctor prescribes a medication we will force medication down your daughter’s throat if we have to.”
    When asked how CPS can order a doctor to prescribe medication for conditions that don’t exist (ADHD, bi polar, depression, allergies) I was told we can administer any medication we want without your permission.
    When my daughter tells a foster worker the foster home is unable to properly care for her diabetes, she is told “If you don’t like it here, we will throw you in a group home where you will get beat up every day as the new kid. Your belongings will probably get stolen.” This ignorant comment was defended by his supervisor!
    When the investigator is staring at my teenage daughter’s chest, she is laughed at when she complains to his supervisors! She also was not allowed to leave the room when she told the investigator she was uncomfortable! Sexual perversion is welcome if you want to work for CPS!
    These are the idiots that tell us they are here to protect children!? Who protects children from these perverts & abusers?!?!


  11. Aimee W. says:

    I have to say, I am a bit upset that this person would leave such a comment. I do not understand ignorance when you are speaking of such a matter. First of all, I could not stand to read all of this person’s garbage but what I did read made me think that is the this person is highly uneducated. I almost feel sorry for her stupidity. However, I do not really care what an insignificant person thinks when all that she has obviously seen is the worst of the worst parents, hence, her own siblings. I too am a mother of children stolen by this horrid system. And not once did I see her say, I offered to take my niece for the “best interest of the child”. By the way she throws out so many curse words, I can imagine she would not ever offer. Instead she chose to stomp all the parents into the ground a bit more with her filthy mouth. I wish I could explain in detail my horror story on here but I cannot as it is too extensive and I just filed suit against this agency on a federal level for the horrendous acts they have done to my boys and myself. And I will tell everyone, I was no angel to have this agency enter my life. However, my children were viably adoptable and thus creating revenue for the state. This “Just Me” character speaks of news stations and attorneys, I have been to them all. Almost got my story aired, until the head people came down and said no more contact. No attorney would even touch my case, but in the best interest of my children I am doing what has to be done. All these participants in this will be notified by Monday, however, my case is so strong that I already have a pretrial date set by the federal judge. I am posting this on your site because I am not able to post on mine yet, as the state is watching my blog very closely. I will be posting all of this after today’s filings. If anyone is interested to hear my story, here is my blog address, ,I can assure you that even if I do not win, hence, doing this myself, I assure you I will make a difference in the end. There is one other comment I have seen on your site that I would like to say something to, which I hope is not offensive to anyone. We as the parents, if you are truly devastated by the loss of your children and not out for some monetary gain or notority, but truly to ensure the well being of your children, because this agency is not, then you will learn your rights and you will learn that you do have recourse regardless of if your rights are terminated or not. You are still the biological parent, thus having some voice in this all. I encourage you to please read my blog. And for all the parents that have fallen victim to this agency, remember this, United We Stand…but divided we WILL fall. Parents like “just me” if she is a real parent, is what divides us against each other. Thank you for allowing me to post on your site.


  12. akismet-16d0f8c02b88c020973224dc9bc02aa9 says:

    Thank you so very much for forwarding this article so widely, M. DeJoux. I know the family thanks you as well. There is one correction to your statement–the child fortunately did not die, although he did hang himself and cease breathing for a time. Also, the story link can be accessed directly by clicking on (type “enter” after citing link and it will show up as a link). I am also cc’ing this to the mother so she and the father and family will know the support they are receiving. They are also in immediate need of an attorney to take their case to reverse the juvenile court’s termination of their parental rights and the likelihood of adoption proceedings! Please email or call me at 313-825-6126 if you are an attorney that is able to take their case, or know of any. We are talking to some, but it will depend on their availability due to scheduling issues. Thank you once again for forwarding, and for your support of this family. Diane Bukowski Editor Voice of Detroit, LLC P.O. Box 32684 Detroit, MI 48232 Phone: 313-825-6126 Fax: 313-557-1576 Email: _____________________________________________________________________- To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: CPS causes the death of a child due to forced medication & “Rubber Stamped” custody order


  13. akismet-16d0f8c02b88c020973224dc9bc02aa9 says:

    Oh, here is another correction. I reposted the article today so the actual link is

    Thank you so very much for forwarding this article so widely, M. DeJoux. I know the family thanks you as well. There is one correction to your statement–the child fortunately did not die, although he did hang himself and cease breathing for a time. Also, the story link can be accessed directly by clicking on (type “enter” after citing link and it will show up as a link). I am also cc’ing this to the mother so she and the father and family will know the support they are receiving. They are also in immediate need of an attorney to take their case to reverse the juvenile court’s termination of their parental rights and the likelihood of adoption proceedings! Please email or call me at 313-825-6126 if you are an attorney that is able to take their case, or know of any. We are talking to some, but it will depend on their availability due to scheduling issues. Thank you once again for forwarding, and for your support of this family. Diane Bukowski Editor Voice of Detroit, LLC P.O. Box 32684 Detroit, MI 48232 Phone: 313-825-6126 Fax: 313-557-1576 Email: _____________________________________________________________________- To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: CPS causes the death of a child due to forced medication & “Rubber Stamped” custody order


  14. de Joux says:

    It has been proven that children put into the system are worse off emotionally & psychologically, but CPSD is only after the money. They don’t care about the family, children or parents. They are cold, heartless, greedy individuals. Until the laws of the federal funding is changed, CPS will continue to kidnap children to line their own pockets.

