Wednesday’s Child An Adoption Site Run By Freddie Mac

Oh yes, your tax dollars at work. Just when you thought it was safe. In my research I have uncovered Non-Profit” Freddie Mac which is already under water with the housing industry now is in the child selling business using your tax dollars and your children.
” Wednesday’s Child, sponsored by the Freddie Mac Foundation, is a weekly television feature about adoption that helps find permanent, loving, adoptive families for children in foster care. On the website one can view photolistings of waiting children from 5 metropolitan areas which host local Wednesday’s Child weekly features: Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

To watch online rebroadcasts select the city’s main page and click on the link to the news

To read true life adoption accounts in our “Success Stories” area, see photos of families who found their children through Wednesday’s Child, learn more about the Freddie Mac Foundation, or discover which newscast will show a local Wednesday’s Child feature in your area.

Children are added each week, so please visit often!

Families already approved to adopt as well as families new to adoption can express interest in a particular child or receive an information packet for families (includes a list of adoption agencies in your local state) by filling out the Interest Form.”

They have offices in Washington DC – Atlanta Ga, Los Angeles, New York and Phili. This only goes to prove what we have been saying all along. They are stealing children to sell. Not only is Freddie Mac broke due to the housing bubble they are broke because the governement is broke. The government runs off your tax dollars which has been wasted. So they steal children to sell to adoptive homes.

They get millions of dollars to sell your kids to new and “better” families. They coach these children to say what an adoptive parent wants to hear then they put it on television – In Atlanta Channel 5 does Wednesday Child every Wednesday. How much does channel 5 get paid to run this “ad’?

Here is their finanical statement- funny the years 2008-2011 are not listed.
When are we going to wake up and see that we are losing our children faster than the economy can go south? We are not only losing our children we are allowing our tax dollars to be used to sell our kids to strangers who more times than not murder our children or abuse them to the point they wish they were dead. It is time to shut down this corrupt system – A system that has no over sight, that gets away with murder and one that most people are afraid to buck. Aren’t you tired of your tax dollars being used to sell our children for profit. I thought that this practice went out at the end of the Civil War, Amendment 13- No man shall be held in Slavery.

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One Response to Wednesday’s Child An Adoption Site Run By Freddie Mac

  1. I looked at the site, I think that these kids look like great kids but as most I believe there is a choice that has been left out, what do these kids want, law allows a child of age 12 to make a choice between a Mother or Father, what about a choice between Family or Non-Family. I have four kids, I’m not rich but we do well enough, I could not live without them, nor would they want to be away from me, two of my kids suffer from separation anxiety and can’t seem to be without me. I wonder if any of these kids feel the same, I realize that sometimes people make mistakes and lose their kids, like my sister-in-law, how come they don’t check with every family member before making the kids live with strangers. I would have loved to have the kids and the state won’t have to pay me to raise them as my own. I even asked them to check me and my home they didn’t even try. I have been a part of their lives for the last 7 years, when they took them from their mom, they took them from their whole family! It makes me mad to think how many kids they are selling into new families that still have a family!


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