The Murder of Nubia The Reason The Money Trail of Our Kids, and DCF

Miami Dade DCF also known as the Department of Children and Family Services is so steeped in secrecy and “confidentiality” that even their books are a mess. They have chosen to “outsource” children to alleged “Non-Profit” organizations for “better” accountability of the “best interest of the children”.
However, what is has created is a monster of destruction for our children who have been stolen for profit. This latest murder and attempted murder of Nubia and Viktor Barahona is full of lies, money, coverups and conning, by not only the agencies involved but by the Barahona’s themselves.
To address the abuse and murder and attempted murder of these two children in a world of corrupt adults one has to wade through the maze of “non profits” and see the breakdown of communication, greed and corruption. These two children were pawns in a deadly game which cost Nubia her life and changed Victor’s forever.
Miami DCF outsourced these children to a “Non- Profit” called Our Kids of Miami Dade, Inc. For this business the word “Non
-Profit” is an oxymoron. They have made millions off the backs of children. They in turn hand off these children to another non-profit by the name of “Center for Family and Child Enrichment.” Again another oxymoron. Neither of these alleged non profits have any concern for the children.
Starting with Our Kids, from 7/1/08- 6/30/09 this alleged “non- profit” made, $100,701.808. The breakdown of this revenue is as follows:
Department of Children and Family gave them $99,251,654
Grants, gifts, and membership fees- 100,355,123
They also received $294,303 in Service Revenue
Out of this revenue they paid their top executives obscene amounts in salaries:
Frances Allegra (CEO) $203,086 (She has also been added to Rick Scott’s Health and Services Transition Team)
Sonia Benitez (CFO) $183,242 (she also did the tax paperwork)
Patricia Smith (CIO) $151,926
Patrick Leger (Director of Finance) $144,825
For a grand total of $683,079 in Salaries alone for a non profit. What is wrong with this picture?
The total compensation for all employees was $1,616,951. Then they included other salaries and wages at $6,647,408.

It gets worse:
They paid out a total of :
$350,731- to Com Squared Systems Inc in Norcross Ga for IT Consulitng
$270,133 to Network Solutions Group of Florida for IT Consulting
$127,700 to S. Florida Center for Family Counseling for ? we have no idea.
$112,701- Open Minds Gettysburg Pa, for Child Welfare (still researching this company to find out exactly what they do)
$108,338 to BTS Office Inc for IT Consulting.
They also spent $86,290,094 to program providers ie psychologists, etc,
$2,199,132 for professional services
$647,271 in telecommunications (which is a joke it didn’t save Nubia)
$ 395,854 FF&E Software Expendable (this was supposed to streamline the system and help with the protection of children)
$155,180 for office and supplies. (They are in the same building as DCF
Total expenses $99,613,818
There is a line item which is really interesting
Unrestricted Net Assets $2,922,923 – is this the money they take when they make themselves the payees for children’s SSI and take it from the family members who have them? Yes it does and is happening. There is a case in New York right now where William Walker a trustee for our kids assigned himself as the payee for a Soung Sung Lanaza who lives with her Dothea Woodburn. He stated that in his request to be the payee that “there is no living relative or friend who is willing to take on this responsibility”. The child has been living with her aunt for years. This money does not have to be account for. It can be spent any way they choose. There are twenty two trustees in the alleged “non profit.”
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
The corruption –greed and abuse by this “non- profit” along with the neglect by CFCE and DCF is what killed Nubia and destroyed Victor. There was no one watching the watchers, there was no one looking out for the children. In my next installment – I will outline how these children were failed on so many levels all because of money!

New York Foster Parents, if you are interested in this case and other like it contact Dee at 347-865-3801

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