Georgia Codes for Juvenile Court as of 2008 A Must Have Make Sure Your Attorney Knows this

As of 2008 the Georgia Codes for the Juvenile courts are as follows
Code 15-11-101: (This part of the code is extremely important)…….
The purpose of this code is to secure for each child who comes within the juridsdiciton of the juvenile courts of this state such care and guidance, perferably in his or her own home as will secure the child’s moral, emotional, mental and physical welfare as well as the safety of both the child and community. It is the intent of the General Assembly to promote a juvenile justice system that will protect the community, impose accountability for violations of law and quip juvenile offenders with competencies to live responsibliy and productively. It is the intent of the General Assembly to preserve and strengthen family relationships, countenancing the removal of a child from his or her home only when state intervention is essential to protect the child and to enable him or her to live in security and stability. In every proceeding, this code seeks to guarantee due process of law, as required by the constitutions of the United States and the State of Georgia, through which every child and parent and all other interested parties are ssured fair hearings, at which legal rights are reconginized and enforced. Above all, this code shall be liberally construed to reflect that the paramount child welfare policy of this state is to detemine and ensure the best interest of the children. ”

Now while this code is stated it is not ahered to by Georgia DCF or their minions or their attorneys. It is also not ahered by by most defenders. The violation of rights commence from the first knock on the front door when a caseworker threatens the parent with arrest if they are not allowed inside. The second violation occurs when they arrive without a warrent just a “pick up” order and in most cases they get to pick kids up without even that. The third violation is when the caseworker searches your home looking in cabinets, refridgerators, and rooms looking for something to “charge” the parent with. The fouth violation is the charge of deparivation or neglect. Both of these charges are under the State of Georgia Criminal Statutes. In order to be charged with those charges one has to be arrested and booked. If there is no warrent the charges are illegal under “illegal search and seizure”. DCF does not have the right to threaten- or harrass a parent into forcing their way into a home.
The next violation of this code is the fact that most parents are poor and cannot afford an attorney so one is sometimes appointed. For the most part these public defenders have no clue how to represent a parent because they don’t know anything about the DCF system and the abuses which go one. The secret panel reviews, the hearings which they are supposed to attend, being able to demand and receive discovery and the fact that the child in question is part of the case and must be in involved at all the hearings including the panel. See below.
The Georgia General Assembly has put all of this in writing but yet no one is paying any attention.

Code O.C.G.A. 15-11-49
” (e) state that a child “may” be present to account for the court’s discrestion to exclude the child when there is evidence to suggest that it is in the child’s best interest not to be present. However, the child, as a party to the deprivation proceeding, has a right to be present at thearings and this provision doe not intend to suggest that the child should generally be excluded.”
P.M.C 15-11-401

Each parent and their attorney must start demanding that their children be present and ready to testify. The caseworker of CASA may say it will tramitize the child which is foolish because the child has already been tramitized when they were stolen for profit.
“(4) To ensure that the constitutional rights of all parties are recongnized and enforced in all proceedings conducted pursuant to this article while ensuring that the fundamental needs of a child are not subjugated to the interest of others….”

We all know the constitutional rights of parents are violated from the very first visit and the very first threat. Serial killers, rapists, murderers and abusers of spouses are allowed to exercise their rights in fact it is demanded, but parents rights are stripped at every turn

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