Andrea Fleary, Miami Dade DCF Caseworker is Fighting her Firing- Really?

Andrea Fleary and her supervisor Kevin Ramos were fired after the investigtion by the independant panel was finalized. The results of the findings were that she falsified the information regarding the fact that she knew where Nubia and Victor were and that they were not in harm’s way. She did not follow up with law enforcement to put a BOLO out on Jorge’s truck nor did she inform law enforcement that the children might be in danger. She went home, not once but twice without looking for the children. Now she is fighting the fact that she was fired.
This action by Ms. Fleary flies in the face of adding insult to injury. She knew what she was doing. She knew that she was falsifying reports and she also knew that there was a huge chance that the children were in danger. There had been to many reports not to know it. Ms. Fleary and her supervisor Kevin Ramos are getting off easy in the horrific murder of Nubia and the life changing abuse of her brother Victor. Both Ms. Fleary and Mr. Ramos should be criminally charged for their part in these crimes. Everyone knew and no one took action.
But yet, if a parent is falsely accused, these same people would be quick to run to a family court judge and get a illegal “pick up” order, not a warrent to steal children. But they were to lazy (they say overworked and underpaid) to save the lives of Nubia and Victor.
Ms. Fleary should just fade into the woodwork and not fight losing her job. If her job is all she has lost, then she has gotten off easy. Nubia lost her life and her brother lost his sister, his security and his feeling of self worth. Which of the above is the worst. My vote goes to the kids. Ms. Fleary still has all of those things, and she has her family still intact. Nubia and Victor didn’t even get that because DCF lied and stated in court that there was no family members who would take the children. There was an uncle and aunt who had been fighting from the beginning who lived in Texas. Miami Dade didn’t want to send them to Texas they would have lost thousands of dollars in Federal Money.
Ms. Fleary should be ashamed of herself. She along with the rest of the corrupt Miami Dade DCF, Our Kids Inc and Center for Family and Child Enrichment made money off these children and they paid the ultimate price, one died and one is changed forever.

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3 Responses to Andrea Fleary, Miami Dade DCF Caseworker is Fighting her Firing- Really?

  1. Madrid, August 21 2011

    A brief background about the case


    On October, 9, 2002, Miami police officer Steven Machado, (4455), falsely accused Gerardo Villamizar, of “Lewd and Lascivious Exhibition on 8, years, old, Hali Vega”. The motive for Police Officer Steven Machado´s arrest, was an altercation with: “18, years old Anibal Ulloa, 19, years, old Jason Sosa, 19, years old, Julio Polcari, and 20, years old, Pedrito Polcary”, caused by the constant, sexual harassment by the above individuals of my 14, years, old, daughter Nicole Villamizar, and 15, years, old Julia Villamizar.

    On October; 10, 2002, Police Officer, Steven Machado and Police Officer B. Lopez, altered critical evidence, contained in Police Incident report No- 28216862, tampering criminal case No. F02-0300084. Police Officer Steven Machado fabricated phony, DCF`s false sex abuse report, No. 2002-165944, about, Gerardo Villamizar, having sexually abused, “other children”, and hid it from the District Attorneys Office, my Public Defender Guy Robinson, Deborah Love, and State Paid Attorney Naphtali H. Wacks violating my wife, Rodica Villamizar, and my 3, US born children’s civil rights
    I Gerardo Villamizar, Social Security,136-50-3083, ex- Us legal resident, and Rodica Villamizar,a Nationalized US, Citizen, have and excellent case, and evidence to prove that the Miami, Police Department, the Department of Children and Families created a series of false evidences to take our children, from us and destroy our family
    We are looking for a team of good lawyers who are not compromised with the corruption created by Cubanamerican Public officials and who are not afraid to file on our behalf lawsuits against the City of Miami. We need our case to be a Pro-Bono, since there we don’t have money to afford a lawyer. We have about 200, pages of evidence to win these cases.
    I already contacted Attorney Richard Loiseau, ESQ. and Richard promised to help me out with the Immigration Issues only, after I challenge the charges of L&L, and cleared it. I like, you John R. Blue, to help me out, since I have my son Phoenix Villamizar, who is 8 years old, and needs his parents. I also read that you are a great lawyer, and you are perfect. Once we clear this criminal case, I will file lawsuits and will pay you, for your services.

    I was unjustly charged with a felony count of L&L,>16, by Miami, on October, 9, 2002, by Police Officer Steven Machado, (4455). Machado, filed phony reports, tampered with physical evidence, with the help of Miami, Police Officer, B .Lopez; as a consequence of their actions, our three children were taking into custody by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

    The legal process, by The Department of Children and Families, case No 03-16173 D008, against Gerardo Villamizar, and Rodica Villamizar, for the custody of our three, children, was based on the false evidence fabricated by Police Officer Steven Machado, and Officer. B. LOPEZ. For instance; on October, 10, 2002. Steven Machado called the Department of Children and Families, 800, abuse line to report, that on October, 8, 2002,”Gerardo Villamizar, had exposed him to a group of children, shown his genitals, masturbated in front of these children, and threatened these children to cut their fingers with a knife”. This information submitted by Machado created, abuse Report No. 2002-165444. This phone call was made by Machado to the DCF´s Intake coordinator Erika Thames (5263). Other false abuse reports were called in to the 800, line, by unknown persons, accusing Gerardo Villamizar of beatings to my two daughters, which required hospitalization. Custody case No. 03-161173, was a concerted effort by, the DCF, to destroy my family, without evidence.

    838.022 Official Misconduct.-(1) It is unlawful for a public servant, with corrupt intent to obtain a benefit for any person or to cause harm to another, to:
    a. Falsify, or cause another person to falsify, any official record or official document;
    b. Conceal, cover up, destroy, mutilate, or alter any official record or official document or cause another person to perform such an act; or
    c. Obstruct, delay, or prevent the communication of information relating to the commission of a felony that directly involves or affects the public agency or public entity served by the public servant.


  2. this is what bothers me that crime prevails from agency’s that are to serve and protect and when you are a rookie with good intentions are told in so many different approaches to play by rules of corruption then by whats right. also the same with children and families, they get protected and funded to continue on while they do so much damage in this world to families but families that have been or are now dealing with the corruption get no where but to have to deal with the pain and misery that was forced upon them. where is our justice all you hear is all the wrong done but where is the help to aid in fixing the wrong to make it right without money having to be the key that isnt given to those who are done wrong to get a reward of changing the wrong and making it right. in my case that has been a notch in their belts would be told that its not at the childs best interest to be returned one cause i have no rights im just a grandparent and two it would be emotional on the children but it was no problem on the children when they were stolen out of the family in the first place. are taxes are going to the corruption but where do the tax payers get funded for getting justice? or even just getting help from a source that thinks more for the justice movement then what the dollar in their pockets mean more then to help a child of God out


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