    Facts on Foster Care in America

    May 30, 2006 (Things have not improved in 8 years!)

    Despite more than a decade of intended reform, the nation’s foster care system is still overcrowded and rife with problems. But taxpayers are spending $22 billion a year — or $40,000 a child — on foster care programs.

    The highest ranking federal official in charge of foster care, Wade Horn of the Department of Health and Human Services, is a former child psychologist who says the foster care system is a giant mess and should just be blown up. He’s most critical of the way foster care gets funded by the federal government — $5 billion that goes mostly, he says, to keeping kids in foster care. (Social Security Title IV-E)

    There are no provisions for treatment, prevention, family support, or aging out — just for supporting things as they are. He wants to rethink foster care on a national level.

    44 percent (or about 241,000 children) have reunification with their birth families as their case goal. (Only 44%?!)

    As the public policy pendulum swings back and forth between family preservation (keeping children with their biological parents) and protecting children by placing them in foster care — most experts now agree that the best thing to do is try to leave them at home if at all possible($5 billion that goes mostly, he says, to keeping kids in foster care. Social Security Title IV-E) and provide good services to help the family cope.

    Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 15:36:52 -0700 From: Subject: Fw: Why is Justina still a hostage of CPS?!?! To:

    Just imagine you already sick, and someone take you from your loving family members against your will. I know she have a lot of down days. Just the thought of her not being with her father and mother it will affect her spirit. She will not heal spiritually or mentally after that than it will start affecting the whole body.


  15. Ahmed and Rehab Amer says:

    H.R 6021 it was Reintroduced as of H.R. 102 The Ahmed and Rehab Amer Foster Care Improvement Act 2013 it was reintroduced as in 2013 it is before the Congress we need to push it to be heard this year if not than it has to be reintroduced as we know Congressman Conyers might not be re-elected this year we need to find another Congressman who is willing to take it over we need all the help families Nation wide needs this bill to be passed into Law in order to give a voice to the voiceless.. So please for all supporters ask your Representatives to Co-Sponsor H.R.102 to pass into National Law in order to protect all families by keeping kids within their own fit familiar surrounding in order to minimize the emotional trauma by preserving their God giving Rights to their own Innocence…God Bless you all for all of your support… Ahmed and Rehab Amer Children Advocate


    • Please contact your US legislators & urge them to support this Bill. CPS needs to leave children at home or place them with relatives.

      The US Legislature needs to restructure Social Security Title IV- E & make CPS keep children with the family. Ideally, leave the children with their parents in most cases. There is too much evidence that more children are abused, neglected, raped & murdered in “protection” than at home.
      There is also more evidence that children fare better at home emotionally & psychologically than in “protection.”
      However, a Michigan CPS field supervisor told me, “We would rather destroy the emotional well being of one child to save a few.” “You should be happy we took your child because it shows how much we care about children.” “When we show up, you & your children have no Civil or Constitutional Rights.”


  16. de Joux says:

    This may not be the whole story, but it is claimed that this boy was using his pencil in a gun like manner. Other reports say he was just twirling the pencil. It is claimed that only one other student saw what happened. But this is enough evidence for CPS to jump in & make threats to parents for unsubstantiated reports. Anytime someone says something negative about a person, it must be true. The country is so paranoid over children emulating gun motions, drawing guns, buying toy guns. Growing up, we drew soldiers & guns, bought toy guns & toy soldiers, played army & saw violence daily on the news about the Vietnam “Conflict” & 99.9% of us did not grow up to be killers. They say the cartoons of our generation were too violent. We saw the roadrunner drop an anvil on the coyote & he didn’t die. We saw Bugs Bunny stick his finger in the barrel of Elmer Fudd’s gun & it blew up in Elmer’s face. We knew these were no real situations. We saw the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy keep peace in the Wild West using guns. So what do we see today? Power Rangers using Martial Arts to defeat the bad guys. We see children on the playground emulating this & causing physical harm to other children. We see Transformers using laser rays to kill the enemy. How is today’s children’s shows supposed to be morally superior to what we watched? What about the school administrator’s ignoring complaints of bullying & then feigning total shock on national tv when this student is at his wit’s end & brings a gun to school & opens fire? Because nobody took him seriously when he went to teachers & staff to report the bullying. The administrators ignore him; tell him to ignore it; to suck it up; or “If we look into it, it will only get worse.” Schools don’t want to lose those precious tax dollars if they expel bullies.

