Florida DFCS Lies, Fraud and Corruption

Today has been a very interesting day. Those who think this blog does not reach out and touch others think again. Every day someone else finds this blog and learns something.
Case in point today I received a phone call from a very nice woman from Brooklyn New York by the name of Deoth Woodburn. She has been dealing with Dade County Florida DFCS since 1998.
The back story is this. She was given custody of her neice who has special needs. She was five years old at the time. She is now seventeen years old. Her neice was brought to her in New York and has not been back to Dade county since that day. Here is where it gets really interesting.

The story of the corruption lies and fraud by Dade County DFCS start in 1998.
Deotha’s neice Soung Sung Lanaza was placed with her maternal aunt. Soung’s mother was Deotha’s sister. When she was placed in Deotha’s home there was a letter written to Mr. Jack Waters with the Florida Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children stating that Deotha would recieve the basic Florida payment for her care. In addition to that she would receive Medicad and was to apply for SSI for her Neice.

On Feburary 25,2002 the 11th Circuit Court of Miami Dade County Juvenile Dependancy Division closed the case stating that ” The child has been with her maternal aunt in New York since 1999 (August 1) and is doing well. The court orders that the case be closed and long term supervision be granted to the maternal aunt.”
This was signed by Karen Hallman the General Master aka the Juvenile Judge.
All appeared to be moving along well with Soung – the case was closed Deotha was working with her neice, she was getting the Foster Parents funds and the SSI for Soung.

New York DFCS kept coming to the house to make sure things were as they should be. However, once the case was closed they should have stopped coming to the house. However, Florida DFCS never moved the case to New York. Deotha’s checks continued to come from Florida. The reason is if they had transfered the case they would have lost Federal Funding. Because of that New York had no clue that the case had been closed. Deotha told the New York Case worker many times it had been closed and they needed to take it up with Miami Dade County.

In the meantime on July 2002 Deotha was sent a letter by the Social Security Administration stating that her Neice’s payee would be changed to someone else. That payee was listed as “Our Kids of Miami -Dade/ Monroe Inc. This organization is a non profit private organization which took over the “custodial” duties of DFCS. Some of the caseworkers who worked in the Miami Dade DFCS worked for this organization. In essence they were double dipping.

A Request to be Selected as Payee dated January 23,2008 was sent to Social Security
it stated that ” Soung Sung Lanaza has no living parents, has not relatives or close friends who live or are interested in being her representative payee (remember she has been living with her Aunt since 1998) and does not have a legal guardian. However, under the statutes in Florida is a relative has custody of a child they have the same legal rights as a parent or guardian. So Soung had a relative as well as a guardian as payee.

The document goes on to say that Soung lives in New York. This is a clear case of Fraud in that Soung did not reside in Florida and she did have a relative who not only was her payee but had custody of the child. And the second part of this was the case had been closed since 2002.

On Jan 23,2008 Social Security sent a letter to Our Kids letting them know they had received the request for change of payee and again wanted to make sure they were not perjurying themselves which they were.

To add to this insanity and fraud, after Miami Dade County closed the case in 2002- they reopened it again one month later with a new case number. Why? The reason is simple in order to file for her social security and to keep receiving federal funding they had to reopen it. Soung didn’t live in Florida if a new case needed to be opened it should have been opened in New York.
On June 6,2009, Our Kids of Miami- Dade sent a report to Social Security showing where the money went that they received as the payee of Soung. It lists that for food and housing they spent 10,712 and for her savings they put away 1,301. They couldn’t have accomplished this act because she didn’t live in Florida she lived in New York and never stepped back into Miami Dade after she left in 1999. The question is where did this money go and why was it not sent to Deotha.
This is where it really gets fun on Jan 12,2010 Circuit Judge Mari Sampedro Iglesla signed off on a hearing in her court which Miami Dade DFCS was involved in. The determination was this, “This cause came before the court 1/12/10 Before the court were Bernadette Hams, KHV, C Graham, esq CLS, “Having heard from all before the court, finds and orders Deotha Woodburn, custodian must allow case manager to enter her home if custodian refuses to allow the case manager to enter the home then law enforcement will enter the home. Custodian has refused to allow casemanager to enter her home.”
Again, fraud on Miami Dade DFCS part, both Deotha and Soung were still in New York. How can a judge give that kind of judgement when they are in a state 3000 miles away? DFCS never told her that Deotha and Soung were not in Florida.
March 22,2010
Deotha receives an email from the case worker in New York who has been working with her to see why Florida never sent the paper work stating the case had been closed. The email stated ” This comes as a follow up to our conversation on 3/18/10 in reference t odiscontinuing supervision for the foster child in your home. As we discussed in the last four months our office as made numerous requests throug the NYS ICPC office at Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) for legal documentation supporting Soung Sung’s placement in foster care through the State of Florida.
To date, we have not receive any lega docuemnt from the State of Florida to indicate that Soung Soung is in their legal custody. The most recent communication from the NYS ICPC office indicates that this office can move forward to close this case.
However, during our conversation you assured me that you will contact Soung Soung social worker at YAI for assistance in rectifying her Medicad Situation.
In the meantime I will make one last attempt to obtain the necessary court documents from the Florida local agency in charge of this case, KIDS UNITED, prior to moving forward with closing the case.
If our efforts fail, this case will be closed by the end of the month. This office will notify you and provide additional referrals for services as needed.”
Now on the heels of what happend this weekend with the death of one child and the attempted murder of another in an adoptive home which CPS placed these children, this flies in the face of fraud, lies and coverup. This is just the tip of the iceberg of corruption in CPS and it is not just in the state of Florida it is nationwide. It is time to bring them down.

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2 Responses to Florida DFCS Lies, Fraud and Corruption

  1. Angelena says:

    Hello my name is angelena and ijust so happen to see this story when i was looking up Florida dfacs because I was think of moving there but any how I had cps take my son from me in january of 2008 when he was 10 months old because he broke his leg they accused me and my husband of doing so but they nvere had any evidenc that we did so and he was taken form us he also was not given the chane to be place with any of our famlit member until first being places in froster home it was a long a fight to get hime back me and my husband where falsely in prison and became homeless all in this time as well as me having anthoer child on the way it was so hard for me to dela with we didnt even gethim backe until june 11th 2008 on my birhtday well any wat to make along story short my son was never abuse by me and my husband he brike his leg in a drop down side crib withch is no longe on the market for sale and we where still found guilty while in that same yera two children in GA where given back to there family and where murder while my child was taken away from loving family that want him and would never harm him i feel that cps does more harm than good to children that let the kids that are turely abused slip away and rome the kids that are turely loved i wish that there was a way that i could get back all the broken heatrted familes tears and pain from cps


  2. Sounds to me like the State of Florida has been turned into a dishonest, fraud applying, discriminatory, violent, racketeer influenced corrupt organization.


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