What School of Customer Service and Common Sense did AT&T Wireless Reps Attend? The School of Complete Stupidity? « AT&T Can You Hear Us Now?

Yes, I am on a rant. Once again AT&T has stepped in it up to their yes they have. For those of you who don’t know my sister who died in July of last year worked for Southern Bell which became Bell South and now the dreaded AT&T. She worked for them over thirty years and when she got cancer they threw her away like a piece of trash – not only that they gave her a very hard time about her retirement and her disablity so hard in fact that she had to hire a lawyer to get both.

Well they have done it again. I should say they are still doing it. My father who is 83 years old has a cell phone and has had it for years, it was in my sister’s name. When she died he took the death certificate down to the local store to have the account changed over into his name. No problem, Right? WRONG!!!!!!

He was told get this they couldn’t do it unles she okayed it- Seriously she was and still is dead, please explain to me how she can okay this. Before he went down to the local idiot store he called to see what he would have to do in order to get the account changed, He was told “just bring in the death certificate” –

He has been down there several times and each time he is told sorry no can do. Seriously. The bill comes to his house under my sister’s and his name. They say they can’t do anything without her SS number. You have got to be kidding me people.

Can you say lazy. The exucse they give is it is against the law. Really! that is the best you can do. She is I repeat dead- as in not alive not talking, buried. She is not coming back just to give you people her social security number.

They do have the ability to go in through a back door to change the account. I know this for a fact.

I have seen some idiots in my time in customer service. I have seen sloppy customer service and I have seen lazy customer service. But I must say this takes the cake.

My parents have had service with Southern Bell AKA Bell South aka AT&T since most of this supposed wet behind the ears customer services people were only a twinkle in their daddy’s eye.

I want to know what has happened to common sense, What has happened to the fact that the customer is always the customer. What has happened to doing what ever it takes to keep that customer?

What has happened to the idea that customer service people used to believe that they wanted to treat their customers like they wish to be treated.

Is AT&T so big that losing one customer won’t make a difference. Do they really want that reputation in this age of Sprint, Verison and all the other wireless services.

All it takes is a few minutes of your precious time – like you have nothing better to do- to take care of a customer  that has been with your company since 1947. Yes, that is right 1947.  In my book that is way over 50 years.

My parents are grieving for a daughter they lost to cancer and when my mother sees my sister’s name come up on caller ID it hurts her to the core. Do you care? Are you listening? Or are you just thinking it is the rantings of some old person who should not be breathing the same air you breath?

I am ashamed of this company on so many levels. First you treat my dying sister like garbage – someone who was loyal to her death, yes she never ever talked bad about you. It took my threatening her to get her to get an attorney after you. Then you treat my grieving parents like second class  citizens because you are to damn lazy to handle something so simple. One day you too may be in this position. May you always remember what you did .


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