    DCG posted: ”

    Truth Revolt: The government is threatening to put 13-year-old Ethan Chaplin up for adoption. Chaplin was forced to undergo a battery of physical and psychological tests after a bully yelled out “he’s making gun motions, send him to juvie” because Cha”


  17. The foster parents that have my grandchildren have gun on there last home study it said the guns were locked in a glass case but the ammunition was not locked which is a violation. They choose not to give them a violation and give them a month to lock up the ammunition. My youngest granddaughter brought shot gun shell to visit I had in Feb. 2012. So I guess it’s only a problem for real parents not foster/adoptive parents


  18. de Joux says:

    This is why DHS runs an ad on radio that says “You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent.” This ad is trying to find people to adopt. What they don’t say is that you have to be perfect to stay a real parent. In fact the CPS Central Intake told me that they don’t investigate anyone except parents. To complain about a worker, or a foster house; you have to call the local DHS office. They tell you they will “look” into it, but you never hear back from them. I continued to call up the chain of command. I finally got a call back from Scott Parrott, a CPS administrator. He claimed that CPS did a “thorough” investigation, but could not or would not answer my question: “When did you interview my child or me during your “thorough” investigation? His response was to repeat, “We did a “thorough” investigation,” about 20 times. A “thorough” investigation means that they only talk to the worker & make their decision. The Office of the Children’s Ombudsman is just as worthless. When I called them, their response to each item was “CPS did not violate CPS protocol.” Some of the items that I mentioned: 1) A worker called my daughter a psychotic bitch- not a violation of protocol 2) A worker called my daughter a “Ghetto girl”- not a violation of protocol 3) A worker hugged my daughter when she told him not to touch her- not a violation of protocol 4) The foster house ran out of insulin & failed to notify CPS for 10 hours- not a violation of protocol 5) After being notified about the insulin, CPS did not call the clinic to get an emergency supply & it was another 5 1/2 hours until a supply was gotten- not a violation of protocol 6) A foster worker threatened to put my daughter into a residential home “Where you’ll probably get beat up every day & all your belongings stolen”- not a violation of protocol 7) CPS & the court admitted that they had no evidence & that abuse/neglect did not exist, but chose to keep her in the system anyway- not a violation of protocol 8) At a doctor visit, the nurses to the foster house that my daughter should go to the emergency room to be checked out. The foster woman took my daughter to her vehicle & drove home. “I ain’t wasting my whole day on you whiny ass.”- not a violation of protocol


  19. de Joux says:

    Please contact Senators Levin & Stabenow & ask them to vote against the CRPD. Also, rejoice that Justina Pelletier has been returned to her parents. She was removed after being taken to a hospital. She was on medications prescribed by a specialist. The doctors at the hospital thought that she didn’t need the meds, that it was only psychosomatic. She was removed & taken off the meds. A girl that was leading a normal life was suddenly reduced to a wheelchair. All because of the over zealous agency known as CPS.; Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2014 06:46:25 -0500


  20. de Joux says:

    This was sent from This refuses to allow teens to make decisions on their own lives. Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2014 07:41:18 -0500


  21. de Joux says:

    Read over what Maura Corrigan said about having to place children with non relatives. Look at the “bonus” Michigan received in 2009 for breaking a record of adoptions. Look at what she said about children dying in the system. Just do a better job of recording the deaths; not how or why the deaths occurred. We need to keep families together. Why does CPS ignore the first two steps of placement? Keep the child at home or place with relatives. The foster system is supposed to be the last resort; but it seems to be the first choice. Maura Corrigan claimed the state was not allowed to place children with relatives due to an agreement in a court settlement. I thought agreements in court could not violate the law. How many people get foster licenses in case a relative is removed from the parents? I am sure not many. Then after a child is removed, getting a license then is too late.

    Procurement of an order to seize a child through distortion, misrepresentation, and/or omission in court and is a violation of the fourth amendment. ( Malik v. Arapahoe Cty. Dept. of Social Services. (10th Cir. 1991)

    State and Federal laws state “every effort must be made to keep the child in the home (RCW 74.14A.020., RCW 26.44.063,RCW 13.34.060,Finding — 1999 c 17: “The legislature has found that any intervention into the life of a child is also an intervention in the life of the parent, guardian, or legal custodian, and that the bond between child and parent is a critical element of child development.

    “The phenomenon of children dying in state care is one that deserves special scrutiny. We know that there are many more deaths than made the newspapers. The total number of children who die annually while under state care is unknown. While multiple agencies track their numbers, no central tracking agency exists and tracking methods differ between agencies. That’s one of the issues should be addressed.” Justice Maura Corrigan (This is the same Maura Corrigan that is now mismanaging the Michigan DHS!!)

    From the Michigan DHS website:

    · In 2008, DHS and private agencies completed 2,638 adoptions and received $875,000 in federal funds for the accomplishment. In 2009, DHS and private agencies completed 3,030 adoptions – more than ever before – and were awarded a $3.5 million federal adoption incentive award for the accomplishment.

    · In 2008, there were 6,315 foster children residing with unlicensed relatives. The agreement required Michigan to move the children to licensed settings or relative homes approved for a waiver. As of October 2010, the state is in 99 percent compliance.

    DHS receives $4,000- $6,000 per child placed in foster care from Social Security Title IV-E, but no $ if they do not find abuse & neglect, or if they leave the child at home or place the child with a relative that is not licensed.


  22. de Joux says:

    Please make these calls to defeat the CRPD. Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 08:34:42 -0500


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