The Answer to the Question is Absolutly! Protection for Children is A Failure!

Child Protection Services is a failure on all accounts. What started out as a way to protect children from real abuse, has turned into a money making cash cow off the backs of our children and our future. Children are taken just because they can be. Children are murdered in foster care, abused in foster care and aged out of foster care and become part of the penal system because there is no oversight. There is no one who cares what happens to the children. There is no training in how to really know when there is true abuse and when the annonomous tip is just a ruse to get even, keep a spouse in line or just general stupdity. The mystery must be taken out of the calls to dcf and hotlines. The names of those calling must be made known. Those callers who make false calls should be subjected to the same charges as those who make a false police report.
There should not be a caseworker hired fresh out of college with a degree in anything. For one thing the young have no life experiences and they don’t even have children. All they know is what they read in a book and what they are taught in school. Book smart does not make up for common sense.
It is time to stop treating the parents like criminals, most are not. They are scared, abused, undereducated and threatened by caseworkers who feel they have the upper hand. It is time to stop paying strangers to take care of children.
One of the excuses caseworkers use in not placing children with family is that many times there has been no bond form. That is one of the poorest excuses I have heard to date. They drop children in a stranger’s home and there is no bond- the only commonality is the money the stranger makes off the backs of children. Countys don’t want to send children out of state to family because the money follows the child. Again – they use the excuse of no bonding.
This is just the the tip of the iceberg as to why Child Protective Services is a failure. The failure comes from greed, corruption and abuse within itself. There is no over sight, no one is watching and making sure they don’t become the problem and not the solution. They have stopped thinking of the children as children- to DCF they have become dollare signs.

Protection for child welfare failure?
by Opinion Staff

As the secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families acknowledged this week, 10-year-old twins never should have been adopted by Jorge and Carmen Barahona.

The DCF was at fault. But so was the private agency that runs foster care and adoption placement in Miami-Dade County. More than a decade ago, Florida privatized those aspects of child welfare under the theme of community-based care. The private, non-profit agencies get state money, and now they want the Legislature to reduce their liability in cases when they fail, as the Dade agency did with the twins, Nubia and Victor.

The agencies say they need the protection to reduce their insurance costs. But all of the directors of these agencies make more money than the DCF secretary. The agencies claim that the timing of the House and Senate bills isn’t related to the Barahonas’ case. We find that hard to believe. We also don’t believe that the agencies need this protection. They should be blaming their insurance companies. What do you think? Take our poll.

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