It is One Thing to Present a Case with Facts- But it is Another to Come Off Looking Extremely Foolish

“You claim lies that I have proof of is not lies so when the girls are old enough I can and will prove to them why they couldnt see there mom and yes there is family that loves them and knows they are better off with us they will be in contact with those family members I have nothing to prove to you or any one else so you badger me all you want doesn’t bother me any more I know I’m doing what is right for the girls and that’s all that matters !!!”

This is a direct quote from the Foster Care Provider now adoptive Provider of the Children of Alice Samantha Thomason. It was in response to a blog I posted about the Truth winning out –  I guess you could call it more hate mail.

First of all let’s just look at it grammatically – It is a runon sentance which losses the reader after the first word. Second she obviously does not know the difference between “there” and “their” – try  English 101.  Now once we are past the bad grammer and even poorer spelling let’s get to the heart of this insane sentence.

She states that she has proof of why the children cannot see their mother any more- I am sure it is the same tired false accusations that have been floating around for two years. Next in the same run on sentence she talks about family members of ours who know the children are loved in her household and they know the children are better off with  her. Seriously! There is no on in our family who believes that bull… Second they are not and never have been better off with you. You are the one better off you are the one making money off them. She also says that those particular family members will be allowed to see the girls. Again seriously! If you have your way they will forget their blood family because you can’t stand the competition.

Last but certainly not least she says that I can badger her all I want to  because she has nothing to prove to us or anyone else. She states that she is doing what is best for the girls. Again Really? Who made you judge and jury? Who are you to determine what is best for the girls? All you are looking at is the money you get off them?

You even allowed Shawna to stand up in front of your so called church and tell the entire congregation that she had a new family and had been adopted by this new family with her mother sitting in the audience. Her mother was blindsided because you are greedy and selfish. Never once did you encourage those  three girls to want to come home. In fact you encouraged them and coached them to stay with you. You are the one who will have many things to answer for when the time comes.

If you were the fine upstanding Christain that you claim to be you would be the first one in line to encourage those children to be with their mother. And for your preacher to allow Shawna to do that- to hurt her mother like that- to be blindsided- to judge Sama without knowing anything except hersay- doesn’t say much for his teaching or your heart. What happened to “he who is without sin cast the first stone?” What happened to “judge not lest ye be judged?”
What happened to compassion, forgivness and uncondtional love?

Lady – I cut my teeth on Bible, I can  quote you Bible in my sleep. So before you even try to pull the “I know what is best for these girls, search your own soul- search that part that you never visit, that dark hole that has never seen the light of day.

Sweep around your own door and pull the two by four  out of your own eye before you try to pull a splinter out of Sam’s.

And before you talk about Love – Read First Corinthians 13. that is the greatest example of love there is.

You have no idea what what love is. you have no idea what you – Jackson County DCF and Judge Guidry has put this family through. So don’t even try to play mind games with me – you will lose everytime.

About Yvonne Mason Sewell

Background:  The eldest of five children, Yvonne was born May 17, 1951 in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in East Point, Georgia, she moved to Jackson County, Ga. until 2006 then moved to Port St. Lucie, Florida where she currently makes her home.  Licensed bounty hunter for the state of Georgia. Education:  After a 34 year absence, returned to college in 2004. Graduated with honors in Criminal Justice with an Associate’s degree from Lanier Technical College in 2006. Awards:  Nominated for the prestigious GOAL award in 2005 which encompasses all of the technical colleges. This award is based not only on excellence in academics but also leadership, positive attitude and the willingness to excel in one’s major. Affiliations:  Beta Sigma Phi Sorority  Member of The Florida Writer’s Association – Group Leader for St Lucie County The Dream:  Since learning to write at the age of five, Yvonne has wanted to be an author. She wrote her first novel Stan’s Story beginning in 1974 and completed it in 2006. Publication seemed impossible as rejections grew to 10 years. Determined, she continued adding to the story until her dream came true in 2006. The Inspiration:  Yvonne’s brother Stan has been her inspiration and hero in every facet of her life. He was stricken with Encephalitis at the tender age of nine months. He has defied every roadblock placed in his way and has been the driving force in every one of her accomplishments. He is the one who taught her never to give up The Author: Yvonne is currently the author of several novels, including:  Stan’s Story- the true story of her brother’s accomplishments, it has been compared to the style of Capote, and is currently being rewritten with new information for re-release.  Tangled Minds - a riveting story about a young girl’s bad decision and how it taints everyone’s life around her yet still manages to show that hope is always possible. This novel has been compared to the writing of Steinbeck and is currently being written as a screenplay. This novel will be re-released by Kerlak Publishing in 2009  Brilliant Insanity – released by Kerlak Publishing October 2008  Silent Scream – Released by October 2008- Slated to be made into a movie Yvonne’s Philosophy in Life - “Pay it Forward”: “In this life we all have been helped by others to attain our dreams and goals. We cannot pay it back but what we can do is ‘pay it forward’. It is a simple
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