Center For Family and Child Enrichment Another “Non-Profit” Making a profit off the backs of our children

As they say the wheels on the bus go round and round. In this case the tax dollars that each of you who are working are being funneled through several “Non-Profits” under the guise of “privatation” in the “best interest of the child” is that wheel on the bus. The way this flows is this
Florida Department of Family and Children services, hand off the cases to “Our Kids. Inc. a “non-profit” which makes profit and pays it’s officers obsence amounts of money in salaries and bonuses, who in turn hand off the cases to yet another “non-profit” Center for Family and Child Enrichment” which also gives their officers obsence amounts of money. In the end the children die as in the case of Nubia while they make a fortune in salaries.

In my diggings I found some very interesting information. I found the tax returns for CFCD for the period of 7/1/09- 6/30/10
Their total income was
Out of that Their officers were paid as follows:
Delores Dunn (CEO) 133,677- Been a “Caseworker for 30 years”
Alcida Jacobs (COO) 128,363
Pramod Arawal (CFO) 84,560
The total compenstion for these officers was $346,600
Other salaries 8,161,824 (Bonuses)
Other employee benefits $942,137
Other $264,715 (What is other?)
Travel $204,121
Telephone $246,293
Auto Expenses $ 144,288
other expenses 616.552 (what are other expenses)
Conferences, conventions and meetings $38,511
The total for employees in salaries and benefits is $10,060,811
After all the numbers were completed they profited 1,432,583 way to much money for a non profit. And where is a bookeeper or comptroller, Ms Dunn has all the books with her. Who is overseeing the money?
The way it works is DCF gives our kids inc, federal tax dollars, out kids in turn funnels some of those tax dollars over to DFCE which is supposed to go to the protection and reunification of the children as well as to help age out those who age out of the system.
On June 23,1010 a letter was written to Jacqui Colyer a supervisor of DCF (who was fired in the past couple of days over Nubia )- the letter states that Our Kinds inc in secret lowered the amount of the montly check that teens who aged out of the system was getting to $892.00 per month. No one told anyone invloved with these teens many of them challenged. The only way anyone knew was that the teens received a form letter in the mail. It appears from the letter to Ms. Colyer DCF may have known about this move and that Our Kids gave themselves a huge bonus with the extra money.
This is fraud pure and simple. It is past time to see where the money is going to force them all to expose their books. It is time to stop stealing our children for profit and to give that money where it really belongs that is back to the parents to help them raise their children.

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