The Death Of Nubia Was So Unnecessary

The abuse of Nubia Barahona began almost as soon as she and her twin brother entered the home of Jorge and Carmen Barahona. The children never had a chance in this household from day one.
When Nubia was but five years old and in kindergarten, the time of her life when she should have been carefree and happy, she was terrified and petrified whenever her adopted mother had to go to the school for parent teacher conferences. Once instance was brought to light in front of the panel where they were told a story which should never ever have happened more than once if that many.
The best way to tell the story is to tell it in Nubia’s voice.
“I was just a little girl only five years old. One day at school I had an accident. I wet my panties. When my teacher found out she looked around for me some dry clothes. She didn’t have any. So she told me that she was going to call my mama and ask her to bring me some clean clothes. I began to shake and twist my hands together as I looked at my nice teacher and tears ran down my face in rivers.
I didn’t want her to call my mama. I was afraid. When my teacher said it was alright and that I was not in trouble, I shook my head and cried harder. When she asked me why I was crying I said, ‘My mama is going to hit me with a chancleta (house sandal) on the bottom of my feet.’ I didn’t want to be hit anymore.
As I grew older other things began to happen to me at home, things I was told I couldn’t talk about. They happened to me and my brother and we didn’t know why or what we had done to deserve it. We would be tied up and forced to stand in the bathtub all day. We couldn’t sit down and we weren’t allowed to eat. I was always so hungry. I was never allowed to eat enough food so my hair began to fall out and I got very skinny. My daddy did bad things to me and I smelled bad all the time. I couldn’t take a bath and my clothes were always dirty. Why didn’t they love me? Why did I have to die?”
Yes, there is an investigation into the senseless murder of Nubia and the attempted murder of her brother Victor. Even a member of the panel Bobby Martinez who is investigating the case doesn’t understand why these children were not protected. He stated “Dealing with concrete facts presented to me, we have a clash between the concrete information provided by the schools and the failure to pick up on it. I want more information on why that ball was dropped.”
The biggest excuse offered by Attorney Christy Lopez-Acevedo who is representing the Guardian ad Litem program, was this “We all knew something was going on, we just couldn’t figure out what that something was because the experts we were relying on to do our jobs everyday were telling us we were going to hurt these children if we pulled them out of the house.”
Ms. Lopez-Acevdo stated that the “experts” never got the information that the children were being abuse as foster children before the adoption. She also blamed the Barahona’s as being able to manipulate the system to get their way. The Barahona’s figured out a way to keep the Guardian ad Litem from speaking to the twins and when he persisted they complained until he was pulled off the case. According to the Attorney Ms. Lopez- Acevedo “It was almost impossible for that guardian to go inot the home and visit with the children. We felt as a program we had ot have someone laying eyes on the children in that home.” This was after he had been to the home and rang the bell several times and the Barahonas claimed they didn’t hear him “knock”. When he did get to see them he had to see them in the yard. So we went to the school and Guardian ad Litem officals thought they need more supervision and so they pulled Paul Neumann the guardian who had been working the case.

This man had never been pulled from a case before or since. DCF just wanted it to go away so they could finalize the adoption – and get the big bucks.
These are the same people who steal children and when parents are honest they call them liars. So would someone please tell me how they fell for that one!
“Really?” The right hand knoweth not what the left hand does?”
The truth be told is this, if those children had been allowed to go to Texas, there would have been so much money lost to DFCS Miami Dade, The Guardian ad Litem program and the juvenile court when the adoption went through. The “experts” who stated that if the children were pulled would have lost their cut as well. Roadblock after roadblock was put in front of the aunt and uncle who wanted these children. No only would Florida have lost the money from Title IV-B, they had also in 2000 passed a law that stated children in foster care would not be allowed to be placed with family or adopted by family, but they would be placed with strangers.
To make matters even worse another child was left in the home for a week while her foster care providers went on a Caribbean Cruise when that child was two years old. The question begs to be asked was this child harmed and no one knows it?
The independent panel who is investigating this case is a disgusted as those of us who know the Method of Operation of CPS, the corruption – lies- deception and cover up to keep children in the system in order to make money off their backs.
Because of their greed, and corruption one child is dead and another’s life is changed forever. Everyone of those involved from the top down including the “experts”, should be not only fired, but charged criminally for this murder. The children deserve that justice.
While the panel is investigating this case they should also investigate the greed,corruption and abuse within the system itself and do something to stop and expose it.

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